"The Powers-That-Be Have Looted Everything" - Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks

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Authored by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

The economic and social disintegration of Greece used to be big news.

However it’s largely been overshadowed by the migrant crisis, and the American media hardly reports on Greece anymore. If you’ve been out of the loop, allow me to get you caught up on the financial situation in that country, by giving two answers to the questions you’re probably thinking. Yes, the Greek government still sucks. And yes, the people of Greece are still really pissed off.

Believe it or not, riots are still a common occurrence in that country. In fact there was an incident last week in Athens, after the government tried to increase taxes and social security contributions. In response, over a thousand farmers from Crete, who used to be immune from these taxes, took a ferry to Athens and proceeded to riot outside of the agriculture ministry building.

This however wasn’t an ordinary riot, not even by Greek standards. The farmers fought the riot police with shepherd crooks.

Taxes are being hiked to satisfy inspectors who represent the international creditors who Greece’s debt. If the government can’t pay 7 billion euros by July, then the country will once again face the possibility of default. However, the farmers are determined to change their Leftist government’s mind about the tax hikes. One of the protesting farmers who spoke to The Guardian stated that “We want to have them take back everything they have encumbered us with. To us, it seems like the powers that be have looted everything.”

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Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks


Hell yes........Fightclub!


I'll take 5 bucks on the farmers.

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Where is my favorite dog?

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I want to root for the farmers here, but what do they know about fractional reserve banking, $11,000 haircuts, and Merkel's brown fetish?  The table is stacked against them. 

They could always just stop making food.

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You know you're not achieving much when you're still up against the pawns.

At least in a game of chess you only need to fight your way through eight pawns.  In the real world, you could spend a looooong time where they get replenished as fast as you knock 'em down.

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It's just the lads, getting a little boisterous. Besides, I think this is the lot from Crete, and they are always a bit more enthusiastic than most.

One issue not discussed is that the government has suddenly decided that all land borders must comply with the 1940's aerial photographs, and if anyone has land that in 1944 had pine trees on it, then they have to pay a fine. Bearing in mind that Greece never had any kind of land registry until very recently, and that up until 1950 the country was having a civil war, borders are hazy, and who knows what land great-grandfather Takis cleared, and if it was his or not. 75 years later, the government is seeing this as a way to extract yet more cash from a group of people who can't run away.

What they are not considering, is that this is a group of people with a lot of heavy machinery, and a tendency to close down the country. Of course, it is planting time now, so the assumption is that after a little argy-bargy the yokels will go back to grubbing in the mud like good little serfs, but at some point they will decide that there is no more point earning a living, so they will have lots of time on their hands, and lots and lots of big machines.

What could possibly go wrong?

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What's the waiting period for Shepherd's crook purchases.

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Farmers with crooks doesn't quite conjure up the image of:

This is Sparta! 

Err...not quite Gerard Butlereque (or even Richard Eganesque for us old farts).

A rebellion by (quite literally these days) the peasant class?

Interesting concept.

It took ten years in France (1789-1799) for that avenue to pan out. Another five or so years of incremental destitution among the masses and who knows?

Could be far quicker either way with smart phones and the err, dare I say the horde of smart phone watchers at Langley (who are, as is well-documented, always willing to take a keen interest in foreign democratic processes) on either side of the barricade...

Roll on the next Vault 7 drop and put another stake in the beast while it is still confused. Incriminate some fuckers already.

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Greece may be the home of FREE STUFF instead of FREEDOM, but I know farmers. They work for their money. They have the food supply in their control.

The French generally back down from farmers strikes and for good reason. They believe in fresh food, locally grown. If there is any market that resists manipulation, it is food.

Just like the US, Greece must shed banker control and issue sovereign money and control the value.

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You want a fast lane to the guillotine do you?



UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

In many cases, a fast-lane is justifiable...far too many miscreants, Marxists, and pedos to deal with on a "civilized" basis.

economaly's picture

And they have weapons, more than enough... Sticks are used for caressing.

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This is the birthplace of western civilization?

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LOL.  Not the same Greeks; totally different DNA.  What you see here are kebabs demanding more gibsmedats.  That's what happens after you have a Turkish dick stuck up your ass for 400 years....

Golden Dawn are the real Greeks.

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  Actually, the original Greeks, of Hellenic Greece were of Nordic extraction, hence all the Golden Hair and Fair skin so often talked about in their histories.  Gradually this stock was diluted by "darker skinned" migrants.  The same with the rulinng Roman families, once the miscegination started, the place fell into ruin.  Many of the historians of the time talk of the "dilution of the noble houses".


  So no, not really the greeks of old at all,



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My woman is of true Greek descent. Her grandfather was off the boat from Corfu, which was never conquered by "the dirty Turks," as he called them. She (and her other family members) has big, gray-blue eyes, light olive skin, auburn hair, and of course a fantastic Greek schnaz. (She's a knock-out; I don't know what she's doing with a wreck like me, but I don't ask...).

Real Greeks are unmistakable when you see them. A beautiful people indeed.

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met a few greeks, who traced their bloodlines centuries back. Guess, how they looked like? Green/blue eyes, and blonde hair. Hmmmm

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"Farmer is the soldier is the robber"

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You'll know you're winning when the riot police step aside and allow you to do your thing.

You'll know you're really winning when the riot police say to you, "How can I be of assistance?"

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Farmers my ass.  Soro's fieldhands maybe.....  Commie fucks.  I really wish I had a vintage BMW motorcycle with sidecar and MG42 and just mow these fuckers down.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

See Berkeley campus riots.

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Grumbleduke's picture

german oligarchs, bankers and politicians continue to get rich etc.


jus_lite_reading's picture

That should have been obvious, no? I didn't mean the citizens...

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

...and stop being Marxist-supporting scum.

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Puppy heaven.

My favorite Greek.

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Based Captain Texas. The hero we need.

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Dailystormer.com and identityevropa.com are two places where you can meet up in real life with your fashy friends. I highly recommend it. There is nothing more powerful (besides God) than having the psycho-spiritual veil of isolation lifted from your soul. It's high time to take the alt-right into the real world. Watch out for mobs of communists...They like to attack meetups...Hail victory!

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...including your favorite FBI informants?

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I with you for $10. When the canister of tear gas runs out those shephards crooks will turn those cops black and blue.  

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Hey Farmers!  Stop feeding them.  Then see how long they last.

Yes, yes, a little easier said than done, unfortunately.  Now if only I could figure out who was going to bell the cat.

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When a Greek farmer with a "magoura" (crook) beats you because it is the morally correct thing to do. The correct thing to do is walk away in shame.

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"Then see how long they last."


Those kinds of governments have a history of believing they can simply replace the farmer.

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I was thinking of a louisville slugger franchise in Athens.............

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Pick any town / city in Europe / USA. You should be doing a great business after 15 March.

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Farmers, miners, construction workers, when people like that reach their breaking point you're going to have trouble.

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The U.S.S.A. needs to provide real arms to those farmers.  Why the fuck not? "At this point, what difference doees it make?"

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Keynesianism at its finest...Bitchez


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Logan 5 (not verified) Mar 14, 2017 7:16 AM

They should paint their faces black & take the ferry to 'Merica where they'll be given 3 hots & a cot (& some grape drink)

scoutshonor's picture

Dude check yur privlege--don't dis da drank!

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Logan 5 (not verified) scoutshonor Mar 14, 2017 7:32 AM

The curious fascination with GRAPE DRINK comes from prison hooch... No alcohol in prison means you have to smuggle in yeast packets and ferment any kind of sugared drink.

NumNutt's picture

"smuggle in yeast packets"? You know nothing of making prison hooch... Moldy slice of bread in a sock is all you need.

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Logan 5 (not verified) NumNutt Mar 14, 2017 8:00 AM

I'm aware of that. I had to go further because many would not make the connection right away.

PT's picture

Well, I for one, hope that they at least have the decency to wash the sock.
(Both before and after.)

RockySpears's picture

There are no live yeasts in bread, they all die off in the oven.  Bacteria/moulds are not yeasts.  You need something like unwashed apple skin or some fresh fruit.  An ear of corn with some water and a little sugar could give a basic yeast,  But mouldy bread and socks are not going to do it.

  There maybe SOME yeast in the sock I guess, but only if thrush is doing the rounds,



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The yeasts don't come from the socks, you twit, they come from natural bacteria in the air. The bread is the media they grow on. Read up on making a sourdough starter.

The trick is to get the good bacteria to multiply faster and overcome the mold that competes with the yeast.