Mike Krieger: "Forget Russia, Donald Trump Works For Wall Street"

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable at this point. Donald Trump is a phony, who has given his administration over to Wall Street crooks even more enthusiastically than his predecessors, and his predecessors were very enthusiastic.

I’ve written about this many times, and I warned throughout the campaign that my biggest fear was Trump is far too cozy with the finance industry, fake populist statements aside. His latest hire for the number two position at the Treasury Department once again proves the point.

As David Dayen reports in his excellent article at The Intercept, Donald Trump Isn’t Even Pretending to Oppose Goldman Sachs Anymore:

The continuity of Wall Street’s dominant role in American politics - regardless of what party sits in power or how reviled the financial industry finds itself across the country - was perhaps never more evident than when Jake Siewert, now a Goldman Sachs spokesperson, on Tuesday praised the selection of Jim Donovan, a Goldman Sachs managing director, for the No. 2 position in the Treasury Department under Steve Mnuchin, himself a former Goldman Sachs partner.

America will never recover until this is dealt with, and Trump has made it perfectly clear he will not deal with it.

“Jim is smart, extraordinarily versatile, and as hard-working as they come,” Siewert gushed. “He’ll be an invaluable addition to the economic team.”


The punch line? Siewert was counselor at the Treasury Department to Timothy Geithner, as well as a White House press secretary under Bill Clinton.


The ubiquity of Goldman Sachs veterans across numerous presidencies throughout history, both Republican and Democratic, has been well documented. But Donald Trump sold himself as something different, an economic nationalist determined to rankle Wall Street. He even ran campaign ads savaging bankers like Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein for their role in a “global power structure.”


That populist smokescreen is long gone now.


Mnuchin and Donovan are just two of five Goldman expats in high-level positions on Trump’s team. Steve Bannon spent a limited time at Goldman Sachs, but White House assistant Dina Powell, who headed the bank’s philanthropic efforts, and National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, Goldman’s former president, had higher-ranking positions for a longer period. Jay Clayton, Trump’s nominee for the Securities and Exchange Commission, was a partner for Goldman’s main law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell.


White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus reportedly blocked Donovan from Treasury initially, amid fears of an image problem with too many “Goldman guys.” But Donovan got the post anyway.

You know it’s bad when Reince thinks there are too many Goldman baby squids around.

Even in areas where populist sentiment was seen as pre-eminent, Trump has reportedly succumbed to the Wall Street advance. A dramatic piece in the Financial Times described a “civil war” within the White House over trade, pitting Trump’s hard-liners like Bannon and trade policy adviser Peter Navarro against the likes of Cohn. It stated that Navarro was being sidelined, with Cohn taking a larger role in the negotiations over NAFTA, and with foreign leaders working through the National Economic Council rather than Navarro in trade talks. AFL-CIO official Thea Lee said in the story, “It appears the Wall Street wing … is winning this battle.”


At the NEC, Cohn hired Andrew Quinn, a chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to coordinate international trade and development. A stewing Breitbart News called Quinn “the enemy within.”

Drain the swamp baby.

Banks have celebrated since Trump’s election, composing the lion’s share of the “Trump bump” in stock prices. Goldman Sachs shares have risen from $181.92 on Election Day to around $250 today, an increase that accounts for as much as one-fifth of the total rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average over that period.

It’s now completely obvious that the Trump administration has been hijacked by Wall Street, so where’s the resistance? When it comes to the self-proclaimed leaders of this “resistance,” the corporate media and the Democratic Party, the resistance is nowhere to be found. They’re simply too busy focusing on invented Russia conspiracy theories to deal with the provable conspiracy right in front of their faces. I find that quite curious.

It doesn’t take much critical thinking to immediately discover why. Russia fear-mongering is the perfect way to superficially oppose Trump, without actually opposing him. Corporate media and Democrats don’t dare focus on Trump’s Wall Street embrace because Wall Street owns their asses too. That’s the dirty little secret here.

While that’s bad enough, the only reason Trump is actually able to get away with such an obvious betrayal and lack of swamp drainage, is because his supporters allow him to. His power resides in his base, and if his base shrugs as he sticks a knife in their backs, then he’ll continue to stick the knife in. As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday.

Trump’s core supporters have a lot more to lose than I do if he continues along this path. Get angry or get screwed over, the choice is yours.

Unfortunately, I’m not hopeful. As we should all know by now: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

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jomama's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Pinch's picture

Told you he was swampy

evoila's picture

Honoring Andrew Jackson was certainly odd if this is the case.

June 12 1776's picture

When you view Trump as weekly episodes of the Presi-Apprentice; fabricated by production writers of the CIA/CFR Globalist Establishment, King's Monetary Fraud Theory it all becomes clear.

espirit's picture

Could the asshat that authored this article please explain what other choice was acceptable?

I'm willing to listen to an alternative scenario that benefits the populaces.


Save_America1st's picture

I disagree with Krieger......at this point.  Sit back and chill and let's see how this turns out.  We're not dealing with O-Traitor or Hitlery now folks.  At least not DIRECTLY.  Yes, those scumbags are fucking shit up from the shadows along w/ countless other traitors.  And this makes it very difficult for Trump and his crew to do a lot of really good things that they want to do right away.  It will take time.

Could these guys from G.S. be bad news??  Sure.  But the thing is Trump knows about the vampire squid.  And that doesn't mean there aren't some good guys/gals who work for the squid.  Maybe these dudes are okay.  Maybe they're not.  We'll see.  I would hope Trump wouldn't have a problem dumping them if they ever fuck him over. 

Fuck, it hasn't even been 2 freakin' months yet, so let's just give it more time, bitchez (Kreiger).  It's not like we can change anything at this point now anyway.  The deal is done and Trump is in there now, and quite frankly regardless of the squids, Trump has still been doing his best to kick some ass just like he said he would.

Remember...practically every scumbag in media, entertainment, and politics of all kinds hate Trump. 

That should tell us all quite a lot.  That's why he won.  When both fake sides of this fake right/left bullshit system hate the same guy then I'm in that guy's corner.  Cuz as they say...you know you're over the right target when you start taking flak....right???

Krieger just needs to chill for now...give it a year or two and I'm sure we'll have much better perspective on how this is going.

Until then, watch Trump continue to smash the pedo scumbags, musloids, illegal aliens, the fake media, treasonous political scumbags, and maybe even some vampire squids (hopefully) ;-)

If Krieger turns out to be right then fine...but what was the alternative given the shambles and destruction that O-dick breath left behind while also having a scumbag like Hitlery shoved down our throats???

A few G.S. squids are nothing compared to so much else in the grand scheme of things. 




cheka's picture

will he import tariff?  that is the question

also he pledged to put glass-steagall back.  that will get him killed

tmosley's picture

Show me some big name analyst that has actually changed their mind, rather than one who has been signalling their anti-Trump virtue from day one.

lexxus's picture
lexxus (not verified) tmosley Mar 16, 2017 8:24 PM

Actually Trump is working for the OWNERS of Wall Street.


Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) lexxus Mar 16, 2017 8:25 PM

No one can become POTUS if they don't get their blessing. SHAME!!!

aurum4040's picture

So far Trump has hired 5 Goldman alumns. Bannon doesn't count, not even close. So lets go with four. So..At this point what has Trump done or ordered or discussed or recommended that has squid like tentacles wrapping around the face of humanity? Absolutely nothing. Not even close. Krieger - I get where your point is derived but this article is all hat no cattle. 

Pinto Currency's picture

Krieger is one dimensional in his thinking.
The Fed is going to demo the economy and at that point we'll see Trump's response. Tough to tell but given Trump's current circumstances we can't expect massive change at this point.

halcyon's picture

He'll do nether, because it is "Trump first".


Al Gophilia's picture

How's that knife in your back?

Sit down, reload the article and read for comprehension. Politicians, magnates and bankers are all in the same club. Thousands of years of duplicitous promises and the herd swallows every morsel of bullshit as though it were their last meal. 1776 was the only instance in the history of animal management where the animals exposed the scam and won a moment of freedom. You, my bovine friend, have had a great feed on that served meal and contentedly chew your cud compliantly. Ferdinand the bull is who I hope you are but it's going to take a massive hornet sting to the ass to get you riled. The only hope for us is that the Trump deception will wake up the populace to the lie, but the divisions, ignorance and reliance upon fairytale saviours runs too deep.

chunga's picture

There's a great opportunity for 3rd, 4th, parties. The blue jello and red jello tastes the same and they both suck, I'm done with them.

All the other new parties would have to do is not be complete, utter frauds and they'd miles ahead.

Krieger is gonna get his ass bashed off here but I think he has at least one point, there is a lot of blind cheerleading going on.

auricle's picture

Republican or Democrat, it's like trying to discern which flavor of shit tastes better. 

So It Goes's picture


Great rant - puts things is perspective.


jthepapershredder's picture

Cool, keep your head in the sand while the greatest set up of all time continues... Trump will take the US to war real soon, its good for business.What was that military budget increase again? better ask the squids

Not Goldman Sachs's picture

Open buccal cavity, pour koolaid.

Proofreder's picture

... other acceptable choice -

Treasury - Ron Paul

AG - Anyone but Sessions


best comment so far:  takes a lot longer to convince people they have been had.

That point was reached about two weeks ago for this little clan !!!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Yeah they said we could only order off the menu and the menu only had....oh yeah up to 5 choices in some states.

logicalman's picture

Proof the system is rigged/broken.

US voters were given two absolutely shitty alternatives and then encouraged to vote.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

Voting doesn't empower the voter, just the opposite, it gives a veneer of legitimacy to the criminal games of government.

It's an interesting thought experiment to consider what would happen if the election turn out was less than 5%

espirit's picture

Ding ding, we have a winner.

Mithera's picture

Good point. Here in Little Amerika ( Australia)  We get fined if we dont vote. They had to do that cause most of us  couldnt be fucked to get off our lazy arses and vote for slimebags.  Not that the majority are awake...no no///we are just as fuckin stoopid as the 'merikans"..... maybe stoopider, given white settlement is only 200 years old here. Prime Minister Turdball just made new law. Kids cant go to school unless they take their Autism Roulette Vaccs. Most of the population too busy sun-baking or getting pissed to care. Viva la revolution.

crossroaddemon's picture

Maybe it's time to accept the reality that you and I never had a choice.

espirit's picture

We had a choice, it was red or blue...

Crime Cartels.

frank further's picture

Choices were in the primaries.  ALL better than the orange betrayer.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Have you heard the term Crackpot Realism, coined by C. Wright Mills? There are many acceptable options. Goldman Sachs is not acceptable.

Ron Paul would be acceptable 

 Tulsi Gabbard would be acceptable


I hear this crackpot realism on the radio alot these days. Something like "its like a families finances. We have to make choices. Hard choices. Program "name here" does not work. We need to cut it."


Ok, with that backdrop, how does 54B more to the MIC 600B fit with this austerity program? THAT is called crackpot realism.



"Clayton, Trump’s nominee for the Securities and Exchange Commission, was a partner for Goldman’s main law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell."

Sullivan and Cromwell has a glorious distinction regarding not only in profiting in the rise of Nazi Germany, but Allen Dulles was a partner before he became CIA director in 53 and went on a binge of destroying democracies throughout the world, including the US.

Nice legacy.



Zorba's idea's picture

I would like to hear from Mr Krieger as to whether we should first, blow up the bridge we intend to cross over or after we cross over? Do tell. Also,a bonus question, if their is another way to cross over that doesn't risk financial armegeddon, don't keep us in suspence. You just might be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

whatamaroon's picture

Andrew Jackson was wealthy, so I see some parallel.

sarz's picture

It doesn't cost anything and it keeps the hopers hoping. 

Jim in MN's picture

LOL lookit all the little baby troll posters in a line to slag on Trump.

So cute.....

Robert Trip's picture

You're a sucker.

I voted for Trump also but you just won't admit you've been fucked over.

That's the beginning of the healing process.

Until then you're just a blind babbling syncopate

espirit's picture

Tyler006, go take a nap or somethin'.

Jim in MN's picture

Why should I admit anything, dipshit?  I never expected him to frontally attack Wall Street during the honeymoon.


Maybe you're the naive one.   My sympathies. 

Robert Trip's picture

I'll go easy on you.

You're in denial.

espirit's picture

And you look like a Nork.

So there.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I'm beginning to think Mike Krieger Likes Pizza and Hot Dogs

nmewn's picture

Dude you're not even a year old at Fight Club, if you're going to bring it nows the time.

What is your opinion of him proposing to cut 30% off the EPA? Him ordering ICE agents to hang around court houses & embassies to pick up illegals? His exposing the Deep State Hillary dead-enders who committed felonies not only recording Flynn but saying it was Flynn? No charges?...lol. His budget proposal to increase the military...because...he's a Putin lackey...or sumpin? ;-)

Robert Trip's picture

Talk is cheap.

I agree with what comes out of his mouth but his inaction's speak otherwise.

Him nailing Clinton?

In your fucking dreams.

Sure, we're rounding up illegals but not enough judges to kick them out of the country.

I'm really pissed off at this whole Government debacle.

Even those fuckers in Trump's own Party won't let him do a fucking thing besides blow the Saudis and go down on Bibi big time.

Fuck it.

nmewn's picture

I guess you thought he would demand Sessions issue an arrest warrant for Hillary Crony?

It never works that way ;-)

benb's picture

Trump deep sixed the TPP. He Just instructed the Dept. of State to cut funding to the U.N. by 50%. He E.O.ed away the penalties for not having ObamaCare. Bannon and Mnuchin were both Goldman years ago and both have a track record of opposing Globalism before they came to the White House. He has put some CFR people in which is very troubling to me. Trump isn't perfect but he has been the first real choice Americans have had since Goldwater 52 years ago. To say he is with the Cabal is idiot talk.

June 12 1776's picture

Your slave tribe red team "item list" of "accomplishments" to Freedom is fantasy as the unalienable liberyt(s)/labor(s) of working American People and our Treasury remains being plundered to this hour under Trumpflakes watch; just like Obama's blue team slave tribe "item list" to Freedom were fantasy(s) uttered by his herd; all the way back beyond the Civil War........Trump is a Globalist, Establishment Insider embedded with the Olde World Order, Monetary Theory Fraud Operating System Squid; fabricated by the CIA/CFR uniPARTY, uniCRIMINAL production writers for your fantasy to offer illusion of "choice" ...........conquered.

benb's picture

I am unimpressed. You and about 1/2 the wannabee just got here, know -it -nothing political commentators haven't got a clue as to what the real situation is. Trump is coming into a seditious long overthrown federal governmental bureaucratic structure. He is for American sovereignty. You might as well continue to keep your deluded head up George Soros' anus and babble due to oxygen deprivation. ENJOY...

Al Gophilia's picture

C'mon man. Where's his hand over of the power of govt back to the people? Where's the discussion? Fucking little skirmishes with? illegals would end in a heartbeat with the recinding of the Fed's charter. Where's our money? Where's our limited govt based on law? Fucking drain the swamp my ass. Judge them by what they do. HE'S SURROUNDING HIMSELF WITH HIS GOLDMAN BUDDIES FOR FUCK'S SAKE! ( Or is it Goldman has inserted their man just like the last two?)THEVERY THING WE'VE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT FOR 16 YEARS.  JESUS WEPT!!!!!

nmewn's picture

And and and...Cruz's wife worked for Goldman! And and and...his daddy was a friend of Oswald! 

Really dude? This is politics and it is definitely a blood sport.

Not all knights have gleaming silver armor riding in on white stallions with trumpets blaring to save the dear, innocent, naive princess from the clutches of the evil fire breathing dragon. She's a princess, its not really what he's after.

But the dragon will still be dead, that should be enough for you who did nothing.

aurum4040's picture

Im with you nmewn, its been 50 fucking days and we have Trump doomers who expected fish from bread in two months and are now whining because the fish eggs are still gestating in this analogy. Get a grip whiners, Trump by far has done more pre-election and in 50+ days as President than the last 4 Presidents have in the same time period.  Adjust your view to 30k feet above sea level and relax.