Savage on Alex Jones: ‘We Are in a Civil War Now’

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The good Doctor was on Alex Jones for 45 mins today -- discussing a variety of topics.

Some of the notable moments were:

We're in a civil war with the left
The left in the GOP are part of the democratic party
How the family structure was targeted by Marx and now by the left
Soros, Pelosi, Maxine Waters
Cuba and Castro
His dinner with Trump and his sit down with him over a large bowl of iced cream
He hinted at a class action lawsuit against some of radios ad agencies

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IMO, the ultimate goal is discord and nothing else. The controllers want anything but unity.

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Heavyweight Championship of the World in the streets. The Right wins! Let's get to it

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ironically, the real battle is between the ultra neomodern zionazi messianic antigod old testament faction against old guard christian wasps of the germanic protestant tradition(which includes the church of england) in an unholy alliance with southern europe catholics(which includes the orthodox christians of constantinople...and putin's russsia.). muslims are just being used as agitators, antagonists, anarchy.

this is a battle royal! a trip through the ages. the history of the known human world, perhaps the culmination of eternity.

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Disagree with any of the Catholics being on the good side - quite clear that institutionally they are 100% with the antigod faction:

However the Eastern Orthodox Church is in the vanguard of the resistance

PS: His name is Michael Alan Weiner, and Alex Jones married into the tribe - controlled opposition

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Savage complains about Republican insiders undermining Trump but then tells us that he went with the founder of NewsMax to see Trump.  NewsMax has done everything possible to undermine Trump before he got the nomination and since. 

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The Real Fly has great articles. Thanks!

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Best hour of radio I have heard in a long time. Jones brings out the Genius in Savage and keeps him focused and Savage does the same for Jones. It was incredible to listen to...

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Faggots, witless leftists, nigs, dykes and muslim pig dogs will likely march on DC may 1st.

They'll make a huge mess.

Paid operatives will open fire.

The fun begins.

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Reckon we could convince them to move it up a month to march on April 1 (April Fools Day). Why put it off? Let's get it on.

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"Israel" means "to wrestle with God."

With eighteen forms of the word "Elect" constructing the spine of The Constitution, what's most important in the "establishment of Justice" is the sovereign People's determinining exactly who is "Chosen of God."

Michael Savage is not.

The cult psychosis which brought us the Holohoax and "State of Israel" is satanic: pure manifestations of the cult-impaling Christ-killers who are yet Rome's hirelings, sowing confusion and misdirection in covert support of the Vatican banker-intermediary pedophile homosexual Rothschild/Rockefeller Fifth Column ruling false-elite President Trump may be only pretending to oppose.

Only America is Isaiah's foretold "Israel" and all we need do to cast down the Anti-Christ's Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon now upon us is bring to justice those proven to have killed John and Martin, did 9/11, and who openly promote illegal immigration by Hispanic Roman Catholics as an organized army of pawns for invasion and conquest of America.

Truth and Justice must rule America under God alone.

Death for Treason 

Arrow4Truth's picture

"Truth and Justice must rule America under God alone." To which god are you referring? Themis, Dike, Justitia, Astraia?

iamerican4's picture

Americans worthy of the name know our post-Scientific Revolution Founders named only the Creator of the universe, the Deity, God Almighty as our Sovereign.

Other other gods are of Satan. 

graftvshost's picture

You spew that superstitious paranoid nonsense and have the lack of insight to talk about 'cult psychosis'?  Get back on your medication.

QuantumEasing's picture

Care to rebut his assertions?

Or just another poo-flinging fecofiliac here to vomit forth your scatological sophisms?

iamerican4's picture

Their claim each Saturday by false-Jew Rabbinical Talmuidism's "Synagogue of Satan" that all White, Black, Red, Brown, and Yellow Americans are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" their duty as "gods chosen by God to rule the world" is "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" is satanic cult psychosis that only their mishpochas would deny.

True Jews can be American but those who deny Isaiah's prophesies of Zion only fulfilled by America deny God as well, hence like Zionists are not "Jews," who by definition must love God and seek holiness and righteousness.

graftvshost's picture

There's your problem right there. It's all made up shit for gullible folks like you to waste your entire life yammering on about.  Feel free to continue yammering.

iamerican4's picture

Try gaslighting some other Goy, Lucifer.

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fat boy alex jones dancing in Washington DC  with his friends.  Gee ya think?    

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What a drama queen this Khazar 'Dic Savage' is, lol.

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'Savage' was good in the early 1990's when he was local.   I know.   I listened to him when he got his start as a late-night guest on KGO radio.   Was very good on social issues.    

When he went 'national', he simply picked up the baton of 'conservatism' and the prevailing anti-Clintonism which is what gave 'conservative' talk radio its legs in the first place.

Much like his nemesis, Mark Levinowitz, they are keen to which way the political wind is blowing and tailor their programs accordingly.   Always remember that.   Same with Glenn Beck.

In the end, it's all about ratings with these guys and they're clever enough to chameleon their way around to survive. 

graftvshost's picture

Bingo! It's all about ratings/money (ad revenue, etc) with these guys, and unthinking outrage is the new black.  Many are being played ON BOTH SIDES.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 15, 2017 10:03 AM

The question is how to get the Chinese influence and other commie cronies out of our institutions.  Look at the faculty of any state university with a STEM program and it's usually chock full of Chinese "professors".

Drive them all out.  Make school American again.

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Government at all levels today is filled with women and immigrants, who used women, veteran and minority hiring preference rules, which is fine, except with 1,000 overseas bases staffed by 100,000s of foreign nationals, who work five years then get a US green card, government is a reverse- or anti- meritocracy now, and the reason they will no longer publish org charts. And it keeps on growing like a cancer. Applied the other day for Program Outreach Coordinator job in a department of 100% women, $72,000 a year, full benefits, 7% interest on deferred salary and a PERS retirement. The Program? 'PICK UP YOUR DOG POO'!!

My buddy who just retired and travels the world on PERS, said wear knee boots, ear rings, dye my hair blue, and go in 'LGBTF'. They would *have* to hire me to make their quotas. It's gotten so bad another buddy has achieved legal administrative 'white disadvantaged minority' status, after proving racial discrimination, but none of the hiring women will honor his legal status, so he's living in a trailer now in the badlands out by Bakersfield, being harassed to vacate because the land might be oil frackable.

Now just imagine if Trump/Bannon/DeVos succeeds in defunding public schools, (which are 73% women and minority) and diverting school lunch program funding, pre-school funding, after-school funding and arts- and sports-program funding into 100,000 points of Solyndran Hebrew/ Evangelical madrassas, with no national standards, and no administrative requirements, other than to pack students in like sardines and teach Fundamentalism, leaving public schools as pre-delinquent holding cells that feed directly into private for-profit prisons and for-profit mercenary military. Imagine that Red world 'horizontally' by 2020, when 75% of those disappeared into prisons are American men, and administrative government keeps growing at 10% a year.

Trump isn't the Saviour. Trump is the Executor!! Trump isn't cutting Mil.Gov. Trump is raising their debt ceiling to -$30 trillion!

E pluribus poo-em!

One Ton Lady's picture

the problem is not the Chinese. The problem is the Talmud. 

Reaper's picture

Start in Senate.  Cowards always run and hide.  Indict McCain for aiding and abetting ISIS's war crimes; there's plenty of evidence on line.

monad's picture

We are at war with Warren Buffet and company. Always have been. The only left is their left jackboot. Makes the same dent as their right jackboot.

iamerican4's picture

Buffett is CIA, as proven by his facilitating their CapCities takeover of ABC.

The Gun Is Good's picture

My bad. I saw the words "good doctor" and expected Ron Paul.

Obnoxious, self-important Savage is late to the party as usual, but whatever. (Syrup of ipecac is still a useful medicine. Whatever it takes to wake up the khaki and loafer conservatives, I guess....)

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PoasterToaster (not verified) The Gun Is Good Mar 15, 2017 10:05 AM

It's funny but it's true.  But then, conservatives tend to hate liberty these days so its not surprising they don't care for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is an old fashioned American, and conservatism is a cobbled together big Statist con job.

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Politics in the US boils down to whether you prefer the elite consensus to be sugarcoated with Jesus or with hedonism.

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Anyone know why Savages youtube channel was pulled? Says some bull about third party copyright infringement when you try to access it, but not seen anymore detail, and didnt hear anyone reference it on InfoWars

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What a couple of crack-pots.  Especially Alex Jones, a professional lunatic.  What a tragedy that Trump associates with these assholes, more proof that he is not qualified to be president.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) PitBullsRule Mar 15, 2017 10:02 AM

Do you need some salve for that Hillary Clinton butthurt? lol

graftvshost's picture

Nice one! Did you think of that all by yourself? Or did you just cut and paste it from every comment section known to man.  This country IS doomed if any difference in viewpoint/opinion is met with only ridicule/derision/stereotypical thinking.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) graftvshost Mar 15, 2017 11:44 AM

You don't have a difference of opinion.  You're just a useless troll.  You get what you give.

Sandmann's picture

PitBullsRule = Snoop Dogg

Boscovius's picture

Condolences on the failure of your candidate.

roadhazard's picture

Another drama queen against the Left. THEY got your ass right where they want you.

WTFUD's picture

Best everyone lower their expectations as this current landfill's only getting bigger.

No Dead Bodies in America ( only outside ) = NO CHANGE. Now stop polishing them guns and start firing them, FFS.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And long overdue!

I'm an American.

And ready, willing and able to torture and murder the likes of Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon, Morning Joe and Mika Brezezinski and those that OBEY THEM!!!

ableman28's picture

You can share a room with Edgar Welch.

Cloud9.5's picture

Torture in the physical sense as in skinning a person alive is something you should only embrace when you are willing to surrender the last vestiges of your humanity. None of these useful idiots are worth that.  A permanent fall from grace, a shunting off to mediocrity, and jail time for actual crimes committed is all that is needed.  We either restore the rule of law or we simply become the other side of the same coin.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Question Cloud you really should be asking yourself after this happened ( which created the framework for AG(s) "Freddo" Gonzalez and John Yoo to say that it's not torture "until organ failure" is to try it out on the ones that made the provision(s) for "it" and then wiped the blood off their hands to say "I'm not the one who ordered it"? I only rendered the "opinion"!...

You can argue they "just followed orders"?... -thinkin Nuremburg... And set the example by doing to them what they themselves did to Germans and Japanese after WWII with or without a nuclear weapons!

Critical thinking skills tell me that after the NDAA and Pat Act(s) your existence to the "top of the food chain" don't matter anymore which means you either kill them all with the tools they violated the "Rule of Law" with or you become their next MEAL whether it happens willingly at a FEMA jungle or through a nuclear induced "sun tan"!!!

That advice is free. What you do with it will determine what remains of the rest of your existence.

Cloud9.5's picture

I have no political cause or religious leaning that would cause me to torture anyone.  War is war; it is horrific but torture does not work.  First off, the person being tortured has limited knowledge about the enemy’s plans and those plans have a very limited shelf life once the trigger has been pulled and forces launched. Secondly the victim will say anything right up to implicating his mother simply to stop the pain.  The information you receive is very likely to be fantasy.  So torturing an enemy combatant is largely useless and horrific. Kill one of my children and I will lose all constraint.  The ancient Aztec will surface and shut down all critical thinking and I will skin you alive.  On one occasion I caught a glimpse of this ancient during a failed home invasion that almost took my wife and son.  I know he is there, hiding in the shadows.  Consequently I make no pretense about being a moral man. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Alex Jones is Stratfor selling "Hasbara"!

One Ton Lady's picture

What is fascinating is how both of them started about the same time  ,  in 1996.   Alex Jones always was controlled opposition.   Nobody gets rich dispensing truth. If you tell the truth, you do not get wealthy.