Germany Set to Pass New Law to Punish Social Media Networks for Permitting Hate Speech to Exist

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Taking a bold authoritarian step towards fighting online hate speech, Germany intends to pass a law that would fine social media outlets up to $53m for failing to delete hateful comments within a designated time frame.

Out of all the social media outlets, YouTube is the best at monitoring hate speech, with a 90% removal rate inside a week. Facebook was second at 39% and Twitter an abysmal last at just 1%.

Lots of hate happening on Twitter these days. Evidently, something will have to be done about that.

"This (draft law) sets out binding standards for the way operators of social networks deal with complaints and obliges them to delete criminal content," Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement announcing the planned legislation on Tuesday.

Germany tried to do this the nice way, proposing a pledge to jointly fight hate speech on the social networks back in 2015. Alas, the time for soft words and half measures is over. All those who do not conform to these rules shall be punished, severely.

In Germany, hate speech is taken very seriously, often doling out harsh fines and even prison sentences for holocaust deniers or inciting acrimony against minorities. But in the era of free online speech, Germany finds themselves lacking in the authoritarian department. God willing, these new laws will put an end to that.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany welcomed the new law.
"We do not want an internet police or thought control," the council's president, Josef Schuster, said. "But when hatred is stoked, and the legal norms in our democracy threaten to lose their relevance, then we need to intervene."

The new law mandates a code of conduct to be enforced, removing illegal material, reporting on the volume of complaints and to make it easier for other people to tell on one another. After all, it is the duty of the citizenry to report illegal activity, whenever they might encounter it.

To help fight against illegal comments, Twitter has introduced new automated tools that help identify abusive bahvior, screen out anonymous profiles like Le Fly, and simply block illegal content.

Over at Facebook, Zuckerberg has hired the help of fact finding services, like Snopes, Politifact and Correctiv to help rout out fake news, something that has been deemed unacceptable by all ruling factions.

It should be noted that Russian hackers are the prime cause for all of this upheaval, hacking away at the hearts and minds of millions of people -- coercing them to partake in illegal online activities, winning elections for people favored by the Kremlin, and generally opposed to the rules of law set forth herein democratically free and prosperous republics.

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Just put a trigger warning at the top of the page saying that Germans should not read it.

And then have your website.

Germany cannot stifle speech in the whole world.  Screw Germany.  Germany, if you're reading this, screw you.

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What the hell are the Germans waiting for? Not enough rope over there? Get it over with, already.

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 You will all be reported to the authorities.

 Get out your credit cards.

 Now keep your thoughts to yourselves.

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Take two men. One speaks nothing but glittering lies the second only ugly truths. The first will be adored and beloved by all the people, the second scorned and spat upon, even as the first leads the people to ruin and the second to heaven, but it is in our nature to follow the first and abandon the second. Only those who rise above our base nature listen to the ugly truths and ignore the glittering lies.

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A good read also is "On Plain Speech" by Albert J. Nock

It's free lots of places to download or just read, including Mises

Excellent essay. Maybe a 10min read.

Tombrownssoul's picture

This reminds one of Mohammed ordering the assasination of a lady poet who composed a poem denigrating the "religion of peace".

GoinFawr's picture

Quaecumque vera my friends, Quaecumque vera

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It's NOT hate speech, it's about those that HATE the Truth.

There is one kind of people in the World that fear the Truth more than anything else, and we all know who they are.


Clashfan's picture

Hate speech laws are bullshit. And we all know who's behind that, chosenites.

MPJones's picture

There is no such thing as "hate speech", only free speech, an axiom of democracy that cannot be limited by democratic parliaments or governments.

silverer's picture

Social media then becomes pretty damned useless. They should just shut it down completely. Everyone just sit home and shut the f--k up.

mc888's picture

They should.

These bureaucrats are just looking for someone to blame. They don't understand the technical/engineering aspects of the issue.

Operating a network is kind of like operating a pipeline. The payload (content) goes in one end, as long as there are no breaks or leaks it comes out the other. Job complete.

Asking a network company to monitor and filter all the content is way out of scope. If they have to add dedicated resources to do that, the cost will go way up.

Best thing these tech companies could do is just shut down service to the country demanding additional services for the same cost.

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Over at Facebook, Zuckerberg has hired the help of fact finding services, like Snopes, Politifact and Correctiv to help rout out fake news, something that has been deemed unacceptable by all ruling factions.


If I remember right Soros controls these Fake News Checkers. 
Merkel is really sinking Germany. 

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Child rapist Mohmmed good Jeus bad. Germany deserves to die out.

cheech_wizard's picture

You'd think the answer is obvious by now. Nation building simply does not work.

Standard Barbarian Disclaimer: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women. 

Hey, it worked for the Romans.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Mar 14, 2017 4:25 PM

"Hate speech" is any speech that the totalitarian leftists don't want to hear.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Perhaps we need to do as the commies have, and just change the meaning of some words from their common understanding to the counter-revolutionary jargon. 

undesirable foreigner now is "pending emigrant"

Mohammad is a buttfucking pedophile gangster burning in hell now is "salaam"

Muslim is now "Chosen People's Rottweilers"


Then, everybody can say things that are no longer "hateful".

besnook's picture

rt has an unintentionally hilarious documentary on the dancing boys of afghanistan(or something like that). wealthy guys sponsor a party that features a pimp who recruits boys from 12-15. they dress up as girls and dance for these guys who get to buy the "bacha" they want for the night.

the reporter said the tradition came from a culture where women don't exist in any social setting so the men get their jollies dressing up young boys(who dance until they are 25-30) as women and poking the boys in the rear to relieve themelves. it is like a sexuality prison.

who said they were born that way?

unsafe-space-time's picture

Muslim countries have higher male/female ration because lots of women get killed. Also females are not distributed evenly. It motivates muslims to go to war. 

A lot of men didn't get married because they were poor in christian countries doesn't mean they liked ass raping boys. Ass raping is a pagan tradition. Most of the ass rapists are fags cause they got raped as boys. It has nothing to do with sexual repression.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Hate speech is a two way street. The political right has lots of exerience talking rationally to the left. The political left is totally losing their shit now with a shift to the right!

When Obama go elected all I heard was, "It's Bush's fault and your'e a racist!" Hillary outright called the Right "Deplorables".

Where do you draw the line? Out of context anything could be "Hate Speech". Will "normal" sounding things said in the pajoritive be considered "Hate Speech?

I my mind there is only one speech. 

Umh's picture

If the Russian hackers are so good why are we bringing in Indians on H1Bs?

Joebloinvestor's picture

So they go back to handing out flyers on street corners.......

tuetenueggel's picture

This tiny leftist german nazi asshole Maas doesn´t only look like Eichmann, who was hanged by Israel, but he acts like Eichmann or Himmler.

He´s a ugly reborn Nazi-Faschist.


jughead's picture

Seems the nazis have returned to power in Germany...this time dressed as snowflakes. 

oncemore's picture

GESTAPO and NSDAP have been much better, than the current gov of occupied Germany.

Pitchman's picture

FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot; Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump




caconhma's picture

Flynn, accordingly his own filings, is a Foreign Agent in the USA representing Turkey interests.

Trump is a non-Jew Zionist, otherwise, Trump would not be allowed even to participate in the Presidential race he won. He is not as a big POS as Hitlery.

So, do not be stupid and naive. Trump is not an answer but he is just a first step in liberating America.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

The Central Council of Jews in Germany welcomed the new law. "We do not want an internet police or thought control"

Well actually that's exactly what we want. 

tuetenueggel's picture

It´s not the question if we will have new Gas Chambers but only when.

This Government is standing with its back against the wall and everything will be tried to stay in power. They are not afraid to kill German citizens.

Last weekend there was a test for police and military to work together in difficult situations.

As German police won´t shoot Germans, Bundeswehr will.

They floded our military with lots of sandniggers.fore.

Look at her ugly angry face. She is a traitor and should be hanged.

quesnay's picture

"We do not want an internet police or thought control"

Except of course, clearly that is EXACTLY what we want as evidenced by our ACTIONS.

Gophamet's picture

Must be something in the water supply making these choads behave so nannylike!

Jubal Early's picture

If Rip van Winkle woke up today he would think Hitler was still in charge.  When he found out it was the jews he would collapse for another 70 years.

SixIsNinE's picture

nah - he'd think Ben Gurion was still kickin and planting bombs everywhere again.



MarketWizard's picture

So much censorship going on today!...WTF ever happened to FREE speech!!??/



SixIsNinE's picture

oh, my gosh - 

i am just listening to an "american" woman DJing a set in Berlin recorded last week.

EDIT :  i just finished the set and the "jennifer cardini" was playing the recorded american woman who i don't know her name

so Cardini is French i think -  anyway, here is my disgust of the rant that she played:

oh, she just went and did it :  goes into a rant IN Berlin that trump is hitler, traded a moustache for a toupee.

then she goes on raging about xenophobia, mysogny, nasty, racism,  white supremacy, bla bla bla all the talking points of CNN -

even says that Trump's favorite sex symbol is his daughter ... bla bla bla  

oh, no now she is going into bloody tampons and erections and blood stains from periods.... 

racism,  white privilege, entitlements,  

  what a white shitstain.  she should be embarrassed .  but no, she even worked up a white majority crowd to actually CHEER her as she goes into her "my pussy ain't for grabbin" ...   she says her pussy is for breeding new generation of nasty women.   she even gets the crowd to go "hell yeah" in agreement with her psychophantic rant.

you can listen to her nasty rant at  8 march 2017 set "smirnoff sponsor"  - 

if Smirnoff hears from enough people to reprimand sponsoring such a deviant person as this  J. Cardini   maybe we can check this vulgar person from more opportunities to spill her filthy mouth spewing hate speech.

smirnoff gives a website as   -  boycott!

 - that was the "womens day"  so she thought she could play Madonna and be nasty vulgar and anti Trump.   

it is at approximately 55m into her 1hour 8m set.     

what a disgrace for the USA to have her representing abroad for us.

shameful Jennifer Cardini.


NidStyles's picture

This is the Jew lobby pushing for this.


Between the Council of Rabbi's and the World Jewish Congress pushing the EU to adopt this stuff, the Jewish Congress in Germany is basically in control of the entire German Parliament.


I want to see someone start pointing out how many Jews are running things, and why so many of them are lobbying in White countries to import infinity Africans...

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

(((They))) are terrified that the truth about the Holocau$t™ will be revealed.

SoDamnMad's picture

Thank that proud Israeli, Barbara Spectre, and her multiculturism and Paidera for bringing in all those low IQ doctors, lawyers and engineers. 

tuetenueggel's picture

As long as stupid US keep their helping hand above Israel nothing will change.

Spectre's picture

Funny how when Governments try to enact new laws they always grab for people's pockets. Before long we won't be able to say shit online as some 3rd party will intervene and interpret what he thinks we mean.

tuetenueggel's picture

Stupid comment.

Here the problem is, that everybody who is not government´s opion and speek that frankly in any social net will be punished. The won´t discuss, they want to destroy. Financíally and  physically too.

Like Hitler. They are quite the same criminals which we got rid of 71 years ago. By Help of the allies.

Where are thy now ?

JamesBond's picture

Well, Soros is a multi-billionaire seemingly running the world...



DownWithYogaPants's picture

teut.....please try again.  Your comment's meaning is garbled.

Herdee's picture

The Russian hacking narrative is just simply FAKE NEWS. It's the American intelligence community preaching their own version of propaganda in order to keep up endlesswar.

WVO Biker's picture

Loads of political posters of CDU in Hamburg now say: "Living in safety - defending freedom" 

You can't make this shit up.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Do the SPD posters say, "Refugees Welcome (even the ISIS members)"?

Germany has little hope left. From far right socialism (NAZI) to far left socialism (Democratic socialism -- euphemism for Communism lite) in less than 80 years!

Do the people realize there will be no GERMANY in 10 years?


WVO Biker's picture

Social democrats intended to print 1,000 posters showing politician Metin Hakverdi (where ever he came from) but it turned out to be something like at least 100,000 copies and they can be seen on the side of the streets of Hamburg Bergedorf for years now. Seem to have disappeaerd since German - Turkey row. 

AVmaster's picture

They tried something like this in spain, only with advertisements.


Resulted in spain online sales crashing, and local businesses got crushed as well...


It's not a really good example, but it does show that everytime .gov tries to snuff out the internet in some way, it boomerangs....


The internet is like nuclear power and guns: its out, and you can't make it go away... If you try to, you will reap very unforseen consequences.


Also, the internet is almost like a living thing: If threatened, it will attack whatever it is, or... just go around it. Look at the poor bastards in china: The most "regulated internet" in the world, and they go right around it as if the .gov doesn't exist lololol

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Completing the circle to fascism, previously tried via the right arc  - failed, now taking the left arc route, however much I admire the germans, I have to admit they seem doomed to reach the same destiny due to extreme lack of flexibility in rationalizing reality and always looking to follow patterns leading to extremes.

JamesBond's picture

Welcome to Socialized Media