Monsanto Colluded With EPA, Was Unable To Prove Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer, Unsealed Court Docs Reveal

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If we had a dime for every kooky, left-wing theory we've heard alleging some vast corporate conspiracy to exploit the treasures of the earth, destroy the environment and poison people with unknown carcinogens all while buying off politicians to cover their tracks, we would be rich.  The problem, of course, is that sometimes the kooky conspiracy theories prove to be completely accurate.   

Lets take the case of the $60 billion ag-chemicals powerhouse, Monsanto,  and their controversial herbicide, Roundup as an example.  For those who aren't familiar, Roundup Ready is Monsanto’s blockbuster weedkiller, credited with transforming U.S. agriculture, with a majority of farm production now using genetically modified seeds resistant to the chemical. 

For years the company has assured farmers that their weed killing product was absolutely safe to use.  As proof, Monsanto touted the approval of the chemical by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

That said, newly unsealed court documents released earlier today seemingly reveal a startling effort on the part of both Monsanto and the EPA to work in concert to kill and/or discredit independent, albeit inconvenient, cancer research conducted by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)....more on this later.

But, before we get into the competing studies, here is a brief look at the 'extensive' work that Monsanto and the EPA did prior to originally declaring Roundup safe for use (hint: not much).  As the excerpt below reveals, the EPA effectively declared Roundup safe for use without even conducting tests on the actual formulation, but instead relying on industry research on just one of the product's active ingredients.

"EPA's minimal standards do not require human health data submissions related to the formulated product - here, Roundup.  Instead, EPA regulations require only studies and data that relate to the active ingredient, which in the case of Roundup is glyphosate.  As a result, the body of scientific literature EPA has reviewed is not only primarily provided by the industry, but it also only considers one part of the chemical ingredients that make up Roundup." 

Meanwhile, if that's not enough for you, Donna Farmer, Monsanto's lead toxicologist, even admitted in her deposition that she "cannot say that Roundup does not cause cancer" because "[w]e [Monsanto] have not done the carcinogenicity studies with Roundup."



And just in case you're the super skeptical type, here is Farmer's actual email, from back in 2009, which seems pretty clear:

"you cannot say that Roundup does not cause cancer..we have not done carcinogenicity studies with "Roundup".



And while the revelations above are quite damning by themselves, this is where things get really interesting. 

In early 2015, once it became clear that the World Health Organization's IARC was working on their own independent study of Roundup, Monsanto immediately launched their own efforts to preemptively discredit any results that might be deemed 'inconvenient'.

That said, Monsanto, the $60 billion behemoth, couldn't possibly afford the $250,000 bill that would come with conducting a legitimate scientific study led by accredited scientists.  Instead, they decided to "ghost-write" key sections of their report themselves and plotted to then have the independent scientists just "sign their names so to speak."

"A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention, epidemiology and possibly MOA (depending on what comes out of the IARC meeting), and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections...but we would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak."



Finally, when all else fails, you call in those "special favors" in Washington D.C. that you've paid handsomely for over the years. 

And that's where Jess Rowland, the EPA's Deputy Division Director for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention and chair of the Agency's Cancer Assessment Review Committee, comes in to assure you that he's fully exploiting his role as the "chair of the CARC" to kill any potentially damaging research..."if I can kill this I should get a medal." 



All of which begs the question of whether the D.C. swamp is just too large to be drained.

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mary mary's picture

Is Diquat the stuff that nearly killed off the citrus industry, once, some decades ago?

JuicedGamma's picture

And some old ladies smoked unfiltered into their nineties, doesn't prove Sherlock. Cigarettes are deadly. Spraying is different than ingesting. Why take the risk.

As an aside bald eagles are making a comeback in the lower 48 where they were wiped out 60 years ago by ddt. Hope we don't find out roundup does serious damage like ddt.

Ms No's picture

The peer review process is as corrupted as anything else.  The scientific funding process is corrupted.  The FDA is corrupted.  The polls are corrupted.  The statistical data and medical data are corrupted.  That is the main problem, people look to authorities and the system for the truth.  The truth hasn't been there in a very long time.  Common sense and alternative information is needed for survival now.  Some people's physiology is also stronger than others.

johnnycanuck's picture

"According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years, and currently there are just 57 registered food products containing GMO in the country. The law ordering obligatory state registration of GMO products that might contact with the environment will come into force in mid-2017.

This puts Russia in a powerful position of producing nearly 100% non-GMO foods for both domestic consumption and export. Most consumers around the world, when given a choice, prefer to eat non-GMO foods."


Last year Russia overtook the US as the world's leading exporter of wheat.

just the tip's picture

there is another side to your story.  if you google "chipotle" and "gmo" you will get a number of websites discussing corporate sabotage using genetically modified strains of e-coli.

your comment just provides another reason for the elitists to hate on russia.  throw out soros.  throw out gmo.  both are poison.

johnnycanuck's picture

All one has to do to find evidence of GMO companies and corporations using economic terrorism is watch Food Inc.  There are many other documentaries and studies on tactics employed against Mexican heritage corn farmers and cotton farmers in India as other examples

prymythirdeye's picture

Can't be Johnny.  Russia's bad, remember?  We hate Russia

Eeesh's picture

Everybody knows that Monsanto is poisoning us.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"... sometimes the kooky conspiracy theories prove to be completely accurate."

ALL THE TIME, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is based on being able to back up legalized lies with legalized violence, or based on frauds being enforced. The ONLY thing that is novel is that exponentially advancing technologies are enabling those enforced frauds to become exponentially more fraudulent! 

mary mary's picture

Conservation is conservative.  Protecting the environment is conservation.  Environmentalism is conservative.  Hell, science is conservative.

SMC's picture

Asshat should get his medal and at least twenty years hard time in something other than Club Fed.

Weirdly's picture

Stop eating their poison.  Sign up for a CSA share.  Find a local Organic farmer at  Prepay for your food every season and you don't need to make that choice every week at the grocery store.  Plus many times you can pay your farmer in silver.  Human to human interaction. 

NoWayJose's picture

Monsanto never needed to prove that Roundip doesn't cause cancer - it just needs to prove that it's political donation checks don't bounce!

ThreeRs's picture

Why does Monsanto hold the patents of 57 varieties of "aluminum resistant" seed?


No one ever asks that. Just like they don't look up and ask what we're all being sprayed with.

just the tip's picture

i think i'll just wonder out loud here if this could maybe be one of the reasons for the butthurt at the EPA over the pruitt appointment as director.

i mean, he did sue the agency, what, two, three, times while AG of oklahoma.  now he is director.  i wonder if it is illegal for the director of an agency to distribute just any old document from the agency.   the cia does it when it suits them.  why not the epa?

captain-nemo's picture

Good job exposing these lying bastard. The world are finally starting to realize that the entire environmental thing is a scam to suck money out of people. These people are criminals and con artists and should be prosecuted.

JuicedGamma's picture

Goodbye Monsanto you guys are a disgusting parasite that needs to be excised.

DirtySanchez's picture

cnn,nytimes,wapo,nbc,cbs,abc, and all of congress allegedly use round up as breath spray.

Answers some questions.

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 14, 2017 11:57 PM

I am too cheap to buy Round-up.  I use diesel fuel and used engine oil to kill weeds.

PresidentCamacho's picture

I would say good job but your dumping a bunch of metal into your soil


Robert of Ottawa's picture

It is impossible to prove any negative, I cannot prove that Marmite does not cause cancer. This is an absurd requirement.

Sandmann's picture

That isn't the point. The hypothesis is that it DOES.

ThanksIwillHaveAnother's picture

Did you ever take a basic science course and understand the how scientific method works?   I didn't think.   A dope-smoking mumbo jumbo philosopher???

TRM's picture

You could do the studies to see if it was carcinogenic though, couldn't you? They didn't.

sinbad2's picture

That's not true, they test many things to see if there are any adverse side effects.

Gorgeous's picture

Donna Weasel Words

"in short and long term studies..."  (studies of what, Roundup?  NO!  Just one active ingredient without its enablers)

"it can be concluded..."  (concluded?  NO!  Inferred)

"Roundup does not cause cancer..."    (OOPS!!! We cant say Roundup does not cause cancer).


Playing legal word games when people's lives are at stake.  Unconscionable.

Joe A's picture

Roundup carcinogenic properties should be tested on these people. There is a video on an advocate of Glyphosate (one of the ingredients of Roundup) that says it is perfectly safe for humans. You can even drink it. Then he is offered a glass of water with supposedly Glyphosate in it and then he goes ape.

The USDA is also in bed with big biotech companies. Because the USDA was deregulated, they don't conduct their own research into the toxicity of GM crops. Biotech companies can bring their own data as evidence.....and testing (if done at all) on lab rats does not last longer than 90 days which is not long enough.

Btw. Seralini and his group tested Glyphosate and found it was carcinogenic for lab rats. His study was rectracted by Elsevier after an ex Monsanto employee became editor. In the meanwhile it has been republished by another journal. Monsanto and their advocates were highly involved in attacking Seralini and some of them have even been convicted of wrong doing and slander.

cheech_wizard's picture

Let's not forget this either... The use of roundup has created superweeds.

And mapping the long term effects...

Standard Disclaimer: Monsanto needs to be shutdown.

Yen Cross's picture

  Roundup was never meant to be used the way it has been over the last 15-20 years.  I grow all kinds of food, and never use it for direct weed control. Roundup is used to kill weeds in places that I don't wan't them in.

 I'd venture to say a very small percentage of Z/H readers even own property.

Sandmann's picture

I used it decades ago when clearing weeds around a pool - as a soil sterilant

northern vigor's picture

When I graduated from Ag college, RoundUp was $40 per quart which did one acre. $40 was a days wage in many rent was $10 per acre. Farmers would only spray the grassy knolls and fence rows with it. Then the price dropped and farmers sprayed the entire field once every few years. The price dropped some more and we sprayed the field every year. Then the price dropped to $5, but it didn't work very good so Monsanto recommended to double the chemical per acre.  Farmers started to spray it both in the spring and fall. Then RoundUp Ready crops came out and they sprayed the fields three times a year.
Sometime about 1991, I quit spraying. I farm 900 acres the old works.  

Sebastianbelle's picture

Can you tell me how you keep invasive weeds out of your acreage? I have 40 acres and we hand weed or mow it because I am 100 percent biodynamic grower. Rudolph Steiner advocate. I try to mow and hand weed before weeds get to the 'seed' stage! I suppose there is no other way!

sinbad2's picture

If there is bare earth, something will grow, so plant something that you don't consider a weed to compete with the weeds.

Here in oz, most of the weeds are European, and they don't like fire much, so burn, it kills the weed seeds as well.

Grasses like Kikuyu will reshoot after the fire, but not the weeds.

ThreeRs's picture

No till.




Moldy hay or straw. You'll be amazed.


Less work is my mantra.

northern vigor's picture

I have lighter soil and do a lot of spring plowing after the weed seeds germinate from the previous year's crops. I let everything grow up green and plow it under completely with a mould board to bury them. On a beneficial side effect, it also sets the grasses back 6 weeks which gives the new crop a chance to get ahead. The green weeds plowed under gives an annual green manure crop to feed the soil microflora. This also warms the soil quick, which shoves the new crop up pretty fast. I plant seed thick to reduce weed competition. 

If you are market gardeming I suggest split your acregae in half. Grow your cash crop on half and on the other half grow hay or a legume plow down. Plow it before the weeds set seed. Reseed it again if your season is long enough...grow your cash crop on this land the next year and alternate. The crops are twice as productive and easily make up a loss on the summeer fallow half.

northern vigor's picture

Never fall plow weed seeds under until after they germinate. The seeds become part of the soils's weed seed bank and will come back years later. Mustard will lay dormant for 100 years. 

ThreeRs's picture

I don't use any kind of poison, including Roundup, on any ground of mine.


What about the groundwater you're inadvertently polluting every time it rains?


A simple weedeater, which I nicknamed The Zipper, does the weeding just fine.


No till does the rest. You can't put a finger in my ground without finding worms. This is a good thing.





Dougs Decks's picture

I only have 3 words to say about that Roundup stuff,,,   "Georgia Guidestones",,,

Frithir's picture

I wonder how this revelation will impact the Bayer buyout of Monsanto. As I understand it; it has Trump's blessing.

Yen Cross's picture

   What's the alternative??? Burn the crops?  The Eurotards are thick tonight.

Sandmann's picture

So Americans are part of an Experimental Zone of drugs, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, weapons systems, adulterated meat, disupted vegetables, polluted fish - and today we can see the results

GreatUncle's picture

Anybody else realised ALL THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES come about to conceal the truth whilst someboy make a nice profit or does not make a massive loss (same kind of thing on the profit).

Hillarys Server's picture

I hate Monsanto. It's just one more example. These are the final days of Rome. I hope Trump fixes it.

I'm old so when I grew up America was wholesome.

I studied real subjects in school, came home and ate real food, read real books, listened to Switched on Bach which just came out and was so cool, watched Hogans Heros, I Dream of Beaver, I Dream of Jennie, Maybury, Lost in Space and the old Star Trek series on TV and skipped small flat rocks on the creek behind our small home.

Now the music sucks, the musicians are crazy, the news is fake and controlled by the CIA, the food is fake and the nutrition carefully engineered out, the government backs Al Qaeda and everyone knows and no one cares, we topple nations like Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria and no one protests, when you watch TV your TV watches you and no one protests.

And the culture, music, movies and everything is half feminist and half African and my ethnicity is evil itself.

And teachers no longer have to know how to read or write because reading and writing is racist.

What about pilots? Few African Americans pass the pilots test too and pilots don't represent the ethnicity of the passengers. Is it racist to require pilots to be able to fly airplanes? Shouldn't diversity in pilots be important like it is for the teachers who teach our children eight hours a day?

I watched Moonlight a couple days ago. (Spoiler alert.)

It has three parts.

Part 1

A black boy is gay. His primary schoolmates hit him. A drug dealer helps him. Over the drug dealer's lunch table the boy says "Did you sell drugs to my crackhead ho mom?" The drug dealer says "Yes". The boy walks out and shuts the door behind him. The drug dealer cries.

Part 2

The black boy is now in high school. He goes to he beach at night. The waves lap up and down on the beach sand. Another black boy comes. He gives him a hand job. He wipes up.

Part 3

The black boy grows up. He phones directory assistance and finds out where the other black boy lives. He drives to him at night. He knocks on the apartment door and says "You were the only one who ever gave me a hand job". They hold hands. At the credits come up.

That's the entire movie! A gay black boy gets a hand job and grows up and drives and drives and knocks on the door and like Oliver Twist says "Another helping of hand job sir?"

And at the Academy Awards or Oscars or whatever it was the entire audience in their tuxedos and formal gowns stood up and clapped frantically and wiped away tears gushing down their cheeks and clapped more and glanced at each other through the tears and said "The black boy got a hand job. And it was the only one ... gulp ... he ever got..."

I read novels and watched a lot of TV and movies when I was young and no one ever got a hand job.

If someone started to give a young boy a hand job a robot would rush up "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!"

Now eating popcorn and watching a young gay black boy getting a hand job is the peak of our civilization!

It was on the beach, though, so it was kind of cool in some strange odd way.

Mimir's picture

 "I hope Trump fixes it." !!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there no limits to the delusion of supporters of this so-called President of the dis-Unites America.

How can any intelligent person believe, that a guy like Trump with his gang of billionaires and mad dog retired generals would do anything to clean up the corruption of federal agencies and multinationals (not to mention the Congress). It works perfectly to interest of the 1% which Trump is part of. 

Look elsewhere for solutions.

Hillarys Server's picture

Haha, actually I re-read what I wrote and tried to delete that line but got Access Denied since your comment below it was too quick.

mo mule's picture

Trump isn't fixing anything. It goes on like this for 4/5 years then we will have a real war for 7 years then in  2029 a comet almost hits earth and 1/4th of the people die....but that's not the end....... 

ThreeRs's picture

I think it'll be an asteroid, a planet killer, and the five percent of us left alive have to start over from scratch, with the rest of the species left on Earth.


Math. Can fuck you up if you overestimate your understanding of the entire processes of this universe.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Enjoyable post, best movie review ever.  Though I've yet to see any "I Dream of Beaver" re-runs.

Northern Flicker's picture

Kiss of the Spider Woman is another ridiculous f**king gay-pedo movie (~1986). "William Hurt won the Academy Award for Best Actor. The film was also nominated for Best Picture (the first independent film to do so), Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Hurt also won Best Actor at the BAFTA Awards, the 1985 Cannes Film Festival[9] and several other festivals. The film was awarded the inaugural Golden Space Needle award from the Seattle International Film Festival." (Wiki) 

It deservedly died at the box office.  Of course, many of these stories / screenplays are written by perverts and mostly enjoyed by perverted (Hollywood) audiences.