North Korea Puts Army Into "Combat Mode"

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It's been at least 24 hours since any further sabers were rattled between China, US, South Korea, and North Korea (oh and Japan), but it according to, Kim Jong Un has ordered the entire North Korean army into "combat mode" to tighten security and consolidate sentiment in response to military drills conducted by South Korea and the US, which began in early March.

A source in South Pyongan Province told Daily NK that following the order from Kim Jong Un, every last soldier-- even if away on business, on leave, off-base for training, or even those with a recent death in the family--were ordered back to their units. The authorities have ordered the military police in each region to summon all soldiers back to their bases.

"The 1st Corps was ordered to fully prepare for combat. In particular, they were instructed to move mechanized combat equipment to strategic areas, including artillery pieces and tanks that were housed underground,” he said.


"The Civilian Affairs Administrative Police Unit comprises soldiers located in the Panmunjom area and along the border with South Korea. With the new orders, they must stay in battle uniform at all times, and all cadres below the rank of the commander are prohibited from commuting from their homes. The atmosphere is very tense as the soldiers on watch-keeping duty are replaced by officers of higher ranks," a source in North Pyongan Province said.


"The authorities have told the troops to be ‘impervious to enemy provocation’ and the forward units are currently under a system of monitoring that requires immediate reporting. The Local Reserve Forces and the Worker-Peasant Red Guard (the largest civil defense force in North Korea) have been ordered to create fake base camps and cannons and deploy them in order to confuse satellite surveillance and complicate air strikes.

For now, it seems North Korea, the chaotic South Korea, and Washington are unwilling to follow China's advice to ratchet down the rhetoric.

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nuubee's picture

Well, if you can keep them in that state for long enough, you might actually harm the dictator's grip on this country.
Good luck doing that and not starting a war though.

silverer's picture

Now that I think of it, I wonder if they have any street clothes to wear?

Belrev's picture

Mika of MSNBC is losing it guys, I am telling you. She is deeply in distress. Today's show with Morning Joe was epic.

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xythras (not verified) Belrev Mar 14, 2017 4:11 PM

Does TRUMP became controlled by the Deep State? WTF is with all the warmongering lately?

Dunce Pence antagonizing Russia a month ago in Europe, boots on the ground in Syria, bombing Yemen, and NOW THIS?


North Korea Just One Mistake Away from War!


Haus-Targaryen's picture

On more or less every possible world conflict where it involves the USSA's deep state v anyone else, I always choose "anyone else." 

Except for North Korea.  Nothing would make me happier than having D. Trump and the US' armed forced kick the shit out of Kim Jong Un.


xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Haus-Targaryen Mar 14, 2017 4:25 PM

What does N Korea ever did to US? (and don't start with that Sony false flag hack. That was just programming..and seems that they programmed you good, House Targ)

We should have never set foot on that country, same as Vietnam, same as all dozens of places we brought democracy by bombing the shit out of them.

N Korea is now like the MOST NEUTRAL country EVER.

They have same right as any country to pursue nuclear ambitions in order to defend themselves. Does this bother our SKoreans vassals? Tough luck. 

We should help them make peace and unite not divide them further.

But hey, I get it that we're pissed as Russia and China so we pick on the little fat guy, since we can't dare face the big ones. And the liitle ones needs to be brought to heel to further isolate and demonize the big ones defying the neoCOHEN ZIO Deep State 

quesnay's picture

What has the US done recently to NK? Nothing. It's just words and posturing and military excersizes on both sides. A military excersize is not an act of war. Sorry.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


A military excersize is not an act of war.

It's an act of provocation with the goal of getting the other side to fire first.

Because the US is A Global Force For Good® and never starts wars.

Jim Sampson's picture

Has Kim Jong Un been watching Blazing Saddles?

Notveryamused's picture

Trump was always going to sort out North Korea and Iran regardless of deep state. This would actually be a good strategy combined with the new Chinese sanctions to lay siege to North Korea but I still think the US is preparing an actual attack.

CheapBastard's picture

How many jars of makeup does Mika use every day?


Dude, you are sooo stoopid. 

Bitch Bondo comes in 55 gallon drums.

The only lucky guy on the make up team is the one who hits her in the face with a hammer to knock all that shit off after each broadcast.  

Supafly's picture

Like two guys puffing their chests at a bar, just ignore.

CapnJackDaniel's picture

On the plus side we'll finally get that gritty M*A*S*H reboot. Zack Snyder's wrapping up his Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead' adaptation too, so the timing works. 

quesnay's picture

Oooo a 'provocation'! Oh my!

When they fire missles to show "hey look you stupid Americans, we're going to be able to nuke you soon!", well that's just normal 'practice', even if internationally condemned and warranting sanctions (agreed to by even China). When our military practices, because NK is constantly threatening to nuke us every other month, well that's the REAL 'provocation'.


NidStyles's picture

All I see are Turkey and NK rattling their sabers, and the media touting it to be the real thing....



I call BS. $10 says this is a bankster ruse. They want war, doesn't matter who with. They just want the ability to not lose everything they have stolen, and that means war.

quesnay's picture

Flagged as mentally retarded.

John Law Lives's picture

"We should have never set foot on that country..." - xythras the spam dildo

How about you follow your own such advice and keep your FVCKING spam off this site.

HockeyFool's picture

Ever notice how the spam dildo xythras always immediately has 10 or more up votes? There are not 10 people in the country that would up vote that dork every time he posts. They are FAKE UP VOTES, I tell ya!

Curiously_Crazy's picture

He actually made his first real comment today without a spam link. I upvoted it. I still feel dirty.

BarkingCat's picture

I did as well.

However, I always gauge each comment on its own merit. 

John Law Lives's picture

I have noticed that xythras the spam dildo often gets upvotes soon after posting spam.  I suspect xythras the spam dildo created multiple ids and upvotes his/her spam posts.

jcbudmo's picture

Xythras is our very own illegal immigrant, abusing the rules and pissing off everyone with his presence.

max2205's picture

rhetoric like launching 4 icbm s ?

greenskeeper carl's picture

Who gives a shit. We launch things all the time. So do a bunch of other countries. I know most of the government is itching for a new war, but have you guys not learned ANYTHING from our recent regime changes? It doesn't end well for anyone involved. The countries themselves are worse off, and we lose thousands of soldiers and spend trillions of dollars. Don't think for one second the same thing won't happen here.

booboo's picture

Well pulling your bunkered armoured divisions out into the open is a suckers move. but considering they probably have 10,000 pieces of artillery primed and sitting on the border it's going to be a hell of a fireworks show for the first 4 hours until they get suppressed. War, what is it good for...absolutely nothing

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


rhetoric like launching 4 icbm s ?

Never happened. You do know that ICBM stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, right?

Arnold's picture

Into the Japanese 200 mile economic zone?

Allen_H's picture

I once thought you knew what you talked about, no more ! You as fucking clueless as the rest here.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Well so be it then.  

I thought you knew how to properly punctuate, but alas, we all must live with disappointment.  

Allen_H's picture

Is that what you throw back ? Punctuation! Really? When you call for the death of people, just fuck off!

Allen_H's picture

No, not whatever, Fuck You !

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Let me help you:

1) After the end of a sentence, there should be no space between the last word and the punctuation mark. See how easy that is?

2) Upvoting your own schtick is a bad look.

Paper Mache's picture

Please AH, just ignore him and do not feed.  He''s a wild troll,  He'll go away if you don't feed his bad habits. 

JamesBond's picture

"When you call for the death of people."


Seriously, comparing Haus' comment to the butchery of NK Leaders over decades seems trite in the exreme.  



Allen_H's picture

He is a fucking idiot, just like you. You think taking out one person will mean just one person dies ? Hey Haus, I do what I want fuck face, I do what is right, unlike you, you condescending arrogant cunt.

JamesBond's picture

There's a group of 'slave labor' children busting rocks in NK this morning.  I sent them your comments.  They wrote back, "Take him out.  We'll take our chances for freedom."



Allen_H's picture

You propagate the lies and hatred of the western terrorists, you both really do not know how pathetic and obvious you sound. You do not even know what freedom is for fuck sake. It is a meaningless fucking word.

Arnold's picture

Yeah, too much booze makes me grumpy too.

BarkingCat's picture

Looks like you took the placebo instead of the red pill.

East Indian's picture

If the NK children are slaving, it is for their parents to settle with Kim Jong Un.

If you insist on freeing slave children, may I suggest looking into the human trafficking in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or America?

JamesBond's picture

Human trafficking in the states is something fought hourly with a great deal of resources, time, and finances.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Except for North Korea. Nothing would make me happier than having D. Trump and the US' armed forced kick the shit out of Kim Jong Un."

"WHY"??? Because the U.S. alone lost more than 54,000 sailors, marines, airmen and soldiers in less than 2 years unable to "swallow" the 38th Parallel whole... then Vietnam... then Iraq... NOW Syria... and NOW Ukraine...

I'm with you H-T pick one of those and lets sit back and watch the U.S. military get lit up like a fucking "pin ball machine" by the Russians, Iranians and the PRC!!!

Just keep telling yourself you fucking moron that it's A GOOD DAY TO DIE!!!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Because the U.S. alone lost more than 54,000 sailors, marines, airmen and soldiers in less than 2 years unable to "swallow" the 38th Parallel whole...

And three million North Koreans were killed (one third of the population), along with one million South Koreans and one million Chinese.

But hey, no price is too high for Democracy®. Just ask Madeline Albright.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"And three million North Koreans were killed (one third of the population), along with one million South Koreans and one million Chinese."

My bad S4. Speaking as an American again!... I stopped counting the millions... that followed the millions... that followed the millions... post-9/11 because like our debt in paying for it we can no longer keep track of all the souls we "slaughter" along with the trillions that paid for their deaths!...

Another one ( H-T "chicken hawk with a six-sided star flag" on his front and back side!

Would love nothing more than seeing 32.0853° N, 34.7818° E "burnt to a crisp"!


trulz4lulz's picture

The only good that could have EVER come from a HRC presidency is thus; the draft. Clinton supported females being drafted. They were planning a war with Russia and now it looks like NK might be on the menu too. There would have been snowflakes lining up for MILES chomping at the bit, to go kill some homophobic Russians, and show'em who is boss! Now with Trump, the backlash to a draft will be HUGE. Just saying, we may have missed an opportunity to cull these fucks from society, and the Ruskies would have been doing us a huge favor. 


however, i have noticed a push in social media from some of my dem leaning friends demoninzing North Koreans, because, reasons. Has something to do with hungry kids or dogs, I dunno what social cause is being engineered to mold their minds into accepting being drafted to fight the Norks, but its being planted. Just sayin...

mc888's picture

"Now with Trump, the backlash to a draft will be HUGE"

What a great opportunity for all those homos, feminazis and brown people to show their superiority to white males.

They can all wear red dresses and pussy hats while hoisting the Mexican flag on arrival at Inchon.