"Where's The Safe Space?" Inside The Most Censorious College Campuses

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The 2017 Free Speech University Rankings have been released, and it turns out that London is a hotbed of campus censorship.

To find out what’s going on, spiked-online.com's writer Jacob Furedi talked to fellow students about the state of free speech at their universities...

And in the US, it's just as bad... Free speech on campus is facing a profound threat. Not at the hands of President Trump, nor even at the hands of the administrators and lawyers who have done so much to erode academia’s respect for freedom of expression.

No, as highlighted by the violent disruption and end of Charles Murray’s visit to Middlebury College in Vermont last week, the immediate crisis comes from one of freedom’s most ancient enemies: the angry mob.

It’s time for college leaders and law enforcement to take a stand: In our nation, this is not what democracy looks like.

While Americans rightly tend to focus on threats to freedom of speech from the authorities, we cannot overlook the danger of allowing people to be silenced by groups prepared to be violent.

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Secret audio of speaker Paul Ryan emerges where he is saying "I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the future".


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while it's really shitty news for the world, I'm pleased about it. 

these collegiate snowflake pussies are going to be my kids' competition in the real world....and they're gonna eat those candyasses alive.

not dead yet's picture

Yeah, but for how long. These pussies will throw enough tantrums that they will pass affirmative action for snowflakes, to gain their votes, and your kids will be on the breadline. Or if that doesn't work the sneaky cowards will put a bomb in their car or shoot them in the back, or hire it done.

vato poco's picture

you pessimistic, bro? LOL

your kids might be on the breadline, or stymied & defeated by the first hint of difficulty, but I promise you mine won't. Daddy been busy lo these many years; one of the Early Big Life Lessons was "asymetrical warfare or the importance of not leaving a paper trail"

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Did you teach them life's most important lesson; Jesus Christ?  If not, then no matter the effort you put forth and I'm glad you have, you have failed in your primary duty as do so many.  What is more important; how much money they make only to loose their soul or to have both so they can serve in this life and store up treasure where neither rust, rot or thieves can destroy?

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It's funny how the alt right wing complain about campus's creating safe spaces but in reality the first "safe spaces" where censorship and intellectual thought went down the drain were churches. I wonder if liberals realize they're turning into the same nutjobs that religious extremists are?

Kefeer's picture

The squeaky wheel does get the grease, but eventually it is up the arse.

ebworthen's picture

College and University campuses are the nexus of group-think, propaganda, and fascism.

Else...why would they object to alternate views, opposition, and truth?

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At many of these universities, though, students are increasingly aware of Israel's actions against the USA and Israel's treatment of  Palestinians--and they are speaking out about it. They won't be silenced despite efforts to do so.

Kefeer's picture

Palestine is and has always been a geographical area; not until recent history has the propaganda term "Palestinian" been used....many have fallen for the propaganda.  Jews and "Palestinians" live side by side and if Israel were removed; those people's lives would be just as 3rd world as much of the Islamic world.


The solution is for other Arab countries to give up parts of their land and give it to their Arab and Islamic brothers and sisters; you never hear that as a possible solution even though it is most obvious; why?  It is and has always been about destroying Israel - welcome to the matrix.

polyb1123's picture

spoken like a tru zionists!  Its funny, since the 90s I've been watching the zionists infiltrate and co-opt the christian right(baptists, evangelicals, etc). and they have been quite succesful at it.  As a child I often heard about how 'the jews killed jesus' and jesus was the new covenant, his crucification invalidated the old covenant with god and that stuff from the jews basically no longer applied.

Now, 'the jews are gods chosen' and if you say anything bad about them, gawds gonna getchya!

With consistancy like this who the hell needs a book to justify anything, we can just make this shit up as we go along!


not dead yet's picture

What's really pathetic is the snowflakes believe that shouting down or prohibiting someone from speaking is using their right to free speech. Same goes when they beat up someone, it's their expression of free speech. They also justify their behavior by saying if they didn't do those things that the other persons free speech would be more important than theirs and thus unacceptable. Read their interviews and tweets and it all becomes clear.

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There's even less demand for Snowflakes with college degrees then there is for their Melinnial parents and having a degree waves a bright red warning flag for future employers and potential spouses too.   

Jesus is Lord's picture

Im a snowflake.  What I find disturbing is that my otherwise astoundingly stupid peers are very good at their jobs.

fleur de lis's picture

How can someone who is astoundingly stupid be good at any job?

What kind of jobs do these astoundingly stupid snowflakes have?

Are you sure someone else in th the office is not getting paid to do the extra work so the snowflake gets the credit?


PrivetHedge's picture

Depends on their job.

the phrase 'useful idiots' springs to mind.

fleur de lis's picture

Yes -- if an office is big enough there is always someone who will hire the boss's/manager's/owner's etc., obnoxious offspring to come in late, leave early, and get a nice cushy job with a big, fat paycheck monitoring the work environment to make sure that everything is "fair" and anyone who uses incorrect words gets sent to HR for re-education.

There's at least one in every office, then they start bringing in their equally unskilled, ill read, bad mannered, otherwise unemployable, snotty friends.

And before you know it you have a snowflake spy nest keeping everyone in line.

Then the work product goes down.

Same thing for academia and .gov snowflakes.

Then there's the matter of all the tax funded NGO nests which are snowflake shelters because any employer with a lick of sense would never hire them.

The snowflakes do not melt, they pile up and everyone else has to pay for their upkeep and expensive lifestyles. 

And of course we have the MSM snowflake idiots, like Mika.

All women snowflakes want to be like her -- on TV, yamering whatever she wants, guaranteed employment because of her connections, and a big, fat paycheck.

They all fancy themselves so very smart but they are dense as lead.


Ex-Oligarch's picture

I'm sure you're right.
I was thinking more a long the lines of fast-food counter rather than office. Probably because there's not a lot of illegal aliens in my current college town, but lots and lots of snowflakes.

Jesus is Lord's picture

Repost cause I'm drunk.

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We have weaponized an entire generation, not only against America and freedom, but against themselves as well. 

Climate “Science” on Trial; A Weaponized Generation


S Spade's picture

yep, the politburo's single variable "fake" science is CO2 which amounts to approximately 4 hundreths of 1 percent of the atmosphere (4 parts per million) by volume.  CO2 Is one of many INSULATORS to space which goes from very hot to very cold with every light to dark rotation of the earth.  Man and manmade sources produce less than 5% of CO2 which translates to 2 thousandths of 1 percent of the atmosphere, at best  their control and tax schemes would effect far far less...and there is NO evidence it would significantly effect weather one way or the other…Oh yeah, plants need CO2, stripping the C to grow and leaving O2 for us to breath.


PrivetHedge's picture

Your best argument is to point out that AGW is based on an equilibrium equation, but the incoming energy from the sun is an unknown because of cloud cover.

This equation is therefore unsolveable and any inference from it is a pure guess.

The unpredictable clouds form 2/3rds of the earth albedo, a figure itself unknown to better than 10% error.

S Spade's picture

In addition to becoming indoctrination factories, education has also THE primary source of wealth transfer in America, the American dream used to be a home, now it takes the financial equivalent to get junior through high school (13 years), another equivalent to get him through college (4 years).

The costs will come down quick soon as the Federal gov't gets out, out of the loan business, out of the grant/entitlement business.

The bankrupting of America has come at the hands of pandering politicians.

PrivetHedge's picture

The American Dream today is your own stealth van. 

The equivalent of the 1970s vacation in a lodge by the lakes is a night you aren't woken by police for illegal camping.

Today the average Bulgarian has a lifestyle many americans could only dream of.

Iconoclast421's picture

He is a white supremecist because he married an asian and because facts are racists. Numbers are racists!

jomama's picture

Trump Hedge and Breitfart are the last safe spaces for the dwindling few Trumptards left.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

ZH isn't safe from your hate.

What happened to your former skull moniker?  Needed a new skull to represent yourself?  Nice.

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It's not surprising this is happening in Britain. 1984 was written there and the NWO is headquartered there.

numapepi's picture

Our colleges and universities have become nothing but indoctrination centers for the progressive new class. they take in kids that have been softened up by the government monopoly school system and through intimidation, inculcation and institutionally sanctioned peer pressure, the intellectuals of the progressive new class create the intelligentsia, (those that will implement the plan), of the intellectuals, (professors, department heads, staff, etc...).

That is why... We only get a choice between a progressive and a progressive in almost every election. Our news comes from progressives and anyone else trying to get information out there is "fake news." The companies we invest our hard earned, not printed, dollars in, are run by progressives, not to return us a profit for exchanging the use value of our money for future profit, but to further their progressive causes, like perverts in the bathroom and laying off citizens in favor of illegals. Our laws are arbitrarily applied depending more on political favor than on the merits of the case.

The progressive stranglehold on education must be released else our civilization will go the way of the Roman.

PTR's picture

Good to see that people are standing up for Sanity (you have to watch the video.)