Turkey Says "Migrant Deal Has Ended", May Unleash Millions Of Refugees

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As we noted moments ago, the tit-for-tat aggression resumed its escalation between Turkey and the Netherlands, with Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus exclaiming from Ankara that "Europe's politicians are under fascist, neo-nazi influence" and in response, Turkey will suspend all high-level diplomatic meetings and cancel all flight permissions for Dutch politicians.

As part of its furious response, Turkey said it would impose various travel sanctions on Dutch diplomats such as halting all high-level political discussions with the Netherlands in the wake of the Dutch government's decision to bar two cabinet ministers from campaigning in the country. Kurtulmus said during a news conference following a weekly cabinet meeting that Ankara also is closing its air space to Dutch diplomats until the Netherlands meets Turkish requests, according to the AP.

Kurtulmus also says the Dutch ambassador to Turkey, who was traveling when the diplomatic row started, won't be allowed to return, and said that Turkey's government plans to advise parliament to withdraw from a Dutch-Turkish friendship group.

It was unclear what the sudden Turkish escalation means for economic ties between the two nations: as a reminder,  Dutch direct investment in Turkey amounts to $22 billion, making the Netherlands the biggest source of foreign investment with a share of 16%.  Furthermore, Turkish exports to the Netherlands totalled $3.6 billion in 2016, making it the tenth largest market for Turkish goods, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. Turkey imported $3 billion worth of Dutch goods in 2016. Should the diplomatic spat lead to a collapse in trade relations, a Turkey recession is all but assured.

Kurtulmus said the political sanctions will apply until the Netherlands takes steps to "redress" its actions. He said: "There is a crisis and a very deep one. We didn't create this crisis or bring to this stage."

However the most troubling development, and one which has the potential to sway the outcome of the Dutch election which will be held in less than two days, is that in the final power play aimed towards Merkel, Kurtulmus exclaimed that since "Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended."

Which means that one year after it collected $3 billion for the migrant deal, Turkey has just voided the agreement, and the next step would be that Turkey is about to flood Europe with refugees currently held inside Turkish borders. And since by some estimates Turkey currently harbors over 2 million potential migrants, Europe's refugee situation is about to get far worse, and as a corollary, support for anti-immigrant political organizations across the continent is about to take another step function higher.

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Trump may have an export market for his wall technology

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high tech for trump is rebar and cement---Wow!  that's some technology---who wudda thought building a wall could be so complicated---who knew?

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Another 30 week account?!  Damn, how many of you were sent in August?

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The deep state (Turkishderin devlet) is (alleged to be) a group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within the Turkish political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), Turkish military, security, judiciary, and mafia..

Turkey Democrazy Tyranny for Dummies in one sentence


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That escalated quickly.

Look, I'm anti-globalist as it gets but what if Russia has persuaded Turkey to go off the rails to help Le Pen and Geert Wilders?


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Thats a good thing, EU establishment is the enemy of the European People. Enemy of my Enemy is a Friend.

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Europe is in Flames, more Fuel is being added to fire. The Leftist Marxist as Political Ideology needs to be removed from Europe and the European Union needs to be destroyed for being Leftist Marxist.

P-51 Stiletto's picture

I went to the Netherlands back in '95. There were way too many Turks there then... but, I could've been wrong.

/sarc. I wasn't wrong, say "hello" too that religion of peace (and humour too)!

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C-130 Spectre gunships running 24x7 until the migrant problem ends.

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Fuck corrupt meglomaniac Erdogan. He's in more pockets than lint.


He's just posturing to the Muslim diaspora to be the head of a new caliphate by verbally threatening Western countries with millions of the dysfunctional troubled scum neither he nor the Saudis will take.

And let's not forget to remind Erdogan of the Armenian genocide every single time Turkey points the finger at Europe and insinuates they're a bunch of Nazis for not wanting muslim terrorists in their midst.




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SEAL Team Six needs to be deployed not against the NK wackjob but against Merkel and Erdogay.

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too many humans---stay where you are or be killed---those should be the choices.

newworldorder's picture

The Muslim Dictator of Turkey is finally showing his colors.  Will the EU and NATO finally call his BS? Will  all the Turks go along with him?

The US needs to get all its nukes out of Turkey and shore up its security for all Americans military installations untill all the nukes are removed.

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News reports blaming it on Putin to mess with EU election in 3.2.1.....

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Take 3 billion and call off the deal. Lol Open the floodgates and finish the pussys off! In for a penny, in for a pound

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basically, Erdo(g)(w)an is saying,"i'll sacrifice a bunch of muzzies to die on the road to make a point.  you dumb European bastards will let them kill you rather than look intolerant to the world. so choke on your own stupidity and  die, motherfuckers!"



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thanks to the Germans, all of Europe now loves to suck Mooselman dick.

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Trump craps bigger than that fascist little rag headed cock swallower.

Seal Team 6 should pay this motherfucker a pain filled visit right after they put the Korean retard on ice.

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And to keep the influx from Syrians and others from happening: NO MO FREE MONEY!!!!





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"Turkey is about to flood Europe with refugees currently held inside Turkish borders...over 2 million potential migrants"

Hmmmm, so "The Camp of the Saints" *was* a book of prophecy after all..

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Turkey's Erdogan single-handedly saved humanity from World War III by betraying his own masters. He made a U-turn even after he helped NATO massively in creating ISIS and after shooting down a Russian airplane! World War III was so close. Obama almost made it to start World War III in Syria. Then, Erdogan said no to Satan and redeemed himself and saved humanity. He should be celebrated as a hero.

Putin was getting ready to defend Russia's interests in Syria, even with nukes. Then, Erdogan turned against NATO and ISIS and saved the world.

All the jerks attacking Erdogan are luciferian warmongers. What else?

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Wtf? Get a clue. Erdogan is satan. 

Kefeer's picture

You must be a fly on the wall.

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"I'm guessing it's time for Turkey to open the Great Western Gates and let the vast herd of refugee animals migrate to Western Europe!"


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I think Erdogan is in possession of the Kraken. He has him locked up down in a well and can release him when he likes so he can lead the Caliphate party. You can telll by the way he uses his walk he's a Madhi man no time to talk. Call to prayer and women warm, I've been kicked around Since I was born AH AH AH AH Caliphates alive caliphates alive

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There you go. Using nasty islamists as weapons and the islamists dont care one bit as long as they can multiply and bring to heel any country that has infidels. 

espirit's picture

Ha ha, I like the sound of that...


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Fog of war by any other name...

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Hurry up, send all the refugees to Holland.  The election is tomorrow.

P-51 Stiletto's picture

The day after tomorrow actually.  Go Geert! The Dutch Trump!

It might be tomorrow in Moscow, sorry Joey, I should've considered the source...

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Is Geert Wilders the secret identity of Nico Rosberg?  Is that the real reason he retired from Formula 1?

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Shoot a few and the problem is solved. It may create some problems, but they will be different problems.

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Has somebody notified that drunken clown Juncker and the European Council yet? The European Commission woke up late today too. Cowards. Seems like a pretty done deal we pull the plug on Turkey. No more money and no deals. And no visa stuff! 

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Good. As history has shown over and over again, only absurd extremes are capable of getting people to change their mind, and even then some will stick with a failing idea to their death.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

behold the great sphincter of refugees....


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drown them at the Bosphorus...

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Erdogan has some intestinal fortitude and perhaps ths is the "good guys" advising him to obviously influence the election.  He is right about Europe being run by fascists and they cannot say the same about a "dictator".

I wonder how he gets involved with the French elections coming up or the German; stay tuned.

This illegal Muslim invasion is really coming back to bite Europe and Europe will be damned if they do not rid themselves of this Islamic plague and the US will have the same if we allow it. 

BTW - the Apostle Paul was murdering Christians and believed he was doing the will of God; that is how perverted Judaism had gotten at the time of Jesus.  Islam is like that on steroids.  A true Muslim either believes the Koran and other unholy writings or they do not; one is true the other is not and that is your "moderate" or "peaceful" Muslim.

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Return all those "migrants" to sender.

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Dump the migrants on Saudi Arabia. They have not taken even one migrant in. Saudi knows how worthless those middle eastern refugees are. Saudi also is causing them to be refugees because of the Saudi wish to remove Assad.

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Send the refuse-ees to Isn'treal...it's closer.

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Erdogan talks tough, particularly on campaign mode. At the end of the day not much will come from it. His Syria adventure has been less than optimal and now the Europeans are looking down on him. He needs to show strength to his base. Things should de-escalate shortly, so you might as well untie your panties.

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Best thing that could be done is for the military to machine gun them as they cross the border...