Saudi King Arrives In Japan: 10 Aircraft, 500 Limos, 500 Tons Of Luggage, 12,000 Hotel Rooms, 2 Golden Escalators

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When Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia visited Georgetown in September 2015, the Four Seasons hotel did some serious redecorating.  As we reported at the time, eyewitnesses at the luxury hotel had seen crates of gilded furniture and accessories being wheeled into the posh hotel over the past several days, culminating in a home-away-from-home fit for the billionaire Saudi monarch, who was in Washington then for his first White House meeting with President Barack Obama.

Everything is gold,” said one Four Seasons regular. “Gold mirrors, gold end tables, gold lamps, even gold hat racks.” Red carpets were been laid down in hallways and even in the lower parking garage, so the king and his family never have to touch asphalt when departing their custom Mercedes caravan

The guests staying at the 222-room hotel for the next couple of days are all part of the 79-year-old king’s entourage of Saudi diplomats, family members and assistants, one source said; a full buyout of the entire property was reserved for the visit. Guests who had booked to stay at the Four Seasons during the royal visit have apparently been moved to other luxury hotels in town. A call to the Four Seasons confirmed the hotel is sold out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Fast forward to this week, when the same King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud landed in Japan, leading to largely to the same reaction, namely people stunned at the size of his delegation and his 500 tons of luggage. The king made quite an entrance, descending from his plane on one of his two golden escalators. The four-day visit, which began Sunday, is part of the Saudi royal’s month-long Asia trip, as the kingdom looks to diversify its economy from oil dependency. Saudi Arabia is Japan’s largest oil supplier.

The king’s delegation arrived in Japan on 10 aircraft and according to the Japanese press, an entourage so large even Japanese government officials didn’t have an accurate number of how many people to expect. In preparation for the royal visit, 1,200 rooms in Tokyo’s best hotels were booked for the delegation.

King Salman appears to have upped his game since visiting the US and, most recently, Indonesia, where he brought two limousines with him. In Japan, an entire fleet of up to 500 limousines were sourced from around the country according to RT.  "Maintenance costs for luxury models are high and there is little constant demand for such vehicles," a limousine industry insider told Asahi Shimbun. "Because we are unable to secure the needed number only in Tokyo, we are gathering the vehicles from Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures as well as the Tokai region."

While he was in Indonesia, the king also had a special toilet built for him inside a mosque, and another inside the House of Representatives.

On Monday, King Salman met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. King Salman visited the country as a prince in 2014, but this is the first Saudi Arabian king to visit in 46 years. Salman told Abe that the Middle East is facing diplomatic issues involving the Palestinians, Japan Times reported, and cited humanitarian crises in Yemen and Syria. A Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Yemen for almost two years. “Unfortunately, those crises are now giving negative impacts to the region,” the king said.

The Saudi royal’s trip caused many on social media to react in anger, comparing the king’s lavish travel to the situation in war-torn Yemen.

But perhaps the most important part of King Salman's trip has yet to come: his visit to China. As the SCMP reported in "Why King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud upcoming visit to China is important to Beijing ... and a worry for Washington", the trip by King Salman comes amid uncertainty in the kingdom’s ties with Washington, and Beijing’s push to strengthen its presence in the Middle East.

Oil and Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” trade initiative are expected to head the agenda when the king of Saudi Arabia stops in China as part of his Asian tour.


Dates for the trip have yet to be announced, but diplomatic ­observers said the king’s agenda would probably include oil ­exports to China – the world’s ­second-biggest buyer of the fuel– infrastructure projects for Beijing’s trade initiative linking Asia, Africa and Europe.


The 81-year-old king embarked on his Asia-Pacific trip late last month and is travelling with 25 princes and 10 ministers. After stops in Malaysia and Indonesia, he is taking a break in Bali.

His 1,500-member delegation and 459 tonnes of luggage will go on to Brunei, Japan, China, the Maldives and Jordan.


Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the US has been overshadowed by issues such as the Iran nuclear deal, the war in Syria and Islamic extremism. US President Donald Trump’s policy on the region is also unclear.


China has boosted ties with the kingdom, with President Xi Jinping visiting Riyadh early last year before going to Tehran. Security ties between the two nations have also strengthened, with Saudi Arabia buying Chinese military technology and a Chinese naval fleet visiting the port of ­Jeddah in January.

In other words, if the Saudis want to pivot from the US and toward China, King Salman's visit to Beijing will be the perfect opportunity.

Or maybe not, because while the king is courting Asian leaders, his son, Deputy Crown Prince, and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman are currently in the US meeting with President Trump, and as the WSJ reports, "seeking to reset ties as Trump meets the prince."

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Barrell of oil jumped fifty cents when they fueled up for the trip.

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Saudi royalty is going to fall very hard, methinks.


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Satan rewards his minoins.   Hopefully for not much longer...

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I'm sure they're really great folks...

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Pretty sure none of those Aircraft fly over Yemen on there way anywhere. Ridiculous.

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He would be just another poor goat-fucker without oil.

Then again, even with all that oil...

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any women drivers of limos?

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pretty excessive.   i rarely travel with more than one golden escalator.

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"....while the king is courting Asian leaders, his son, Deputy Crown Prince, and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman are currently in the US meeting with President Trump...."

Get Barron to meet the crown prince instead.

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WTF, doesn't this guy have like only two outfits?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) BorisTheBlade Mar 15, 2017 5:36 AM

He just wanted to prove once again that he is batshit crazy.


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The Suadis are so tacky about flaunting weath.

Why would the King need all those rooms?

Is he really travelling with that many assistants?

Maybe he's just trying to show off.


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Coming to JAPAN to find another market for their oil now that America is becoming energy independent.

OIL for YEN and technology ... Looking to buy JAPANESE ASSETS on the cheap.

I expect to see Islamic Mosques any day now throughout JAPAN except FUKUSHIMA of course. 

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@Fleur de lis
Even by Saudi standards of idiot excess, this feels like something more, like theater. Reminiscent of so many occurrences that feel strangely staged these days.

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I bet he has someone or several well trained people to wipe his arse. 


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"Satan rewards his minions."

Yes, SMG.. he rewards them well in this short-lived material world.  What awaits them for eternity is the only question that matters.

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Fuck anyone whose last name is Bin Saud.

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Such a disapointment.
All those numbers and no mention of how many goats.

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they usually don't mention the harem

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Satan uses his minions before casting aside their desiccated withered husks.

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Saudi royalty is going to fall very hard, methinks

US military buildup in ME might have something to do with this eventuality

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If we're spending all that time, money, and precious lives in the Middle East - why not conquer the nation that planned and paid for 9/11 and take the oil?

House of Saud can rot in hell.

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They are friends with Netanyahu

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What will surprise those who may already be surprised about the Dönmeh connection to Turkey, is the Dönmeh connection to the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia.

An Iraqi Mukhabarat (General Military Intelligence Directorate) Top Secret report, “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots,” dated September 2002 and released on March 13, 2008, by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in translated English form, points to the Dönmeh roots of the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. Much of the information is gleaned from the memoirs of a “Mr. Humfer,” (as spelled in the DIA report, “Mr. Hempher” as spelled the historical record) a British spy who used the name “Mohammad,” claimed to be an Azeri who spoke Turkish, Persian, and Arabic and who made contact with Wahhab in the mid-18th century with a view of creating a sect of Islam that would eventually bring about an Arab revolt against the Ottomans and pave the way for the introduction of a Jewish state in Palestine. Humfer’s memoirs are recounted by the Ottoman writer and admiral Ayyub Sabri Pasha in his 1888 work, “The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism.”

In his book, The Dönmeh Jews, D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq. The Iraqi intelligence report also states that in his book, The Dönmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis, Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in the Hejaz, in the village of al-Ayniyah what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam. The Iraqi intelligence report states that Shulman had been banished from Damascus, Cairo, and Mecca for his “quackery.” In the village, Shulman sired Abdul Wahhab. Abdel Wahhab’s son, Muhammad, founded modern Wahhabism.

The Iraqi report also makes some astounding claims about the Saud family. It cites Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim al-Shammari’s book, The Wahhabi Movement: The Truth and Roots, which states that King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the first Kingdom of Saudi Arabia monarch, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe, a Jewish merchant also from Basra. In Nejd, Moishe joined the Aniza tribe and changed his name to Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa. Eventually, Mordechai married off his son, Jack Dan, who became Al-Qarn, to a woman from the Anzah tribe of the Nejd. From this union, the future Saud family was born.

The Iraqi intelligence document reveals that the researcher Mohammad Sakher was the subject of a Saudi contract murder hit for his examination into the Sauds’ Jewish roots. In Said Nasir’s book, The History of the Saud Family, it is maintained that in 1943, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Muffadal, paid Muhammad al Tamami to forge a family tree showing that the Sauds and Wahhabs were one family that descended directly from the Prophet Mohammed.

At the outset of World War I, a Jewish British officer from India, David Shakespeare, met with Ibn Saud in Riyadh and later led a Saudi army that defeated a tribe opposed to Ibn Saud. In 1915, Ibn Saud met with the British envoy to the Gulf region, Bracey Cocas. Cocas made the following offer to Ibn Saud: “I think this is a guarantee for your endurance as it is in the interest of Britain that the Jews have a homeland and existence, and Britain’s interests are, by all means, in your interest.” Ibn Saud, the descendant of Dönmeh from Basra, responded: “Yes, if my acknowledgement means so much to you, I acknowledge thousand times granting a homeland to the Jews in Palestine or other than Palestine.” Two years later, British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour, in a letter to Baron Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Zionists, stated: “His Majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people . . .” The deal had the tacit backing of two of the major players in the region, both descendant from Dönmeh Jews who supported the Zionist cause, Kemal Ataturk and Ibn Saud. The present situation in the Middle East should be seen in this light but the history of the region has been purged by certain religious and political interests for obvious reasons.

After World War I, the British facilitated the coming to power of the Saud regime in the former Hejaz and Nejd provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The Sauds established Wahhabism as the state religion of the new Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, like the Kemalist Dönmeh in Turkey, began to move against other Islamic beliefs and sects, including the Sunnis and Shi’as. The Wahhabi Sauds accomplished what the Kemalist Dönmeh were able to achieve in Turkey: a fractured Middle East that was ripe for Western imperialistic designs and laid the groundwork for the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

By Wayne Madsen.

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Oil is not a factor for the US. 
Iraq: no oil taken, rigs destroyed. 

sinbad2's picture

Exxon owns 60% of the biggest field in Iraq(West Qurna), and makes nearly a billion a year from it.

The second biggest field is Rumaila, which BP controls, and BP isn't completely British, it's a merger of Amoco Standard Oil, and British Petroleum.

When you factor in that the US forced Iraq to accept only US dollars for its oil, which effectively taxes all oil sold at 0.2% via money chenging fees, you could say the US is doing a pretty good job of pillaging Iraq.

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Think  they are going broke late this year.

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...or maybe they'll be strung up quite high ;)

Long piano wire.

Odds currently:

2/1 on: Beheading in Chop Chop Square

Evens: Muammar Memorial Bayonet Enema

3/1: Ripped to pieces by crazed crowd

10/1: Shot by own bodyguard

20/1: Suspicious aircraft crash

50/1: Mossad - say no more.

100/1: Requests return of bribes from Hillary, then found dead by nail gun suicide whilst "doing a spot of DIY on the palace".

200/1: OD's on pizza

500/1: Freak accident involving 3 goats, a bottle of baby oil and a vacuum cleaner

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Fucking A I hope i live long enough to watch the last saudi oil pump fail. wahhabist cunts.

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Wait till self-riding camels and self-fucking goats hit the market. It'll revolutionize the Middle Eastern economy.

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You would think being that "royal" would make you seem soft and useless to those you interact with. Not only are you out of touch with the people, you are out of touch with reality, consequences, and adversity. How could you trust someone like this, or take them seriously. How could they be wise? 

Fall very hard, and about time. The laws of gravity have been suspended for them by oil.

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The house of Saud is an inbred mess suffering from IQ degredation due to 1st cousin marriages for the last 700 odd years. 

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Just putting it out there but it's rumored they have nukes.

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Just exatly what DO you think he's doing in China?  Hint:  Who is responsible for more nuclear proliferation than any other nation?

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100 years ago, they would fight over cockroaches for dinner. Shit is Shit no matter how you dress it.

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Three new rigs gushing, two silver Lambos, and a harem in a fig tree.

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"Sheeeit. Dat ain't nuffin!" - globe-trotting, man-made global warming hysteric, Constitutional law professor who spoke, on the condition of anonymity ;-)

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And Assad and Putin are the ones you must hate.

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sounds almost as expensive as obama.

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The right thing to do would be to sell these guys weapons. That's something I've believed in for a long time.

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It seems that it IS good to be King

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Maybe he's moving to Japan?

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Even Elvis had a stinky butt.

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And that my friends defines what is wrong with the world today.