Hawaii High School Teacher: "If They Are Here In The U.S. Illegally, I Won't Teach Them"

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John Sullivan, a Social Studies teacher at Campbell High School in Oahu, Hawaii, is under fire this week after sending an email to all faculty at his school refusing to teach students who are in the country illegally.  A copy of the email was obtained by Hawaii News Now and read as follows:

"This is another attack on the President over deportation. Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else.  If they are here in the US illegally, I won't teach them."



Sullivan's reply was in response to an administrator email about the number of children across the country staying home from school due to deportation fears (we touched on the topic last week in a post entitled "Parents Fearing Deportation Make Guardianship Plans 'In Case Mommy Doesn't Come Home'").  Apparently, this latest "attack on the President over deportation" was just the last bit of propaganda he was willing to take lying down.

Jon Henry Lee, Campbell High School's principal, confirmed that Sullivan's actions violated department rules, though the original administrator email, of course, did not, and left open what discipline may be sought over his violation.

"I just reminded him again that we don't discriminate against any individuals," said Lee, who referenced the Department of Education's Code of Conduct. "We're going to service all students that are registered in our school."


Lee also said that Sullivan violated school rules concerning the use of the department's email system by sharing a political opinion.


A Department of Education spokeswoman said the school's principal has discretion on any disciplinary action that Sullivan may face. 

We're gonna set the over/under on Sullivan's termination at 2 days...

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How dare he respect the law!

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"And if they are here in the country legally, I also won't teach them."

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) junction Mar 13, 2017 9:59 PM

Just keep teaching them what the words legal and illegal mean.  Teach them.

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Holy Christ! He's not going to last. Anyone else living in Hawaii thinking he's got a chance?

The Merovingian's picture

No, but he should be given a fucking promotion and a raise.

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Parents there should support him.  Non English speakers drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

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Illegal = criminal

Teach them that!


I hate it that my tax money goes to support ANYTHING to do with illegals other than rounding them up and shipping them back out of the U.S.

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He has a chance.  It's tough to get fired from any government job in Hawaii. Hawaii is incredibly liberal, but it's liberal because people starting voting liberal 60-odd years ago, and herd mentality has ruled ever since. My guess is that most people in Hawaii are too busy working their 3 jobs to make ends meet to really think about about politics.  Unless he's looking to detonate his career, he'll probably be fine. 

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flicker life (not verified) Destro Mar 14, 2017 2:28 AM

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A literal reading of his letter; he is stating that if the parents are in the US illegally, well then, he's not going to teach them how to apply for legal immigration.
Correct, or is it really, really late here?

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The fact remains that our education system sucks and we are wasting our resources teaching kids that should be put on a plane back to where they came from. 

algol_dog's picture

We need a complete overhaul. They need to be teaching computer language as second language requirement in grade school. How about getting rid of middle and high school, and instead, immediately direct kids toward specialty skill oriented directions (tech, bio, science, etc.), based on aptitude, and talent. Have it in conjunction and cooperation with corporation sponsors, who can then recruit their future workforce.

Enough already with the football games, cheer leading, homecomings, and all the other nonsense of the American educational system. It's outdated and redundant in today's world.

not dead yet's picture

Can't do that, makes too much sense and would benefit the students not the administrators and their staffs, consultants, testing outfits, teachers, or the professors that rule the current system that emphasizes a liberal arts education from their first day of school. In their view it's better to have debaters and questioners instead of thinkers and doers. Makes for a great snowflake environment after the years of indoctrination. Compared to just a few decades ago today everything can be done cheaper, better, and faster except for education. We have lengthened the school day, year, amount of time spent on homework, and have kids start as young as 3 and by the time they finish high school they have almost no skills to get employed. The whole system is set up as if we are all geeks who love debating and have our noses in books when we aren't. Just no time, or ambition, left over for a job. It's not surprising many kids don't try or drop out when they know the garbage that passes for education does nothing for their future and in no way relates to the real world.

In southern Wisconsin there is a small city of 9,000 where, according to state figures, is 25% Latino and the schools 40%, the school district advised students to not answer the door in case ICE showed up. There are quite a few districts doing this. This district, and surrounding ones with high numbers of Latino students, used to have highly rated schools until the influx of Latinos. Now they are all rated below average. All of these are facts produced by the state.

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and before you can apply to a college/university, you have to get a professional education first. Pick a trade based on your interest and skills, and let's see if you still want to go and study further or make a career in said profession.


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Or in the alternative, Fuck them and Feed them to the Saber-Tooth Tiger.

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Fucking awesome

John Sullivan should be head of Education in the usa

HenryHall's picture

Maybe John Sullivan should indeed be head of Education in the USA.

But the decision not to teach enrolled students does not belong to a High School teacher. Thank goodness.


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No habla englais, pendjeho....try and teach me!

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spicedune (not verified) Mar 13, 2017 9:51 PM

who is tracking what this is doing to the cost of higher ed www.inflation.co

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) spicedune Mar 13, 2017 9:54 PM

Fuck off, spammer.  You're slipping.  You didn't get the first post with your spam link.

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wtf could go wrong here?


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Meanwhile, big kahuna Barry and his coterie of libtard lickspittles and beltway bumboys are sniggering on the sidelines.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) 4shzl Mar 13, 2017 9:58 PM

Very odd.  a massive formatting paragraph originally showed up before your post.  Secret CIA message?...

Handful of Dust's picture

Have the muslims and mesicans swam to Hawaii also?

dogismycopilot's picture

Finally, a teacher with some common sense.


chubakka's picture

right, how many illegals actually escape to Hawaii?  two or three if that?

FriendlyAquaponics's picture

Our illegals are mostly from the Marshall Islands and the Philippines. And there are quite a few of them here.

mary mary's picture

The Philippines is another horribly overpopulated Catholic country.

Where there is Catholicism, there is overpopulation, and resulting poverty and crime and emigration.

Tejano's picture

Yeah, Catholic countries like Monaco and Luxembourg  are real hell-holes. Then there's Belgium, Poland, Bavaria, Italy, Spain, Austria...

Don't know how it is where you come from but around here we're just overrun with criminal immigrants from Lithuania and Andorra.

besnook's picture

the border is holier than you think. the japanese and now the chinese have babies here just so the kid has an option. they generally have money. they are millions of other people in the pacific who would love to sneak into honolulu. on top of that they are a surprising number of mexicans who sometimes disguise themselves as locals with a name change. there are a lot of people who don't speak a lot of english here and no one cares except for the usual prejudices. new white people have a little difficulty here just getting used to it. it's civilized compared to the mainland but not without its problems.


chubakka's picture

do you take people from florida?  id like to escape there.  itll only be temporary i promise.  

besnook's picture

i'd rather have people from florida than california. i spent 20 years in south florida from the 70s. come on down! if you can make money, the cheapest place to live is the big island but honolulu is a great little town. you can literally walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes and it's a good walking town. a nice 2 br apartment goes 2000/mo and up, a nice condo for 550k+. it's good living. the mainland has lost it's fucking mind!

besnook's picture

one of the best things about hawaii is there are no repugnants. one of the worst things about hawaii is there are too many dimocrats(including the btshtcrzy california strain).

funny thing about hawaii. no one will lose their jobs because of something they say in politics. the bernie girl from hawaii who flipped the bird at the camera at the dnc caught a lot of stinkeye for embarassing the state but i don't think it was more than that. this guy will probably lay low and learn his lesson if he wants to stay. it's kinda like three strikes here.

FriendlyAquaponics's picture

Are you from here?

Oh, and try a spell checker sometime.

besnook's picture

why do i need spell checker when i have editors like you.

Billy the Poet's picture

Beware the moral hazard in accepting free editing services. Orthographic socialism can be a hard habit to break.

besnook's picture

orthographic socialism, that cracked me up. it sounds dirty. i'll heed your advice

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When did the rule of law become optional?

rapetrain's picture

okay bootlicker. just leave your brain on the shelf and pick up your stormtrooper badge in aisle 12. oh and you will need a permission slip to go outside. can't have illegal travelers roaming around SS headquarters.

Déjà view's picture

"Bootlickers"...are individuals who apply LEGALLY for an immigrant VISA...waiting...24 years in some cases because ILLEGALS are cutting in line!


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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 13, 2017 10:20 PM

I saw this story on my other evil YT racist and white nationalist blogs.  I asked the same question-- From where is Hawaii getting its illegal aliens?  Are they surfing in from Polynesia?  

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gets a gold star from me.

wish more teachers had morals and balls.

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Perhaps the administration should be reviewed for allowing illegals to register in their skools.

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Easy to do in Hawaii. Try it in the continental US.