Saudi Crown Prince Flies To Washington To Meet With Donald Trump

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Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, responsible for the kingdom's reforms, left on Monday for Washington to meet President Donald Trump on a visit expected to pitch the world's top oil exporter as an attractive investment destination. It will be the first meeting since Trump took office in January between the U.S. President and the prince who is next in line to lead Saudi Arabia, and is in charge of the kingdom's efforts to revive state finances by diversifying away from falling crude oil revenues, of which the upcoming Aramco IPO will be a critical component.

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Under the Saudi plan, which seeks to promote the private sector and make state-owned companies more efficient, Riyadh plans to sell up to 5 percent of state oil giant Saudi Aramco in what is expected to be the world's biggest initial public offering. Last year, facing a surging budget deficit due to slumping oil prices, the kingdom announced an austerity drive to reduce state spending, although industry sources say it has also promised major development projects later this year to soften the economic impact of those cuts.

According to Reuters, a royal court statement said that in his talks with Trump and other U.S. officials, Prince Mohammed, who heads a supercommittee driving economic reform and is also Saudi defense minister, was expected to "discuss reinforcing bilateral relations and review regional issues of mutual interest". It said that the working visit would start on Thursday but gave no further details.

John Sfakianakis, director of economic research a the Gulf Research Center, said the focus of the visit would be "to showcase Saudi investment opportunities... the Saudi Aramco IPO as well as the reforms undertaken in the wider economic space."

The trip takes place less than a year after the prince, son of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the second in line to the throne, visited Silicon Valley to sell his vision of market-oriented reforms and a transformation of the kingdom's society.


By freeing the kingdom from the statist model of its past, he hopes ultimately to create new private sector jobs for younger people in a country where half the population of 21 million Saudis -- there are also 10 million expatriates -- are estimated to be under 25.


Younger Saudis face entrenched unemployment, a skills shortage, a lack of housing and growing pressure on living standards as the kingdom's oil income grows ever less able to finance the needs of a rising population.

Meanwhile, with the crown prince headed to Washington, Saudi king Salman is similarly probing the ground for investment in Asia, and is currently in Japan on a month-long Asia tour to build ties with the world's fastest growing importers of Saudi crude and promote investment opportunities, including the sale of a stake in its giant state firm Saudi Aramco. He is headed to China soon after.

Trump spoke by telephone with Salman soon after he took office in January and agreed to support safe zones in Syria, according to a White House statement. Salman invited Trump "to lead a Middle East effort to defeat terrorism and to help build a new future, economically and socially," for Saudi Arabia and the region, Saudi media reported. Before his departure for the United States, Prince Mohammed met Citigroup’s CEO Michael Corbat in Riyadh on Sunday for a similar discussion on investment opportunities in the kingdom and globally, SPA reported.

As a reminder, Saudi Arabia was one of the most aggressive financial backers of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, which could prove problematic for the upcoming trip seeking US generosity. Furthermore, with the US itself desperate for Trump's economic proposals to lead to renewed spending domestically, the Saudis may have to get in line.

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nmewn's picture

"Bow before me and kiss my ring." - The Don ;-)

thunderchief's picture

More like..."Do you know the Petro Dollar, Mr Trump,  and you do know I like my salad tossed, Wahabist style..

Just ask Obama.."

synergize's picture

Unfortunately this meeting shows Trump is selling out as these private discussions are how the powerful sell off our interests. If he was truly for us he would've refused to meet the Saudis


Four chan's picture

what does this muderous sand crab want?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

The blood of many infidels, some hard cold chedda, and . . . many wives.  Fuck Islam and every dunecoon who wipes with their left hand.

Muh Raf's picture

"What does he want?" Let's start with some moar guns an' killing stuff And do you think he'll be turned down by the Don?

Muh Raf's picture

And Don, how about rescuing a few more of our Saudi military commanders a.k.a. ISIS in Iraq

fbazzrea's picture

what does this muderous sand crab want?

money, what else?

TheLastTrump's picture

How do you people look in the mirror every day.

gespiri's picture

I don't think so.  The petro dollar is still controlled by these inbreds and to publicly embarass them would be disastrous for the US.  The POTUS probably already made up his mind just like with Romney, Christie, and others.  He's just leading 'em on to wait for the right moment....

keep the bastards honest's picture

The saudis are going broke and thus looming domestic bust ups with royals and the saudi people. So Salman needs to get going fast. Hopefully this means soon they cant afford war on their neighbours.

AncientAviator's picture

As distasteful as it may seem, presidents must meet with other world leaders. It just goes with the territory.

TheOpposition.'s picture

No point in speculating what the reason for this meeting is. I'm pretty sure the bulk will have to do with foreign military policy and safe zones. I would also say that there is a pretty good chance Trump wants to use USA oil instead. I'm optimistic in the idea of USA & hope that other western countries start using independent oil & oil from stable western countries instead. If there ever was this chance of it happening, it will be under this Administration and no other President would or will ever entertain this idea BUT i think this is very plausible!!

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Erek's picture

A crown prince is normally the next in line for the throne. What's a "deputy" crown prince? Next in line for the shitter?

nmewn's picture

I doubt the fuck out of that, he ain't ObaMao.

Luckhasit's picture

I gotta admit, that made me laugh.  You win the internet for the day with that one.

IranContra's picture

More or less, Saudi Arabia is a client state of Western powers. The Old CIA ordered them to create Alqaeda, and they obeyed. The Old CIA ordered them to give refuge to the Muslim Brotherhood, and they obeyed. Then Obama ordered the Saudis to support Obama's/Rothschild's ISIS, and the Saudis said: No. Instead, they outlawed the Old CIA's Muslim Brotherhood and helped Egypt to crush it. They revealed key intelligence to Trump's team about the Old CIA's terrorism projects, so the New CIA gave them an award for fighting terrorism.

The luciferian Left likes to blame Saudis for ISIS and praise Iran for fighting ISIS. BS.

Saudis just want to do business. They are too weak to have agendas or a lobby.

FX223's picture

The Donald should show up on the tarmac and pull a revolver, shoot this turd the moment he steps on American soil..."and that's how you cowboy mother fuckers!

Then turn to the cameras and say clearly "that's for 9-11" then walk away.


detached.amusement's picture

while that's amusing, with no deep state or mossad on the receiving end, its merely misplaced

halcyon's picture

Aint gonna happen. It is a mutual pact made in hell. They will just discuss business and how to screw everybody for more (petro)dollars.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Thats what Obama did, he bowed very low. 

HRClinton's picture

Flip flop, flaky Thump will say that the Saudis are "good people".

cowdiddly's picture

Make the inbred fucker wait in the lobby or even better have him pitch a tent like they did Gaddafi.

Then send out an aid with a note pad and ask him what he wants.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Gaddafi turned Libya from the poorest contry in africa to the richest. 

cowdiddly's picture

I never said anything about what Gaddafi did or did'nt do. I merely mentioned what they made him do. .

nmewn's picture

And Hillary & Obama turned it into a failed state.

Got The Wrong No's picture

They were just practicing for what they had in store for us. 

Miss Expectations's picture

Top prize for understatement.

HRClinton's picture

We merely did what ALL Administrations do: the bidding of our Sponsors and Masters. 

Now watch your savior Thump do their bidding also.

You call yourself a Zerohedger, and still haven't figured this out? 

nmewn's picture

What is this "we" shit? 

I'll have you know I don't accept the Keynesian prog premise that "we" owe 20 trillion in debt either.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Trump after hearing the request sends 2 goats and says, I'm not Obama. 

Davidduke2000's picture

Is it too much to ask to call him president Trump??

quax's picture

"Is it too much to ask to call him president Trump??"


(Another edition of simple answers to simple questions).

Erek's picture

Maybe "Donald" is newspeak for president?

Cruel Joke's picture

"Please invest in Saudi Barbaria, we are the good sunnis."

SoDamnMad's picture

Do you think this would be the right time to show the crown prince the architectural drawings for the proposed RC cathedral in Riyad?

Arrest Hillary's picture

Seeks assylum .... or asylum ?

Robert Trip's picture

The second most despicable nation on the planet.

The women wear bags over their heads when they are permitted to venture outside.

The women are not allowed to drive automobiles which is the only positive thing about their entire society.

Let's make North America energy independent so we can kiss these fuckers off.

syzygysus's picture

I have a friend who is a female limo driver. One of these sheikh's came to the Mayo clinic and needed a dozen or more extra limos to cart his minions and favored goats around. She was fired on the spot for being female.... so no female drivers anywhere for them.

44_shooter's picture

Uh huh. Sure....

Bull shit.

Oldrepublic's picture

You should read the book, Driving the Saudis,

a woman chauffeur tells of her experiences driving the Saudi Royals around LA

Cheka_Mate's picture

Guess which year Saudi Arabia ended slavery?


During the Kennedy Administration, possibly during your lifetime.

By the way, it's still happening now just off the books.

dogismycopilot's picture

I spent a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a contract.

I still see the place in my nightmares sometimes.

You can't imagine what a hell hole it is - especially for the slave labors.

The Saudis bring them in, work them half to death, then never pay them and take their passports.

I will pray to Jesus Christ tonight that President Trump doesn't fall for their slick salesmanship: "For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil; but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.

" proverbs 5:3-4