Assange Claims Hillary, Intel Officials "Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover"

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Over the weekend we noted chatter that some saw Mike Pence as "the Deep State's insurance policy," and now, judging by tweets from Wikileaks' Julian Assange, that may well be the Clinton/Intelligence Officials plan...

Adding that...



As The Daily Caller notes, Assange’s claims appear to come in response to reports that President Trump authorized the CIA to perform drone strikes on terrorists Monday evening...



As we concluded previously, if Trump doesn’t adopt the Cold War 2.0 approach of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and is forced out of his own administration in the same manner as Flynn, it will become clear why once we learn who would replace him: Mike Pence.



No matter what one makes of Trump - or his administration and the policies that have been initiated thus far - the fact remains that Trump won the U.S. election. The people working behind the scenes to oust him are not subject to democratic controls, nor are they working in the best interests of the American public. We are left to ask ourselves exactly how renewing relations with Russia –  a nuclear power –  could possibly endanger American lives.

Either way, we are more or less left with two paths ahead of us.The first path involves Trump giving in and adopting an anti-Russian agenda, as is already apparent in his decision to send more ground troops to Syria alongside Saudi troops, who will intentionally oppose the Syrian regime (a close ally of Russia). The second involves the possibility of another direct coup within the Trump administration, this time one that may ultimately force Trump out of the White House so he can be replaced by Mike Pence, a war hawk who will be more than happy to do the job Hillary Clinton wanted to do.

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Soon as the Repbicans get what they want out of Trump, he's history...

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Career politicians are scum.

45North1's picture

I think Neil Sedaka said it once,

"They say that waking up is hard to do........"

East Indian's picture

You want a predictable adversary. It works like a charm. Till the electorate becomes unpredictable. 


We Are The Priests's picture

Not fake news, but certainly old news.  True Constitutional Libertarians decried this the day Trump picked him.

IndyPat's picture

Been saying it all along. Pence is a fucking shit weasel.

Hoosiers have known for a long time what a neocon tool he is.

And he is with Trump 24x7!
Trump needs to send him home to the Naval Observatory, lock the door and post a few Marines on the grounds with rubber hoses and cattle prods and orders to beat him until he pisses blood if he dares to even peep through the shutters.

This IS THE NEOCON PLAN, guys. Pence and Jeb!

Trump needs to clean out what he can clean out and neutralize anyone he can't.

I doesn't look good. At all.

Bigly's picture

No it does not.

Trump loyalist insiders, if you are reading this you know ZH people generally are smarter than your avg joe.

You are losing us...not for your msg., but not getting rid of the people holding you back from moving fwd. You need to perp walk people TODAY. Flat out FIRE anyone with a whiff of sedition, treason or not on board.  Anyone with history a flip flopping can be bought and need ousting as well.


trulz4lulz's picture

Considering that he has all but destroyed Inidana through his Eli Lilly connections and has overseen a MASSIVE heroin/opiate epidemic in this state, I can easily agree with that. Indianas small towns are desolate shit holes, rotting to the ground with a majority of the populace too doped up on oxycotton(hillybilly heroin and fentynal laced heroin), throw in the meth and the adderral epidemic as well. Indiana is a rotting shit hole compared to the state I grew up in, so sad. 

DelusionsCrowded's picture

Pence may well be an MK slave . Notice tight young face unworried as long as he stays in the programs fence . Trump has heart Attack , Pence declares war on Russia .

pine_marten's picture

No piece of mind for President Trump. They just won't give it up. All this make House of Cards look like Sessame Street.

TheVillageIdiot's picture

Blue Pill....take the blue pill.... Since all of this is beyond words it must be time to SITC.

Sizzurp's picture

Trump tried standing up to them, then got slapped down from all sides. The only way any of this changes is for Trump to go directly to the states and the people. He needs to lobby for an article 5 convention.  I am starting to get the feeling that Trump may be compromised in some way by them, or he has just lost the will to fight. The Obamacare replacement is complete crap. What ever happened to lowering and simplifying taxes? 

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force trump out of office?

trump has a low ceiling but a high floor. this means that those of us who support him, support him fully and are 100% behind him as long as he doesn't cuck on immigration and things that matter.  actually, immigration is the ONLY thing that actually matters.  Everything else is just dressing.


So, we elected /ourguy/, we the white people of America who have been shat upon for 50 years finally get someone who is actually pro-white and not a cuck.  We have been told what to expect and we are seeing it. Go ahead, take that away from us, see what happens.  This election was everything, it was the last chance to save America. Failing our victory it would have spelled the end of civil discourse and election strategy.  Steal our victory away from us? We will just kill them all and retake the nation by force, complete with right wing death squads.  Our reign will begin the same as Trump's campaign did... free helicopter rides.

MuffDiver69's picture

I agree. I could careless about drivel like this article. Having Trump president delayed the destruction of America, but it's going to happen...Imagine if Hillary was in power...40 million illegals would be citizens shortly and we know the old Don Meredith Monday night football song...Fuck the cynics....

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Is Trump our guy? 

Or was another group who wish to avoid nuclear war responsible for him being there? It could be a case of 'Old money' vs 'New money' here - are the Rothschilds really on the same side as Soros and the MIC? Traditionally such disturbed entitied loath one another.

Check out the first big comment in:

laomei's picture

Trump is *maybe* /ourguy/. He is a civic nationalist, but if he gets bullied and attacked too much by the kikes he will be forced into being literally /ourguy/.

He is at the very least setting the stage for /ourguy/ being politically viable.  The Overton Window shifts to the right now, and what was before deemed "impossible" now becomes possible.  The left is terrified and in their terror they normalize that which they fear most. This is GREAT for us.


National Voter ID

2020 Census excluding non-citizens

We gain 30-40 electoral votes in 2024.

Trump delivers on a few million jobs to the rust belt and the rust belt will bleed red for decades, 2020 election becomes a gimmie.

Prowhite policies result in more WHITE children


The dems keep doubling down on identity politics, serving the shitskins and mudpeoples and attacking whites, and this will be the end of them if we can disenfranchise them.

2019 we are in the position to pass amendments without compromise or negotiation

We have the potential to secure a hard right 7-2 SCOTUS for the next 40 years.


Now you see why the shitlibs are terrified?

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Actually, don't stop at that first big comment. Following comments and linked article about the NorKs are well worthwhile.

WTFUD's picture

So al-CIAd'uh are back in charge? whoda node?

robertocarlos's picture

Just sneak into his bedroom at night and quietly garrot him. Then walk out the front door.

One Ton Lady's picture


The Israeli puppeteer travels to Washington

The Israeli puppeteer meets with the puppet in the White House

and then moves down Pennsylvania ave and meets with the 

puppets in Congress.

Then the Israeli puppeteer goes back to Israel with billions of 

American taxpayer dollars


This ladies and gentlemen is how our government works

forget about the  stupid fake news like this. it doesn't matter.

haven't you people figured that out by now. surely?

laomei's picture

The CIA is a shitlib organization, it has always been a shitlib organization.  Trump is cleaning house now.  Giving them the power to authorize their own drone strikes means that he is deciding where the buck stops.  Any fuckups are now owned by the shitlibs. It would not have taken all that much to get Trump to sign off on a strike and then botch it in some horrific way.  Sticking Trump with the blame for it.  For example, striking a Russian position in Syria.  Trump has given them the rope with which to hang themselves.  They can either resign, comply, or anhero, entirely their own choice now.

PrivetHedge's picture

Interesting point of view.

WillyGroper's picture

there's a reason he didn't want Baron in that snake pit.

Pol Pot's picture

He is learning that it is easier to just be a Billionaire....
As a billionaire he had the power to exterminate all the cockroaches around president he can not...the roaches will infest's over...knockout in the first round.

robertocarlos's picture

He's just too old and out of shape. You have to be fit like Putin.

PrivetHedge's picture

This was always Pence's role, that much was obvious.

What is the solution?

Tiger Rocks Dale's picture

Give Pence an ultimatum, he needs to start publicly and privately backing ALL of Trump's agendas.  From working with Russia to dumping RinoCare and fighting in the trenches against all the Neo-cons.  Pence is acting like an innocent little neo-con waiting for the teacher to call his name, let's see where his loyalties truly lay because Trump's life could very well depend on it.

Consuelo's picture





Where is Mr. Bannon lately...?

Marketing Consultant's picture

If anything happens to the Trump presidency, I do believe we will be in a full out civil war.

just wait till it gets warmer.

Pol Pot's picture

I will get myself a sideline seat in Maderia....far enough to be safe, but still with access to watch things unfold.
Will the new confederate flag say Make America great again after this war

trulz4lulz's picture

Civil War? LOL! Thats a very optimistic veiwpoint. If Trump gets forced out it will be GLOBAL War. America will have exposed itself for what it is, and the Russians, Chinese and anyone else with any brains left will see that America is a CIA deep state monster. How can any nation negotiate with a nation that not only ONLY lies, cheats and steals, but also manages to brainwash hundreds of millions of people at the same time, to go along with their false reality? This situation is much more dangerous than people are crediting it with.

To quote a Russian General- "If there World War3 breaks out, it will be on American land, and Europe wont be around to see it."

These people are losing their patience. 

DirtySanchez's picture

Mr Trump needs to tweet incessantly to the citizens of this nation that term limits are essential for all elected officials, Assange is a national hero, and that the full force and weight of the United States Justice Department is investigating 24/7, any and everything Clinton Foundation and Obama Justice Department wrondoings.

Fuck all the leftists, the establishment, the fake news industry, John McCain, and any other RINO congressman or US Senator.

The centrists, and all those with a fucking drop of intelligence will support Trump's efforts; and he will go down in history as the greatest, most effective POTUS ever.

RedDwarf's picture

"Either way, we are more or less left with two paths ahead of us."

Article writer then claims they are either:

1.  Trump can support the cold war 2.0 approach and fight Russia.  ie, become a globalist lapdog.

2.  Trump can resist, get ousted and replaced by Pence, who will do step 1 anyway.

First off, that is one path, not two.  Secondly they are paths for Trump, not 'us'.  Thirdly there is another path.

3.  Expose and nullify the political power of the globalists.

This claim that option 3 does not even exist is wrong and defeatist, or even an indication the writer is a globalist engaged in propaganda to demoralize the opposition.

bornlastnight's picture

Assange is a drama whore.  Like when he swore bad things were going to happen to crooked Hillary and he drip drip dripped her emails just to keep the sheeple glued to his wiki site.  He must have made a bundle on clicks...and Hillary is still alive and kicking and not in jail.


"It's just business.  Don't take it personally".


Fuck that "fake news" drama queen Assange.

WillyGroper's picture

the drip drip drip was using tptb's strategy of tenshun.

shovelhead's picture

Assange did his part.

We aren't doing ours. No pitchfork and ropes in sight. The shit's pretty bad but nothing happens until the cupboard is bare.

The sad fact is that everything's just another nooze story until YOU get it in the neck.

Then it gets real. We ain't there yet.

HRClinton's picture

LOL. Zeros blog and use mean words.

So doesn't that scare the crap out of Progressives and Neocons?

Who needs pitchforks, when you have Zeros?

Blog. So you don't have to leave your basements or attick, and so you don't have to make a stand in public. 

I was right when I called you Deplorables.

bobdog54's picture

Got to disagree on two counts:
- he published real emails about several people using unscrupulous and criminal methods, and
- second, WE, you and me, our worthless DOJ, Congress and our "President" sat on our fat asses and did essentially nothing but yak and yak and yak.

So Assange - 1, we the people - 0

Somebody commented earlier about US not moving until actually stuck in the neck and I can agree with that.

One Ton Lady's picture

How come wiileaks refuses to address the 9/11 conspiracy ?  

PrivetHedge's picture

I'm still waiting for some proof he's actually still Assange and still alive.

WillyGroper's picture

good poker player that doesn't show his hand until the tenshun is so great as to cause a crisis of gumnt.

trulz4lulz's picture

Probably because most of the data that COULD have been leaked was in Building 7 at the time. And an "office fire" caused that multi million ton building to vaporise itself into its own foot print. Just goes to show how stupid, gullible and programmed for hate, Americans really are. Guess all those CIA penned Hollywood movies in the 80's and 90's really did their trick into created hatered for a people based on fictions spun by the propaganda masters in Hoillywood. 

Americans bought the hate for Muslims, hook, line and sinker. Otherwise people wouldnt have been so eager to go kill goat herders in Afghanistan "Fer teh 9 Leven!!" 

We have devolved into a bunch of mouth breathing, scientificall illiterate North American land whales. Devod of empathy, compassion, basic understanding of physics, botony, EVERYTHING! An enslaved race, foaming at the mouth to make their massa proud. FUCK!!!


Minburi's picture

Wikileaks started on 4 October 2006

Parafuso's picture

You know, what has worked well for President Trump, and it works well for anyone, is being forthcoming with the people. If these people actually are playing games like this call them out in front of everyone. The current situation of the unelected and dis-elected fucking with our world needs to come tonan abrupt halt.