Investigation Into Suicide Of Arrowgrass Capital Trader Reveals Ties To Organized Crime, Fraud And David Brock

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On March 1st, 2017, the New York Post reported the suicide of Kevin Bell, head of credit risk at British hedge fund Arrowgrass Capital Partners LLP. He had previously worked at Saba Capital Management, Citadel Investment group, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank, according to his Linkedin page. An investigation into Arrowgrass Capital Partners in the aftermath of his death has revealed that Arrowgrass was connected to think tanks tied to DNC propaganda chief David Brock, has ties to a number to individuals and corporations with histories of fraudulent financial activity and uses a web developer which appears to be a shell company. Mr. Bell's suicide provides a glimpse into a more shadowy element of the finance world where the line between legitimate business and organized crime becomes increasingly thin.

I. Number Of Arrowgrass Employees Had Come From Sabu Capital Management, Arrowgrass Is Connected To Establishment-Run Think Tanks

Arrowgrass Capital Partners appears to have had a number of employees present at their firm who had recently come from Sabu Capital Management. In November 2015, Bloomberg reported that Paul Andorio, a former partner at Sabu, was joining Arrowgrass to work alongside Bell in credit risk. Andorio was one of multiple former Sabu employees who had recently moved to Arrowgrass after the firm had lost several employees in its credit trading group.

The presence of multiple former employees from Sabu at Arrowgrass is interesting given the colorful history of Sabu's founder. Boaz Weinstein is a chess and gambling savant turned hedge fund manager. Weinstein has achieved a legendary status in the financial world, although his career has been marked by controversy. In 2012, the New York Times reported that Weinstein was one of a number of traders who benefitted from a "hunch" about multi-billion dollar losses incurred by JP Morgan after a number of bad transactions that were booked through its London branch. Mr. Weinstein was also accused of fraud in 2015 by Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) after Saba Capital reduced the value of PSP's portfolio right before paying out on a redemption request, marking the value back up shortly after the money was cashed out.

Weinstein's connections to the world of organized crime were revealed when it emerged that he was a member of a private, high stakes poker group along with billionaire and Avenue Capital Group cofounder Marc Lasry. In 2013, Lasry was forced to withdraw his name from a list of contenders for Obama's U.S. Ambassador to France when it emerged that the FBI was sniffing around his "close friendship" with Illya Trincher. Trinchner, an alleged Russian mobster, was arrested along with three dozen others in connection with a $100 million betting and money-laundering scheme that included Hollywood personalities accused of facilitating illegal gambling events for celebrities such as Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio and was laundering money through a Carlyle hotel art gallery. Lasry's Avenue Capital Group has teamed up with Donald Trump in the past as Trump attempted to navigate the mob-controlled gambling scene in Atlantic City. Weinstein's various connections to crime figures and his penchant for courting accusations of fraud raise questions about why Arrowgrass was bringing on so many employees from Sabu Capital Management in the years before Mr. Bell's suicide.

The head of Arrowgrass Capital Partners, Michael Edwards, is also affiliated with centrist think tank Third Way. Despite its purported mission to return politics to a more neutral, middle of the road environment, Third Way recieves most of its funding from Wall Street donors and in effect serves as little more than an outlet for ideas which promote the interests of their donors. Third Way and other special interest-supported figures such as David Brock have been widely panned by the media for promoting censorship and propaganda instead of substantive ideas. Brock has directly involved Third Way in conferences held with donors in the past and is utilizing Third Way employees in efforts to help the DNC regain power in the 2018 congressional elections.

II. Arrowgrass' Web Developer Appears To Be Front Organization

In addition to having ties to firms with suspicious connections, the group providing online support for Arrowgrass appears to be a front organization, listing an address that leads to a small, nondescript building as its office despite having a multitude of large name clients in finance. Arrowgrass' website lists CAPTEC Systems as its web developer. CAPTEC's other clients include several Swiss accounts such as Argentière Capital, set up in 2013 by J.P. Morgan’s former global head of prop trading Deepak Gulati, and LindenGrove Capital. LindenGrove was founded by Borut Miklavcic, the former head of global inflation trading business at the infamous Lehman Brothers who also began his career at JP Morgan.

An examination of the listed address on CAPTEC Systems' website leads to a small structure in Oxford, England that does not even feature CAPTEC's logo on the exterior. The nondescript, ramshackle building is odd given CAPTEC's role as a web developer for several multibillion dollar corporations.

Street view of CAPTEC Systems' listed office address

The apparent anomalies with Arrowgrass' web developer and its connections to various Swiss groups run by individuals tied to companies involved in the 2008 financial crisis creates questions about what appears to be either a front company with no real place of business or CAPTEC's attempt to conceal the true location of their office.

It is not clear what caused Mr. Bell to take his own life earlier this month, although in 2015 a deal with Foundation Capital to buy Deutsche Bank’s stake in Arrowgrass Capital came undone amid speculation that Arrowgrass' principals did not wish to dilute their ownership, and that the head executive of Foundation was facing a contempt-of-court order over debts he owed to Los Angeles based City National Bank. While an anonymous source informed the New York Post that Bell was depressed, Arrowgrass' use of an apparent shell company for their web development and the presence of a number of employees at Arrowgrass from Sabu Capital Management raises concerns given the accusations of fraud that have been levied against the group and their founder's connections to figures involved in organized crime.

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are there even a handful of hedge fund managers who have become successful by playing by the rules and staying legal?  for real?

it seems any rich moneyed wall street type has gained by insider trading or tax evasion schemes.

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The suppressed Foster PPK of Hitlary fires again!
Pffft! PffT!

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Americans should be organizing in teams to hunt down David Brock.  He is the propaganda wing of Media Matters.  He is the one who pays trolls.  Anything less than his immediate execution is unacceptible

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.....and Brock is most likely deeply involved with the Pizzagate scandel.

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Fire the FBI. Fire the CIA. Boy do they suck.

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David Brock deserves no less than to be thrown into the Hottest #PizzaGate oven.

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mob-controlled gambling scene in Atlantic City is the state of New jersey

Trump had to deal with Concrete and Iron workers.  The only way to stop these globalist is to turn the UN Rockefeller building into a Trump Resort.


Trump there is 9m Defense (Offense) 300k HSA jobs...   Yup the plan is War and police state...   and yes they are planning to JFK/LBJ   Regan/Bush/Hinkley  

Now we get to see if just Deep State selection..

The Navy is a the Maginot Line at best and global incineration worst..

9m jobs that are providing false security...   yup those mini google earth sats  are easy peasy




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his body fell out the window..but being dead already one would guess it was helped..

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Interesting & worthwhile article.

Also, the best headline I have ever read. A headline that forces you to read the article. Best ever!

"Investigation Into Suicide Of Arrowgrass Capital Trader Reveals Ties To Organized Crime, Fraud And David Brock"

Investigation + Suicide + Organized Crime + Fraud + David Brock: How can anyone not read the article.

Very good work William Craddick!

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David Brock is public enemy No. 1.

Go get him, Jeff Sessions.


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When dealing with these types, be prepared to read about gruesome deaths, sodomy, bodily fluids in the wrong holes, and other acts of unspeakable weirdness.

The world would be better served if everyone mentioned above was fed to starving wild animals.

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"An investigation into [almost every bank in the world] in the aftermath of [a] death [of a prominent official would have] revealed that [the bank] was connected to [a major party think tank's] propaganda chief , has ties to a number to individuals and corporations with histories of fraudulent financial activity, and uses a web developer which appears to be a shell company ['cause the actual workers are ashamed to be associated with the craphole] . "

Fixed it. 

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This info has come out in different scripts from several sources, and there is no reason to doubt it.  Thanks for the link.  Can positively confirm that the FBI is generally a bunch of terrible, wasted fucks who cannot arrest a dead clam.  They ALWAYS go for the low-hanging fruit.  McCabe should be castrated on the steps of the US Supreme Court Building in D.C. as an example.  We just don't need his monkey-ass on patrol in the cesspool of Washington.  Comey is another one.......

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Presumably Hillary is the dead clam...;)

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Is it possible that all of this may be progressing due to the good guys starting to suicide the bad guys? I'm reading that quite a few are being told to come clean with names or head to their dirt nap hole. Maybe they needed another casket to mule in some more heroin.

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The Clinton Foundation, devastated as it is, still has a Special Operations Unit.

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Clinton is spawn of Myer Lansky.

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"Kevin Bell jumped from a ninth-floor kitchen window at the famed Apthorp building on West End Avenue near West 79th Street around 7:20 a.m., a source told The Post.

He landed on some scaffolding that was set up in front of the building and was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said."


"A man who works in a nearby doctor’s office was stunned about the suicide.

“Oh my God, another one?” he said in disbelief. “Somebody committed suicide a few months ago … on the other side of the building. I can’t believe it, it’s almost exactly the same thing, but just around the side.”"

Suicide my ass.  Didn't even look before he jumped out of the window onto the scaffolding.  Right.  Worked with (((Brock))) of DNC, CGI, pedogate fame.

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Keerist even the mob can't get any decent h1b help at the going rate. The tards tossed the wrong person the first time. Speaking english isn't a job skill.

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I like this kind of reporting.

I wonder if some of the leadership of BCCI Bank, are still around in a TBTF or Hedge Fund.