The Tolerant Left: Michael Savage Attacked Outside Restaurant, Dog Kicked

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How long can we permit them to keep getting away with this sort of stuff? There will come a day when the right wing goon squads will have no choice but to place these people into large shipping containers, and then sink them to the bottom of the ocean.

Meanwhile, right wing tards continue to get beat down -- across the nation.

Last night conservative talk show host, Michael Savage, was attacked by a 6'5 man outside a restaurant after eating dinner -- who also kicked Savage's dog -- because liberalism is a mental disorder.
Michael's attorney said they'll be pursuing felony charges.

"We're going to seek felony charges against the man and we're going to investigate this as a Hate Crime because of Michael's political views."

Here is Savage's account of the assault.

"I was leaving Servino's restaurant when a total stranger followed me out of the restaurant and confronted me. He said, 'Are you Michael Weiner?' I turned to him and sid, 'Go away, I don't know who you are. I turned to leave and he pushed me and I fell down. He moved toward me to pushed me down and he shoved my 10-pound poodle out of the way to get to me. He has lied and said I pushed him. That is absurd. Both of my hands were holding onto things!"

Savage and his dog are okay. Some websites said Savage incurred a bloody nose, but that has yet to be confirmed.
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On the other side, it's amazing how self-restrained Trump supporters are, no matter how dirty they may curse, how wrong their views may be, or how much they hate certain people. Their self-restraint is unbelievable. They rarely lash out physically.

This is the difference between Trump and Hillary.

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I agree with that. The restraint shown by the conervative minded is in stark contrast to the violence and hysteria confronting them.  The dam will eventually break though and I think we will see the right's capacity for violence is no less and if anything probably more organised and effective. That's a banal description of revolution or civil war I suppose.

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It's a difference is brain structure.


Leftists my push people down and kick their dogs.But unless they are organized by someone who needs useful idiots they usually don't have what it takes to do anything important other than kill a random person or two.

When the right has had enough you get hitler and blitzkreig, pinochet and helicopters, or some something wood chippers


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Oh yeah, here's an example of an alleged Trump supporter's 'unbelievable self-restraint':

"unbelievable" indeed.

Take heart though, I'd wager Anders Breivik would wholly approve of your usefully idiotic comment; congratulations, I guess.

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Umm, that's in Canada, so not sure what relevance the Donald has...


Btw, fair chance Breivik had "help" - see here

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I didn't see anything in your link contradicting my assertion that A.B. would likely approve the comment.

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Of course. I mean it has to have been, otherwise... 

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When Trump spoke to Congress, the Dems were catatonic. I can't say anything good about Trump to any family member or friend without being violently attacked. This is unprecedented in history. The good man Trump has only done good so far I can tell. Why?

If your mother voted for Hillary, she would still kill her only son if she finds out that he likes Trump. And this won't change if Hillary is given a fair trial and found guilty of mass murder.

This is real mass sorcery (systematically induced mass psychosis). They all knew that Hillary was a mass murderer. The moment they cast their vote for her, they sold their souls to the Devil. Maybe there is room for redemption, maybe there is no turning back.

If Jesus came back today and talked to Hillary voters face to face, they would call him Antichrist and besiege him. The prophecy says that this will indeed happen, 999/1000 of humanity will oppose Jesus when he returns (not all Hillary voters), and all he can do is pray to the Almighty to rid the earth of them, and the Almighty will grant that prayer.

Nobody is safe from these trials and tribulations. We can only pray that we will keep our faith in the Almighty until the end.


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"If Jesus came back today and talked to Hillary voters face to face, they would call him Antichrist and besiege him" - even if He was allegedly rich and decidedly Orange?

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and you let him do that to you?


what a fucken pussy

my dad would have wooped my ass if i didn't go back and "set things straight"

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C'mon, someone play the anti-semitism card. 


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What the fuck is a "Hate Crime?" This is a Criminal Case of Assault as per the Criminal Fraud STATE, INC. Stature / Ordinance. Plain & Simple.

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1) This was not a hate crime, as there is no such thing as hate crime. There is only crime, true justice is blind, it doens't care who you are, or why you did it, only that you did.

2) It is not liberalism that is a mental disorder, the founding fathers of America were all liberals, children of the enlightenment, these people are socialist. If we want to combat this evil we first need to call it out on its True Name

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Their true name is not socialist but globalist.  The intent is world domination.  That rhetoric about the colored folk is a ruse to keep the masses agitated.

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(((The Globalists))) utilize socialism and communism to rile up the masses. We're all slaves now. There are different factions of slaves and they use the division to distract us and further their goals. Niggers, Wiggers, Chiggers and Spiggers. We all equal now bruhs!

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I know not one 6'5" White man that is Left or Left-leaning in the least.  Odds are that this was a Negro perp.

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That would be unusual in Tiburon.

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That's what you get for owning a pseudo dog.  A german shepherd would have ripped the guy's arm off!

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Speaking of the 'tolerant left', remember Edward Price, that National Security Council spokesman who quit his job a while back because of 'Trump's actions', and had 'nothing to do with politics'?  Turns out he had donated $5k to Hillary right before the election, figuring she'd win.

Well, I just walked past a TV at McD's with CNN on, and there's that wispy douchebag, now going by 'Ned' Price, blabbing about Trump being the man with the nuclear codes, trying his best to paint Trump as a dangerous nutjob.  And no doubt failing to detect the irony.

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Not ED "Ned" Price.... they're so tricky!

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Sure his real name isn't something like "Priceberg"??

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Teddy should have voted democrat.

I'm pretty sure canine Americans can register to vote in San Francisco.

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he was attacked!!  lol sounds like he was threatened, and pissed his depends,

where are the pics of this "Savage" beating? was he admitted to the ER? where?

is his Weiner ok?

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The fake liberal you have depicted as a patriot only exposes how disconnected you are!!!


Many both within and beyond America's borders labor under the delusion that US policy is determined by the nation's elected representatives amid a careful balancing act between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. In reality, the inner workings of US policy resemble nothing of the sort.

Exposing the Real Deep State


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Nice link. Tony smells a bit CIAish.

Those who run the FedScam, funded Hitler, staged the Holohoax, killed JFK and MLK, did 9/11, run MSM, Hollywood Babylon and Pizzagate, and promote illegal immigration, all with impunity, comprise the Deep State.

They are the Anti-Christ and the Fifth Column Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon now attacking Our Holy Naiton of "unwalled villages," the New Israel, America, Isaiah's prophesied "Zion."

As the People come to God Almighty, Our Sovereign, prompted by the Apocalypse ushered in by Trump, the Beast (Deep State) shall be cast down. The Risen Babylon (Anti-Christ) shall then "fall in a day." 

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Have you ever considered an alphabet agency invented Jesus? 



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If you're American open your consciousness to God (better even than reading the "Adams-Jefferson Letters") and prayerfully watch this video. God is real and to effect this miraculous Creation eased Its Conscience by manifesting as Christ Immanuel...and to point out exactly who is the Anti-Christ whose Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon Fifth Column is now attacking "Israel," America.

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Mike Savage had a plan.... until he was punched in the face.


Mike Tyson?

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Yes, more proof every day that liberalism is a mental disorder and should be classified as such by the CDC ... requiring straight jackets and heavy doses of drugs... maybe even a mandatory lobotomy ... wait, what do you mean, "too late"?

Was the mentally deranged person arrested for assault and battery?

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Grandad Grumps Mar 16, 2017 10:33 AM

Why does everyone continue to call it liberalism when they are obviously Flaming Red Communists?

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exactly, that's offensive to all the fawning neo-liberal sycophants posing as anarcho-capitalist unicorns and working so hard to lower the tone here on ZH

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"Hey, stupid. Yes, you, my agent. My new book is out today. How come my sales aren't higher?"

Agent punches Teddy.

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I don't see any evidence the alleged 'vicious, intolerant shover/dog kicker' is somehow a 'lefty'.

When did guilt become a summary thing, dependent entirely on the presumed political leanings of the attacker/victim? (j/k- I've been on ZH long enough to know the favoured echo in the chamber)


That aside, your 'real fly' is undone with this first place finish in a Tijuanian bicycle race. Sure, other than in self defence/or defence of the weak violence is rarely righteous, but it takes a special kind of doublethink to tar someone a hypocrite when the thing they can't tolerate is unjustified intolerance.


"hey kiiids. You wanna soundtrack that's gonna make ya feel tense? Let you express your frustration? Make ya skeered? Wanna run out and buy a gun?

You wan' another rockn'roll record that'll make you feel like a victim. You're like a victimyou LOVE to be a victim. You love the United States Prime Time victim show!" - Timothy Leary

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He should have pulled his concealed carry piece and fired several shots from the ground into the tolerant leftie assailant!

Fixed it...


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Unfortunately he lives in SAn Fran area, he's probably got no CCW. :(

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...and then said "That's for kickin' my dog bitch!"

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He's welcome to walk my Italian Bull Mastiff anytime..."does your dog bite? ...

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First thing that caught my eye was the 10 pound poodle.  Weaponize your dog!!!

An 80-100 lb well trained dog that knows when to attack on command is a great deterrent and a great companion.  Anyone with 2 functioning neurons knows a large dog is dangerous if provoked.

From a tactical standpoint, if I was a public personality with strong opinions focussing on the right side of the debate, an older male and walking in a world full of haters, I'd never go out in that world unarmed. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!  


 Whether I carry a knife (I carry 2 fighting knives) or a weaponized walking cane (I carry a Cold Steel Steven Segal TenShin walking staff) and a good pistol (I carry a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special revolver loaded with 165 grain Hornady Critical Defense ammo) and am trained to use all 3, my situational awareness is always in Condition Yellow when I'm out in the world.

Savage must up his game big time or the next time he gets sucker punched by a 6 foot 5 thug he might not get off with little more than bruises and a bruised ego.  

BTW   I live in Nevada, have a carry permit, train others to get theirs and am an NRA instructor.   That said, I could give a rat's ass whether a state allows me to carry  a gun

Fuck that shit.  

I carry because that's my right to do so and fuck the politicians  

It's way I roll and I carried in California from 1970 to 2009.

Totally illegal and ask me if I gave a shit.

Anarchyteez's picture

Kimber makes a badassed two shot pepper pistol too.

A .44 revolver for carry??? I prefer my Ruger .380 for obvious reasons but love the ballistics of the 44.

francissba's picture

I hear you Anchy and confess to being a little over the top when it comes to carrying.  I chose the 44 special for local use as we live at 7000 feet in the Cascades, bear country and these '300-400 pounders have not fear of us bipeds.   When I'm over the hill at the range it's a Para USA Commander 1911.  When we're in Reno or Carson I prefer a deep carry Glock 26 with Hornady.  Funny thing about gun preferences.  Women like to accessorize with purse and shoes. I like to accessorize with pistols, ammo and clothing and know I'll get some shit about being some metrosexual douchebag but what the hell, choosing the blaster to go with the clothing and locations is entertaining.

Sometimes I ask wifey "Does this gun make my ass look fat?'  Yes.  It depends on whether it's IWB or hard external holster.  Fortunately, I carry a little extra avoidupois so conceal is easy

BTW  People ask me why I carry a 5 shot revolver.  Wheel gun is no brainer.  Press. Bang.   

I read extensively the FBI studies shootings over the years. Bad guy on bad guy, Cop on Bad guy. Good guy on bad guy.  4000 videos and films of shootings  Their conclusions caused me to think hard about what might be the best middle ground option for carry gun.   I call it the RULE OF FIVE

The FBI discovered that there were 4 common things in a gun fight

1.The gun fight took place at 5 yards or less

2. On average there were 5 shots fired.

3. The fight was over in 5 seconds

4.  My personal edit.  Low light no light gun fight.  Most look place after 5 PM or before 5 AM

Rule of 5 means a 5 shot pistol is adequate. But I have no problem with 15 round mags either.


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I bet you could knock that gut out just by looking at him with the Clint Squint.

francissba's picture

I wish I could but the Clint Squint is patented and trademarked. Anyone who tried it with get the real Clint Squint  And that'll end badly from the poseur.  Besides which it's hard to do the squint when you're a four eyed toad like me.

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He was attacked because he's been speaking out about PEDOGATE people! Leftists are FAKE AMERICANS who are into Sharia law, not US law.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Karl Marxist Mar 16, 2017 10:34 AM

You're either an American or a Communist.  You can't be both.

ASimpleTrader's picture

I see #FakeAmericans has already made it to 0H. :)

ASimpleTrader's picture

I see #FakeAmericans has already made it to 0H. :)

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I couldn't stand to go to a restaurant that had someone's else's flea bitten, scabies-covered dog in it that was licking its balls while I tried to eat a meatball.