Rand Paul Teams Up With Tulsi Gabbard To Stop The U.S. Arming Terrorists

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Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via TheAntiMedia.org,

According to a press release released Friday by the office of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Rand Paul has introduced their bill, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, in the U.S. Senate. The bipartisan legislation (H.R.608 and S.532) aims to prohibit any federal agency from using taxpayer dollars to provide weapons, cash, intelligence, or any support to al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups.

It would also prohibit the government from funneling money and weapons through other countries that are directly or indirectly supporting terrorists.

Gabbard said:

For years, the U.S. government has been supporting armed militant groups working directly with and often under the command of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. Rather than spending trillions of dollars on regime change wars in the Middle East, we should be focused on defeating terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and using our resources to invest in rebuilding our communities here at home.”

She continued:

“The fact that American taxpayer dollars are being used to strengthen the very terrorist groups we should be focused on defeating should alarm every Member of Congress and every American.  We call on our colleagues and the Administration to join us in passing this legislation.

Rand Paul provided much-needed support for the bill, stating:

“One of the unintended consequences of nation-building and open-ended intervention is American funds and weapons benefiting those who hate us. This legislation will strengthen our foreign policy, enhance our national security, and safeguard our resources.”

The legislation is currently co-sponsored by Reps. John Conyers (D-MI); Scott Perry (R-PA); Peter Welch (D-VT; Tom Garrett (R-VA); Thomas Massie (R-KY); Barbara Lee (D-CA); Walter Jones (R-NC); Ted Yoho (R-FL); and Paul Gosar (R-AZ). It is endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), Veterans for Peace, and the U.S. Peace Council.

One of Trump’s campaign narratives that resonated deeply with his voter base was an anti-radical Islam agenda, which separated him from Clinton’s campaign as he vowed to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS-controlled oil fields. However, his voter base may or may not be somewhat disillusioned now given that he just approved an arms sale to Saudi Arabia that was so controversial it was even blocked by Obama, a president who made a literal killing from arms sales to the oil-rich kingdom (ISIS adheres to Saudi Arabia’s twisted form of Wahhabist philosophy).

In the context of recent events, whether or not the Trump administration will get fully behind Gabbard’s bill remains to be seen. But considering the Trump administration is directly sending American troops to fight in Syrian territory, perhaps the various rebel groups on the ground have outlived their usefulness and the bill will be allowed to proceed unimpeded.

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some reasonable democrats appear.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Too well known to quickly disappear with back of the head double tap suicide injuries?

Scalia was pretty well known too...

philipat's picture

Good intentions but of course the see-aye-aaa will just fund their wars from the drug money which is "off balance sheet"?

tenpanhandle's picture

If the Libertarian Party would sport those two on next presidential ticket, they might get somewhere.

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flicker life (not verified) tenpanhandle Mar 14, 2017 2:58 AM

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CNN cuts feed again when victims of Obamacare speak out at the White House



lakecity55's picture

I went to the Breitbart URL and got a phony "attack page" warning from the communist Google site. I checked, no google cookies on the machine. It must be blocked at their servers.

I dumped everything and tried again and got to the site.

Don't be surprised if ZH gets attacked in a like manner.


beemasters's picture

"Too well known to quickly disappear with back of the head double tap suicide injuries?

Scalia was pretty well known too..."

Fyi, Scalia was an alleged pedophile. http://humansarefree.com/2016/10/former-victim-claims-scalia-was.html

Pedogate needs to be unraveled soon before they all die without proper justice carried out or to have their names cleared, whichever the case may be.

Pinto Currency's picture

Tulsi and Rand vs Saudi, Israel, UK, Turkey, US deep state.

PrayingMantis's picture


When I'm not familiar with politicians in the news, I'd ask myself three things: 1) who funds them; 2) whose interests they protect; & 3) what's their background (family, accomplishments, etc.) ... then I go ogle. 

However, always keep an open mind to avoid sheepleness symptoms.

Since I'm familiar with Mr. Paul, I'd skip his links.

Now, who is Tulsi Gabbard?

First, let's check the all-positive could-be-a-Tulsi-fan-written wikipedia >>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsi_Gabbard

Now, let's check her hidden politics ... who funds her, her family, her hidden beliefs, and who she's really protecting >>> here >>> https://shadowproof.com/2010/10/17/politics-tulsi-gabbard-tamayo-stealth-candidate-in-hawaii/

"We have to assume that Tulsi is trying to appeal, as much as possible, to the very conservative fundamentalist Christians and Mormons who have long supported her father, without alienating the more liberal downtown Honolulu residents in her district.

Throughout their public lives, Tulsi’s parents, Mike (Krishna Katha das) and Carol (Devahuti dasi), have denied any association with a reclusive guru, Chris Butler, aka Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, even though there is ample evidence of their association with this extremely homophobic guru and his cult, the Science of Identity Foundation (SIF). Jagad Guru Butler has also been keenly interested in politics for years. Both Mike Gabbard and Carol Gabbard have served on the board of the Science of Identity Foundation. Honolulu Magazine says they are both listed in a Polk Directory as teachers in the Polk’s City Directory in the 1990s. Carol was the producer, for a time, of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa’s cable TV program “Jagad Guru Speaks.”  (“Jagad Guru” means “teacher of the world.”)

In the mid-1970s Jagad Guru Butler and his devotees formed their own political party in Hawaii, the “Independents for Godly Government.” They ran a number of candidates for office in 1976, all using their western or “karmi” names on the ballot (i.e. Jivan Krishna das ran as John Moore). All the Independents for Godly Government candidates lost in 1976 (they were revealed as religious devotees of Chris Butler in Honolulu newspapers before the election)."

"Over time five of Butler’s devotees have been elected to public office in Hawaii, including Mike Gabbard (Krishna Katha das) and Mike’s wife, Tulsi’s mother, Carol Gabbard (Devahuti dasi). Mike Gabbard has been a Honolulu City Councilman, as well as being a current Hawaii State Senator. Carol was on the Hawaii Board of Education. In addition to Mike, Carol and Tulsi Gabbard, the other Jagad Guru devotees elected to public office in Hawaii include former Hawaii State Senator Rick Reed and current Maui Councilman Wayne Nishiki. Both Carol and Mike Gabbard worked as staffers for Rick Reed.

Rick Reed was a controversial political figure in Hawaii. Mike Gabbard’s bio on his website at http://www.mikegabbard.com/ does not mention that he once worked for Reed."

"Chris Butler and his devotees left the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), the Hare Krishnas, around 1977. Butler’s teachings are essentially the same as those of ISKCON."


  >>> and  here >>> http://drhabibsiddiqui.blogspot.ca/2015/08/congresswoman-tulsi-gabbards-shameful.html

   "As a die-hard Hindu fanatic, Gabbard has been in the business of protecting unjust Hindu and Indian interests. Consider, for instance, HR 417, which was introduced in November 2013 by a group of 26 House Democrats and 25 House Republicans. The Resolution called on India to improve the human rights situation of its religious minorities, especially citing the case of Gujarat. The text of the bill was fairly un-offensive; it did not single out Hindus as perpetrators of religious violence, but rather called for all groups in India to be treated fairly and given full human rights. However, Gabbard made it her personal mission to crusade against the bill."

"Gabbard’s ties with the rich Gujarati Hindu Americans, most of whom are BJP financiers, are well known. In August of last year, the Overseas Friends of BJP, the Hindutvadi group convened a large number of Indian American BJP supporters in Atlanta as part of an eight-city tour designed to prepare for Modi's first visit to the United States the following month. Gabbard attended the meeting, posing with a sash adorned with the BJP's party logo. She posed for pictures with BJP activist Vijay Jolly, much known for his religious bigotry. He tweeted, “Bharat (India) was always a nation of Hindus. Muslims raided us n conducted forceful conversions thus all Indian Muslims basically have a Hindu DNA.”

"Interestingly, Tulsi is a member of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), also known as the Hare Krishna movement. She especially appreciates the Bhagavad Gita as a spiritual guide, and used the Gita when she was ceremonially sworn in as a Representative. Gabbard describes herself as a "karma yogi".

It is worth noting that ISKCON is a fundamentalist Hindu group that was created by Swami Prabhupada. Hare Rama Hare Krishna a.k.a. ISKCON followers at one time would be seen in various parks and airports distributing Swami's books and collecting donations in return. Many of these ISKCON 'beggars' or more correctly, devotees were very serious about their particular understanding of Hinduism, which they called Krishna Consciousness, learned through meditation, singing and dancing combined with begging. During Swami's earthly life, many white Americans were attracted to his philosophy and left everything to flock behind him as it happens with religious cults. They lived a commune life around the temple with Swami's idol in the front."


Who is Tulsi married to? >>> https://flashlightonroaches.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/deleted-photo-of-tulsi-gabbard-with-her-ex-husband/ 

... and here >>> http://drhabibsiddiqui.blogspot.ca/2015/08/congresswoman-tulsi-gabbards-shameful.html

"...the 34-year old Tulsi Gabbard is twice married. After her divorce from the first husband Eduardo Tamayo in 2006, she accepted the marriage proposal of Abraham Williams in February 2015 and they married on April 9, 2015 in a Vedic-style wedding."

hawaiian waverider's picture

So, she's Hindu?  Who gives crap, she's the first honest Democrat I have seen a many years.  She also has the guts to use her own mind and speak it.

PrayingMantis's picture



>>> So, she's Hindu? Who gives crap,

... I don't; sorry to rain on her Hare Krishna parade ...

>>> she's the first honest Democrat I have seen a many years.

... democrat, yes, ... honest? ... well, I wanted to learn more about Tulsi (or Tulasi as some links had mentioned) ...

... there are some things that doesn't sit right with me ... like, as a politician, is Tulsi really too good to be true? or simply being a typical politician spewing things that voters would like to hear... or perhaps hiding something quite sinister?

... so I went go ogle-ing again ... and I hit this forum about "Cult Education Institute" which asked a very direct question about her marriage to Eduardo Sangco Tamayo, a Filipino, and her claim that "Eddy", a Filipino, was Tulsi's childhood "sweetheart" having "surfed" together as it was linked to "Vogue Magazine" (according to the forum writer) which link is now unfortunately "deleted".



>>> https://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,4453,122125

... the forum article writer wrote ....

"In the recent article in Vogue magazine, Tulsi mentioned new details about her mysterious marriage. She implied that she and Eddy were childhood sweethearts even though she was home schooled except for a brief attendance at the cult school in Baguio City where the boys and girls were strictly separated. Eddy was raised in the Philippines away from Tulsi, so why does Tulsi now claim that the two of them surfed together as well as being childhood chums? There is no surf in Baguio City and Eddy, as a Philippine national, would not be allowed residency in Hawaii.
Is there a clue in the fact that Eddy WAS a Philippine national but NOW resides in Hawaii after their marriage?

Chris Butler has a longstanding practice of forced marriages amongst his disciples. Flash back to 1970 and a young girl, coincidently named Tulsi, is quoted in the Honolulu newspaper saying she was ordered by Butler to marry one of the group. Was Tulsi Gabbard ordered by her guru, Chris Butler, to marry in service to Krishna just like the 1970’s Tulsi? You might say who cares what these people do in the name of their religion. But, what if Tulsi’s marriage was for the purpose of Eddy being given the right to reside in the US? That is called Immigration Marriage Fraud as Tulsi well knows since she sits on the Homeland Security Committee. Have Tulsi Gabbard and Eddy Tamayo broken a law that might send one or both of them to prison and result in Eddy being deported?

My alternative scenario has some basis in fact as you will read below while Tulsi’s version of her marriage and divorce are merely her own words unsupported by any evidence. Where, Tulsi, are the photos of you and Eddy surfing as children, playing as fellow students, of you getting married and on your honeymoon? Is there a huge scandal just below the surface and ready for discovery?

I ask that you read my research and decide for yourself if Tulsi Gabbard and Eddy Tamayo should be investigated for Immigration Marriage Fraud."

... and here as well under the same forum page >>>


"Tulsi has recently been appointed to the House Homeland Security Committee and that got me thinking. I’ve been staring at the facts regarding her marriage and finally have made some sense of it. What kind of fraud does the Department of Homeland Security hate most? It’s Immigration marriage fraud.
I'd thought about reporting the fraud to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but that might get swept under the carpet since she is now overseeing them
Why did Tulasi Gabbard marry Eduardo Sangco Tamayo, a Philippine national, sometime prior to 2001 and then divorce in 2006? Eduardo (Eddie) is the nephew of Chris Butler’s main man in the Philippines and Eddie’s father, “Jeff” is also a devotee. Both the uncle and father are reported to be wealthy by Philippine standards and large financial contributors to Butler. At the time of the marriage, it was nearly impossible for Filipinos to come to the USA. Yet, Eddie became a permanent resident and perhaps a US citizen as a result of his marriage to an American citizen and still remains in Hawaii after his divorce. It was puzzling to me why Tulsi and Eddie were never seen together and, until recently, I could not even find a single photo of them. They appear to be incompatible and that also signaled a marriage of convenience. It is equally suspicious that the divorce was kept a secret for five years until 2011 when Tulsi legally changed her name and announced her congressional campaign.
Why should anyone care? Marriage fraud is a huge problem and a very serious crime. Deportation is almost automatic, even many years after the fraud, with criminal penalties up to 10 years in Federal prison with a fine of up to $250,000. Philippine Nationals are high on the list of those committing this type of crime. Normally the government would need to prove a case of fraud, but not with Immigration. The burden of proof would require Tulsi and Eddie to produce documentation showing that their marriage was genuine with shared interests, finances, housing, sleeping arrangements, vacations, etc. They must produce photographs and receipts, plus be interviewed separately with their answers compared. They would even need to prove that their relationship was sexual - a big problem since cult members are forbidden to practice sex other than for procreation (and they had no children). No sex – no green card. In defending themselves, they’d probably address their shared membership in the Science of Identity and details about the Uncle’s “religious” school in the Philippines attended by Tulsi. Another concern is that Eddie is apparently a bit of a scofflaw ignoring his financial responsibilities, a big no-no for people granted permanent residence (see his fines in the document images).
It is alleged that there have been multiple cases of marriage fraud in the Butler cult and I’m doing more research - concentrating on marriages involving nationals from the Philippines, Poland, China, Australia, and New Zealand. It is possible that Butler’s own step-daughter, Satya Bellord, was in a marriage of convenience with Chinese national, Wei Wang. It is my belief that Chris Butler’s hold on his followers is so strong that they never question his orders. Tulsi was not destined for Congress when she married Eddie, another reason to hide the facts of her arranged marriage.

Alana Penaroza, Tulsi’s assistant, was recently married off to Kainoa (Rama) Penaroza. She is a Canadian. I wonder if her immigration is legitimate. Alana is a high school dropout and was “betrothed” within the cult a few times starting really really young.

I have listed many references and links below. Bigger politicians have been brought down with lesser allegations. It seems a real conflict for her to oversee Homeland Security having married a foreign national who obtained permanent residence as a result of the marriage."



... by the way, Praying Mantis is just sharing the above as a matter of research and not necessarily stating that the above is true or otherwise.  Please keep an open mind about these types of information ...

fbazzrea's picture

Tulsi and Rand vs Saudi, Israel, UK, Turkey, US deep state.

sounds fair... maybe favoring Tulsi and Rand a little. (:

MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

You must work for the Federal gubmnet

rahrog's picture

Yeah, it would beat the shit out of the rhino twins.


swamp's picture

Tax dollars are the issue

ACP's picture

Some reasonable democrats and republicans appear.

McStain and Gramnesty should've been tried, convicted amd executed for treason long ago.

gespiri's picture

Aye, aye.  Where is our own Nuremburg trials when we need one for these two Satanists?

lakecity55's picture

We tried to get rid of that loafer, Miss Graham. The bitch came back home with millions in out-of-state PAC money.

Her senate campaign no doubt had money from $oro$ in it.

I wish we could recall the bitch.

BarkingCat's picture

Money will not buy an election if the idiots don't vote for tbe scum.

Problem is that there are way too many idiots in that state (and pretty much all the states).

Mareka's picture

Tulsi Gabbard is the Marilyn Munster of the Democrat Party.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Had to go look that arcane reference up. and I'm 50.

Been a very long time since the Munsters were a thing.

Neato keeno Daddy-o, going get me popcicle and order some Xray glasses out of the back of my commic books as soon as i make some money selling copies of Grit news. Been collecting  wheat pennies too, i still looking for that 1909 VDB.

yvhmer's picture

So it seems, however, although using taxpayer money to fund terrorists might be generally understood to be an issue of self defeat, how about the black budgets. .......

And would it not be more appropriate to prohibit the alphabet soup agencies to engange in this kind of action?


Mustafa Kemal's picture

also some reasonable republicans.

How are we going to reconcile such a bill with our sending weapons to SA?

vato poco's picture

Gabbard appears to be the last - hell, the only one of the last 40 years - honorable democrat left. I was sure they'd all died out.

naturally, the dem machine despises her just like the GOP machine despises the Pauls.

The Management's picture

Its as if they keep them around as tokens. They are both an absolutely perfect ticket for libertarians.

But the libertarians have that fucking freakshow Johnson is it?

Ill tell you what if they teamed together they would win.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Johnson, now there's a guy who should be cast on the Munsters, Aleppo moment and all

MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

The Libertarian party doesn't have a John Galt in its leadership ranks. Everyone they nominate sounds like a muppet.


Of course, the reason for this is that the DNCGOP machine doesn't want competition and has effectievly neutered every 3rd party by infiltrating them. If Paul, Cruz, Lee, or the other handful of Constitutionalists in Congress had any real ballz they would have left the GOP and formed a new party. 



MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

The Libertarian party doesn't have a John Galt in its leadership ranks. Everyone they nominate sounds like a muppet.


Of course, the reason for this is that the DNCGOP machine doesn't want competition and has effectievly neutered every 3rd party by infiltrating them. If Paul, Cruz, Lee, or the other handful of Constitutionalists in Congress had any real ballz they would have left the GOP and formed a new party. 



HRClinton's picture

This is a great way to smoke out Thump, the Conservatives, RINOS and Neocons. 

Watch what they DO, not what they said or promised before. 

not dead yet's picture

John "I like killing especially women and children" McInsane willl be crapping his pants if this goes through. Lucky for him this bill will die in committee as there are too many in power and influence who are just like McBraindead but more low key about it. The media will have a field day trotting out the usual suspects who will claim the bill will endanger Americans and the sheep will fall in line. Polls are positive on Trumps increasing the military budget which proves the scaredycat mentality of the average American which means this bill is dead on arrival.

lakecity55's picture

When we see who opposes it, we'll know who to Vote Against.

Death to the Ziocons!

N0TME's picture

Yep, going to watch this one REAL close.

Crash Overide's picture

So about that recent weapons deal to the Saudis...?


W T F ?

Escapeclaws's picture

It is against the law to aid and abet terrorists. There are well-known photos of McCain with ISIS leaders.

So why hasn't McCain been arrested and tried? Is there inadequate proof that he has violated this law? Aren't the standards for arresting someone under this law pretty non-stringent? Shouldn't he have been investigated by th FBI already?

Flynn was forced to resign under mere allegations of having spoken to Russians on the telephone, yet McCain gets a free pass. Go figure.

Does a US citizen living, for example, in Arizona have standing to sue someone on some grounds that would lead to the arrest and trial of McCain?

Was he pardoned by Obama?

Where's that what's his name Trump guy on this?


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Escapeclaws Mar 14, 2017 4:32 AM

The question is why does Arizona keep sending him back?

I don't think Senators pay the price for anything, they are like royalty.

fleur de lis's picture

Good question.

I could never figure out what was wrong with the people of Arizona to keep inflicting this counter-productive creep on America.


ImGumbydmmt's picture

Another solid reason for term limits.

Someone should do up a poster of McStain Schumer and Pelosi as the "term limits Poster children"



Vilfredo Pareto's picture

If they arrest Somalians for buying plane tickets it does seem that McCain not only gave moral support but likely provided materia aid or promised it.


Where are the transcripts of his phone calls?  Oh yeah.I forgot.  The deep state protect their own.

MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

Soros runs things and he likes faux Rep "Songbird" McCain. Even Mark Levin can't bring himself to calling him a traitor. 

fleur de lis's picture

John McCain is a puppet on a string.

He has yet to answer for the USS Forrestal and there are too many questions about his Vietnam days.

We still have not seen his crummy Annapolis transcripts and records.

And there might be much worse that is not publicly known.

Without his connections he would be a panhandler.

The fact that he posed and smirked in a photo with Syrian killers when it was unlawful -- let alone depraved -- for him to be there indicates that he is a complete psychopath. 

He is fully controlled by our unelected .gov psychopaths and the deep state psychopaths.

They drum and he dances.


Madcow Kaczynski's picture

I'm ready to start production on a new porn film, starring Tulsi and Rand. Working title: Let's get bi(partisan).

 A ray of light shines through the dark fog of Vichy D.C..

Escapeclaws's picture

I'm surprised that you can get a good signal using your laptop underneath a bridge. Enjoy your bone soup.

Collectivism Killz's picture

I volunteer to stand in for Rand, just to also show anarchist support for Tulsi's efforts.

various1's picture

Paul is one of few good republicans that remain

whatsupdoc's picture

Americans are so poor at being just and right.  Coupled with a gold-medal standard of hypocrisy and cowardice things don't look good.  Mr Trump must feel pretty dirty by now being surrounded with such dark and loathsome creatures at every turn. 

If there ever was a demonstration of the spiritual in our world just look at the complete decoupling of minds in so many.  It is truly an astounding time to be alive.