Scotland's Sturgeon To Seek Second Independence Referendum, Expects Vote After Fall 2018

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As discussed earlier, moments ago Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced she would seek steps to set out a new independence referendum. Sturgeon, speaking from Bute House, the first minister’s official residence in Edinburgh, Ms Sturgeon said “it is important that Scotland is able to choose our own future at a time when the options are clearer than they are now, but before it is too late to decide our own path."


Of the headline above, perhaps the most important is that Sturgeon sees the next Scottish independence vote to take place between fall 2018 and spring 2019, thus providing a substantial time buffer from when the UK is expected to submit Article 50, which could come as soon as this week.

Sturgeon said “What Scotland deserves is the chance to decide our future in a fair, free and democratic way” and added that "I will now take the steps necessary to make sure that Scotland will have a choice at the end of this process."

She also said the Scottish National Party’s mandate for a second referendum “is beyond doubt” after the result of last June’s Brexit vote, in which 62 per cent of Scottish voters backed remain.

Sturgeon added that “this is all about choice” and “having the ability to make that choice.” Responding to a question, she said she wants to avoid a hard Brexit being imposed on people of Scotland.

Also during the news conference, Sturgeon said “yes, I do” when asked if she thought that she could win a second referendum for independence.

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Declare Scotland a muslim/jew no-go zone and the Celtic people of the world would move there and make it the greatest nation on earth!

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Sturgeon might want to consult with the Crimeans on how to conduct a proper referendum.

Looney   ;-)

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Scotland's Sturgeon To Seek Second Independence Referendum


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Sturgeon caught my eye. I am off to supermarket now.

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Don't be fooled liberty minded people, SNP (Scottish Nazi Party) are not in favour of true indepence, they are pro-EU, they want to tear up the UK and hand over Scotland to the EU.

Similar attempts are happening in Wales, there was a saying once, only one can survive, the UK or the EU.

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Doesn't stop there. Much talk of Ireland becoming a single state...bye, bye Northern Ireland..., justice matters handed over to the short arsed Muzzie prick called the London Mayor and a major drive to split England into 9 'regions'.


And what does the EU want? England balkanised into 9 regions and seperate states called Scotland and Wales.


Now isn't that a coincidence.

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8774_44887 (not verified) Rip van Wrinkle Mar 13, 2017 7:33 AM

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To be fair the history of Ireland is a little conplex and N Ireland was only created by a cop out treaty in the 1920s.

CPL's picture

It wasn't called Eireland for nothing was it?  (Eire is gaelic word for 'weird', named original from the Queen of the Faye-Ferun d'Seliet t'schrai Erin.)

CPL's picture

England shouldn't even BE in Ireland.  Oaths broken.  Payment and tithes will be taken for payment of offense.  Since you are all communists, the only money you have is the blood of all your children.  Or did people forget that oath and story?  And the blood payments that come with offense?

caconhma's picture

Hopefully, it will be the end of Great Britain. Once a great nation became a puppet of Jewish Banking Mafia and the major driving force for the past World Wars I and II. 

The 21th Century will be dominated by Yellow people since White people were poisoned by various Jewish dogmas like Christianity, Muslim, and Jewish religions. Just look at the present and the previous US Presidents and their administrations. One must be imbecile to say anything good about them.

SmackDaddy's picture

Another jew larping as a (((libertarian))) sowing the seeds of confusion referring to left wing, global government types as "Nazis".

National Front would be the Nazi party.  And we take it as a compliment.

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No empire lasts forever. None of 'em two will survive.

golden kafir's picture

"there was a saying once, only one can survive" uuum actually that was the movie Highlander.

gaoptimize's picture

Q: What do you call the head doctor at a fish hospital?


A: The Chief Sturgeon

Dugald's picture


Och aye, cast them adrift an they can sink with their dying oil fields.....let them eat porridge wi salt, ney sugar.....fix em.

CPL's picture

Bring back the stone of scone to the proper throne!

WTFUD's picture

Yeah the same 'pesky' voting machine's, darn!

kellys_eye's picture

Bring it on - get it over with and chuck her on the scrap heap of history.

Stupid woman.

justinius1969's picture

Thats what they do in Euro la la land..

EvilScientist's picture

Hello, greetings to everybody! First day of postings for me...

I have to comment that the situation is pretty different after Brexit, though. Just before the referendum for the exit of scotland there was a big media scare financed from the banksters that the economy would turn sour after leaving the UK. Many People got scared and voted to stay.

As most scotts voted to stay in the EU afterwards in the brexit votum it seems to be highly likely that they will leave the UK for good. I am rooting for SCOTTSBACK so i can drink my single malt from inside the EU... ;-)

UncleSparky's picture

Best of luck with that. When Scotland takes its share of the 1.8 trillion UK debt let alone unfunded liabilities and Gormless Brown's off balance sheet PFI spending bribes for Bliar there won't be free prescriptions or university places or much else for that matter. What is Scotland going to use for a central bank ? RBS? The pound for currency?

Dugald's picture


Dinna worry ma mannie, The Bonny Prince will return, an a' will be well again....

Dugald's picture


I skal mine from inside a bottle.......

OverTheHedge's picture

Depressingly, the only reason whisky is a Scottish thing is because of the Union - part of the deal was that it would be forbidden for Englishmen to distil once Scotland joined. If they leave the Union, then all bets are off, I would imagine. OK, it wouldn't be Scottish Whisky, but the Irish seem to manage, as do the Japanese of all people.

detached.amusement's picture

I'd really love to have that quote stricken from the record, because it does not even apply to reality in its original form and context.

SharkBit's picture

Yeah great. Scotland is like California.  Cut the cord and good luck with that.

Farqued Up's picture

Uh, what's wrong with divorcing the U.K. AND the EU? Oh, I see, they have to have an outside teat for sustenance.

kellys_eye's picture

Yeah, but said 'teat' is already withered and dried up - there's no way it has sustenance for another hungry mouth.  Sturgeon has more to worry about EU rejection than Scottish voter rejection....

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Article 50 Brexit Bomb Being Triggered: This is What Happens Next

MaxThrust's picture

This is not the time for another referendum. Strugen is angry and just like so many other women, she is willing to burn the whole house down to get even.

heddahenrik's picture

Some anti-globalists just don't get it: EU is also a protection against the other globalist powers. In this case the British Empire. What you don't want is ONE globalist power. They more of them you have, the less evil they can do. Just like mega-corporations.

It's damn clear that UK brings nothing of value to Northern Ireland and Scotland. Paying 1% of GDP in tax to Brussel is way better than paying 20% to London. Then EU should be able to function much better with half the budget.

Global Hunter's picture

The UK government is only three quarters of Scotland's GDP, and in Northern Ireland only 40% of the population is Catholic.

edit: I looked up UK government spending per person in Scotland it was GBP 10,212 in 2011.  GDP per capita in 2015 including north sea oil revenues was USD 43,410. 

In 2011 the average oil price was $111 per barrel in 2015 it was approx $50.

I'm not sure if government spending really does account for 75% of Scotland's GDP but I think it is over half and probably pretty close. 

phead's picture

You need to check your math.  Scotland used to pay its way, but not any more.  NI has never paid anything, that was always the dirty secret of the "united ireland", in reality neither side wanted it.

IReallyDontCare's picture

N.I was the fall back position for the U.K in the event of another world war type scenario. Northern Ireland was destroyed economically from within by Fenains brought in from the Spud Republic by rich Mill owners to work in their factories, sound familiar??

The same scum then turned to terrorism to try and murder their way into power, and Ireland was a potato Republic shithole until they sold their souls to the EU.

Cumulus Nimbus's picture

Check YOUR maths. Northern Ireland used to pay its way before it was hobbled by an insurgengecy which scared off investors and the UK government had to step in an throw money into a bottomless pit just to keep the standard of living from plummeting to something like Zimbabwe.

Today we have a 6 billion pound per year defecit which the UK goverement pays for. That's for a population of 1.5 million.

But if there is a united Ireland that will disappear.

Stan Smith's picture

If you think that London doesnt bring more to NI and Scotland as opposed what Brussels brings them, then your a naive rube.

Understand,  If Scotland doesnt want to be there, and votes out then so be it.  No problem.  But if you think "escaping" the UK to fall into the arms of the EU is going to be better, then I'll have what your drinking.   Because that idea is pure folly.   

It's hardly exercising "Free Determination" to go from collecting welfare checks in pounds as opposed to Euros.   Sorry, it isnt.

fleur de lis's picture


In the Irish General Election of 1918, Ireland as a whole voted for independence.,_1918

The Unionists were all in one area and voted to stay with England.

So Parliament simply redrew the whole map in their favor, thus reversing the majority / minority ratio in  NI.

Did the parasites in The City really care about the Unionists?

Of course not -- they were pawns in a much bigger game.

NI had many textile factories and heavy industry in the form of ship building, so there was no way The City would willingly give those up.

And especially not with another major world war in the planning.

So on the pretext of protecting a pro-British group they told a nation of 32 counties that they could keep 26 but the Brits would keep 6 as a part of the UK.

The Irish majority suddenly became a feared and hated minority, and the Unionist minority that feared being absorbed by the Irish suddenly found itself a majority.

This mutual deathgrip never settled and indeed exploded several decades later.


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

thinking free stuff comes from EU is very powerful..

scotland should build a tug that can drag it to brussels..oh wait it might tip over..

tip of hat to a black USA congressman

Panic Mode's picture

I used to think Scottish people are very tough and you don't mess with them. However, Sturgeon makes Scottish people look like feeble, weak and worst of all; whinning cunts.

Vote is over, move the fuck on, bitch.

JohnGaltUk's picture

Spain will never agree to allow Scotland into the EU because it will only encourage separists movements in Spain.

Teja's picture

Catalonia will be independent before 2019. So not much "Spain" left to worry about when the Scots will have their second referendum.

Funny, an Englishman trusting in Spain... forgotten 1588 it seems.... maybe if you give them Gibraltar, they will be more helpful?

Kaeako's picture

Fantastic. The Scots deserve another vote now that things have changed dramatically. That's freedom. I'm sure English Brexiteers are also happy to see the Scots determine their own fate.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Sturgeon Row (row as in noisy argument) ?

GreatUncle's picture

So you take back your independence to then IMMEDIATELY SELL THE FUCKER TO THE EU.

Fucking hilarious.

At least this time the Scots can say their own sold them out ...

Every British citizen should have a vote too, you see how fast they get ejected from the union by an overwhelming majority because the thing about liberals like Sturgeon they will never accept anything other than what they wants.

Sturgeon = a Hillary wannabee including all the bribes and corruption.

Allen_H's picture

We always have been sold out by our own, if you read our history, you will see this again and again.

Stan Smith's picture

I keep thinking this as well.    I just get the impression that these folks will simply keep demanding votes be taken until they get their wish.  

Dugald's picture


Scots can say their own sold them out ...

         Read yer history, they have always sold them out,