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Loose Cannon


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Back in the days of sword and sail, warships mounted heavy cannon on their decks in such a way as to maximize their range of fire. Out of necessity, this meant the cannon were not permanently fixed in place and needed to be properly lashed to the deck during high seas or violent maneuvers. The cannon, cast from iron, were extremely heavy weapons of war and wrought great death and destruction if they ever broke free from their restraints and got loose on deck.

Today, the phrase ‘loose cannon’ is used to describe an individual, usually a politician or other ‘authority’, who has become reckless and rash, lashing out senselessly at anyone and everyone within reach. Dangerously uncontrollable would be a proper description of both the loose cannon and the described individual.

But I am not referencing Donald Trump or any other individual for that matter. Instead I am speaking with regard to the faceless, nameless, uber powerful chameleon better known as the Deep State, the existence of which has been repeatedly mentioned in the mainstream and alternative press of late. However, I am not necessarily claiming the Deep State itself is the loose cannon. Read on for the answer.

While various forms of the phrase “Deep State” have been around for decades, I began to pay particular attention soon after the false flag event of 9/11, when I launched into deep study sessions reading the likes of Smedley Butler, John Perkins, Roger Stone, Michael Ruppert, Daniel Ellsberg, Tom Engelhardt, Peter Dale Scott, Noam Chomsky, Webster Tarpley et al. The list is deep and varied and by no means does it represent strictly truthsayers. To truly know your enemy you must understand their tactics, methods and disinformation/propaganda. 

I was aware of deeply hidden forces within the US for most of my adult life, based mostly upon my experiences within the counterculture movements of the late 60’s and 70’s. But my second and deeper awakening unfolded when I absorbed a wide and diverse swath of alternative authors and history. My rapidly expanding understanding of how deeply embedded and controlling the Deep State had been, and still remains today, was personally and emotionally unsettling to say the least.

Nobody wishes to admit they were conned. Even worse is the ego blow administered when we concede we have been compliant and complicit through a combination of gullibility, greed and narcissistic self interest. Navel gazing is rarely pretty when seen up close and personal. The bottom line is I didn’t know because I didn’t want to know. Any excuse to explain or justify my so-called ignorance is offered to sooth my tattered ego and falls on deaf ears when brutal honesty is pursued.

Just because I didn’t know doesn’t mean I couldn’t know if I had wanted to; a fact most of us avoid acknowledging under any and all circumstances. We simply cannot declare ourselves thinking and aware individuals if all we compute is preprogrammed propaganda trash. Garbage in equates to garbage out and results in a fetid garbage dump located between the ears.

Similar to how the martial arts expert leverages his opponent’s weakness to defeat him or her, so too does the Deep State leverage our ignorance and denial against “We the People”. Just because we acknowledge the phrase “Deep State” doesn’t mean we recognize, let alone understand, the Deep State itself.

Previously our collective ignorance was encouraged by clever disinformation, bald faced lies and outright denial of the Deep State by the Deep State itself through its various public organs, aka the mainstream media, various ‘think’ tanks and its multitude of managed authorities and officials. When a captive culture is dependent upon paternal authority for affirmation of its very existence, whatever the authority deems real (or not) carries great influence within the dependent herd.

This conditioned way of thinking, of being, is so deeply embedded within our ‘self’ that its existence is denied by nearly all, at least on a personal basis. Tragically, this is why even mentally strong individuals can rarely accept a promoted ‘truth’ for what it really is……a lie, particularly if the lie flies in the face of deeply engrained and conditioned beliefs.

This helps explain why so many people must continue to believe the official lie about 9/11 truth. To fully reject the lie is to reject themselves and what they believe in. You might as well ask them to cut off a pound of flesh as to get them to seriously question the official story.

Sure, many will say they don’t completely believe the promoted lie as the ‘truth’. But they have simply bargained with themselves by accepting lesser lies rather than fully rejecting the lie and all the ramifications that come with doing so.    

This is also why people will remain lobsters in a pot, knowing full well the water’s getting warmer by the minute, and only panic when an ‘authority’ finally admits we will soon be served up with butter. Ultimately many simply cannot reject the public lie because doing so means rejecting the paternal hierarchy. This only becomes possible for many if they first seek out, and then receive, external affirmation from a substitute paternal figure/organization.

We cannot reject one paternal hierarchy without joining another, allowing the second to confirm our rejection of the first. The enslaved mind constantly craves affirmation to sooth its inured insecurity. What passes for strong individuals these days is often a deeply insecure mind flailing about in desperate need of external affirmation. Never underestimate the lengths to which we will go to assuage our deeply conditioned insecurity.

This is the supreme leverage constantly employed against us. Condition us to be the problem, poke and provoke us to create a reaction and then quickly provide a superficial solution that simply leads us back to the problem. Each successive generation of controllers only needs to perpetuate the insecurity to both confirm it and play upon it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; just roll it on down the hill. Prior conditioning, like gravity, does the rest.


Loose Cannon

Set one of these loose and run for cover.


But lately the controlling meme is changing. Now the Deep State is acknowledging its very existence in the name of fighting tyranny and intolerance. In many ways this is a brilliant strategy because the first rule of politics is to accuse your opponent of being precisely what you are. He, who accuses first, accuses best. 

The CIA, the covert muscle of the Deep State, is publically defying the chief executive of the political union we call America. While this is not surprising to those of us who understand the makeup and methods of the Deep State, it is very revealing to mainstream minions who (want to) know nothing about the ugly underbelly of the underworld.

Being overtly controlling violates basic Constitutional tenets we have long been conditioned to believe overrides all individual and governmental entities. This aberration can only be tolerated by the greater (still brainwashed) population if framed in a way that signals furtherance of truth, justice and the American Way. Essentially the Deep State is declaring they must destroy the village in order to save the village.

In effect, what the Deep State is promoting is the ultimate in Virtue Signaling to a specifically targeted and preprogrammed segment of the population. This is monstrously hypocritical to the nth degree. But morals and ethics only apply to the little people and are useless to the Deep State unless leveraged against us, something it does all the time via its compliant subordinates.

In the opinion of many on the political (far) right, the Deep State has just jumped the shark with its transition to open warfare against its perceived domestic enemies. They say it’s all just ineffective thrashings of a wounded and dying animal, desperate to maintain control in the face of significant opposition from Trump and Company.

Put simply, the thinking is the Deep State would not engage in such actions if it did not feel covert means were more effective. This means, in their opinion, that the USA has become a loose cannon, wrecking havoc on the decks of the nation’s ship of state. Regardless of whether this assessment is correct or not, the present day state of affairs is entirely intentional and planned.

I have written before how Trump was ‘created’ by the Deep State via its controlled propaganda organ, the MSM, rather than a ‘spontaneous combustion’ per a popular outcry of disenfranchised citizens seeking none of the above. Simply stated, if the MSM had not vilified Trump at every turn, thereby turning Trump into a blazing Roman candle signaling him as nothing like the above and a rebel with a cause, Trump would once again have sunk into the ignored wasteland shared by every other alternative candidate before him.

The mainstream media is the controlling propaganda arm of the Deep State. It assumes no major policy or political stance without the expressed consent and direction of its controllers. It could have ignored and marginalized Trump just as it has done to every other contrary candidate since Ross Perot was ‘allowed’ to run back in 1992.

Trump is no accident or political escapee who blew up in the face of the MSM, nor the deep state for that matter. But that is precisely the propaganda meme being vigorously promoted via every glowing screen from sea to shining sea. Even the political right has taken the bait, endlessly repeating Trump the ‘rebel’ mind meme.

So why would ‘they’ do this? What greater purpose, at least for them, is served erecting such a flawed and divisive candidate, then electing him to the highest office in the land?

In a word……control, as in continuing and near total.

While carefully hidden from the general public, the primary control mechanism of the Deep State (the fiat dollar as the world’s reserve currency) is rapidly waning in power and influence. Vast arrays of sleeping sloggers throughout the world are becoming increasingly aware of the corrosive financial policies directed against the many towards the few by the US and its captured co-conspirators. The zombie dead are slowly awakening.

A swirling feedback loop of additional financial excesses creating more social inequities could rapidly ignite in the Deep State’s lap if this explosive energy is not redirected towards division of the masses before they firmly unite. The 10,000 year old domination of the plebs playbook is clear; either control the opposition or fall to the opposition.

For the central entities of the Deep State, the impulse to escalate springs from the obsessive desire to survive their own decadent excesses. Power craves more power, and will not meekly tolerate less. The only purpose of power is to effectively use it to gain more power while maintaining the power already possessed.

If there’s one thing I learned from the alternative social movements of the 60’s and 70’s, it was the following lesson. What appears to be real and genuine on the surface is rarely what actually exists beneath the first few layers of illusionary fluff. Those who believe the music, drugs, fashion and symbolism of that period of time was entirely organic and natural, spontaneous even, needs to dig much deeper down into the rabbit hole.


Loose Cannon Two

There's not much holding that sucker in place.


Things rarely are as they seem. Rather than view that period of time (and today as well) as a series of events the mainstream media reports on in real time, or after the fact, recognize it as essentially a creation of the propaganda press controlled by the Deep State.

If anything, as then and again today, tiny organic embers which are always present in any large and diverse population, once fanned into flickering flames, attract alternative minded moths that move toward the light and embrace change they can believe in. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nine years ago it worked when Obama moved to corral a restless segment of the population. Now it’s working once again as Trump herds a contrary subdivision while giving the first segment renewed purpose and vigor opposing the second. This divide and control tactic is brilliant in its shameless audacity and imprudence.

It has been endlessly reported the horse pulls the cart. But in fact, the cart is placed in front of the horse and leads the horse to water, all while allowing the horse to think he’s the boss. When a conditioned absence of critical thinking meets up with controlling thought memes, the mind readily accepts as truth what it is told. Our bruised ego would allow us see it no other way.

There are no accidents in the Deep State. One does not need to micromanage in order to control. In fact, to micromanage destroys the ability to effectively control a ‘free’ culture because people will only fully engage and embrace that which they believe is organic, true and aligned with their conditioned belief system. This especially holds true for the alternatively aligned mind that is suspicious by nature and nurture.  

Only when a prevailing meme is structured to allow infinite and minute modification by the individual, while remaining effectively whole in its basis, can it exercise overall control by allowing the target to believe they can fully embody it while still regulating it.  

We must believe it is our idea if we are to ‘allow’ that idea to control us; though we will never permit ourselves to recognize this control as engaged within our ‘self’, only in other weaker, more susceptible individuals. Our ego, leveraged against our ‘self’, rarely if ever allows our true self to acknowledge we are the patsy at the poker table.

Of course, it then follows that everyone at the poker table is a patsy and only the house stands to gain long term. Even if aware of these circumstances, we grudgingly accept this fact so long as we are given a ‘chance’ to win short term, thereby affirming our participation rather than resorting to rejection and revolt. Nobody wants spilled red blood to stain the green table felt.

Naturally, after the house takes their cut off the top for providing the fertile plantation, we divide up the anted pot of our remaining money amongst ourselves. If there is a short tem winner, by extension everyone else is a short term loser. The key here is to understand we are never allowed to believe we are compelled to play the game. It all must appear to be voluntary if the illusion is to hold.

The concept of the intentionally seeded and subsequent gestation of a deeply implanted ‘original’ mind meme was the prevailing theme of the movie Inception, a brilliant propaganda piece itself. It is perfectly fine for the magician to show how his trick is performed if he convinces his audience they are too smart to ever be tricked by him. Only the most deeply reconditioned minds are capable of consistently rejecting the ultimate psychological double entendre.

The dirty little secret is found in the ‘re’-conditioning of the captured mind. A labyrinth this deeply layered and convoluted anticipates escapees leaking from the seams and edges. A system of opening and closing doors and passageways peppered with hidden treasure truths keeps the vast majority of smitten mice safely contained.

Most timid minds will merely penetrate one or two layers deep before exhausting their will and resolve to go deeper. Sated by the fact they have found an alternative universe of ‘truth’ already populated with an established, but growing, hierarchy, they settle in and dig their defensive trenches.

The craving for (more) power, even by those who dwell at the bottom, resides in all who submit to a paternal pecking order. Find a smaller crew and maybe you can eat better by moving up the power ladder.

Not only can we not handle the truth, but freedom to find the truth as well. We are trained from birth to believe only a fool, or a severely unbalanced mind, would dare leave the comforting confines of the reservation and strike out on our own. Those who feel the itch to explore are quickly sated by swapping one set of truths for another. Just make sure you close the cage door behind you once safely back within.

It is not the Deep State who is the loose cannon careening about the upper decks, soon to bring death and destruction to our front door. Instead it is “We the People” who are about to have our lashing silently slashed in the dead of night just before the storm to end all storms strikes broadside. We have met the enemy and he is us.

The Deep State and all that it encompasses, along with its large cast of conspiring characters, psychopaths and mindless enablers, is always and forever simply the hand holding the razor sharp knife poised to slash the rope and unleash terror and torment when the time is right for murder and mayhem to commence. It’s killing time in the pen.

The Deep State organized the mining and refining of the iron ore, designed the cannon casting and supporting substructure, trained the crew in its care and operation, directly supervised the lashing to assure competent conditioning and is now sharpening the knife for the final act of control and subversion.

We, you and I and they and them and all those blithering idiots on all sides of the political aisle are the collective loose cannon about to be set into violent motion. And here’s the rub that will rob you of sleep if you don’t quickly dismiss it all before the fall.

The only way to win is not to play at all.



Cognitive Dissonance


All hands on deck.

Gun Deck

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Common_Law's picture

The only way to fight back being not to play solution reminds me of the movie TRON. There may be more similarities but I'll have to think about it more. 

Akhenaten II's picture

I agree with the thrust of this article, but there is one caveat.

The 'alien' and 'supernatural' meme is the one wildcard that the Deep State simply has no control over.

One thing for sure, it is going to be an interesting, exciting, horrible, bloody, exhilarating few years ride.  Buckle up.

KashNCarry's picture

If our value does not embrace all people, it is inherently valueless.  This is an easy rule to apply, but watch resistance rise when we attempt to apply its principle of non-judgment.  Nietzsche spoke of the terror in recognizing that we are one and that the values of the world are wrong. This is terrifying because we are still identified with the body and the self that is identified with the world's values of guilt and specialness, and we do not want to let them go.

What we need to question is not only a specific value or thing in the world, but the very self that is doing the questioning. This is the ultimate source of fear. It is very helpful to understand why the world is so resistant to this type of questioning in general, and why we are so resistant to it as individuals. The temptation that comes with this realization is to feel like fools for believing everything we have believed in.  But we need to avoid that judgment. After all, simply coming here makes us fools.  Recall the book that came out many years ago, Ship Of Fools. We are all on that ship because we think there is a ship and an ocean, and that real things occur there.  Yet it is all illusion, what the great Gnostic teacher Valentinus called a phantasmagoria. Sure, what we do here is foolish, insane, and cruel.  Still, the world remains an illusion that we share-the thought that we could be happy outside of love.  We know we believe this because we think we are here. This is why any undoing takes time, which is considerably shortened when we meet such evident insanity in ourselves and others with kindness and forgiveness.

Judgment is a great part of who we are.  It is an inherent part of the ego thought system of separation, wherein we believe we are separate from God because we judged that we would be better off without Him. We therefore judge against love because, by its nature of total inclusion and oneness, it would undo our judgmental, special self. The ego tells us that we need to break away from the threat of Oneness, leading us to judge against our Source, which in turn leads us to judge against ourselves for having done so.  This guilt becomes projected, and we end up judging everyone and everything, magically hoping to be free of the pain of judgment.

The ego's untruth limits us, for we are now part of a limited self that is no longer part of the All, the Oneness.  Freedom will never be found in the body.  It will never be found in a world of bodies. It will only be found where the body is not, in the mind where God's Son is one-in illusion and truth. When we look out from our 'collective right mind' to the world, we see that everyone is the same. Beyond the disparate forms, the good and bad people are the same; people who suffer and those who inflict the suffering are the same.  We know that everyone is the same because everyone believes he or she is a body. This is the height of insanity because it emanates from the one insane thought that we are separated from our Source...

mavenson's picture

Great, but just more Bhuddism. We have time for that when we die, don't you think you are here to do a JOB. Yes though, love, togetherness, it's the tether to God, the home away from home. However, even what you say makes judgement itself of engaging with this material world, which moves farther from God. As long as we make it home and do the job, he is pleased, for we have learned of the ways of darkness.

KashNCarry's picture

I thought that was perceptive of you to identify the non-dualistic thought system I was employing as Buddhism. I can understand how you would identify it as such, however Buddhism isn’t the only means to convey non-dualistic principles.

I love how you brought up my having a ‘JOB’ to do while ‘here.’ Yes, I do have a JOB to do, and it has something to do with the darkness you allude to at the end of your post. IMHO, we all have a JOB to do and if I were to continue employing non-dualistic thinking here I would say that all of us have the same JOB.  That job is forgiveness.

I see forgiveness as ‘The’ correction to the ego & its system of separation.  We continually fail to see that life in this world is really misery, and will never change in form.  What changes is the purpose we ascribe to our being here: forgiveness instead of judgment, awakening instead of sleep.

It is helpful to be aware that the process of forgiveness entails going through the darkness, which, by definition, is not pleasant. The Holy Spirit can be our guide if we so elect, and it is the Holy Spirit that will lead through the circle of fear to God.  But we cannot get to God unless we go through the circle of fear. We can only reach formlessness by dealing with the desolation of the ego thought system, the bridge that leads us home.

It is not pleasant. The great mystic St. John of the Cross originated the evocative phrase “dark night of the soul” that describes the emotionally painful part of the journey home. We do not get to the top of the mountain, which was his image, unless we first climb it—the dark night of looking at one’s ego. The good news is that we don’t have to go through it alone.

As I mentioned previously the notion that we are separate from each other and from God is the biggest illusion of life we have to unlearn, and will do so eventually.  It is important to note that the ego never changes.  It is 100% hate and murder.  On the other side, the Holy Spirit is 100% love.  He never changes. His though system is forgiveness, healing, peace, and love never changes.  Both are totally present in everyone: 100% hate, 100% love.  It does not diminish; we do not chip away at it.  What changes is the amount of time we spend on either side. It is a mistake to think we can whittle away at our hate. We will never whittle away at our hate. It is 100%--like solid granite.  There is no tool powerful enough to do anything with that 100% granite wall of hate and murder. What we do is choose to spend less and less time identifying with it, and more and more time identifying with the Correction, The Holy Spirit. This is the meaning of progress.

Therefore, being identified with the Holy Spirit means looking at the ego without judgement. After a while we realize that the solid wall of granite is not solid—it is a thin veil that has no power to block the light. Our perception changes, but the ego does not change: hate is hate; murder is murder.  The separation from God was an act of celestial homicide: We believe we destroyed God, and this world arose from His ashes. That is the bottom line. What changes is not the ego; what changes is our perception of it.  Our perception will gradually change as we learn to take it less and less seriously, which means we learn to give it less and less power over us.  For it is only our minds’ belief in the ego that gave it its power.

The goal is not that we be without an ego. The goal is that we not feel guilty about our decision against the Holy Spirit and for the ego. It is important to not despair, then, because of limitations.  It is our function to escape from them, but not to be without them. Our function is not to be perfect, not to be without the shadows of hate and guilt. Our function is to escape from the burden of guilt we place upon ourselves. It is a very important distinction. In this world, in this dream, we are not expected to be without our guilt, hatred, or murderous impulses, but rather to escape from the burden of judgment we placed upon them.

We are all upset by the ‘original’ shadow, which is that we deprived ourselves of the Light of God.  That is what a shadow is: the deprivation of light.  We then felt overwhelmed with guilt, ran away and hid in the world, taking the guilt with us without knowing we had done so. That is why we came: because of the shadows. But we can learn not to be upset by the shadows. We can learn not to be upset by our hatred, specialness, and judgments.  That is what begins to tip the balance so that we can spend more time with The Holy Spirit and less time with the ego.

Now I’d like to share a personal story with you.  A brother came up to me and said; “I feel myself wanting to love so much.  But I feel so much fear about accepting it and my true Identity that I just settle back into the ego rather than pushing through to love. I go back and forth. Can you address how to accept The Holy Spirit’s help?  I do not seem to reach his way.”

I expressed to him that being aware of that is half the battle.  The next half is learning to look at that in yourself without feeling guilty, trying to fix it, or trying to do anything about it. The Holy Spirit does not do it for you, but He helps you not do anything about it. To be aware that despite whatever issues and problems you have, your real underlying fear is that you do not want to be in the presence of that love, is very useful information.  If people truly wanted to be in the presence of love, there would not be a world.  There would not be a need for The Holy Spirit. What gets you into trouble is feeling guilty about it and accusing yourself of betraying The Holy Spirit or betraying love, instead of just saying; “Yes, of course, I am afraid of that love. I like being me.” To be able to look at your decision to push love away because you are afraid of it without judging yourself is all you ever have to do.  Be patient, gentle, and kind with yourself.

In Christian terms, you are not afraid of crucifixion. Your real terror is redemption. That rather sums up our fear of God’s Love.  In God’s Love, no one exists. There is no one. That is why we fear it.  You do not have to confront that fear. All you need do is gradually allow more and more people to come into your life—not physically or externally—but in your mind, without judgement. And that includes yourself.  Be aware of how you want to exclude certain people. Even if you have not experienced that in your life, look at a movie, or watch the latest news.  Every one has a point of view about Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Latin America, or Africa. 

Every one has a point of view about something in the world or about American politics. Watch the news and see how your buttons get pushed. You will hate and judge some people, and perceive others as the “good guys.” That is enough. Do not judge yourself for doing that, but be aware that you are saying that there are members of the Sonship that you would just as soon not have here.  This does not mean you have to agree with everyone, or that you cannot have a political, social, or economic point of view.  But when your point of view starts to exclude others, and you feel antipathy toward certain people or groups, that should indicate you are still afraid of God’s Love.

In God’s Love there are no differences.  You do not have to know what the Oneness of Heaven is like. In fact for while we think that we are separate, the concept of Oneness joined as One is meaningless. No one really has a clue as to what the concept of a Oneness joined as One is.  It sounds nice but it really means nothing to us. We do not therefore have to know its meaning, but we can learn that perceptions of differences are never justified. We all are superficially different—race, religion, national origin, gender, age, size, etc.—but these differences do not make a difference.  We are all born of the same insane ego, which is the defense against knowing we are part of the one God. We are all the same in having a wrong mind and a right mind. Everyone’s wrong mind is the same; everyone’s right mind is the same; and everyone has the same power to choose between them.  Everything else is an illusion. In the end, the split mind is an illusion, too. Everything else in this world, as a perception, is unfounded and unjustified. Again, watch how you exclude certain people, and then look at that without judgment.

The resistance to this will be enormous, however.  As long as you experience yourself as being here, and are sure the image you see in the bathroom mirror every morning is you—even though you may not like what you see—it is insane to think that you will believe that everyone is the same. As long as you identify with your body, you must also identify with the thought system that made that body; a thought system of judgment, specialness, hate, and above all, of separation. So if you are watching the news and are totally at peace and feel you love everyone, you should gently say to yourself; “I am a liar.”

Allow yourself to have judgments. Allow yourself to watch the latest news from Washington, and then have definite judgment about what you hear. Allow yourself to be totally invested in your point of view—that yours alone is valid, and that anyone who does not agree with you is clearly mistaken.  Then look at that judgment—which is where The Holy Spirit comes in—without judging yourself.  You are much better off beginning with the assumption that you are a heartless, cruel, sadistic beast, than you are assuming that you are a holy child of God who loves everyone.  You are much, much better off beginning with the idea that if you are a body you are a murderer. Not only are you a murderer, you were a murderer, and will always be a murderer, because you like to be right. You like to exist. You like being a body. (After all, a body is sustained by murder. Think about it a second, without guilt or judgment. We cannot exist without taking a breath; yet when we do, we devour thousands of microorganisms. Same is true for walking as for driving a car, destroying countless microorganisms, let alone feeding or clothing the body.)

Love cannot be taught. There is, however, a means to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. The means to remove these blocks are through The Atonement, which is part of the Holy Spirit’s curriculum.  There is correction, salvation, the miracle, and forgiveness—all of which undo. The ego speaks first in our mind and is always wrong; the Holy Spirit is the Answer. There cannot be an answer unless a problem is first recognized. Answers solve problems. What good is the answer if the problem is unknown?

There are literally thousands of paths to choose from to help us arrive at what the problem truly is. All of them will eventually bring us to God, but most not as directly as some others. So, which path will enable us to identify the problem, to which we bring to the answer; bringing the illusion to the truth, the darkness to the light? How can we bring the darkness, illusion, and the problem to the light, truth, and answer if we do not know we have a problem, let alone where it is?

Before we can experience the love and the peace of the answer, we first have to understand and experience the pain and the ugliness of the problem, which is the hatred. Therefore, we need to give ourselves permission to hate, judge, find fault, and criticize, to have a life of specialness filled with special love and special hate partners. Do not do anything more. Just look at the problem. That is what Jesus tells us:

“Together we have the lamp that will dispel [the darkness]” (T-11. V. 1:3). Together.  He cannot do it, and I cannot do it; but my asking him to help me is the lamp that looks at the ego’s darkness. Once again it is the process of looking at the ego’s darkness that dispels it. That is the message and practice of A Course in Miracles, and is Jesus’ answer to our call for love, an answer that gently undoes our resistance to it.


blindman's picture

malachy mccourt said 'alcoholism is the only disease
people respond to the mention of with laughter', or something
to that affect. happy saint patrick's day, it is in the air
and on the calendar.
Uisce beatha
and that is all she wrote, living waters,
ongoing on.

Aquarius's picture



Schizophrenia is a natural shifted state of the mind, and intensity of being, that society feels, from numerous horror fables, is rather alarming, to say the least. Dr. Julian Jaynes of Princeton University, specialized in Schizophrenia and wrote the short history of humanity in  his work entitled The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.Whatever you believe of his work, it appears adequately shewn therein, that Schizophrenia can impact huge Collectives of peoples at certain times and at regular cycles.

Is this such a time? I believe it is and we, humanity, are being impacted demographically, cognitively and geographically accordingly. A Phase Shift into a new cycle of Consciousness; evolution at work.

From ancient times and record comes that humanity should know "good and Evil". That is the 'collective' "we" should know "good and Evil". Upon analysis, 'good' is not the opposite state of Evil'. Virtue is its opposite state.

The correct analysis then, is that only a Collective can indulge in 'good'and Évil' but cannot be "virtuous". Only an Accomplished Individual can be of 'virtue'. Most ancient writings from Pythagorus, Orpheus, Rama, Moses, Isaiah, Mathew, and others, in deep analysis tell us that the Individual is the intended state of being in terms of anthropological science and that the Collective state is murderous, thieving, oppressive, conniving and downright futile. We are told that the State of Rome instructed its Military to crucify Jesus at the request of the masses and their priests. Here, the Individual rose to His destiny, as the Individual and Son of God. Isaiah goes into greater detail about the nefarious double dealing of King and its Court, petty officials and such sycophants. The Collective state, that is to say, government has been, is typically oppresssive and corrupting, a priori. And, Humanity does not need Subjective government which being a ad hoc fix of feudal rule, but demands Objective Organization. FYI, Universal Being or Life is best described Universally, as órganization'. 

The point is that, according to the published research of Julian Jaynes, it could be considered as posssible and more probably, that during times such as current, the masses, that is, those not individually accomplished, undergo a major shift to Schizophrenia. Does this seem to be a practical thesis to explain the insanities, the desperations, the despicable current activities of cruelty, genocide; bombing, looting of those of those Collectives, the Power Cults that govern? And Cults they all are.

When it is all reduced to core knowledge, the opinions of unaccomplished men are worthless. There is only one type of organization that will serve Life well and this is Cosmic or Universal Risk, where Risk is computable uncertainty. Universal Nature shows its reason; yet we ignore the full knowledge of our existing Universe and its very essence, to rally to the false opinions and promises of pious priests, bankers, politicians; snake oil salesment all; Schizophrenics all.

Government serves its King, always has and always will. The Individual who embraces Risk, must, a priori, be totally honest, unlike those that live sucking the life-blood of their fellow man in Collectives. In a Universal dynamic which we are of part, Ideologies have no place as they always represent static interests; the King and Company. That which are seen as Holy writings from  ancient times, are actually and proven beynd any doubt, mainly anthropological science, physics, geology and more. Most of which have been falsely translated and interpreted to meet the dogma of false piety so those that would be king; become kings and rule.

Schizophrenia explains today, but what of tomorrow?

Schizophrenia is contagious and exists in insects such as the 19 year cycle of the Locusts (grasshoppers) and army Ants of Africa. We also read of compelling evidence in the Biblical Plagues. Properly translated and interpreted, of course.

Schizophrenia is always with us, as it is a natural Collective state of disease. As Hannah Arendt calls ït, it is expressed as "Tribal Nationalism" - the objective is seen Totalitarianism, until it is not, and then lies dormant until its cycle re-emerges.

To the Individual, it is insanity, suffering and death.



Ho hum

blindman's picture

Sartre’s “No Exit” Read with Lucy Lawless & Jaime Murray
January 2, 2014 by Mark Linsenmayer
The Grateful Dead - Ripple (Studio Version)
what the fuck?
anyway links^tm

blindman's picture

Grateful Dead - Sugaree 1972 (Studio Version)
'shake it, shake it sugaree,
just don't tell em' that you
know me.' ..r.h.

blindman's picture

'the more you give, the more they will take.' r.h.
i just want to know how to sign off and move on
at this point. really, i can't even sign out
of this gas lite digital and virtual chat show.
i have been locked out of signing out, no exit.
as the system will continue to perpetuate my litter
and memory beyond my existence or perpetuative
intention. crazy, the 'thing' has a life of its own.
or, dr. frankenstein, they live through 'it'?
Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (Studio Version)

blindman's picture

look man, i am just discouraged by the medium and the message
of this world we call a world but is just more bullshit.
maybe bullshit 2.0?
thanks for the alternate perspective and those who recognize the
it seems i must be going on/off.
Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World (Studio Version)
"Eyes Of The World"

Right outside this lazy summer home
you ain't got time to call your soul a critic no.
Right outside the lazy gate of winter's summer home,
wond'rin' where the nut-thatch winters,
wings a mile long just carried the bird away.

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
the heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own.
Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin' brings,
The heart has its seasons, its evenin's and songs of its own.

There comes a redeemer, and he slowly too fades away,
And there follows his wagon behind him that's loaded with clay.
And the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom, and decay,
and night comes so quiet, it's close on the heels of the day.

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
the heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own.
Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin' brings,
But the heart has its seasons, its evenin's and songs of its own.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own,
And sometimes we visit your country and live in your home,
sometimes we ride on your horses, sometimes we walk alone,
sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own.

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
the heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own.
Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin' brings,
But the heart has its seasons, its evenin's and songs of its own.
Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street (Studio Version)

amadeus39's picture

I keep seeng these boomer references to pop music as if they reflected some profound message. Some of you have never moved on into adulthood. It's just superficial feel-good nostalgia. Grow-up! Your stuck in the sixties for pete's sake. The weed has disjointed your brains. If nothing else, please refrain from posting inanities that others can see. Your embarrassing yourselves and are making others hope you find the painlessness of suicide so the resst of of can go about trying to solve real problems.


mavenson's picture

Wow suicide? You have a chip on your shoulder? Annoying parents? A small quip would have sufficed but way too far.

blindman's picture

are you a child of some sort crying on this comment thread?
were you born last night man? have you heard Mozart's music
in Carnegie Hall? where can i pray to your concerns? in the
fields, on the street, or where? how can i work for you?
tell me, just let it out and tell me how much and where
to send it to solve your fucking problem. that is what
i exist to do, to solve your problem and satisfy your
specific tastes and wants. tell me what do you need and want
and how can i help?
you fucking clown, get brighter red lip stick, there a tip.
hope that helps.
bad moods on st. patty's day. it happens.

blindman's picture

thank you for your comment, i am flattered and energized by your
concern, that is how conversation works. inanities like ours
is what makes the world turn round. there are many pop songs or
tunes that communicate that and so musical and beautifully, it is
an art form. you bring up problem solving. what is the problem
you would like to solve? is it a failure to communicate? to
communicate on some basic human and inane level?
how is the family? the wife and kids? mom and dad?
your relationships with all that? going well?
what problems should we identify and solve today?
let me take my brittle bones and embarrassed disjointed
self to your idea and conception of ruin as a sacrifice
for your contentment. what are friends for ..
anyways poems ^tm
ps. thanks again

blindman's picture

Van Morrison - And The Healing Has Begun (with lyrics)
raise up your head and look upon the world
to see what that might be, you can do it.
i can do it and it is done.
the virtual interwebs are being systematically
washed, dried and swept clean of all integrity.
it is happening in front of our eyes. madness
imposing discrimination encroaching on human
expression become the norm. maybe that is what
'culture', parochial, does by nature? prolly'.
anyways, life always finds a way. even in death
we will take comfort in that reality. 'the healing
has begun'. v.m.
best to u on and on......
'that is where you come from man, the healing has begun' v.m.

blindman's picture

cannons , loose or tight, these are the days.
These are the days~Van Morrison
and the cannon balls. ...
'what i want to know is are you kind.' r.h.

ironmace's picture

Now I want a cannon.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Your local National Guard depot might be able to help you out.

TRM's picture

Donald Trump: “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people." 

That was the point where I realized Trump had been read the riot act. Dear Donald, the Clintons are OWNED PROPERTY and you are NOT the owner. You will leave them alone and say so publicly or

A) You and your whole family will die in a plane crash
B) Pictures of you engaging in beastiality and or pedo stuff will be published.

Or any combination thereof. Bill Hicks was right.

Ron Paul + Dennis Kucinich for 2020

blindman's picture

there is the scent of blood from flesh in the waters
of life. the fisherman knows these things and exploits
the fish like this, teasing the fish to his barbed hook.
but the nets, the trollers with their 'fine'
nets ensnaring entire populations in their areas
of coverage and exploitation, industrial harvesting
is the thing to encourage one to stand back and take
solace in feelings of disgrace and disgust. fish fishing
for fish and then they are all dead; that is the way
the world went down. fishing.
but there is more to the story, much more.
who has time for it?

Reaper's picture

Children first trust parents, fear the parents' bogeymen, and do not question.  As they grow older, they shift trust to parental substitutes, God, celebrities, organizations, dogmas, governments, Constitutions, "natural" foods, heroes, political candidates, etc..  Trust is the opiate.  Reality is adult life is in a jungle with snares, beasts, packs of predators, false safe areas, herds to join, choices to make, and myriad other forms.  The Deep State is synthesis. 

You have a series of choices, some of which you're aware and some which you are unaware, believe forbidden, or beyond your reasoning.

Good Luck.  

mavenson's picture

That's a single paradigm to view all those things from, and negative they do seem or maybe not. Why inherently scorn the concept? Trust is a gateway to joy if upheld by both parties, as can be experienced in any decent relationship. To extend that trust outward towards things unlikely to acknowlege you or to abstract notions of things that you do not know personally, is likely where things become problematic. Also, to include God in that list makes no sense, because God might not be treated as something to be dependent on. God might represent a certain philosophy of benevolence towards which you aim, as might a constitution. Are these things that we trust, or tools for determining a mode of living? The constitution does nothing on it's on, it's the application and the willing of it's content that is effective. No one will follow it simply because it's there, people will edit and modify it if they are not prevented from doing so. You are right that trust in the wrong things, misevaluated trust, can lead to harm, but without trust we live in that cold barren world permenantly. I think there may be a desire from many to radically accept a harsh existence, in order to avoid the pain of being let down, there are worse things let me tell you than being let down and it's a braver man who dares to trust than the one who avoids it at all cost.

blindman's picture

of fish and fisherman, which are we?
Uisce beatha, living waters. the story i wrote
was erased. it had to do with the bait, the hook
, the fish and the fisherman. nets and nets.
the net of time and epoch, the bone in the jaw.

Morpheus_at_TIF's picture

Nice piece Cog, good to see your posts here again.

Check out a recent show on the topc of the Deep State: The Deep State As Fake News - Douglas Valentine, #362

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Hey Morpheus.

While I still post here, of late I have kept a lower profile.

The ZH comment section goes through manic depressive cycles and is presently moving through manic towards depression. I tend to remain in the shadows when the natives are manic. I prefer to leave my balls hanging between my legs, while the maniacs which to see everyone's anatomy, or at least those who do not agree with the maniacs, the other way around.

Morpheus_at_TIF's picture

Not too worry, I know where to find you and keep up at Two Ice Floes. Check out the interview, it was some good stuff and Douglas Valentine has some amazing insights to share.

Be well and say hi to Mrs. Cog.

Flying Wombat's picture

The thesis that the mainstream media is controlled by the Deep State and thus, the mainstream media's focus on Trump as being desired by the Deep State is flawed logic if the argument is taken to the extent that Trump is a managed/controlled foil.  Others go far beyond what Cognitive Dissonance argues, to be sure, making the explicit argument that Trump is a foil.  Cognitive Dissonance makes great observations, but I think hinting that Trump is a foil (or the explicit argument others are making) simply doesn't match the facts.

The Deep State interests that hook into the media fought against Trump through the mainstream media because they thought they would be victorious in painting Trump into a caricature that would be easily marginalized and taken down.  Any notion that the Deep State wanted Trump and that that is why the Mainstream Media focused on Trump is simply a logic leap into a ditch.  The reality is the Deep State had no idea it was embarking on failed strategy, and the most clear example I can point to are the dumb asses in the CIA - likely, including director Brennan, himself - that thought that the Russian hookers urinating on Trump nonsense would stick and help take Trump down before being formally inaugurated.  

The Deep State did NOT create Trump.  But it is fair to claim that the reaction of the Deep State to the Trump campaign and young presidency most certainly elevated Trump's stature among those that support him.

Eric Dubin

squid's picture

The older I get the more am am comfortable with the fact that two seemingly contradiction stances can BOTH be correct simultaneously.


So it is with you Eric and with COG.


I think you are both right.



skunzie's picture

And here I thought "loose cannon" was coined in the 60's and referred to the actress, Diane Cannon.  Many said she was "loose", hence the name.  Wow am I embarrassed! /sarc  

Almost as embarrassed as having read this article.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm more than happy to refund your time. You think an hour will cover it? Please post an address to send it to.

No PO boxes please.

Dutch's picture

Win by not playing...to do that you must remain a fly on the wall. Understand that people comprehend their world through logically plausible narratives. Including yours. We seize a narrative to help us understand things, then become hostage to that narrative we have chosen. One must continually question everything, and especially any narrative one has subscribed to. The powers that be are very versed in constructing narratives for public consumption. That is the real job description of the MSM. For example, today's narrative is that the Trump budget will rob Meals on Wheels. Starve out the seniors!

Interesting to me that the Dems put up Hillary, who is intellectually incapable of constructing a narrative more sophisticated than "I am woman", and so compromised and ineffectual that the MSM and the handlers could not construct any other narrative around her. NYU did a fascinating study, recreating the Hill-Donald debates with actors swapping genders for the roles. What they found was that the woman Trump character, using his words and gestures, created effective and calibrated narratives about the US and the candidacy. The guy mimicking Hillary did no such thing.

Perhaps what is really going on is more random and messy, and done on the fly, than anyone realizes. Only our need for a story line for what is going on gives comprehendible structure to what we are seeing. Remaining a fly on the wall take a real effort these days.

squid's picture

"Perhaps what is really going on is more random and messy, and done on the fly, than anyone realizes. Only our need for a story line for what is going on gives comprehendible structure to what we are seeing. Remaining a fly on the wall take a real effort these days."


Brilliantly stated. Excellent!!



Arrow4Truth's picture

Well done. To be a fly on the wall, one must unlearn everything they were led to believe and take control of the ego. Trust no one, question everything, and believe nothing. Cheers.

shortonoil's picture


The Deep State is not a miracle institution; it is failing like all the rest. Watching one tree doesn't tell one much about the blight that is killing the forest. The crashing that we hear are its banches falling to the ground.

KuriousKat's picture

As usual.you are in great form..we need more to jar thinking ..I like Trump..I voted for him..But I know its us that have to keep him in line. Imo, .the reality is nothing less than a group of billionnaires..like minded..can affect the change against a larger group of billionnaires. even the founding fathers had to turn to them or their equivalent, to get cannons for the war. . Nature seems to play this out in the womb as one twin appears to position itself to advantage, or the young lion drives the older one out from the pride..Even celebration of maypole day ..recognize what goes up must come done..its the order of things from the inorganic to the organic..from a mountain to a pebble..or mole hill. Whilst the old order tries to fight this..with their current means..and pass it on..they can't stay at the top..like sysiphus..tthat stone rolls right back down. It is perhaps..just that time for the old order to be replaced. Its a multipolar world now..and whatever happens inside this Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius Jorge Luis Borges construct...we cannot ignore that the rest of the world , Russia, China, Asia, are moving on..and a far greater reality about to awaken us from slumber...



Cognitive Dissonance's picture

There is no doubt in my mind that much infighting is going on at ALL levels within the Matrix. In fact, there is ALWAYS infighting going on at ALL levels of the Matrix.

We tend to think of this as "We the Plebs" and then the elite. But there are dozens, even hundreds, of strata and substrata whose resident occupants are constantly fighting for advantage and gain.

There is already an increase of dead bodies, collateral damage from the conflict, floating down the river. I suspect the flow (and stench) will only increase from here.

victor82's picture

Very rich and well thought out piece.

It also lines up with Joseph P. Farrell's contention that Trump was the front man for a rival faction of the Deep State that had had issues with how the "Ruling Party" had been running things since 9-11, if not before (personally, my benchmark in recent times is the repeal of Glass-Stegall).

Few people realize that a lot of this stuff goes back to the inextricable relationship between the Dulles Brothers and Reinhard Gehlen and the Abwehr, and how the American Branch of the Deep State adopted thoroughly National Socialist ways of doing things, but that's another story.

Gohigher's picture

Cog - great article, a paucity of reflective thought experienced lately on ZH was abated for a short time..... Even RM weighed in .... Another observation: when reading and thinking about the content and meaning - and contemplating where you stand in this roiling river, you generate troll Kryptonite. We need more of this here (memberberries) but sadly time is not regressive.

At first the river is tranquil.
Then you enjoy the faster pace.
The rapids classification increases sequentially.
I think I know where I am headed, IMO we are at class 4.
Been trying to paddle to shore with slow progress.
Not playing, too. And keeping dry powder.

Great article, thank you.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Did anyone else notice the influx of trolls here on ZH (and elsewhere) several months BEFORE Trump's 'surprise' win?

I did, and took it as just another sign that more than 'just' partisan individuals were staking out territory. There was, and remains, a bigger game afoot. I try not to gaze too long at the daisies when the forest is being cut down all around.

Dutch's picture

Everything and everyone is being trolled like never before. How about those congressional town meetings that get mobbed with screaming angry people? Out here in the real world, people are tired and have had enough. They wouldn't get that angry if someone ran over their dog.

Perhaps the Soros crowd is working on reflexivity of public opinion. Create an environment that appears to be lefty angry, and try to create a real lefty angry movement out of it.

shortonoil's picture


Is Trump the messiah come to rescue mankind kind; if he is we have been waiting 2000 years for his arrival. Trump is an accident, and the Deep State is not a thing, it is finely machined mechanism. Trump is the wrench that vibrated off the self, and fell into the machine. The screeching we hear are the works grinding in protest. The gears and cogs are tearing themselves apart.


The Laws of Physics will do the rest!


SixIsNinE's picture

i was a peak oiler.   spent ungodly hours on it - before ZH.

i've still got a bundle of posters (www.oilposter.org)  -  showing the cliff that was supposed to happen after peaking in 2010.  

the depletion curve was supposed to have been in full swing over the cliff by now.  

it didn't happen.  I remember talking to an oldtimer when i was in the height of PeakOil - and he told me that they did that in the mid 70s.  he wasn't going to get involved in this "rinse repeat" version. 

if you'd like some brand new condition Peak Oil posters, i'd be happy to give them to someone who would keep care of them, just s/h :)


DbePrepared's picture

Worst part is that most of those in the "Deep State" are just simple govt employees who have no clue how they fit in.  Useful idiots.

IranContra's picture

Kafka wrote basically like you do. Many young students who wrote papers about Kafka's essays committed suicide. I attended one such funeral. She loved his writing. Lullabies to despair. Slides into the Devil's arms.

blindman's picture

interesting and sad. perhaps she found what she was after?
These are the days~Van Morrison

IranContra's picture

I like Van. Ever heard him sing Dylan songs?

Her faith in the Almighty was weak, so devil Kafka recruited her to Hell (through suicide).

esum's picture

republicans = democrats = FAKE AMERICANS

TRUMP struck a nerve with people not getting any free shit and paying the bill for useless fucks and crooks.

TRUMP struck a nerve with those who realized congress is a cheap whore owned by lobbyists representing multinationals and wealthy individuals but not the people's interest

TRUMP struck a nerve with people who are tired of seeing illegals get away with murder and other major crimes

TRUMP struck a nerve with the logic of keeping radical muslims out of America and a secure border

TRUMP struck a nerve with those who are tired of seeing good jobs shipped overseas and importing cheap brains with the H1B program..

TRUMP struck a nerve with the ANTI -- pc libtard fake americans who despise america, morality, family, the military and country --

TRUMP struck a nerve with the people tired of the same old corrupt useless shit coming out of DC

TRUMP struck a nerve with the people who saw a lawless government in the white house, the DOJ, the IRS and evrey abusing government agency doing all they could to destroy America and enrich themselves.

TRUMP struck a nerve with the people who finally realized the globalist rip off of America... not a fucking difference between the Clintons (white trash) and the Bushs (white trash) globalist scum...

TRUMP struck a nerve with the people who realized the libtard government had truned against real Americans... 


far as the deep state goes..... 90% of government workers are LIBERALS.... fake americans.... willing to go with the flow...legal or not...climb the ladder by being williing to bend or break the law.... the "everyone does it" scum eating maggots...

people must certainly undersatnd that the military aside from the generals who caved to obama's attack on the military for personal promotion is not part of fake america.... and thus was under attack.... people must also realize that is why the faggot mulatto wanted every agency armed to the teeth..... take a look at the electoral map....its only the parasite coasts with libtards running the show and sanctuary cities with illegal voters who live there...the fake americans.......