Drudge: "Republicans Lied About Tax Cuts", Wants His Vote Back

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In what may be his most vocal complaint aimed at the Republican party since the Trump presidential victory, prominent conservative voice Matt Drudge on Tuesday accused the GOP of "lying" about wanting tax cuts, and asked to "get his vote back."

Delays surrounding the repeal of Obamacare, which as Goldman earlier said will likely be postponed by several months if not longer following the controversial CBO report, will asure significant delays with the implementation of Trump tax cuts. Furthermore, the Republican healthcare plan would repeal most of ObamaCare's taxes: a prospect that looks increasingly distant. Earlier this month, the Joint Committee on Taxation released estimates showing the repeal and delay of many of ObamaCare's taxes in the GOP healthcare plan would result in more than $500 billion in lost federal revenue.

The Trump team's reform plan "will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone," the president said during an address to a joint session of Congress. He also said the plan "will provide massive tax relief for the middle class."

In a separate tweet, Drudge also questioned the National Weather Service in light of Tuesday's snowstorm.

"Lots of misses piling up. Overreaction by govts, bad forecasting very troubling trend!" he tweeted adding that "Trump should clear out climate hysterics from NWS. All storms grossly exaggerated. National Guard called for 3 inches? JFK closed? Laughable."

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You think things are messed up now?  Wait until Congress and Mr Trump go to war over the debt ceiling.

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Paul Ryan is a Globalist puppet for the NWO and needs to go. I don't want my vote back I am still happy Hillary lost.

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David Stockman put out a good piece on the Debt Ceiling being reached and then Trump getting free reign on how the money is spent afterwards.

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They are all Big Government Statists.


What in the world is Donald Trump?



I like to tell people that libertarian is the political label for someone that simply wants two things: 1) maximum freedom, and 2) minimum government, and who prioritizes those two over the other political values he or she may hold. 



Cut taxes and government spending by 50% or more.


Any actual tax cuts will likley not come close to 50%, and Trump says he is going to spend bigly, so I clicked DISAGREE for the President.





Make America Remember Freedom Again.  MARFA.

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Flat tax, right here, right now!!!  Get rid of the convuluted vote buying schemes in the current mammoth tax code.  Its all bullshit.  The IRS could be shrunk dramatically with a flat tax as could a myriad of other turd counting jobs.  Easy Answer.

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'...convoluted vote buying schemes...' - exactly why the current tax code won't be reformed.  If they did, that would go a long way towards 'draining the swamp'.

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SWAMP Hired ...
TRUMP Losing lots of brownie points...

WTF, how can he accuse Omaba of wiretaping him and not have ANY evidence ? ???????????
??????????????? ??????????????? ???????????

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Such a fool.  He has plenty of evidence.   Dude is incredibly smart.   Douche bags like you are weather vains.   Obama made thousands of accusations without evidence.  It's actually not a crime.  The difference is Trump is going to pursue charges against the guilty so go fuck yourself asshole.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Another difference - Trump will have to lay in the golden shower bed alone once proven he makes claims based on Brietbart, Barrack could fall asleep to his wife at least

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techies-r-us (not verified) stizazz Mar 14, 2017 11:54 AM

They expected salvation like the Dems did with Obama.

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What?  Politicians lie?

This was acutally news to Drudge?

Welcome to the party Matt. . . 

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"Drudge: "Republicans Lied About Tax Cuts", Wants His Vote Back"


Give me fucking break.   I'm beyond sick of all this phony team charisma/trust horseshit.

The Republicans and the Democrats have lied about just about every God Damned thing they have ever done and/or not done since they reached for the first egg to suck...

crossroaddemon's picture

Why so sure? Because you're desperate to believe the system is salvageable?

Giant Meteor's picture

Hmmm I'm guessing so. I guess we must have missed good humor Tuesday. Lots of emotions on display, and I'll tell you, its very sad ... sniff .. pass the tissue please, sniff ..

Upvote by the way ..

JRobby's picture

Many Repubs are still under "The Elite Ownership Plan"

Anyone that thought major legislation would go through without some of the "KEY CLOWNS" being voted out, were a bit "ambitious".

These fuckers are wholly owned assets under threat of total ruin or death. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!

Giant Meteor's picture

Apparently it is a meltdown post ..

Come to find out, Drudge isn't God either ...

Holy Shit!

Giant Meteor's picture

Dude so far has proved incredibly smart in the business of self interest and self preservation, I'll grant you that .. Obama, yeah he was / is an asshole. And guess what? He beat out the other asshole, and so on and so forth .. Far as I can tell, its asshole city, far as the eye can see .. Hell, even I'm an asshole ...

What was the subject again?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Syrin Mar 14, 2017 1:17 PM

As long as we are in revolt, tell me this?

What skills do Jared and Ivanka bring to us?

Giant Meteor's picture

Ivanka is smart, hot, and sells clothing .. 

Jared? Well do the math ..

Bastiat's picture

He wants his vote back?  What we he rather have done with it?

Giant Meteor's picture

Hint, hint .. pssssss

Giant Meteor ..

Wulfkind's picture

Damn right !!    I voted for ya.

shovelhead's picture

Your sources in the IC are better than Trumps?

Don't be shy...Share or STFU.

wildbad's picture

the entire IRS in one small office with a quicken program

income x .15 = tax

crossroaddemon's picture

Or... how about the government just quits stealing from me.

Giant Meteor's picture

More than they deserve too ..

logicalman's picture

Make all taxes excise taxes - those who spend the most are taxed the most.

IRS disappears as it is then redundant - likewise tax lawyers and their supporting accountants.

End of loopholes for the rich.

Better Answer.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Matt Drudge et al all know that these kinds of things don't happen overnight. Trump has not only the RINO filth like Ryan, McStain et al fighting against him but the entire Demonrat party! It will take careful planning to get the new tax laws through.

We're not even 2 months into a Trump Presidency -- give him a break.

Arnold's picture

Pizza prelude in Jail minor..

CJgipper's picture

I'll give trump a break and time when he starts takign it to the RINOs.

Tiwin's picture

.....or arrests the Clintons , like he fucking promised.


JamesBond's picture

There will always be two faces on that one coin in your pocket.



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Do you really think the vote sellers (i.e. members of the House and Senate, especially those on the tax writing committees) are going to give up their ability to extract $$$ from lobbying groups? Not on your nelly. Every "tax reform" presents the members with another opportunity to shake down lobbyists. The corruption will continue until the whole system collapses of its own weight.

CJgipper's picture

Actually flat tax wouldn't affect the IRS.  Most disputes with IRS are not over tax rates.  They're about depreciation, business asset or not, proper business expenses, etc.  Those same issues are present with any income tax, regardless of rates and credits, etc.


Sorry, I'm a tax guy.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

You can simplify the tax code to eliminate all of that, Mr. Tax Guy(your job is worthless under a simplified tax code).  KISS---Keep It Simple Stupid!!  I know I know, all of you "tax guys" like your worthless parasitic jobs and don't like this kind of talk.  The reality is, if you want to live in a somewhat "free" country, that is what is going to happen.  Otherwise, you can keep pretending you have freedum.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Simplicity destroys job security. 

Mikeyy's picture

"Flat tax, right here, right now!!"  i can't figure out why posts like this get so many upvotes.


This is never going to happen.  Never.  I've been reading this crap for decades.  And yet people post this sh!t and people upvote this sh!t every day.


What dream world are you people living in?  Geez people, get real. 

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I am not saying it will happen dipshit.  I am saying it SHOULD happen.  And if you believe in "freedom" you would upvote me too.

Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) Beam Me Up Scotty Mar 14, 2017 4:38 PM

I agree...So simple so easy.  Flat 15% on EVERY dollar earned...No deductions.  If you earn $1000 you pay your $150.  Earn $1 million...pay your $150K.  If it is fair...I am all in.  End of story.  DONE.

Don't cry to me about "Fairness".  The poor use more of the "Services" so they should be taxed more...but FLAT is fair.  Period.  

pods's picture

I know that NYC is the center of the known universe, but this storm is not forecasted wrong. The target changed, that is all.  The track shifted west so all the fancy people in the big cities in the northeast got less, but it is still a big fucking storm.

My parents are already sitting on 18"+ of snow, with rates at 2-4 inches an hour forecasted for most of the day.
Just cause Jim Cantore is stuck on Montauk in the rain does not mean this storm is a bust.

Inland is getting pounded, just like the blizzard of '93.  Could be 2-3 feet (closer to 3) before this is over for those in the Catskills and upstate.


froze25's picture

2ft expected in much of upstate NY.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Buddy out in the hills of NJ is up around 24 inches


Arnold's picture

oh nos, Scranton shut down.......

spastic_colon's picture

the point is with all of the fancy expensive radar/doppler etc etc that they still cant forecast the track of a storm....cancelling flights etc costs revenue; the NWS is too busy trying to convince us all of global warming; every "storm" is hyped to the max to activate the sheeple to clear shelves.

Cardinal Fang's picture

While I agree about the computer models and shelf clearing, airlines cancel flights at the drop of a hat, not because it costs revenue, but because it saves expense. Load factors will be 100% on most flights for the next few days with very little added expense. Plus every flight to FL will be packed for the next month with people looking to escape.