Trump Greenlights Arms Sales To Saudis Frozen Under Obama

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The US State Department under Donald Trump announced last week that they will green-light the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that were previously frozen in the final months of the Obama administration.

The State Department announced the resumption of the sale of arms last week, that will primarily be used by Saudi Arabia to fight their ongoing war in Yemen. The problem is that the announcement did not include any conditions that would require the Saudis to improve the standards used in this war that have already led to a host of war crimes and human rights violations.

This move comes at a time where Trump is stepping up operations by US forces in Yemen, fighting the al Qaeda branch; al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). AQAP however, has not been the primary target of the Saudis who are currently engaged in fighting with the Houthis allied with the segments of the Yemeni army who have rejected the Saudi backed government that was installed before the war.

Saudi Arabia has already been accused of committing war crimes in their attacks on Yemen by the United Nations, in a campaign that has been facilitated by the US since its inception. Obama previously supplied the Saudis with weapons for this military venture but even after his mostly symbolic halt of arms shipments, US planes were still refueling Saudi bombers and US intelligence was providing targets to the Saudi Air Force.

The weapons shipment will primarily consist of technology used to carry out more precision air strikes, but even with that in mind there is cause for concern. The U.K., which has already been providing technology like this, have had concerns that they’ve sold more bombs than there were actual targets for in the small country. So despite the “precision” of these weapons, it’s know the Saudis continue to intentionally target civilian infrastructure.

This is just the latest step in Trump’s growing relationship to the Saudis, despite his promises to flip US foreign policy upside down. Instead the new administration has decided to further prop up the number one terror exporter in an attempt to apply more pressure to Iran, who Trump blames for the hostility in Yemen.

This also goes against the criticism Trump had of Hillary during the presidential campaign for accepting millions of dollars from the oil kingdom via the Clinton Foundation. Trump has also moved to reinstate Hillary Clinton’s disastrous plan for ‘safe zones’ in Syria that he says the gulf states would pay for, which are also likely to become places for extremists backed by the Saudis to seek refuge.

The foreign policy shift that a lot of people were hoping for from Donald Trump is unlikely to come as long as he keeps with traditional allies like the Saudis or Israel. Aiding the nation that is most responsible for terrorism across the Middle East and the globe is unlikely to set the conditions for change anytime in the near future.

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Perhaps the timing of the Saudi Crown Prince's visit to Washington is more than just a pitch for investment. Of course, the Saudis would probably have bought these weapons from another arms dealer so Trump's decision fits with 'America First'.

Gerald M. Feierstein, a former U.S. ambassador to Yemen, said that allowing Saudi Arabia to purchase the precision weapons would make sense. “My own view is that we should be able to sell these,” said Feierstein, who now directs the Center for Gulf Affairs at the Middle East Institute.

Feierstein and other advocates of the sale argue that precision munitions are preferable to unguided or “dumb” bombs and are less likely to cause civilian casualties when used properly.

“We should provide more help, more support, to get them to stop doing stupid things,” Feierstein said. “We should not cut off all the tools that would enable them to do this the right way.”

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Make Arabia Great Again!

NugginFuts's picture

Well, that escalated quickly.... What next? Sell nukes to Israel?

major major major major's picture

Make beheading great again!



froze25's picture

Booo!!! Trump on this I don't agree with you. The Saudi's are scum.

Jim Sampson's picture

I wonder where these arms will go???

manofthenorth's picture

Syria, Libya. Somalia, Sudan, Iraq etc.

BullyBearish's picture

Another load to be used against Iran...perhaps directly this time...

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8774_44887 (not verified) BullyBearish Mar 13, 2017 3:39 PM

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because Trump is first and formost a businessman and not a politician.'


beemasters's picture

At this time when he needs much support from the people, Trump does the silliest thing - helping terrorists in the Middle East.

froze25's picture

Depends on the type of arms, small arms, isis, fighter jets, Saudi Gov't

Bastiat's picture

I'm still wondering why we have invaded Syria--I thought Trump was into the Constitution and all that. Can anyone tell me how his vow to "defeat Isis" is any different than Dubya Bush's War on Terror?  Is it nothing but another pledge to endless war?   War on Terror with a comb-over?

Many of your supporters are watching closely, Donald.  Including the military. I think there's a pretty strong contingent that are sick of endless, pointless, traumatizing, guerrilla war destroying minds, bodies, homes, economies and entire countries. Check the military suicide rates.  You really care about these folks?  Stop ordering them to commit war crimes.


Dr. Acula's picture

Trump is just another swamp monster. Wake up.

Bastiat's picture

I just listened to the Assad interview where CNN (of course) got the big news that Syria said the US are invaders.  In context, it is a much much more muted statement from Assad and he said he is optimistic about working with Trump etc.  So, I'm sceptical but not cynical. Wait and see.

CaptainObvious's picture

Trump never said jack shit about upholding Constitutional values that I saw, which is why I only chose to vote for him at the last minute.  I never heard him railing against fourth amendment violations like Rand Paul has been doing all along.  He never said anything about the erosion of the tenth amendment like Ron Paul did.  He never wanted to audit the Fed.  Trump got my vote because the alternatives were the warmongering treasonous cunt Hildabeast, the drug-addled "libertarian" Johnson who couldn't find Aleppo on a map if the letters were neon against a black background, and environMENTAList Stein who wants us all to revert to cavemen to save some mythical fruit fly from extinction.  Yeah, I could have written in Ron Paul yet again, but I gave Trump a chance, and he's already blowing it.

Trump?  This is Strike One.  If I wanted a dumb warmongering Saudi-ball-licking dipshit for president, I would have voted for Killary.  Get us the fuck out of the Middle East and let them blow themselves up.  I'm tired of giving tax dollars at the point of a gun to meddle in ME politics with ill-targeted drone strikes and US gubmint-equipped and funded terrorist organizations that are committing terrorist acts in 24 different nations at last count.  You're the big negotiator, right?  Negotiate us the fuck out of policing the globe.  Stop listening to the neocons in your administration who authorize acts of war with dollar signs in their eyes.  Don't be a dick, Trump. 

viahj's picture

No US President will voluntarily end the petro-dollar and unleash the complete collapse of the US economy shortly thereafter, this support for OPEC heavies was expected and Trump even stated as much during the campaign.

SomebodySpecial's picture

If they're going to "blow themselves up" they're gonna need arms.

Preferably "Made in USA"

Keep going Trump!

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

I'm going to give him a smidge of benefit of doubt....he did say he wanted to kill ISIS. If we enter Syria with the intent to kill ISIS and work with Syria/Russia to do just that....thne this may be OK. Fast action, specific targets, get in-get out. But if drags on and we start to 'engage' Syria or Russia directly and keep demaning Assad ousting....then I'm going to be on the #hatetrump train soon.

Zoomorph's picture

In life it's often required to negotiate with and get along with, to some degree at least, people who are scum.

Would it be preferable to step out and let Iran take over the Middle East, for example? I doubt that.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Hey, fuck nuts who don't understand what is going here, let me explain-

1) Saudi Arabia wants weapons one way or another. If we don't sell them to them, they will find someone who will.

2) That's OUR fucking money anyways. We sell them stuff at high prices, they sell Europe and Japan oil.

3) Let me repeat what Zoomorph said, "In life it's often required to negotiate with and get along with, to some degree at least, people who are scum." Got that? Because that is how the world works. The world is FUCKED beyond repair. Your dreaming about your perfect world how Trump was going to tell everyone to FUCK off is not fucking reality.

4) We need SA to keep stability in the ME along with Israel. I know ZH hates both equally but again, this is the real world boys.

5) Did I mention that if we don't sell them weapons, they will find someone who will and that someone will be Europe or Russia. 

Robert Trip's picture

You are a brainwashed clown, totally programmed to repeat the MIC company line.


sp0rkovite's picture

I suppose in your "real" world you are allowed to do all sorts of nasty stuff, because if you don't someone else in this fucked up world will.

SomebodySpecial's picture

"to step out and let Iran take over the Middle East, for example..."

Would that be a problem?

If so...why?

chubbar's picture

Trump is going to lose support so fast his head will spin. He needs to review his campaign plank and start enforcing the issues that won him the election. One of the chief reasons he won was because americans are fucking sick of war! We are sick of supporting despots around the world so that they can wage war. Most of all, we are sick of the hypocrisy of stating we are a peaceful nation while killing innocent women and children because of a fucking pipeline or to make Israel feel safe. Come on Trump, get your head out of your ass on foreign policy!!!!!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

When you see NYT stepping up in his defense, you'll know the honeymoon is over.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


I was told that The United States of America went to war in Afghanistan, now the longest war in American history, because the Afghanis were harboring a Saudi Arabian, Osama Bin Ladin, who was, allegedly, the masterminded behind the 15 other Saudi Arabians, 2 United Arab Emirates citizens, 1 Egyptian, and 1 Lebanese that allegedly perpetrated 9-11.  The US government's rhetoric was that if we didn't hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, then the Muslims would plan and execute other terrorist attacks on the USA.  So, we trained our young men to hate and kill Muslims.

Ghost of Porky's picture

Are they gonna hold hands like Bush the lesser did?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


They're going to build golf courses in the Saudi desert together, and Ivanka has a new line of head scarves coming out.  

7thGenMO's picture

I agree with you H-H, but every Western politician bends over and takes it from the House of Saud(omy).  It is all about maintaining the value of the petrodollar given the current debt levels.  The alternative is that welfare states (including the USA) have a debt jubilee and massive economic readjustment.  I wonder if Nixon/Kissinger foresaw the results of having this unhealthy, co-dependant relationship.

Dabooda's picture

Yeah, golf courses!  Most excellent sand traps in the world! 

The Wizard's picture

If you believe a bunch of towel heads masterminded niner eleven, I have a bridge to sell ya.

crossroaddemon's picture

Yup... that's when I concluded wikileaks is a psyop. Nothing since has changed my opinion.

shizzledizzle's picture

Oh, they don't need any sold to them... Just ask Mordechai Vanunu. Actually, give them the green light and it would probably be glass to the Arabian Sea.

Johnny Caine's picture

UUmm. Trump wants to take out ISIS which is funded, trained and supportEd by the Saudis and NATO. Trump has alot of traitors around him man, my God. I guess  $600 billion or 55% of all federal tax to kill people over seas for Israel is more important than your stupid domestic job.

heresy101's picture

Trump needs to implement the Boshevik solution with the House of Saud and their Wahhabist imams! Just as there will never be another Romanov Czar, every member of the House of Saud should be hung, cremated, and their ashes scattered over the deserts of the middle east.

Then, their palaces should leveled with D9s (caterpillar could use the boost), the Wahhabist mosques leveled, Rolls and fancy cars run through the giant car grinder, and the trillions they have hidden away be used to rebuild the middle east so everyday people don't have to emigrate to get away from the House of Saud stooges - ISIS.

Please Mr.  President- this is how to treat Saudi Arabia.

loves the truth's picture

Trump is just another puppet to the deep state Globalist Zionists.. They want the world in slavery to them.. atta boy Trump

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) FreeShitter Mar 13, 2017 1:37 PM

Make Allah Goy Again

loves the truth's picture

He has to walk the talk.... lets see what happens.. it will be very evident.. what we see is just the same old agenda... WAR... He has not stopped any of it.

Logan 5's picture

The only 'talk' he's 'walking' thus far is the drumbeat of (((Jared Kushner))) in his ear... Don't count on that ever changing...


Face it ~ Trump has his mouth stuffed full of Netanyahu's balls.


It appears that the gefilte flavored taste of unlimited stacks of money that can be counterfeitted at will is too intoxicating even for would be swamp drainers to resist.

loves the truth's picture

forget the weapon sales.. Get moving on draining the pedophile swamp.. yeah right,, never going to happen!


This is the DisUnited States of Israel... absolutaly... They control every aspects of our lives... just admit it..

Zoomorph's picture

The whole Pizzagate conspiracy is dumb. It was all based on hype and no actual evidence ever did materialize.

Even if the elites were engaged in pedophilia, who cares? It's natural. Are we jealous? The state forcing people to wait until 18 is tyrannical.

loves the truth's picture

Its the zionists control card of the government.. They use the ZIA to surveil those in office and use blackmail on as many as they can.. If this pedophile ring was exposed where the world saw it, it could start the coup that gets rid of the Zionist scum off our backs.

loves the truth's picture

I would just love to see a bunch of criminals in the government and Wall street get prosecuted for a change.. before God steps in and does it right.

Zoomorph's picture

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.