Assange Claims Hillary, Intel Officials "Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover"

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Over the weekend we noted chatter that some saw Mike Pence as "the Deep State's insurance policy," and now, judging by tweets from Wikileaks' Julian Assange, that may well be the Clinton/Intelligence Officials plan...

Adding that...



As The Daily Caller notes, Assange’s claims appear to come in response to reports that President Trump authorized the CIA to perform drone strikes on terrorists Monday evening...



As we concluded previously, if Trump doesn’t adopt the Cold War 2.0 approach of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and is forced out of his own administration in the same manner as Flynn, it will become clear why once we learn who would replace him: Mike Pence.



No matter what one makes of Trump - or his administration and the policies that have been initiated thus far - the fact remains that Trump won the U.S. election. The people working behind the scenes to oust him are not subject to democratic controls, nor are they working in the best interests of the American public. We are left to ask ourselves exactly how renewing relations with Russia –  a nuclear power –  could possibly endanger American lives.

Either way, we are more or less left with two paths ahead of us.The first path involves Trump giving in and adopting an anti-Russian agenda, as is already apparent in his decision to send more ground troops to Syria alongside Saudi troops, who will intentionally oppose the Syrian regime (a close ally of Russia). The second involves the possibility of another direct coup within the Trump administration, this time one that may ultimately force Trump out of the White House so he can be replaced by Mike Pence, a war hawk who will be more than happy to do the job Hillary Clinton wanted to do.

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He won the electoral vote not the popular vote ! so dont get confused ...he is not legit .

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Are you willing to back that proposition to the hilt? Because many Trump supporters are willing to back theirs.

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He's a "Citizen of the World". Guess what camp his puptent is in.

Could it be...SOROS-WORLD?

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Gee, and all these years, I thought our Constitution assigned the Presidency to the candidate who won with electoral votes.

shovelhead's picture

the lefties have no use for rules they don't make themselves.

johnwburns's picture

New cunts sneaking in under the bar to propagate the low fequency droning. 

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Exactly: Bc he won the electoral college vote he is legit.  An electoral college vote is not a popular vote system.

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This comment shows how liitle you understand the genius behind our Founding Fathers for if were not for the Electorial College we might all be forced into speaking Spanish as the official language or practicing Socialism in the coming years becasue simple majorities should never RULE! "Wake up & die right!"

tsuki's picture

He is if you believe that the Constitution is the law of this land.  Every other president has been elected by the Electorial College no matter what the popular vote was. 

espirit's picture

You're make some heads explode if you keep saying stuff like that.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) tilon Mar 14, 2017 2:00 PM

Fucking bots.  Wouldn't it be great if that ShitPostBot system was gone, permanently?

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I just love it when you Lib's voice how much you HATE our US Constitution. It will make it easy to spot you when the riots start......

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This is a great post from, link below. This looks like the perfect comment to post this under. Fuck you asshole.


"So what? Well, I believe Nate Silver speaks for many when he called those who voted and supported Trump ‘profoundly evil.’ He further clarified that it meant just shy of inhuman, which means it’s just barely genocide if you decide to follow that line of thought to its logical conclusion. Clinton stated what many in her party felt calling roughly 50% of the people who voted in the election ‘deplorable.’ I suspect that was the polite, more politically correct term for ‘future gulag residents.’

To many of us politics are a rather small part of our lives, only somewhat less onerous than a colonoscopy. If I never thought or had to deal with the US government again, it would be too soon.

I’m much more interested in raising a family, making money and pursuing my intellectual and physical hobbies. The statists, given they are adherents of Marx, have a different approach to the matter.

Politics, encompasses matters of life or death. Healthcare means a chance to save lives, abortion is a chance to prevent poverty and empower women, climate change is a chance to save the entire planet!

Given that these are emotional arguments that have been made, when you disagree on such a matter it cuts to the core of who they are. You disagree with their personhood, their worldview, them in toto."

"On November 8th, a large swath of America desecrated the church of state…and dealt an enormous blow to anyone and everyone who saw themselves as ‘woke,’ a social justice advocate or had their identity wrapped up in anything that had to do with combating the evils of any and every -ist and -ic in the dictionary.

It was the emotional equivalent to someone desecrating your church or your home. Now take that level of anger, frustration and disrespect and apply it in our direction. Those who haven’t read the Cliff Notes version of what was in Vault 7 should really take a look.

Consider the fact that you currently live under a regime that does not consider you an enemy of the state. That will change.

Public opinion still matters to the statists, because they still need to convince 50,000+ people to switch their vote in three years.

Once that is achieved, and it will be, the massive levers of power get turned over to an angry, embarrassed and deeply offended party that is still seething about Trump.

I’ll give you three guesses as to who feels the brunt of that hatred, dear reader."

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Below is a great interview (pod cast) link that fills in the blanks, or confirms what many of us already know.


It does a great job of bringing in the different issues, though it does not paint Trump in a glowing light, it is not really about Trump, as it is where we are now, and how we got here, and sadly where we are heading...


Its two interviews with the first one being a little convoluted and rambling, the better interview starts at about 00:59 minutes. For those looking for answers not distraction.

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Gordon Duff is a recognized Democrat and Hillary promoter.

prymythirdeye's picture

I see what you did there.  Hilarious

Sandmann's picture

The first path involves Trump giving in and adopting an anti-Russian agenda, as is already apparent in his decision to send more ground troops to Syria alongside Saudi troops


Funny that: German press think US troops are working with Russians to keep Erdogan's forces pinned so they don't conflict with Kurds or Syrian Army

johnwburns's picture

This kind of bullshit is thriving in the current window of Trump letting things get loose with that now clear impulsive tweet re sick Barry without a rapid follow up then laying low and walking it back. I think he ran in the door and gigured that if he hit problems head on, as in the business world, he could make effect some major positive changes using the same techniques used in business. I think that he is well intentioned and to his credit is not a career political hack so he'll need to drop back and retool and take anothe run at it. Going anti-Russia - pro-Saudi is not a great way to start out. 

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There is something that I'm missing here.

Was there a constitutional amendment passed recently that now allows a revote to give the presidency to Mike Pence?

If not, this is much ado about nothing.

Trump has been a minor celebrity for years.  Trump already has some idea how personal security works.  I am certain that Trump has heard about John Lennon.

There are far more important and less purely speculative topics to discuss.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

There is the 25th amendment.


Trump keeps giving them the evidence lol

TheLastTrump's picture



Now you may not be a leftist or paid, but if you're repeating that SWILL you're part of the problem.


Learn how to observe & think about what you see & hear. Don't be a fucking parrot.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture


Getting rid of trump may be the goal.  However I doubt Assange would be clued in enough to hear it

One Ton Lady's picture


A nation of sheep


The judge was right . How far we have fallen and nobody will do a damn thing about it.   

Mpizzie's picture

Trump needs to shut up, not tweet until it's really necessary, grow the economy, and kill off the deep state.

Like I said, we voted for 1980's Trump and got the 2016 version - hope he gets back to basics, soon.

Aloha12's picture

80's Trump was a liberal. You can keep him.

juergensen's picture

More conspiratorial hysteria from Zero Hedge. Disappointed in this site.

Jayda1850's picture

Tylers are just playing to their audience. While I agree many conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts as of late, many are just used as excuses for incompetence and the acceptance of incompetence of elected leaders.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

The twice-daily SHTFplan and Michael Snyder articles that exploded on the scene here 6-8 months ago have me spending a lot of time on other websites.

shovelhead's picture

How's Huff Poo doing these days?

Stinkbug 1's picture

Dual identity spamming is the new thing. You can validate your own posts, and make it seem like twice as many idiots here.



johnwburns's picture

The good news is that Assange is staying in the game and now, since he's getting a regular trim from no less than Pam Andersen, the quality of his intel should improve. 

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ZH I have no affiliation & make no profit off this.


I just found it funnier then hell. Enjoy.


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Thanks, but I have enough unwanted ads on this site.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 14, 2017 1:58 PM

How long until Trump calls off the Swedish dog and Assange can go free?  As long as Assange is in prison like this, Trump is still under threat from the Dark Government. 

When Assange is no longer threatened, that's a sign that we've turned a corner.

El_Puerco's picture

HEY!...people! how about this comment?!



"  This is for’s happening…they just published a poll saying more Americans trust Pence….PENCE is a pedophile and a Luciferian…just like Hillary and a large percentage off Congress..they plan to force Trump out and return the WH to the criminal establishment…Bush/Clinton Cabal…word is Pence will select Jeb Bush as VP once they get rid of Trump….Pence, Priebus and all of them are working against Trump…."

W A K E U P !


TheLastTrump's picture

"  This is for’s happening.....PENCE is a pedophile and a Luciferian"


El Puerile is more like it.

shovelhead's picture


Luciferian, reptoid alien...

What's the difference? You wouldn't want your daughter to marry either of them. Lefties wouldn't care who she shacked up with as long as they didn't have to share their welfare check with her.

Reaper's picture

Put fear in the cowards:  Indict McCain for aiding and abetting ISIS's war crimes; there's plenty of irrefutable evidence on the web. 

IdioTsincracY's picture

Sure .. He's gonna indict McCain, the same way he jailed Hillary


LKG's picture

WTF was Trump thinking? Talk about ultimate insider? Et tu Brute?

IdioTsincracY's picture

Trump's "successes" so far

1) draining the swamp by filling it with Wall St crooks

2) embracing the Military Complex

3) fighting Wall St corruption by eliminating regulations

4) bullsh!!ng people on immigration

5) kissing Zion's a$$

6) replacing the ACA without having a proposal

I'm sure there is more

There's picture

And the voters think it is real progress.

Alas, we are headed in the direction of manufactured approval ( health care a beautiful picture) and  verdicts that are ordered rather than judged.

when the saxon began's picture

I am watching... there is reason to fear we were duped...

az_patriot's picture

The internet is awash in bullshit.  Trump is, and will remain, president for the entirety of his term.  He's a tough dog and knows who is for him and working against him.  The FUD out there is astonishing...