Deported Mexicans Vow To Flood Into Canada - Immigrating To "The U.S. Is Over...Now It's Canada's Turn"

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Canada has been applauded in recent months for its decision to lift visa requirements for Mexican 'tourists' as of December 1st.  Rather than a visa, under Trudeau's administration, Mexicans are now only required to have a so-called Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) which can be purchased online for CAD $7.

As one media outlet praised, the move "provides a stark contrast to proposed policies from the US president-elect Donald Trump, who has said he will immediately deport between two and three million illegal immigrants and will build a wall along the US-Mexican border."

Not surprisingly, news of the rule changes in Canada quickly made the rounds in the migrant community with one recently-deported Mexican nationalist declaring that "For those without documents, I think (the United States) is over. Now it's Canada's turn."

Sure enough, in just the three months since Canada's visa rules were relaxed, the number of Mexicans interested in "vacationing" in Canada has soared over 300%. Sure, who wouldn't want to abandon the sweltering 70 degree heat in Mexico for a relaxing vacation in the frozen tundra of our northern neighbor in the dead of just makes sense. Per Reuters:

Canadian government data shows a tripling of Mexicans seeking to travel to Canada in the three months since the visa requirement was shelved.


It is not a firm indicator as many people could be genuine tourists. But tie it to a surge in calls and emails to immigration lawyers from recently arrived Mexicans looking for work permits, as well as the accounts of deportees like Rita and Mexicans already in Canada, and it suggests a new migration pattern may be emerging.


Seven immigration lawyers, consultants and activists told Reuters that requests for legal advice from Mexicans who had entered Canada since Dec. 1 had roughly tripled compared with the same period in 2015-2016.


Between December and late February, Canada has granted more than 61,500 eTAs (Electronic Travel Authorization forms) to Mexicans, about triple the number of quarterly tourist applications received in the year before the visa requirement was scrapped, official Canadian data shows. The true scale of Mexican immigration will only become fully apparent in June, when early arrivals on these eTAs are due to leave.


Flight bookings from Mexico to Canada also swelled 90 percent in January and February versus the same period in 2016, according to travel analysis company ForwardKeys, which reviews all major travel agency bookings. It is unclear what percentage of those bookings were made by people looking to work illegally in Canada.



Of course, the problem with relaxed immigration policies is not attracting additional 'tourists' to your country but getting them to go home once their invitation expires.  As one migrant who recently immigrated to Toronto told Reuters, once his time as a 'tourist' expires he'll have no choice but to "stay and work illegally."

In 2015, Victor Avila, a 37-year-old architect from Oaxaca, returned home voluntarily from the United States after five years working illegally in Freehold, New Jersey. Shocked by the low wages in Mexico and traumatized by the local murder of his brother, he applied for an eTA.


Avila arrived in Toronto a few weeks ago and found work in a restaurant. He was in the process of applying for a work visa, but said he would stay on illegally for a year if it wasn't granted.


"I think for many of us in Canada, there's no other option but to stay and work illegally," he said.

Unfortunately, while Canada's relaxed travel requirements were applauded as an enlightened, progressive alternative to Trump's xenophobic, racist approach to immigration, under the surface, Canada's policies function much like Trump's proposals.  As immigration lawyers point out, while 'vacationing' in Canada is easy, getting a work visa can be nearly impossible and Mexicans with a criminal record are not welcome.

Many Mexicans believe the eTA is all they need to set up in Canada, but in almost all cases they are wrong, immigration lawyers said. The eTA does not even guarantee entry.


Even if they get past the airport, many low-skilled Mexicans hoping to work illegally are likely to be disappointed, lawyers said, noting that it's difficult for those entering on tourist visas to get work permits without an employer's sponsorship.


Some Mexican visitors told Reuters that Canadian immigration officials went through their phones and asked tough questions designed to trip up those seeking to stay and work illegally. While some got through, others were sent home.


Canada says those convicted of crimes, as well as gang members, are inadmissible, making it hard for criminally convicted Mexicans deported from the United States to enter.

Just ask Alejandro Becerra's how accommodating Canada's open-minded, progressive immigration policies are..

Alejandro Becerra's experience is a cautionary tale for Mexicans dreaming of a new life in Canada.


The 30-year-old former bankteller from Mexico City got a job offer to work in construction in Toronto and flew to the city on Feb. 7 on an eTA.


Becerra told a border official at the airport that he was coming as a tourist and showed him his return flight. The official didn't believe him and examined his phone, where he found messages discussing Becerra's job in Toronto.


Becerra spent the night in a detention center, and the next morning he was taken in handcuffs to a plane that would return him to Mexico.

Perhaps Mexicans are learning that our 'progressive' northern neighbor isn't so progressive after all...oh well, there's always California.

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keep the bastards honest's picture

If US stopped its drug trade.. Mexico could cleanup. Just legalise drugs and thats it.

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This crap has been going on long before drugs became a problem. During the depression to save jobs in the US the government deported every Mexican it could find and even American citizens of Mexican descent were deported. It's the system in Mexico and other countries down there where any kind of movement up the ladder is almost impossible if your're near the bottom of the barrel. If we were as racist and shitfaced as the intellectual morons claim we are these people wouldn't be coming up here in droves, they would stay home.

Offthebeach's picture

It does seem like they are attracted to our racist ass, and flee the loving arms and conpanionship of their honest, peaceful kith and kin.  A veritable conundrum. 

captain-nemo's picture

WOW. This is really good news for Canada who wants them and needs them so badly :)-

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

They're just doing the jobs Canadians won't do. Picking gooseberries, plucking puffins...

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture


When the Canadian winters get too cold, they can always go somewhere Mexico

not dead yet's picture

When it gets cold out my Mexican neighbors have remote starters and crank up their cars as much as a half hour before they leave. Guess in Canada they will stretch it to an hour.

soulcalibur's picture

Going to be really cold. also found this story earlyer you guys might like

Ness.'s picture

Time to start building a wall between US and Oh Canada.  We knew this was going to happen when the dipshit up North declared Canada a LBGT/Muslim/safe zone but... now adding the  Let's Make Canada Mexico Again crowd to the mix.  Tihis is going to be fun to watch.  As Tony Kornheiser says, "Good Night Canada."

Shift For Brains's picture
Let's Make Canada Mexico Again 
There's a million dollar tee shirt idea right there, I tell you.
walküre's picture

there's actually some anthropological relevance there...

how about : MCIA .. Make Canada Indian Again ?

the race is on between Chinese, Indos, Indios and Indians (a.k.a Mexicans)

Canadian school kids get indoctrinated from early on how wonderful and progressive and enlightened the Natives were and that every non-Native Canadian today is guilty for eternity because they "stole the land" and "tried breeding the Indian out of the Natives"..

Americans better take a real good look at what Canada is today before moving there

TeamDepends's picture

No thanks, we shall remain here in our own fucked up country. In fact, everybody should- aw, never mind.

Jessica6's picture

That argument holds less weight with each generation, especially as the populations immigrating from India and China grow. And more dna and archeological techniques point to Natives having more European origins than previously thought (isn't it odd how there is an East coast tribe called 'Mic Mac' and some of the tribal systems were similar to Scottish clans?)

I could see at some point in the future Canadians of English and Scottish heritage heading to Britain and tossing out all the Muslims and Nigerians, etc. if this keeps going. Why are only Native north Americans and Jews entitled to a country based on Heritage?

Either people are entitled to a swath of land because their ancestors hunted on it in the stone age, or it's irrelvant. But enough double standards!

not dead yet's picture

You can't build walls everywhere as it would box them in. Give them an easy exit into Canada. In the US take away all Fed aid to sanctuary cities except for California and watch them vacate all the other states for Cali. Those idiots out there are the biggest supporters of illegals so they deserve to be up to their eyeballs in their favorite people. When that happens their tune will change and they will be the biggest supporters of deportation and a closed border.

user2011's picture

East coast speak French.  West coast speak Chinese.  And middle region speak spanish.


Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer's picture

North Region speaks polar bear?

TheVillageIdiot's picture

Several problems with this article. The least of which is undocumented illegal aliens that have a valid passport...


I have started a new game here in Calgary, and given the lattitude, and sentiment of the public... we are starting a new game called Cowboys and Mexicans.


We are armed, and unnatural things happen every day. We do not need a wall, except to keep out the fucking libtards from the USA, we are all good. Game on.

donkey's picture

Will you take our libtards and then go 'Cowboy' on them?

Lyman54's picture

In Edmonton we play Cowboys and Somnali muslims.  Calgary can't play Cowboys and muslims because your mayor is a gay muslim.

silverer's picture

When will it be Zimbabwe's turn?

Doom Porn Star's picture

"Alejandro Becerra's experience is a cautionary tale for Mexicans dreaming of a new life in Canada.


The 30-year-old former bankteller from Mexico City got a job offer to work in construction in Toronto and flew to the city on Feb. 7 on an eTA.


Becerra told a border official at the airport that he was coming as a tourist and showed him his return flight. The official didn't believe him and examined his phone, where he found messages discussing Becerra's job in Toronto.


Becerra spent the night in a detention center, and the next morning he was taken in handcuffs to a plane that would return him to Mexico. "


Common sense approach.   I only see one problem.

The illegal tried to gain entry by lying/committing perjury to a federal immigration official; which -at least in the US- is a felony.

This should result in the perjuror being charged and convicted of said felony in Canada as a mere matter of processing as there really isn't anything to argue in a court proceeding.  He lied to customs -end of story.   Maybe hard labor in the frozen norte would be a proper sentance instead of just getting a free ride home.

The right thing to do to stop such from being serially attempted by the perpetrator/felon is for there to be a permenant internationally searcheable record of this international crime.  The perp should be barred from accepting any offered a job in any foreign nation as the laws ( of nations, not merely some arbitrary local set of laws ) are not respected.


Shift For Brains's picture

This is a win-win all around. It allows Canadians to feel they really are inclusive global citizens while we use a conveyor belt to get the illegals out of the US.

Let's see how the Québécois like it when they have to Press 2 for Spanish. 

You do have to feel for the Mexicans who are trying to scratch out a living, however. How desperate must you be to hold a degree in architecture and voluntarily go to Toronto to work February. That's a freakin' Donner Pass situation.

bkwaz4's picture

1 is French, 2 is English, 3 is Farsi, 4 is Spanish.

Its a smorgasbord

Hal n back's picture

ya had me at press 2 for spanish, and the smorgasbard ellicited a laugh too, rathe rthan my spending 30 seconds of a phone call going thru all that, b4 you get to the meat and potatoes of the telephone tree.


how many jobs were "lost" by automated operators with the time and work shifted to the customers.

If the debt does not kill us, the "diverse culture" will. 


northern vigor's picture

I'll trade you one of our goat humping Moslems for three of your Mexicans. 

aloha_snakbar's picture

Take my wetback, please...

I bet they will *love* the weather up there...

Shift For Brains's picture

Take my wetback, please...


I love the old Henny Youngman lines, don't you?

aloha_snakbar's picture

Oh yeah...

I take my wetback everywhere, but he still finds his way back into the country...

rich1657's picture

"do what you like, but don't do it here."

aloha_snakbar's picture

You dont have to go home... but you cant stay here...

johnwburns's picture

So I guess what 3rd worlders are saying is that they don't care where they live as long as its not the shithole that they helped create. 

Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer's picture

Why do these spics pour into the white countries?  Why don't they go where they speak their native tongue throughout South America and Central America if Mexico is so bad?  Why not go to Spain?  What is it with you spics?  Jews, nigs and spics...send them all back.

not dead yet's picture

Recently they had a huge march of morons in Spain where they demanded Spain take in more immigrants. Why not fill their quota with immigrants that already speak Spanish? Instead of deporting illegals back to Mexico put them on a plane and drop them off in Spain.

EvilScientist's picture

Actually, during better economic times many people from Latin America moved to Spain (also discriminated there when of abvious indio descent). These times are long over and Spain is in a heavy recession with large unemployment and low wages for the local Spanish population. So good luck moving to Spain and finding a job when many Spanish (especially higher educated) people move all around Europe where they can find employment.


aloha_snakbar's picture

In no time the new national language will be "Sprench"....

aloha_snakbar's picture

If you like your brown locusts... you can keep your brown locusts...

I am thinking the LEAST we could do is provide a one way shuttle service for Latrinos from anywhere in the US to Canada..

1.21 jigawatts's picture

They should try to tunnel their way to Canadia.

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I don't think all the Middle Easterners in Canada will like all the Mexicans coming up there.

bardot63's picture

Q.  Why do Canadians always do it doggy style?

A.  So nobody has to miss seeing the hockey on the TV. 

user2011's picture

On average, a human body acts like a 75W heating element.    Say 2 million mexican go up north to canada.  That is an equivalent of 150 million watts of heat.  It will help warming up area.  And with warming climate and the expertise of mexican in farming.  Canada does not need to import more vegetables.    Warmer climates = less money for energy bill.  less expensive produces means more saving for Canadian.     A good deal dude !!  Win-win situation.

CRM114's picture

You see, this is the problem with amateur physicists. They ignore the math 'cos it's hard and decide whatever their little brain wants.

If you put all 2 million mexican immigrants in Winnipeg (home of the Human Rights Museum) in mid-February, then they would increase the heating by 0.32 W/m2, on average, whereas the Sun is delivering 632.88 W/m2 at noon. So instead of -44 (doesn't matter what you measure -44 in, it's Faarking cold),it would only be -43.9995. And they'd all be dead by suppertime.

Megaton Jim's picture

So, wetbacks are causing global warming?!? That's what I thought................

Buster Cherry's picture

Your analysis of the heat generated by an average Mexican, at 75 watts  (255btu) per unit is flawed because when he's pushing a non self propelled lawn mower in July or is burning with dengue fever he'll be creating much more heat..

A typical person working in an office environment is good for 450btu/hr.,  at 3.41 btu/watt , so, yes, Mexicans should be better heat sources, as long as they don't become receptionists.

just the tip's picture

as i understand it, you are an advocate of global warming.

you are aware that the agave plant can not survive a canadian winter.