SPICER: "Very Confident" Of Evidence Trump Campaign Was Spied On By Obama Admin During The Election

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During today's White House press conference, press secretary Sean Spicer was asked about demands made by congress for proof of President Trump's claims that Obama "wiretapped" him during the election, in light of a one week extension granted yesterday to the Justice Department to produce evidence of surveillance. The Trump administration has taken heat since the President's March 4th tweet, which was likely in reference to evidence gathered against three members of the Trump campaign - as reported by the NY Times in January - surveillance which found no evidence of collusion with the Kremlin.

Yesterday, Spicer broadened the scope of Trump's claim - suggesting that the phrase "wiretapping" (in quotes) was not meant to be taken literally.

"He doesn't really think that President Obama went up and tapped his phone personally....

..."wiretapping" [makes air quotes] spans a whole host of surveillance types of options"

Earlier today when asked about the extension granted by the House Intelligence Committee, as well as whether or not Trump's Department of Justice has any evidence, Spicer repeatedly deferred - stating that he didn't want to get ahead of the DOJ, however he did reveal the following:

Spicer: He's extremely confident. I'll let the DOJ report this, but as I've commented in the past, there's been significant reporting about surveillance techniques that existed during the 2016 election.


Reporter: [is it] possible may be nothing?


Spicer: No, at least from where we stand, we know that there is significant reporting on the subject.


Reporter: Something will be presented?


Reporter: Yeah, I feel very confident of that.

Another reporter asked Spicer if the President believes "microwaves" are spying on him - alluding to a statement made by Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway over the weekend referring to an article which referred to smart electronic devices, such as phones, television sets, and microwaves - which could be used as surveillance tools. She was clearly discussing the revelations from Wikileaks' "Vault 7" release last week, which detailed the CIA's available methods of surveillance - including Samsung smart TV's.

Spicer: I think there's pretty sound evidence that the Microwave is not a sound way of surveilling someone, and I think that was cleaned up. It was made in jest - so, I think we can put that to rest.

Here is the clip in which Conway refers to microwaves spying on people, which drew ridicule from John Podesta pal Stephen Colbert:

Perhaps Kellyanne was thinking of this 2012 article in Wired in which former CIA Director David Petraeus said that "smart devices" such as dishwashers and other appliances could be used to spy on people.

Whatever the case, it's now clear that the DOJ is assembling actual evidence of the wiretapping claims, to be presented to the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, March 20th.

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SMC's picture

The Obummer regime using alleged "Russia" connections to request FISA Court "rubber-stamp warrants" as justification for domestic surveillance are proof enough of the claim.

Burying Obummer's "most transparent administration in history"... lol That would be sweet.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

well if spicey is confident than I am confident that man is a pillar of believability.

Anarchyteez's picture

We know we know already! The only two people on earth you love and believe are Killary and Obamamuslim. And that says enough. Move on to extinction please.

AntiLeMaire's picture

As I posted yesterday:

Napolitano: Obama Admin Used British GCHQ To Spy On Trump During Campaign

Here a copy of the Fox News video

GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan quits for 'personal reasons' after just two years


How this seems to work is that GCHQ is allowed access to (?) all (?) NSA stuff, yet does not need any warrant to read/listen to any intercept, even when one or both sides of the intercept are Americans on American soil. So easiest way to evade the US laws (without any FISA or criminal warrant) is to simply contact the cousins and ask the GCHQ to have a look and report back.

Of course, legally speaking, the moment the GCHQ guys report back to a US person that IMHO is the same as making a transcript from already (NSA)intercepted US communications on US soil, i.e. at that moment at the latest (I would argue) you need either a FISA or criminal warrant. If you don't have that you are still breaking the law. Nice trick, but still quite illegal IMHO.
On the other hand there is an EO from 1981 that allows the president to do this without any warrant, so if by his orders then no prosecution, otherwise whoever did it can be prosecuted.

Note that AFAIK normal FISA warrants are given to disclose the contents of previously recorded communications (recorded by NSA by simply recording ALL); the intercept (called 'wiretap' in the old laws) already has been made and stored, it is the looking into the contents that is covered by the need of a warrant in such cases. US persons need a warrant to take such a look, Napolitano alledges that not only does the GCHQ do not need to have one but also that they in fact did look.

My contention is that regardless of the route to get a transcript or copy of a recording, any US person needs a warrant or is doing so illegally.
That is all except the president... But didn't the president have it be known that he didn't order the wiretap? Oh that is right, it would have been asking the GCHQ for a wiretap (asking for a transcript of a NSA intercept).


ZeroPointNow's picture

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Wahooo's picture

Hey Tylers, speaking of spying, I get a warning every time I log into your site since it's not a secure site. How about securing it for us?

coltek's picture

We know that the NSA are monitoring everyone and their granny. I would have thought that prospective Presidents are definite targets in this tyranny.

Goofball's picture

Man... I sure hope Trump can prove this and shove it down the Leftists' throats!



http://youtu.be/rCBNBD1dm4o http://youtu.be/F3-TUN7AQbU" target="_blank">http://youtu.be/rCBNBD1dm4o



Hammer of Light's picture

Trump is clearly not prone to spilling his candy in the lobby that's for damn sure. He would never - NEVER would have tweeted that unless that sly sombitch already had the goods, no question. Really starting to like this guy.

His adversaries, he treats them like a mid morning snack! This guy is on a whole different level! Go gettem Donny T! We want some butts in a sling!

Anarchyteez's picture

Regretfully he's not going to do shit about the pedo's it looks like.

JailBanksters's picture

Sounding just like the Russians did it


They got nuttin', it's just here say

RussianSniper's picture

Foreign intel knows Obama/Lynch/Brennan is dirty in the surveillance and the leaks.

There are fingerprints and a smoking gun.

Waiting to see how Trump and Sessions will let this play out.

This may get downplayed in order to keep some people quiet forever.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Like a famous cunt once said, " At this point, what difference does it make?" After endless MSM spin/distortion/lies, thousands of billable hours paid for by the taxpayer, someone will say, "yes, it appears there was wiretapping" The public will have long forgotten what the original problem was, and instead will be transfixed by an alien mothership hovering over the white house, that looks like a smaller version of Kardoucheians galaxy sized buttocks...

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

I'll believe it when I see it. It is beginning to sound linke the FBI was sniffing around the Trump Organization last year. So? After Comey's hit on Hillary it is hard to claim the investigation was partisan.  And please do not try to tell me that Obama was told about, let alone ordered, routine FBI investigations.

Bay of Pigs's picture

You might want to get up to speed dumbshit.

DirtySanchez's picture

The world will be a better place when bozo is sucking hillary's dick in the joint.

The war crimes committed, in addition to all the thieving, will eventually catch up with all.

booboo's picture

Next Conway will tell us how telecoms have allowed back door access to all of our mobile devices bwaahahahahahaha
What a fuc.........wait...what?

dexter_morgan's picture

MSM really hates Conway for some reason. Just makes me like her all the more. 

Vullsain's picture

They will not forgive her for her March For Life appearance.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Lasers on Windows, Microwave signals sent toward buildings such as Embassies, possibly to pick up data on a computer monitor?

Snooping Through Walls with Microwaves - Slashdot

Oct 26, 2005 ... Doppler microwave spying is quite old. ... Russian laborers constructed an embassy where the walls were FULL of ...... He writes that he discovered local oscillator emanations in 1960-something and the CIA wasnt aware of it.

Eavesdropping using microwaves - addendum | EE Times

Nov 12, 2005 ... Microwave eavesdropping has a long and clandestine history. ... BLOG: WikiLeaks, the CIA and Trust ... He had been working with resonance cavities trying to create practical spy equipment. The existence of the Russian device proved the concept possible, but he was stymied by how the device worked.

The U.N.: Russia's den of spies | Foreign Policy

Jun 29, 2010 ... At the center of the Russian spy ring rounded up this week by federal ... that that picked up microwave stations transmitting communications from ... official on the U.N. inspection team, held daily conversations with the CIA.

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

Be real. She was clearly talking about microwave ovens. Liberals will clobber you guys on "alternative facts" for a dozen years. Conway put up a big fat target. She did it again. She is a "Counselor to the President". Do you really want someone who can say out loud that microwave ovens have cameras advising the guy with the nuclear codes?

Smedley's Butler's picture

 Spot on, Curmudgeon. She is providing epic meme material


I gave Conway a chance. She held her own for a while, but it looks like the pressure has gotten to her. With all due respect, the whole system is rigged against her, including by her own boss challenging all his foes at 4am on twitter.


Trump owes her coverage of something she can own them on; like some govt corruption arrests.



brianshell's picture

Check out Bill Still's piece on who spied on Trump. Something about British Intel and Mossad.

First, who in hell passed a law that allows foreign intel to spy on us?


bkwaz4's picture

Ignorant ones.  Lets see, an internet connected microwave can listen to you, create a waveform that can be used by external devices to pinpoint the location of people in the house (hacked), same applies to wifi, btw and external microwave sources can be used in the same way. Turn up the power enough, and you can cook things in the structure and start fires.  Navy guys do it all the time to birds with their communications gear.  So which of those options that have existed for DECADES was she talking about, smart ass?


ZeroPointNow's picture

Funny you mention the Navy - my good friend's Dad spent his career on Navy ships & they used to call out "GU-11" (GULL) bogeys before zapping them out of the sky with their gear.

And now I'm going to go live in a cave.