"All Clear"? European 'VIX' Crashes By Most Ever To Record Low

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With the Dutch Election behind them, it appears European stock investors see nothing but smooth-sailing ahead...

Europe's VIX collapsed overnight - by the biggest relative amount in its history - to close at the lowest level since the Euro began...


For context, this collapse compressed the relative risk premium for European stocks over US stocks to zero... something we have only seen historically at extreme systemic stress points...

So the 'all-clear' seems to have been given - don't worry about French elections, the rise of AfD in Germany, Turkish tensions, the ECB on the verge of tightening, and peripheral bond risks rising... just dump your hedges.

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Somebody knows something.

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In USA panic is spreading as immigration police begins arresting illegal immigrants even in courthouses.


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I interpret this as "Insurance is on sale." Cause nothing bad could happen to Europe, right?

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Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha
Oh, is this is about as crazy as it can get?

Don't betchur life.  We're still approaching Peak Madness.

Lena Dunham/2020   (JHFC, I am NOT putting a sarc next to that! You get it, right?) 


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Resistance is futile. 

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Lena/Chelsea 2020

all aboard knukles' bandwagon  ((a self driving tesla))

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I just cannot wait for my Uber Prog Govt Employee buds who drive the Teslas pucker chunks when the thing Blue-Screens just at the wrong time.
This AI shit is Crazy!

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"Dunham 2020"


Campaign headquarters at KFC or basement of Comet Ping Pong?

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Charlie and his "buy protection" call... Awaiting another quant guru (kolanovic) to confirm /s

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a good vix spike usually takes a few months to play out. it isn't a surefire megaloser like the 3X funds are. Ironically this might be a good time to buy and hold for six months. hope for a double on the up side but figure losing 25% on the down. their timing is humorously awful though.

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I know I know, i'm long vix index calls with vxx puts as a hedge

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Speaking of the devil...kolanovic article has just come out

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I'm just so tired of this VIX shit

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Happy days are here again

Now that Wilders lost, and Rutte's the man

Next we're gonna smash that bitch LePen

Happy days are here again!



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Oh well I guess I should put all my savings in stawks then.

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Its official, I have replaced the word "vix'ed" for the word "broken." 

Now, when I mix in the words fixed with vix'ed - no one has any idea what I'm saying -  especially when there's a 5:1 inverse split.

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Where is my printing press motherfucker?

"Full faith and credit"

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Where is my printing press motherfucker?

what? you were supposed to buy FAG stocks on the dip. it's not our fault if you don't listen.

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DOW drop 10pts, its so scary!! /s

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European rally will collapse soon.

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...This bull beast is just catching her breath...Too darn quiet on today's pullback from yesterday's highs. be patient...The market price peak won't arrive until no one expects it."..It'll hit like a thief in the night..." I'm keeping my powder dry until ES June rattles the 2429-ish zone...