"Jail Time!" Trump Slams Snoop Dogg Assassination Video, Mocks MSNBC's Tax Leak

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After a several day self-imposed silence, Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning, slamming both Snoop Dogg's recent controversial music clip and last night's MSNBC leak of his 2005 tax return.

Two days after rapper Snoop Dogg released a music video in which he shoots a "f--king clown" dressed as Trump with a toy gun, an angry Trump tweeted  "Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!"

As reported before, in the video Snoop Dogg says “this is the final call,” before pointing a gun at the head of a cigarette-puffing clown dressed as Trump and pulling the trigger, at which point a “bang” flag shoots out from the music star's gun.

As the Wrap reported yesterday, a representative for the U.S. Secret Service said that the agency, which is responsible for the safety of President Trump, is “aware of” the video “Lavender,” which features Snoop Dogg shooting a clown-faced Trump stand-in with a toy gun. It is unclear whether the agency is investigating or planning to investigate the video, as the Secret Service spokesman said that the agency had no further public comment on the matter at this time.

Others criticized Snoop's "artistic" vision previously: “We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that, people should really be careful about that kind of thing,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told TMZ after news of the music video broke. "He should think about that a little bit. If the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you could have a real problem. I think people can disagree on policy, but we’ve got to be very careful about that kind of thing.”

Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, also registered his displeasure with the “Lavender” video, telling TMZ, “It’s totally disgraceful, Snoop owes the president an apology. There’s absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a president.”

“I’m really shocked at him, because I thought he was better than that. I’m not really sure I understand the artistic value to having somebody dressed up as Trump and firing a weapon at him,” Cohen continued. “In all fairness, it’s not funn

In a second tweet, in response to last night's highly anticlimatic MSNBC prime time event, in which Rachel Maddow publicized Trump's leaked 2005 tax return, and which showed the president making $150 million on which he padi a 25% tax rate, Trump lashed out asking "Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, "went to his mailbox" and found my tax returns? @NBCNews  FAKE NEWS!"

Ironically, Maddow's reveal may have backfired, because as discussed last night it showed that not only Trump made more money in a period in which many speculated he was in financial dire straits, but also paid a generous tax rate higher than that of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and even Bernie Sanders. As such, because it case the president's tax filings in a favorable light, many immediately suggested that it was Trump himself who delivered the tax return to MSNCB contributor David Cay Johnston.

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cowdiddly's picture

He owns the entire place now. Thanks to you and guys like snoop. He owns your ENTIRE DAY. Now get to work and quit slacking. HHAHa

Giant Meteor's picture

Operational procededure called for a phone call to the snipped dog and say, heh snip dog, say some crazy shit, better yet here is what you say,. Got it big Don,,,,

Thhhhhats showbiz!

crazzziecanuck's picture

Trump dominates because he's a distraction.  The Establishment needs people to focus on The Donald because if they looked up to see what was going around them, they're be millions in the streets.  The 2016 election could very well have been the largest orchestrated propaganda operation in human history.

Trump is the Establishment's man to release built-up steam pressure from years of continued economic decline and looting, just as Obama was in 2009.  Same sh*t, different stink.

jeff montanye's picture

starting with the republicans (hey jeb!) and hillary, trump has been almost astrologically fortunate (hey chris) in his opponents.  to flush the cia and the media that easily and convincingly is an accomplishment in itself.  

why exactly would president trump want to put julian assange in jail?  good luck with asserting civilian control of the armed forces most broadly defined mr. president.  

Bytor325's picture

I just need to know:  when did Will Wheaton get his own MSNBC show and how did he get a hold of Trumps tax returns?

wcole225's picture

Trump is impressing the Snoop Dog Doo out of me. The guy is a straight up street fighter with brass balls and crazy to boot! His enemies are panicked cuz nothing sticks to this maniac and he see's things way ahead of everyone else. I love the SOB!!!

froze25's picture

I agree Its been a while since we have had a set up Brass Balls in the White House on someone with experience in actually running a large enterprise. The homosexual Community organizer was a complete puppet and a failure.

Bopper09's picture

I agree, get to doing what needs to be done.  Delete the fucking tweeting thing.  'Social' internet is for teenage girls.  Not even teenage boys.  If you want to bitch about zuckerberg and google, don't rely on them as your source of fucking information.  Delete that shit.

IridiumRebel's picture

Oh FFS, it takes 5 seconds and gets his thoughts out to millions. Nothing controversial about the tweet. Now everyone is talking about Madcow and her shitty fuck up.

jeff montanye's picture

he's teaching others, imo.

fireside chats.

PT's picture

He tried using traditional sources but the third parties ignored everything he said and replaced it with "racist sexist Hitler grab her by the pussy".  So now he's bypassing them, going straight to the people and putting everyone on rations so the message remains clear.  I wish he could bypass Twitter too, but oh, well.  Maybe he should use ham radio instead.  That would really fuck 'em.

froze25's picture

You are flat out wrong, its is a method of direct communication and one that scares the snot out of the subversive Globalist scum bags in the Main Stream.

freewolf7's picture

It's hard to get traction in the swamp.
Tweeting from your corner of the room
indicative of what happens when you
challenge the deep state.
Boxed in, paralyzed.
I hope you have some moves, Donald,
beyond raging on Twitter.
Pence is waiting in the wings, and the
reptiles keep positioning patiently.

froze25's picture

Who are the reptiles? Is that a racist name for Asians?

MagicalUnicornFarts's picture

...Arts and Leisure was always a difficult pie piece to get

Laddie's picture

Well when you consider that in 2009 a US Army soldier, a White guy of course, wrote a poem that did NOT mention Obama, but had some reflections of a deceased leader, he posted it on a pro-White forum and the Jews who watch and monitor EVERYTHING contacted the Secret Service and the soldier was tracked down, arrested, tried and found guilty of a Federal crime. He was sentenced to a LONG prison term, and in the Fed system you RIDE the whole length. No early parole.

This is the SHITHOLE that the Tribe has made of America.

No Campus (Or Country) for White Men

Because too many non-whites couldn’t pass it.
New York to Scrap Literacy Test for Teachers. Guess Why.


buzzsaw99's picture

he whines on twitter and does nothing as per usual.

buzzsaw99's picture

still waiting for him to tweet: i'm old, and weak, and have completely lost control of my bladder! lulz

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I think this is at Trump's Comedy central roast:


Just a publicity stunt imo


Giant Meteor's picture

Exactly, this is probably closest in truth ..

One big (snoop) dog and pony show ...

yogibear's picture

To set an example snoop needs to be taken as a threat and do some jail time when Trump visits his area.

FreeShitter's picture

Living in that shithole (long beach) would be jail to me.

MsCreant's picture

"he whines on twitter and does nothing as per usual."

I have been thinking about that, it does make him look lame, or like he does not understand how his power works, yet.

Could be if he actually used the tools of his office, he knows everyone will scream that he is a dictator abusing his power. Like Obama using the IRS to go after conservative groups.

Jeff Sessions is the one that needs to kick it into high gear. 

Privyet_Jet's picture

Should have said "imagine Kid Rock shooting Obama." would have worked way better 

buzzsaw99's picture

he should have said nothing and let the authorities handle it. what he is in effect saying is that owebomber was a stronger president than he. this isn't the first celebrity to threaten his safety and get away with it.

Privyet_Jet's picture

he is the authorities.


you think the FBI, CIA, or LAPD is going to take this case upon themselves? Please

Erek's picture

"... from the music star's gun..."

Music star? Holy shit!

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed ,

Holy shit ...

Just another signpost of the nations moral bankruptcy ..

Fucking star .. talent

Fucking leech is more like it ..

Brain Drain ...

PT's picture

Did anyone buy the music?  Or was it a way to launder (drug? or other?) money?  I really don't know.  I only thought of the money-laundering angle recently, but it would explain a lot of people's crappy taste in "art" - be it "audio", "visual" or "performance".  No way of figuring it out from where I am standing.  Wasn't he an original "gangsta"?  Or was that just publicity blurb?

Golden Showers's picture

JayZ is pissed he didn't get that song written for him to spit by his handler. They must have tossed that one around for a minute at the record company. I guess the lyrics were too gay for Ice Cube, so it went to the loose jaw Short Dog wannabe Snoop Bitch.

To make it fair we need to see Snoop Dog's '05 tax return. That should even things out. That and DT making his own fucking rap video. Maybe Andrew David Sandberg "Andy" could help produce that fucker. I'd fucking laugh my fucking ass off. It sure beats golf as a pass time and why the fuck not? It would be so fucking bad ass to get a beat dropped over the Air Force One, Secret Service, Limo's, and the oval office with a bunch of fuckin' cubans ready to blaze all fierce. Who's the clown, now, Biaatch! Just to put that into perspective you could include such props as footballs, red buttons, and some 50 cal sniper action and a gold leafed M1 Abrhams running the fuck over all them shitty fucking cars and smashing through a long beach nigga's crib to get to the beach for some T&A outro type bouncy beach party.

From the looks of it, I'd say that Snoop Dog projects an infantile daddy complex: he wants to sit on his ghetto thrift store spray painted throne, smoke mad weed, eat sugar, and remain a child for the rest of his dumb ass life. Some people may find this edifying. It's too bad that a person with so much fame decides to stay in a mastubatory fantasy life than promote doing something like working on the bad ass whips in his videos. Personally, I liked that station wagon in the beginning. I'd ghost ride that.

So to sum it up, all Snoop Bitch has is a toy and the Killer Clowns have the fucking gear and mad skilz.


ToSoft4Truth's picture

Kid Rock has a son just like Obama.     He's one of them. 

Playtime's Over's picture

No Buzz, he's saying Obummer was in tight with the snoop dawgs. 

buzzsaw99's picture

and how does that land him in jail exactly?

jeff montanye's picture

excellent question, imo.  one could say that by not pursuing dawg he doesn't confer martyr status and look like he's overreacting.  also obama was a total chickenshit bully by what he did to, say, chelsea manning.  there is a strong president and there is a chickenshit bully president (bush and obama) imo.  watch out for mossad, they get the strong ones like jfk and nixon.  reagan lucked up on his assassination and then got sick.  

bust 9-11 and you suck all the balls off israel and the neocons with a giant vacuum cleaner.  vicky nuland included.










A_V's picture

Let's see how far black gangsta privilege will take him?!?

The Gun Is Good's picture

Imprisoned Snoop Dog = Poop Clog.

(He may not be viewed as being very tough in gen pop... surrounded by real, hardened, and violently insane criminals; he may find himself quite "popular" with a certain demographic there, however. His smooth voice and those purty lil' cornrows....)

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Throw Ivanka in a rap video. 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

whoviews and  listens to this crap?? oh wait niggers and wiggers, never mind.

PT's picture

Can't be bothered watching.  How did it compare with this one?


ICValue's picture

I'm suprised not to be seeing more news about vault 7... this may be a distraction too.

Platinum_Investor's picture

I think it's completely discusting that a celebrity can pretend or suggest killing the president of the United States and get away with it.  

Snoop dog is a washed up waste of air time. 

PT's picture

Yeah, but if he don't do as he's told then he don't gonna work in this town no more.

BetterRalph's picture

Starting in 2017, Snoop's doing a permanent AMPLIFIERS OF TRAITOR DISGRACE tour out your way.

propagate thy righteous fork() of boycott

is it even music?
I mean at some point the head choppers took their religion and made it into a death cult.

Back to snoop, at some point it isn't free speech, it's an attack. Just like an innocent film clip can contain a SPY's message.

Should this video be interpreted as a call to arms do you think you would care looking back if Snoop Dog met with the SHERIFF who made SNOOP clarify, I wouldn't. Could not hurt to bring him in (making it clear he's got no choice), ask him why there's a bee in his bonnet, or what is up. Send a message to the other misguided zombies, " enough already."

Platinum_Investor's picture

I think it's completely discusting that a celebrity can pretend or suggest killing the president of the United States and get away with it.  

Snoop dog is a washed up waste of air time.