Deported Mexicans Vow To Flood Into Canada - Immigrating To "The U.S. Is Over...Now It's Canada's Turn"

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Canada has been applauded in recent months for its decision to lift visa requirements for Mexican 'tourists' as of December 1st.  Rather than a visa, under Trudeau's administration, Mexicans are now only required to have a so-called Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) which can be purchased online for CAD $7.

As one media outlet praised, the move "provides a stark contrast to proposed policies from the US president-elect Donald Trump, who has said he will immediately deport between two and three million illegal immigrants and will build a wall along the US-Mexican border."

Not surprisingly, news of the rule changes in Canada quickly made the rounds in the migrant community with one recently-deported Mexican nationalist declaring that "For those without documents, I think (the United States) is over. Now it's Canada's turn."

Sure enough, in just the three months since Canada's visa rules were relaxed, the number of Mexicans interested in "vacationing" in Canada has soared over 300%. Sure, who wouldn't want to abandon the sweltering 70 degree heat in Mexico for a relaxing vacation in the frozen tundra of our northern neighbor in the dead of just makes sense. Per Reuters:

Canadian government data shows a tripling of Mexicans seeking to travel to Canada in the three months since the visa requirement was shelved.


It is not a firm indicator as many people could be genuine tourists. But tie it to a surge in calls and emails to immigration lawyers from recently arrived Mexicans looking for work permits, as well as the accounts of deportees like Rita and Mexicans already in Canada, and it suggests a new migration pattern may be emerging.


Seven immigration lawyers, consultants and activists told Reuters that requests for legal advice from Mexicans who had entered Canada since Dec. 1 had roughly tripled compared with the same period in 2015-2016.


Between December and late February, Canada has granted more than 61,500 eTAs (Electronic Travel Authorization forms) to Mexicans, about triple the number of quarterly tourist applications received in the year before the visa requirement was scrapped, official Canadian data shows. The true scale of Mexican immigration will only become fully apparent in June, when early arrivals on these eTAs are due to leave.


Flight bookings from Mexico to Canada also swelled 90 percent in January and February versus the same period in 2016, according to travel analysis company ForwardKeys, which reviews all major travel agency bookings. It is unclear what percentage of those bookings were made by people looking to work illegally in Canada.



Of course, the problem with relaxed immigration policies is not attracting additional 'tourists' to your country but getting them to go home once their invitation expires.  As one migrant who recently immigrated to Toronto told Reuters, once his time as a 'tourist' expires he'll have no choice but to "stay and work illegally."

In 2015, Victor Avila, a 37-year-old architect from Oaxaca, returned home voluntarily from the United States after five years working illegally in Freehold, New Jersey. Shocked by the low wages in Mexico and traumatized by the local murder of his brother, he applied for an eTA.


Avila arrived in Toronto a few weeks ago and found work in a restaurant. He was in the process of applying for a work visa, but said he would stay on illegally for a year if it wasn't granted.


"I think for many of us in Canada, there's no other option but to stay and work illegally," he said.

Unfortunately, while Canada's relaxed travel requirements were applauded as an enlightened, progressive alternative to Trump's xenophobic, racist approach to immigration, under the surface, Canada's policies function much like Trump's proposals.  As immigration lawyers point out, while 'vacationing' in Canada is easy, getting a work visa can be nearly impossible and Mexicans with a criminal record are not welcome.

Many Mexicans believe the eTA is all they need to set up in Canada, but in almost all cases they are wrong, immigration lawyers said. The eTA does not even guarantee entry.


Even if they get past the airport, many low-skilled Mexicans hoping to work illegally are likely to be disappointed, lawyers said, noting that it's difficult for those entering on tourist visas to get work permits without an employer's sponsorship.


Some Mexican visitors told Reuters that Canadian immigration officials went through their phones and asked tough questions designed to trip up those seeking to stay and work illegally. While some got through, others were sent home.


Canada says those convicted of crimes, as well as gang members, are inadmissible, making it hard for criminally convicted Mexicans deported from the United States to enter.

Just ask Alejandro Becerra's how accommodating Canada's open-minded, progressive immigration policies are..

Alejandro Becerra's experience is a cautionary tale for Mexicans dreaming of a new life in Canada.


The 30-year-old former bankteller from Mexico City got a job offer to work in construction in Toronto and flew to the city on Feb. 7 on an eTA.


Becerra told a border official at the airport that he was coming as a tourist and showed him his return flight. The official didn't believe him and examined his phone, where he found messages discussing Becerra's job in Toronto.


Becerra spent the night in a detention center, and the next morning he was taken in handcuffs to a plane that would return him to Mexico.

Perhaps Mexicans are learning that our 'progressive' northern neighbor isn't so progressive after all...oh well, there's always California.

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EvilScientist's picture

The whole business of converting tar sands to some kind of pumpable oil (for the US market) heats up canada more than your imaginary millions of uneducated mexican immigrants. Unluckily, it also pollutes the soil and rivers so maybe not the best  idea to create farmland. Fishing there turns out to be highly toxic for the first nations living in the affected areas.

In a more or less closed system - for instance when you are having a party with many people in your house they will heat up the air and offset some of your heating needs in winter (if the house were insulated, so maybe not in the US). In an open system heat (CO2, methane, and so on) will dissipate and finally heat up the whole planet. So if you want to help people in iceland and greenland as well as in canada grow their own foodstuff then please opt for a larger car/SUV and a larger house with less insulation.


aloha_snakbar's picture

I hope they dont decide to leave at the same time; there are not enough sets of jumper cables on the planet to keep that caravan moving...

AlbertthePudding's picture

Guaranteed to bring the price of real estate down in Canada...where is their strong leader?

zagzig's picture

OMG, come on up - Mexicans in -40 C degree climate. LMAO. They will run back to Mexico in less than a week with frost-bitten fingers, toes and penises - any appendage not atached to the body and then some. What the hell will they do here - serve salsa sno cones at the ski hills? Good luck my frozen little brownies (I'm a brownie so I can say this). This is the funniest threat yet to us Canadians. BTW, we love those exotic Mexican ladies - lots of men here and not so many women. We'll take yours, believe me. Hahahahaha - Mexicans in Canada. My side hurts - I hope I can sleep.

Megaton Jim's picture

Infect the bastards with Ebola and send them back, the flood will stop PDQ!

cherry picker's picture

A couple of months of January, February weather will help them change their minds.

Why do you think so many Canadians go to Mexico in the winter? :)

GoldHermit's picture

My exact thoughts! It's as dumb as an ant crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind.

directaction's picture

After occupying Canada they'll hop over the Arctic ...
and invade Russia.
Then China.
Mexicans are the future of humanity.  

Albertarocks's picture

Russia has nothing to worry about, Mexicans won't even make it far into Canada.  Canada has this quirky trick of freezing them solid for about 8 months each year.

just the tip's picture

so what you are saying is they will be retracing the steps of their ancestors from about 10K years ago, across the artic bridge?  of course they weren't mexicans then, they were asians, wanting to get the hell out of asia.  some migrated as far south as  chile and argentina.  but they weren't chile and argentina then either.

so what was it you were saying about the future?  back to the future?

dogismycopilot's picture

well, i guess the horde of 'immigrating' muslims invited in by Trudeau will need slave labor too.

GoldHermit's picture

The real problem as I see it is that they still have to come through the United States to get there. How many of the morons do you think are going to get lost on the way ?

Albertarocks's picture

Apparently they live just far enough away from Canada that they don't know about the bears.  Americans do.  lol

Zepper's picture

Dont worry these fucking mexican Pope certified COCKROACHES hate the fucking cold. They will never migrate there. They prefer temperate places like California, Texas etc. Where the weather is great and the bread crumbs are plentiful!

artichoke's picture

I don't call them cockroaches.


I call Muslims in lands where they don't belong (e.g. "Palestinians"), cockroaches.

Peak Finance's picture

FUCK! Now we are going to need a wall on the northern border too :( 

alphasammae's picture

If Trump wants to build and pay for the Wall, my advice to President Trump is to hire Mexican workers to build the wall and build a wall across the border with Mexico that competes with the China Wall and  then create tourism to the Great Trump Wall and pay for that wall through tourism. China Wall is #1 Tourism to China.

Lets put some sense and dollars business plan to pay for the wall that will benefit both sides USA and Mexico. 

Northern Lights's picture

Can hardly wait for the beaner's to state that the Province of British Columbia was at one time part of the Mexican Empire and that it was stolen from them and that reparations are in order and they should be able to stay forever.

Fucking beaner's.  The problem with Mexican's is where-ever they find themselves, they think they're in Mexico.

headless blogger's picture

They "think they're in Mexico"....That's because they are so stupid. I deal with these people daily. It's bad. They can't run their own country. They want ours, but don't give a rats-ass about the Constitution.

Northern Lights's picture

As a Canadian, my parents live right smack in the middle of prime farming land.  If it gets out of hand, I'd personally visit any farms that I feel are harbouring illegal spics and call the cops on the farmer.  Shit like this has a way of ironing itself out.

Currently, farmers are using the special program that allows them to bring in temp workers from jamiaca and mexico to work and then sends them back.  In fact, the government forces the temp workers to pay unemployment and pension taxes even though they aren't entitled to use any of it.  Fuck'em, they won't last long here.  Trust me.  Housing in the big cities are $1 million plus.  In the burbs it's $600K.  You can't live on rent working at a fastfood restaurant and pay rent of $1200 a month.  They wouldn't last.  Their chance at getting a foothold in Canada was back in the 90's and they missed that boat.

artichoke's picture

Sounds like our Bracero program from the 1950's.  Something we should consider going back to, as long as we make sure female workers don't drop anchor babies here.

You don't have that issue do you?  A baby isn't Canadian if born of a foreign mother on Canadian soil, are they?

Dave's not here's picture

Cold is going to be the only thing to limit their numbers.  The U.S. Gov. (see tax payers) subsidizes these people and so will Trudeau. Rent wont be the issue..

wherewasi's picture

They can afford the rent if 20 of them live in the same place...  (like they do in the US)

cheech_wizard's picture

So much winning... Kek be praised.


hmmmstrange's picture

They are making good time. I estimate the Mexicans will be at the Russian border in a year or two.

cheech_wizard's picture

It's only a three mile trek from the American border.

Standard Disclaimer:

Bunga Bunga's picture

Enjoy GST/HST taxes and government-owned liquor stores.

headless blogger's picture

I admit, I'm very prejudiced against Mexicans. Send in a honduran or Panamanian and no problem. BUt Mexicans are in a class all themselves. They are the most Entitled people I've ever been around. Unlike the little princess, Katrina Vanden Heuval, who lives in a gated community and has never worked in a plant with these people (but believes in an open border), I HAVE worked with them and I can honestly say, Mexicans are some of the most Stupid people you will ever meet in your life. Many refuse to learn English. They are back stabbers and very racist and tribal. They have no clue about the Constitution and do not care. They just care about what they can get for free.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Stop building the wall and start building the Mexicadian Expressway? Nonstop, no exits from Mexico to Canada. Half price as you only need the North bound lanes.

Zoomorph's picture

Enjoy the long, cold winters, Mexicans....

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

Hey meestar, how much for your seestar eh?

Chinadastan now becoming El'Chinadastan?

alphasammae's picture

Surely Canadian mines will benefit from the influx of Mexican hard workers but I believe they have been there already for years before Trump.

. . . and when all the Mexican cherry and lettuce pickers leave, who is going to tend the farms, make the wines and pick up the crops? Will NYC people be wiling to go to California and work the fields for minimum or less wages and end up with back atrophy upon retirement?  Only farm business owners know and understand the hard work of these people, they are ireplaceable unless we again import chinese labors like in gold era.  At some point Social Security fund will show a big dip as all the payroll contributions due to Mexican workers dries out which assisted the SS fund meet entitlement payments as these workers will not draw benefits on dummy social security cards and no papers. Labor contractors and coyotes should be end big losers to the outflow of these workers.

south40_dreams's picture

Canadians are just white mexicans anyway

TRM's picture

"Canadians are similar to Americans but they have pet Frenchmen they teach to play hockey" - National Lampoon

Vinividivinci's picture

Could'nt be worse than the invasion of the French here in shithole Montreal.
Come on up spics, you can have my min wage dishwashing job anytime.

taketheredpill's picture



Kanada been fucked ever since that asshole Champlain ran agound many moons ago....

homiegot's picture

Lube up, Canada.

jughead's picture

You'll freeze your dick off, vato. 

bluskyes's picture

Mexicans have been flooding into Canada for decades. In southwestern Ontario, the Mexican Mennonite population is dis-proportionately involved in meth cooking / trafficking / dealing.

They are a closed society, and don't like talking to the cops.

mpcascio's picture

Nothing like a fresh Canadian taco.

wdg's picture

Bring us your rapists, your drug dealers, your criminals, your gangs and your welfare parasites so that you can build shanty town hellholes in Canada as you do in Mexico. In fact, you will recreate Mexico in Canada because that is all you are capable of with an average IQ of 85. Justin Trudeau wants you because he hates the Europeans who built Western Civilization in Canada. And Canada is not yet destroyed. 

SubjectivObject's picture

The USG will provide free scheduled border to border secure bus service.

If CAn does not take you, we'll even bring you back to Mexico.

0hedgehog's picture

Mexico to Canada? Wow, they better have a taste for cold weather and some winter duds!

SummerSausage's picture

Have you seen the size of the illegal Mexican community in Chicago?  It's been the illegal destination for decades.  Or the large Somali populations in Minnesota and Maine?

So long as you provide housing, heat & foodstamps - which Canada does more generously than the US - they'll come.

Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

You ain't lying! Chiraq has become a cesspit of illegal fucks...even here in la de da Dupage County...

restelle's picture

I'm a dual US/Canadian citizen with family still living in parts of Ontario.

Last time I went to visit my great aunt in Kingston, the Canuck Immigration actually held me up at the border, searched my truck, phoned my aunt, and then asked me WHY I was visiting and how LONG I planned to stay!

Beaners seem to be able to travel much more freely.




thecondor's picture

As long as Mexicans and central Americans don't use the US to drive, walk or hitchhiking to Canada then I don't give  a fuck about who Canada takes in.

Cognizant Millennial's picture

Did anyone actually read the entire article...or just the headline and first paragraph? Surprising reading some of these comments.


Doesn't sound like they're having an easy go getting in here and actually staying. Also, they can't exactly just climb a fence that runs a few thousand miles and disappear in to a little town with a nice, familiar climate like they can in the US. Our winters will have them dreaming of that Mexican Sunrise in no time.