Like Mother, Like Daughter? Chelsea Clinton Fans Speculation Of Run For Congress

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Thought you were done with the Clintons for a little while?  Think again.

Rumors are once again swirling in political circles that Chelsea Clinton has her eyes on a New York Congressional seat.  According to The Hill, Chelsea has been considered a potential candidate for Nita Lowey's seat in the House when/if she retires and/or Kirsten Gillibrand's Senate seat if she decides to run for President in 2020. 

Of course, Chelsea has fanned the speculative flames of late with her rather persistent twitter trolling of President Trump and members of Congress.  Here's just a small sample:


Yet many, even within Hillary's inner circle, caution that the time might not be right for another Clinton to enter the political scene.

Longtime aides, donors and supporters of the Clintons are still reeling from President Trump’s victory. With feelings still so raw, the timing might not be right for Chelsea Clinton to make the jump.


“Even if it’s a year or two or three from now, I still don’t think the timing would be right,” said one former aide who worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and has spoken to the Clintons since. “I know that’s not fair to her, but nothing feels right about it. It feels too forced.”


Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons said while the Clintons are “always thinking about campaigns and elections,” he said the Democratic Party needed to spend time looking for new leaders “and investing in them.”


“It’s time to look forward,” Simmons said.

Of course, with all the time spent analyzing Trump's 'tempermant' during the 2016 election cycle, one has to wonder whether someone who allegedly pushed their own COO to the brink of suicide would be qualified for public office...we're sure MSNBC can confirm.  Per our previous post:

After that, the situation escalated to the point that Band sent the following email two days later saying that Chelsea had pushed Clinton Foundation COO, Laura Graham, to the brink of suicide.  Within the email Band describes an encounter in which he received a "late night" call from Graham who was:


"...on staten island in her car parked a few feet from the waters edge with her foot on the gas pedal and the car in park.  She called me to tell me the stress of all of this office crap with wjc and cvc as well as that of her family had driven her to the edge and she couldn't take it anymore."


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George Soros to be investigated by State Department under Rex Tillerson as requested by US Senators

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That's the best news I've heard all day.

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Maybe Chelsea should test the water by running for dog catcher first. 

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I would tell Chelsea to fuck off, but I don't want physical contact with the beast.

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Chelsea is Hillary's prop. They told Hillary you need a child to look more motherly.


Hillary considers Huma more of her daughter than Chelsea


Chelsea is fully aware of the smoke & mirrors of this dirty business of politics:

 Now she isn't satisfied of her inheritance:

Stanford acceptance - daddy connections

McKinsey job offer - daddy connections

multi-million dollar home in NYC - mommy & daddy's money


Don't see what's the difference between this over-privileged brat and any other billionare's spoiled kids. What's her agenda? Give Joos like Robert Rubin and Larry Summers more money?

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Just gives me the chills thinking that this could ever be a possibility.

It is a truly frightening thouht!!!

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Everything was so much better before women started voting.

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Chelsea is one ugly cunt, she reminds me of Dopey the dwarf.

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Dopey was cute ugly.

She is vile in all ways.  That is why she will be attractive to the lesbian SJWs and beta males that infest nyc including the hideous strident brooklynites.  Yes that means you my younger, commie brother a beta male that i claim no affiliation with at this point. And his fat nasty wife who brought him into the commie cult

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Spittin' image of Web Hubbell.

Anne_of_Green_Gables's picture

Interesting how plastic surgery can smooth out those Negroid features she inherited from her biological father.

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Check out the Boards Chelsea is on...many are packed with other left wing tards esp Whore Vord grads.

I have an acquaintance who sits on a Board with her but have not had a chance to ask him about her. He's pretty delusional also so I'll take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Those people don;t need LSD since they are tripping (or being triggered) most of the time by something.

Bigly's picture

There is something about that place that alters people's minds.

It is like scientology. ..really. it is a CULT

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From the "Temple of Understanding"

NYU’s Center for Spiritual Life is a multifaith initiative to enhance the educational experience by fostering a community of scholars who support religious expression, leadership, integrity, mutual respect and open dialogue blah blah barff...

Chelsea Clinton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1980, and has lived in Washington, Palo Alto, Oxford, New York and London. She holds a B.A. from Stanford, a MPhil from Oxford and a MPH from Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Chelsea has worked in the private sector at McKinsey & Company and Avenue Capital. Currently, Chelsea works at New York University, with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative and is pursuing a doctorate at Oxford. Her recent professional and academic work, including her recent academic publications, have focused on how to improve access to relatively low-cost, high-quality health care services around the world, as well as questions related to what higher education should look and feel like in a global world. In her advocacy work, Chelsea has focused on questions of empowerment and equal rights, including areas related to health and the arts, particularly on those that concern children.

Chelsea currently serves on the boards of the Clinton Foundation, the School of American Ballet, Common Sense Media and the Weill Cornell Medical College. Chelsea lives with her husband Marc Mezvinsky and their dog Soren in New York City.

THE LUCIS TRUST (LUCIFER TRUST) The Lucifer Trust was originally founded in London, in 1923. The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to Lucis Trust to make the nature of the organization less obvious. It is the leading,socially respectable Satanic cult (it worships Lucifer).There is only one religious chapel at the UN Headquarters -the Meditation room which is run by - of all groups - the Lucis Trust! In 1963, the Lucis Trust founded a more distanced front group, the Temple of Understanding, which worked directly out of the U.N.premises until in 1984 when it shifted to theCathedral of St. John the Divine. The Lucis Trust and the Temple remain covertly entwined to this day.


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You missed this one:

What did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary?

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Highest paid whore in America.

Definately qualifies her for President.


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Isn't it a shame about Hillary's "two" daughters?  Her "daughter" Huma betrayed her by backing up everything from Hillary's computer onto her pervert husband's laptop that he was using to trawl the Internet for all sorts of vile pornographic fun.  In some small or big way, this helped lead to Hillary's downfall.  Thank you again Huma!  

Then her bio-daughter Chelsea that was meant to provide a symbol of normalcy/motherhood/family/apple pie is dissatisfied with all the largess the Clinton name and background has afforded her.  I guess you just can't do anything for some kids.  If we're all lucky, Mrs. Mezvinsky's husband will continue to follow in his father's footsteps so if the Clinton Foundation is never investigated to land the Clintons in jail, a good hedge fund scandal surrounding the Mezvinskys will derail any chance Chelsea has of ever going very far with any political aspirations she may have.  

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I do, if it involves pushing her whole family from a high place, to a low one...but you can figure out if I'm being literal, or figurative. Either one works.

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she is one fucking ugly mongaloid cunt.  Only to be outdone by her mother...

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Not nice, considering her father's sensitivity, depression and suicide. 

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. . . and before that she should show that she can actually catch a dog.

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She's a dolt. The sound of her two time loser mother's voice, makes me feel like I need a bath. The sound of Chelsea's voice makes me want to slit my throat. Add in that she looks like Webb Hubbell in a wig.....

wcole225's picture

She's a dolt. The sound of her two time loser mother's voice, makes me feel like I need a bath. The sound of Chelsea's voice makes me want to slit my throat. Add in that she looks like Webb Hubbell in a wig.....

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She's already 259 years old in 'people years.' Damn!

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Only because Lena Dunham can't legally call itself human.

I'm still perplexed why they let it wear people clothes.

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Only the ugliest white girl alive. Maxine Waters is #1 overall.

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Maxine Water? It's a maaaaan baby!

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I'm thinking more that she needs to run FROM the dog catcher.

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If she doesn't have a tag she'd have to catch herself. That could prove awkward.

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Bad job choice. She'd scare the dogs away.

I feel badly for the "male" that stuck his dick in that. You can already see the evil leaching out of her pores.

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Ugh! Chelsea the Clintonstein Monster! This is worse than North Korean democracy.

I'm going to be specifically sick...

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I would vote for Kimmy Jong first.

Gawd what does it take to make these hillbillies just go away.

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The Clintons are this generation's Kennedys.

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minus the honorable war-time service to country 

& the inability to dodge assassin's bullets.

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wake me up when ANYTHING actually happens

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Also Chelsea is uglier than a Bucket of Fuck


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It's almost like they crossed Hilliary Clinton with Webb Hubble

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Ding, ding, ding... we have a winner!

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Go Chelsea! You Go Girl! Ok I'll see myself out..