Relax, Global Citizen; The CIA Is Benign & Benevolent

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Authored by Pepe Escobar via Asia Times,

The massive WikiLeaks Vault 7 release is an extremely important public service. It’s hard to find anyone not concerned by a secret CIA hacking program targeting virtually the whole planet – using malware capable of bypassing encryption protection on any device from iOS to Android, and from Windows to Samsung TVs.

In a series of tweets, Edward Snowden confirmed the CIA program and said code names in the documents are real; that they could only be known by a “cleared insider;” the FBI and CIA knew all about the digital loopholes, but kept them open to spy; and that the leaks provided the “first public evidence” that the US government secretly paid to keep US software unsafe.

If that’s not serious enough, WikiLeaks alleges that “the CIA has lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal;” several hundred million lines of code — more than what is used to run Facebook.

Someone among the former US government hackers and contractors ended up leaking portions of the CIA archive (Snowden II?). WikiLeaks also stressed how the CIA had created, in effect, its “own NSA” – maximum unaccountability included.

Even though millions already knew – without the technical details – that they were being spied upon by their iPhone or their 4K Samsung, the Vault 7 revelations are far more relevant – and practical – to the average citizen than the 24/7 hysteria fingering President Trump as a Putin puppet. Intel sources are volunteering the – still unexplored – Vault 7 treasure trove is more crucial than what Snowden himself revealed.

And still, vast corporate media sectors embedded with the neocon/neoliberal galaxy are spinning that Vault 7 benefits Trump by changing the subject from alleged Russian hacking interference in the US elections and possible Obama administration-ordered hacks of Team Trump’s communications.

So, if anyone hasn’t got the message, the song remains the same.

  • WikiLeaks + Snowden + Russia + Trump = the bad guys.
  • CIA deploying its own NSA around the world = the good guys.

After all, CIA spokesman Jonathan Liu duly issued a non-denial denial.

Loony mainstream factions are even advancing that “the Russians” leaked the CIA info to WikiLeaks, thus fueling more suspicion that Russia will interfere in upcoming French and German elections.

May I have an Orwellian iPhone, please?

As we’re mired deep in an Orwellian total screen environment, already conceptualized by Baudrillard in the go-go 1980s, nothing so trivial as the technical proof we’re all being spied upon could alter the (im)balance. The US is already ravaged by a vicious sociopolitical war – and no “threat” to established narratives allows for nuance.

The implication is that, as it stands, there won’t be a US-Russia reset anytime soon – despite hosting invitations from Iceland, Finland or Slovenia; the neocon/neoliberal galaxy nestled in powerful deep state factions will do their best to deny it.

It hardly matters that Trump absolutely does not want war: his entire domestic US economy remix could not possibly allow it. The Pentagon now is essentially an extended special ops unit: it cannot possibly fight a land war (Iran? North Korea? Ukraine?)

Russia, on the other hand, would be ready for war if needs be. The S-500 missile defense system is being deployed: some analysts (not the Ministry of Defense) are sure it’s already protecting the whole Russian landmass. China, by 2021, will have more than 1,000 very mobile warheads, or hidden in those submarines lounging in Hainan. By that time, both Iran and Pakistan will be deep into a strategic defense network with Russia-China, via the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, shielded with their own S-400 and S-500 systems.

Putin is not playing chess. He’s playing Go — and if we look at the board, reality is indeed painful.

Moscow is all but deciding the practical future of Syria, in Astana. Russia virtually wrote the Minsk II agreements, routinely broken by Kiev. Crimea as part of Russia is a fait accompli. Novorossiya for all practical purposes is already a totally autonomous region, with the economy working in rubles. Erdogan owes his imminent regime change in reverse – a presidential sultanate? – to Putin, as Russia warned him about the military coup hours in advance, according to several Russian media sources. Moscow protected Iran’s energy industry during the hardcore OPEC negotiations. Putin all but designed the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Beijing has managed to convince Moscow that One Belt, One Road and the Eurasia Economic Union should be connected, merged and tackled as a win-win Eurasia integration process. If Russia eventually loses economic preeminence across the Central Asian “stans,” it maintains its paramount military/security status.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov never ceases to stress that “our relations with China are at their best level ever in our two countries’ history.”

Add to it a geo-economic gambit; hints of key factions of European business elites getting ready to hitch themselves to China’s growing – slowly but surely – monetary/financial clout, linked to Beijing’s imperative of preventing a collapse of global supply chains. Xi Jinping’s “inclusive globalization,” announced in Davos, sounds more and more like a reality in the making.

In contrast to reality, where China-Russia expand their strategies without exceptionalist illusions, 24/7 neocon/neoliberal hysteria offers a constant barrage of childish, pathetic eruptions. As the self-delusion school of foreign policy refuses to admit Moscow will not sell out China and Iran for a deal with Washington, the last refuge of the scoundrels is cognitive dissonance; fear of Russia incited to cold war 2.0 heights.

So, relax, global citizen; the CIA is benign and benevolent, even when they’re watching you. You have nothing to fear but fear itself – and its name is Russia.

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07564111's picture

It _will_ be a multi-polar world whether some like it or not ;)

Giant Meteor's picture

I agree. I mean for Gods sake even Rodrigo Duterte, Philipines, is flipping Uncle scam the bird ...

I mean who's next, Saint Kitts?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In Russia, you are watch TV, in USA, TV is watch YOU!

Giant Meteor's picture

Ain't that the truth ... 

Secret is you just set up a cardboard likeness of oneself, in front of TV, with middle finger permanently flipped upwards, and play endless music loop soundtrack,

Apocalypse Now

Ride of the Valkyries

Ya just got to know how to speak their language ..

See you in funny papers Comrade Boris!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is different solution, walk around apartment in naked and now and then, make close up on third nipple of hairy back. Soon state surveillance is not so much make interesting find of video feed.

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) Giant Meteor Mar 16, 2017 1:01 AM

Look! [Rocky the] squirrel! & Bullwinkle too!

G-R-U-N-T's picture

LOL, your welcome at my fire anytime Boris, but you have to wear cloths.

neidermeyer's picture

We've always been at war with Eastasia.

Giant Meteor's picture

Yeah, that'll sure fly. In the immortal words of Dirty Harry, do you feel lucky punk, do ya ? The country would implode, I mean further implode. Fucking draft .. Yeh, lets all go die for uncle scam! (against our will.) On the other hand, as long as banker, CEO , wall street kids, polticians kids and grandkids, go first, no deferments, I'm ok with it ..

Oh and Hollywood kids, Media personalities kids, grandkids etc ..

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In America, most conscription of soldier is order by peace loving socialist lefty like Wilson (1918), FDR (1943), Truman (1951), LBJ (1964), no? Usually end of draft is conservative like Harding (1919), Eisenhower (1953), Nixon (1973), yes? Democrat president and congressional majority is enact 1940 Selective Service Act, no?

Meh, but what is Boris know about such thing?!

Giant Meteor's picture

Good point comrade Boris ..

Thats why this article is entire, how you say, bullshit ..

Still is nice to rage at machine once in while,  No ?

francis scott falseflag's picture


In 20th century wars start during democrab administrations and end in republicunts

In 21st century wars start during both and never end, because there is no draft not to like.




Andrew G's picture

Boris is much old school, does not appreciate liberal modern politic. Boris should watch more CNN and not fakes new

TheEndIsNear's picture

Once upon a time, Elvis Presley was drafted, as an entertainer.

mc888's picture

A vague mention... 

"Every few years, there are calls from people right here in America for a return to compulsory national service."

amidst some drivel-ey mental masturbation.

Spamming your own article?



Skateboarder's picture

Right now you can remember the before times, the long long ago, when there was no smartpoops, and the Internet wasn't around yet.

Imagine in like 30 years, people will be so caught up in the technology they won't be able to remember the before times.

political_proxy's picture

In 30 30 years when [most] people are so implanted the wont be able to remember...

onlooker's picture

**"Putin is not playing chess. He’s playing Go"**

My guess is that less than 2% of ZH readers know or have played GO.  Wonderful game

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Japanese "GO" is fun game, but be careful not to put white piece too close proximity to bowl of mint or maybe you or guest is surprise break tooth or choke. (Boris' cousin Yuri can fix teeth for you.)

keep the bastards honest's picture

CIA most profitably would spy on info which would profit corporates, make money

TeethVillage88s's picture

All ist Klar...

"Relax, Global Citizen; The CIA Is Benign & Benevolent"

- We would like to now direct your attention to some in plane, in theater, in media... medication
- Relax, your muscles can now relax, you can take easy breaths, your breathing can relax... and now relax your feet and you neck for me...
- This is the time for community adherence... you can relax and it benefits everyone here
- This kind of relaxing will focus on muscle tension... now relax in a process, slowly from head to toes... neck relaxing... shoulders relaxing... the chest expands but now is relaxed that is right...

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

Only criminals concern themselves with such ridiculous concepts as 'privacy' 'free speech' 'bearing arms' and so forth.

You must not be aware of the fact that the constitution and bill of rights was written by literal terrorists who were WHITE MALES and they OWNED SLAVES!!!1 They were basically Nazis. The fact that you support these dangerous ideas makes you a racist and literally worse than Hitler.

PitBullsRule's picture

Wrong.  Thats so wrong I won't even know where to start righting.  Why you wanna be so dumb?

Al Armed's picture

That will be the argument that delivers full-1984. He's probably already wearing jackboots and can't wait to stomp on that first face. I used to wonder how rank-and-file Bolsheviks and Nazis could be induced to participate in the atrocities they did. It's not so hard to imagine anymore. I imagine them speaking with that same bloodless, unreflective, lethal certainty.

indygo55's picture

Have you read "Mein Kaumf"? I'm thinking no.


VWAndy's picture

 Thats funny! I like the leap all the way to worse than Hitler.

Ms No's picture

Just look at what is going on in Mexico.  This is one tiny butt-speck of what the CIA and friends have done.  That country has fallen to cartels, horrific poverty and fear.  They were behind all of it.  They were even caught red handed giving them guns.  They infiltrated their court system, politicians, etc.  People were being put into barrels of acid.  Teenagers were being forced to work for them or were put in mass graves.

The system is a tick and Mexico is getting squeezed hard.  The greater the suffering the bigger the tick.  That money sure as hell isn't going into the US treasury.  Imagine how strong the pilfering of that one country has made these bastards.  They will squeeze until the suffering becomes so acute that people push back.  In the US people have been spared this as they justified these psychopaths rampaging across the world.  Not for much longer.

indygo55's picture

And yet the BIS has a global office in Mexico City.


Grumbleduke's picture

They will squeeze until the suffering becomes so acute that people push back

That's why politicians on both sides of the Rio Grande are screaming bloody murder at the border wall. As of today, Mexico can get rid of its revolutionary pressure by simply turn the poor and desolate to the USA. The pressure goes away, and all's well for the Oligarchs.

If they can't send their poor to the US, then the pressure will grow and inevitably there will be some serios changes. Want to make Mexico great (and there's no reason for it being poor: resource rich, culturally rich, beautiful country) - build the fuckin' wall, and give the peasants some serious weapons and training!

c0nan's picture

We can fight back, but not until everyone knows the how we have been massively deceived on a daily / hourly basis. I promise you that this time, the truth will set you free:

Once you know the truth about this world we live in, they have no power over you.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell

We Are The Priests's picture

Real News here.

Tyler, you need to post more of Pepe's work.  He's talking about the shit that We the People need to be hearing about.  How about posting some of James, the Russian Analyst's stuff, too, or Bankster Slayer, or Wolf Grey...You know, the Rogue Money Team.

We Are The Priests's picture

Russia and China, via the Silk Road, are beating the West at their own game.  All the major European leaders know this, in spite of their general lack of admitting as much in public, and are moving toward China and Russia in order to escape the impending Euro and USD super nova flame out.  What remains uncertain about this move is whether or not Europe will make it as a union (EU), or as individual nation states through bi-lateral trade agreements with an economically unified China/Russia trade complex.

The NeoCon strategy in the ME is unsustainable, both politically--providing Trump can get a firm hold on power by taming the Civil Service section of the government--and economically because the Petro Dollar is dead and the USD as global reserve currency is in it's final throws and should be vanquished entirely by 2020 (The Rothchild's were hoping for 2018, although certainly possible, We don't think that's likely).  Given these circumstances, Iran is an economic giant just waiting to be unleashed from the shackles of OPEC and Petro-Dollar sanctions and Russia will, as Pepe points out, under no circumstances allow Iran to fall into the hands of the NeoCons.  Should Russia and China be able to bring Iran completely into the economic fold in an environment where the reigning dominance of the Petro-Dollar is now a fixture on the junk heap of history, there will be a major seismic shift in the polarity of funding being fed to both sides of Islamic Terror--Sunni and Shiite; which, by the way, is where the real detente needs to take place.  Nonetheless, if Russia and Shiite backed militia's in Syria (Russia's proxy to the US's Sunni groups) turn back ISIS and liberate Syria--leaving Assad in power--the war in the ME will be all but over.  But wait!  What about Israel?

The East has always met West, where?  Turkey.  And Turkey is big time back in the news, and not only that, but Turkey is firmly in Russia's grasp, which means it's only a matter of time before Turkey leaves NATO, which, unless Donald Trump can beat Turkey to the punch, will be the end of NATO, and with NATO gone, Israel will abandon the dying West in favor of an alliance with a much more powerful and expanded Eurasian Union.

Once this shift in which the ME will be dominated by the East occurs--the enfolding of the African Union into the Eurasion Union will occur during this same period--the world will finally be divided into two geo-political and economic spheres.  Which is exactly what the globalist's are trying to accomplish in this stage of their plan.  Remember, a single global governemt and economy is only created by first creating regions from nations, then spheres from regions, then "One World" from two spheres.

LadyMarmalade's picture

My best friend in the world was born in 44 and did 6 tours in Vietnam, twice as a Green Beret, and you know what he taught me? The US government is the must ruthless bunch of bastards in the world...other than the US insurance program. How weird is that?

VWAndy's picture

If them tools ever ended up in the right hands?  Boy howdy that would be something.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe looks to over simplify global relationships.

DuneCreature's picture

I think the CIA and the CIA Con-tractor boys are going to have way more problems at home than worrying about Russian hackers.

It looks like most of the hackers into dot gov networks and servers are Pakistani and named Awan. ... Most of the server visits are to assure the heroin will flow smoothly and maybe to keep the CIA 'good Muslim terrorist' group Club Gulan off of the radar.

Day 143 Part 3

I still find something curious about all this hacking. .......... Where the hell is the NSA? .. What the hell do 30,000 people do all day that are supposed to be watching the all communications? .. We have to have some poor guy in Oregon figuring all of this hacking and DC intrigue out by himself?

I mean, OK, we have a enemy mole in the FBI covering crap up as hard as he can in McCabe (and Comey) but where the hell is the NSA while this is going on? .. They have enough fiber and gear over at Ft Meade to wire up China. So what the hell are they doing all day with it? ..... Not tracking hackers or drug trafficers obviously.

Live Hard, The NSA Seems To Be Able To Track ZH Commentary No Problem, Pakistan-Turk-DC CIA Drug Dealers, Not So Much, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Last of the Middle Class's picture

In retrospect, pairing the phone with the PDA was absolute brilliance. . . For the CIA.