CNN Undergoes 'Technical Difficulties' During Obamacare Victims Broadcast

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Yes, CNN did it again. Whenever CNN pretends to be a news organization, rest assured, they will always tip their hand -- revealing themselves to be nothing more than s h i l l s.

For the sake of posterity, let's revisit some of CNN's recent forays into the unfortunate world of technical difficulties.
CNN cuts off Congressman who dared to discuss Wikileaks
Bernie Sanders cut off after calling CNN Fake News
CNN host cut off after criticizing Hillary
Congressman cut off after citing refugee crime stats

And now today.

What's also interesting, according to CNN, it's 'illegal to possess stolen documents' -- aka the wikileaks emails. So, in the event you're interested in reviewing its findings, please refrain from doing so and let them, the professional journalists, convey the details of its contents to you -- the unwashed manlet.

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I usually don't care about "victims" of anything. The title of this article isn't interesting to me. However I find the things you write will usually entertain me with some sort of dark humor which I appreciate. I wasn't disappointed. The hashtag at the end of inosent's comment made me laugh.

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Unfortunately, even though my echo chamber has no L(ame)SM, a big multi-billion mega zio corp brainwash mind control organization is ubiquitously broadcast. I went to a legal writing workshop the other day at a hotel. Nice place, etc. Sure enough, on the big screen, there was CNN, blaring away. Airports, same thing. Restaurants, bars, sports bar and grill places, CNN.

I can tell you what story I have never seen, where a group of Christian men come home after meeting with each other to love their wives, to a warm, happy and stable home, who get up each day and take care of their families, people who commit no crime, cause no trouble, and for the sake of their productivity, goods and services are provided to benefit all and keep what is left of the real GDP floating.

Instead, the demon stream media instructs us these men are full of hatred and must be attacked, destroyed, put down.

And before you know it, a group of sexually retarded freaks are running out into the streets setting the country on fire, demanding their all too compliant university provosts and deans and government representatives to legislate their insanity and denounce the sane.



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I thought your comment was insightful until the hashtag at the end revealed your true intentions.  Turns out you're part of the problem; yet another hypocritical bigoted asshole trying to brainwash people to hate jews.  


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If you don't know that the jews, in possession of their peculiar racist mindset, one that advances the notion their fraud organization, supported on its face by an ancient mythology that cannot be corroborated by any reliable third party, yet still only used as a front in an effort to legitimize the raw underlying reality, one that serves a purely evil purpose to subjugate, dominate and control, by and any all means possible, then you are a little late to the party.

I am not offended by your post. I understand your sentiment. I never base anything I think on rank, unfounded 'bigotry', but on what I have read, and understand firsthand based on my experience.

The jews have controlled the press and manipulated governments for a very long time to pursue their agenda. Modernly, the seeds were planted with Marx, which created rumblings in the jewish Russian ghettos, which led to talmudic jews and their freaky religion (everybody has a right to believe what they want, but not a right to commit evil acts based thereon) to propose their zany idea (circa 1870) there should be a jewish state in Palestine, which led to the jewish congress in 1903 to flatly state the "future world war" will bring the jewish state to pass, which led to the zionist jew-crony jew banker merger right about that time, which led to the creation of the jew federal reserve system, the 'create money out of thin air' system so the government could have infinite funding to make war everywhere on a very large scale, which led to (surprise!) the start of this forecast "future world war" in 1914, which led the jews to interfere with the peace process between Germany and England in 1916, which led to the jews manipulating Wilson into switching his position on the matter, which led to the Balfour Declaration, which absurdly has the British giving away to the jews something they did not even own, which led to a massive military commitment by the united States, where good Christian men died for no purpose except for the establishment of the jewish state in Palestine.

And that is just a hacked up preview. If you really want to begin to get the full picture, study carefully my source material below.

Never Forget! the 'jew' thing is a total fraud, and the ppl who adhere to the myth are misguided fools. And we are all foolish for our myths, but this one is what determines the course of everything in the world, and unless you like what you are seeing, it isn't a good thing. If the judaic demon ideology was contained in a corner somewhere and did not so utterly and totally infect every aspect of our lives, like, education, media, banking, government and the courts, I really would not care.

You call it 'bigoted', I call it a matter of national and even global security.

For more reading on this subject (I have studied them all in detail):

The Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed

The Secret Behind Communism, D. Duke

Red Dusk On the Morrow, Sir Paul Dukes

The International Jew, Henry Ford

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Unk

The Talmud;
; (the non-sanitized version; need to read the footnotes)

Two Hundred Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The Rudolf Report, Germar Rudolf

The Last Days of the Romanovs, by Robert Wilton

For My Legionaires, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Other articles:


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If you think Muslim, Christian and Hindu Media is owned by the Jews, I have bad news for you. The real enemy is Globalist, which includes the Vatican, who are anti-Christian by the stench of politics emanating from the Pope.

inosent's picture

The jews dominate the media. Show me a dominant media that showers praise on Jesus, and puts him up as a worthly example to follow in terms of character, and focuses on his essential message, love God and neighbor as self, I'll pay closer attention to your comment. Globalist = jew. If you want to cite credible sources to support your thesis, I'll take a look. My partial list shown above, along with current events, names and places, continue to underline the jew at ground zero that is ruining America and promoting zionism. The jew is no less than the face of Globalist, and more than likely the substance of it. If the 'vatican' has some role in it all, based on the volumes I have read, it is a pretty well kept secret. Thefacts about the jew are all over the place - low hanging fruit.


(the thing speaks for itself)

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CNN is very fake news.

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Fascinating how it went blank when she was finished talking. Not at some random point in her story.

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I used to kick ass playing asteroids. We played for beers at the local watering hole.

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I believe they were all cut off intentionally except for the one on the congressman citing crime statistics. His feed was cut at exactly the top of the hour which seems more like a pure satellite allocation issue...e.g. CNN's paid for time slice was up. Maybe they leave these stories for the end of the hour because they don't want mny people to see them though. Important news leads the hour.

Nobodys Home's picture

Probably just the local cable ad insertion timing was messed up. ...but cnn really does suck regardless of the reason.

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Yet...they want to be taken seriously as a true news source. What a bunch of schmucks.

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Any news source without a free comment section is Fake News.

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I don't get the role of the FCC. They basically allow, for a very nominal fee to these giant media corporations, their "right" to censor out any Goddamned thing they please to mask serious, serious wrongdoings and catastrophic events as Fukushima Daiichi and massive US wars, starvation in Somalia -- fortunately I have the time to research as much as my tiring old body permits but CNN and the mainstream serve no public interest and show have their licences revoked ASAP for failing their mission statements going back to very early television.

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I believe I was one of the last ones banned from the CNN comments section before they completely 86'6ed it.

They just didn't appreciate Wolf Blitzer being called a pompous asshole I suppose.

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I got banned for questioning if he could really be gay with out a functional chin.  The poor chinless bastard.

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Were you the one that did that, Robert? Hahahaha! You insulted Wolf Blatherer? lol

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What's a "manlet"

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Not sure, but it sounds like it might apply to Obama.

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Obama MUST be executed for his crimes against humanity. 

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Gotta include the entire Bush family in that one, I'm 'a teliin' ya.

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No man! Don't want to make that sumnabitch a martyr. Ever school, avenue, and public building would be renamed after him. I'd rather have him go down how Nature intended...having a Hawaiian volcano blow during the dedication of his billion dollar library taking him and 1000 of his closest Marxists with him down under a cloud of superheated gas

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I find it very dissapointing that the daughter of such a PROLIFIC SUPERVILLAIN like Zbig, ends embarrasing their family name as a fake-news TV host...

I deeply hope her father does express his dissapointing to her, too.

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i agree Henry - she could'a been policy wonk at one of your many thunk tanks .... Sad!



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So screw'em.  Wait a year for it to fall apart.  It's just one small lesson of the many the beggers need to learn.

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You have to earn the title of the

Crappy News Network

CNN has earned this honor with distinction.


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Why won´t gvmt recall their broadcasting license due to treason ?

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Because they are the Gov'mints best friend when it works in their favor.

CNN has been doing Fake News since 1991, that's 26 years. And just so happens to be when the First Iraq War started. Why has it taken 26 years ... because ... the other Fake News was about News outside of the USA which supported the View that Saddam was the Boogey Man, so that was acceptable. Fake News also supported the View that Putin was the new Boogey Man, and again was acceptable. Now it's Fake News iabout the USA, and that's NOT acceptable because it's NOT Fake.

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WHY is any thinking person watching CNN?

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Because there are some that will sacrafice their honor, sanity and moral compass to do so, so that we will not have to.

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All I can say is fuck you CNN.

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Pithy and to the point. Thanks.

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CNN:  Whistleblowers are criminals.  The Bill of Rights is a criminal manifesto.  The Founding Fathers were traitors.  We are doing God's work.  In fact, we are God.

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Will CNN interview Cathleen Decker of the Los Angeles Times...

After reading this, explain to me why liberals can not be classified as legally insane?

Yes, this woman actually sent this tweet.

GOPcare's ban on Planned Parenthood would result in loss of healthcare to many in rural/low income areas; thousands of births would result.

Standard Disclaimer: She honestly represents a danger to herself and others.

blindman's picture

cnn is the propaganda expression
of the cia and the banksters, no?
i mean, really.

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They wanted to cut her of before the African American sitting beside her started to say the truth about ObamaCAre! and it sucks

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Odd how one sided all these human errors are.

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Wow! CNN is still in business?

I quit watching CNN and reading anything CNN a couple of years ago.

I will never watch CNN or read anything CNN ever.

The sooner CNN goes broke and fades into the dustbin of history the better.

Feel the same way about the NYT and the WaPoop.

All MSM is nothing more than pure unadulterated bullshit!

Thank God for President Trump and ZH.

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"Yes, CNN did it again."


Of coarse. CNN is a propaganda operation, not a news organization.

PiratePiggy's picture

Its not CNN, it is Time Warner.

izzee's picture

Who watches CNN?
Who watches Morning Joe?
Who watches that Woopie show?
Who watches Regis and Kathy?
Who watches that Ex SNL guy at midnight?
Who watches?

tuetenueggel's picture

There are more idiots in this world then you can estimate.

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Chancey Gardner likes to watch.

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I watch "Morning Joe" only because Mika reminds me of someone I was boinking right outta college...and it was gooood...I found out later she had Herpes.

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And THAT, boys and girls, is the perfect illustration of CNN's business model.