Intelligence Sources Reveal: Obama Used British Agents For Trump Wire Tap Surveillance

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

While President Obama has vehemently denied issuing direct orders to the Justice Department or other domestic agencies to monitor President Trump during the 2016 election campaign, it is common knowledge that the National Security Agency has the ability to access video and audio from any number of devices in real time. In fact, according to Edward Snowden and documented in the recently released Snowden motion picture, U.S. spy agencies can simply flip a switch to watch or listen in on anything going on in a particular room by turning on a particular device’s cameras and microphones.

Here’s how it works:

The technology is real, but according to legal scholars, would have been illegal to use on Donald Trump or his surrogates without a warrant or probable cause indicating links to terrorist organizations.

But while domestic spy agencies like the NSA and CIA can’t actively monitor a citizen on U.S. soil, there is a very convenient work-around that has been used for over a decade to accomplish this task without technically breaking the law.

According to three intelligence sources who spoke with Judge Napolitano, this is exactly what President Obama did to then-candidate Donald Trump.

Steve Watson explains:

Three separate intelligence sources believe that former President Obama veered ‘outside the chain of command’ and employed British surveillance agents to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s team prior to the election, according to a legal analyst.


Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning that the sources spilled the details to him as the controversial case continues to dominate headlines.


Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command,” Napolitano said. “He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice.”


“He used GCHQ.” Napolitano explained.


“What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database.” The Judge explained.


Napolitano noted that this was done to secure plausible deniability. In other words, even if the Obama administration did spy on Trump, there may never be a way to prove it.


“So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this. ”Napolitano added.


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I want a full special prosecutor to handle this so everything and everybody can get dragged through the mude before the midterms


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Bloody British.  Will NEVER stop thinking they should run the entire world, and they should cheat everybody, every time, on everything.

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agree. they still consider America a Colony! but Americans do not want to have a clue if it is them. Living in denial.

MuffDiver69's picture

Trump alluded to this today. apparently on Pucker Carlson tonight...word Iis he wants the congress to make fools of themselves first...

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What does warmonger McCain and its bartender senator pal say about this News? I would not be surprised Obama got the lead from McCain who is on a campaign against President Trump.

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The Illegal we do immediately, The unconstitutional takes a little longer--Kissinger.



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I heard he used Inspector Clouseau.  

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Nigga goin' down, Nigga goin' down, Nigga goin' down down down down down,

Time for him to be in the shipping container at the bottom of the ocean as well.

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Liberal plant posting racists claims, so future "investigations" can claim this is a racist site.

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Obama went all James Bond. lol.

This is going to wind up with her majesty jetting over to apologize for her misguided minions' douchebaggery to Trump 

& I seriously hope Trumpy DOES NOT ACCEPT !

That would be the best way to wrap up the 'poo fest.

Metglass's picture

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

man of Wool's picture

Here's an invite to join the empire.

If you get fucked off with the Tyrant and Chelsea Clinton is all the Dems can come up with?

Worth thinking about innit?


Nesbiteme's picture

The technology is real, but according to legal scholars, would have been illegal to use on Donald Trump or his surrogates without a warrant or probable cause.”


99.99999 % of th shit that our government and business and the CIA and FBI does is outside of what “legal scholars” would define as legal. So if a “legal scholar” shows up in your office to ask you questions, kindly complement him or her on his or her's straw hat choice and show him or her the door. 

ImUncleSam_ThatsWhoIAm's picture

What evidence is there supporting this claim? 

That's what I thought.  There isn't any.  #fakenews

Covey's picture

The trick when making fakenews is to lend an air of possibility or plausibility so that the reader/listener might give it a second thought.  The Brits and the US work side by side in communications intelligence and have done since WW2.

When it was announced that Mutti Merkle's mobile had been tapped it could have been the US wot did the deed, or it could have been the Brits doing it on behalf of the US, or the Scandinavians who passed on the data to the US.  The former Soviet Baltic States are pretty slick on intelligence in the former East Germany.

anti-republocrat's picture

Snowden informed us that everybody is wiretapped, without exception.  The only question is access to the already captured conversations.  Now we learn that NSA gives GCHQ unfettered access to all the data.  The only way to fix this is to bring Binney back in and put him in charge with instructions to dismantle all illegal capture mechanisms.

Covey's picture

When everyone worries about what the US is listening to up in the atmosphere, they forget that the Brits have GCHQ. 

All those little islands around the world left over from our colonial days?  Go count the radio masts.


Joe A's picture

It is called 5 eyes and there is also an extension of that called 9 eyes. They all cover each other's back and do favor for each others. So if countries can't spy on their people, then they let another country in these 'eyes' do the spying for them and somehow get the results. And then it is ok.

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THAT FITS my 50 years of experience watching the NWO!  Makes perfect sense and like I keep saying, it's ALWAYS WORSE than I think it is at the time!!!

Here I am, experiencing it once again!!!





man of Wool's picture

Interesting point is whether the UK government were complicit in an attempt by Obama to stop Trump becoming president. Jonathan Steele the ex SIS officer compiled a "dirty dossier" on Donald. Although Steele woks for a private company he is clearly overseen by SIS. They are in the same industry.

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follow the money

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So much for the "Brit" theory, Alt right. Trump just blew your cover. better luck next time.

Death By Cold Steel Report's picture


innertrader's picture

RIGHT NOW, TODAY, all I know is that for the last 50 years I can say, without a doubt, that the FED GOV. actions are always worse than I think they are at the time!!!!  EXAMPLE:  Eight years ago, there were qualified people saying that oBama's birth certificate was a "fake."  I didn't think that was possible, so I just didn't believe it.  Since then, it has been proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that oBama's Birth Certificate is a FAKE!!! That is my historical experience with the FEDs!  They KNEW it was a FAKE and covered it up in legal bullshit, period!  That is called "TYRANNY"!!!

Long story short, I don't think oBama is smart enough to crawl out from underneath his bed when the house is on fire, unless he was told to!!!  So, no telling who did what when, but my money would be on TRUMP'S phones and all other sources of communication, being tapped and used against HIM and the VOTERS that placed him in office as President of the United States of America!!!



In.Sip.ient's picture

Other than Fox, and this site,

you hear NOTHING of this

anywhere else...


I wonder why...

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