Populism, Parties, & Politics - European Instability In 1 Simple Map

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While Rutte's victory in Holland has the elites and the media proclaiming the populist revolution is dead (despite a surge in Wilders' support relative to mainstream parties), movements driven by Euroskepticism and "anti-establishment" sentiment remain top of mind in all of Europe’s key elections this year.

On some level, as Goldman notes, the “populist” political trends in these countries are nothing new; strong populist influences have ebbed and flowed in Europe over time. But this tide has again swelled in recent years for both economic and socio-cultural reasons.

While few think Euroskeptic forces will win control of government in any of the upcoming elections, as GS Chief European Economist Huw Pill argues, even that result should be far from comforting for proponents of the European vision. And one glance at the statistics below makes it clear that anti-establishment-ism is anything but dead in Europe...


Did somebody say fragmentation?

Largest party’s % of the vote in parliamentary elections (lhs) vs. number of parties that won seats in the same election (rhs), period average

In Pill's view, mainstream European parties are caught in a trap, with needed reforms likely to draw ire from both ends of the political spectrum. The upshot: Unless mainstream politicians use their (expected) wins this year to capitalize on the favorable macro environment and move swiftly to overcome voter concerns, Euroskeptic threats will continue to rise and support for European integration will further erode.

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What else would you expect the European MSM to say. As instructed by ther Globalist masters and see-aye-ai paymasters.

However, it should be kept in mind that European Governments are ALL Washington Vassals AND European societies are very socialist. Far more so than anything understood in the US. The degree of Libtardism in Europe in astonishing, as just demonstrated in Holland, to the point that with only a few exceptions, they are prepared to observe Political Correctness to the point that Islam will take them over within afew generations. Islam WILL NOT integrate.

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It's the other way around. The US is a vassal to the London-Amsterdam axis of Babylonic occultism that is attempting to control the whole world, as is the EU artificial construct to assimilate European nation states. MH17 was a false-flag in order to get these vassals to go up against Russia.

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Erdogan is not going to touch Dutch investments because if he does a lot of investors would simply stop investing in Turkey and pull the investments back. More so, if he would seize Dutch investments then it would be game over for Turkey cause the Dutch would push for European sanctions against Turkey and would put a freeze on Turkey's assets everywhere around the world. Turkey depends heavily on exports to the EU and of import of industrial products.

A reconstruction of the events in Rotterdam showed that Rutte was very much in control of that. It was all political grandstanding from his side. They had a special Turkey team that explored all scenarios. They offered the Turks several options such as holding a private meeting in the embassy in The Hague. While they were discussing that with the Turks the Dutch say on CNN Turk that the foreign minister was threathening with heavy sanctions. This acted as trigger words for the Dutch who then decided to have it escalate into what we saw last weekend. They could have stopped that minister of family affairs the moment she crossed the border. But they decided to make a complete fool of her. She was stopped 30m away from the consulate. She sat in her car for some time while her bodyguards were searched (and there was a standing order to shoot at them the moment one of them would reach for a gun). Then they pulled in the spider truck to pull her car away. When they wanted to put straps on the car to prevent people from leaving she decided to get out of the car. She made a scene but she only made a fool of herself. She was driven back to Germany. She has to wait an hour and half in a police station at the border waiting for the Germans to pick her up. She was completely humiliated and she failed. Erdogan will not be happy with her.

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Good summary. This explains well why Erdogan could not go up against the Babylonic Serpent Filth as that would mean insta-suicide to Turkey. No matter how much Putin has convinced Erdogan that the Babylonic World Order is the true enemy of mankind, of this globe, Turkey can not rely on just Russia and China to stay afloat and as such had to give in to concessions.

The Grand Show here in Holland in Rotterdam is solely attributable to Rutte and his VVD party that calls itself "The only rightful descendants of Illumination" and is no more than a Babylonic World Order vessel in this country. Some of them like child molesting as well, this is currently being investigated here. #pizzagate #demmink #mh17 #luciferism #EUtowerofBabel

Be shocked at the extent of this Babylonic Filth (Watch at own risk, strong selfcontrol needed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trGWnQgcg4E

Sidenote: The reason why I changed from calling these entities "Babylonian Filth" contrary to "Khazari Mobsters" is because the first spans a much larger timeline across human's history. The KM merely sprinkled Babylonian occultism into their Judaic adopted phylosophy  during the 8th century. This timespan also includes the emergence of the Vatican which is currently one of the Babylonian Serpent's high-seats of evil.

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"…mainstream European parties are caught in a trap, with needed reforms likely to draw ire from both ends of the political spectrum."

The political parasites are trapped by their total dependence on bribes from the Intellectual Yet Idiot classes who own the lion's share of all societal wealth and receive the lion's share of all national income. Which is why the mainstream parties will crackdown and suppress all dissent. That's actually good news because it will greatly increase support for opposition parties and will hasten the fall of the mainstream parties.

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It's called creative instability, schmucks. Where Europe leads, America follows.

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----_- (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 3:36 AM

we need to conquer britain and kill their elite.

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nah, that's a thing we do only every 1'000 years. with mixed results, note

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This is just background narrative for the long planned European collapse.  Now that they've got 27 countries under one umbrella they can "pull" them all at once.  That was the plan all along. Blame anyone but the parasites.

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Fascinating that the number of refugees per 10000 is so predictive.  Spain at <10 per 10k is most supportive.  UK at 26 per 10k is at single digit approval.  Italy at 29 per 10k is disapproving with the degree changing reliably in accordance with immigration from that point.

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Germany will split North and South instead of East and West

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UK led the way now it's a hard Briexit.


The UK will opt for a hard Brexit especially when one country (or part of a country in Belgium) can stall negotiations for so long. Spain could act in a similar fashion over Gibraltar and has the cheek to maintain its Gibraltar sovereignty claim. Claim?

Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law: https://www.academia.edu/10575180/Gibraltar_-_Some_Relevant_Internationa...


So it looks like a quick hasta luego !

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The rise of populism coupled with the fall of socialism can't result in anything other than a return to common sense.

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libtard social democracy has failed as a polticial alternative.

it is proven to only lead to higher and higher debt (spending other people's money) until there is zero likelihood of rapying that debt, available capital to borrow and spend on welfare dependency disappears and the awful realization of being lied to, cheated and stolen by successive trough feeding politicians "dawns on" the responsbile "fair minded" electorate - that simply has tolerated the stench of corruption from not balancing the nations books for decades.

it should be illegal for any country to run a fiscal deficit since a deficit brings forward future taxes and spends it on a jerry-madered political solution that favors somebody's accomplices in crime, over and above somebody else's accomplices in crime.

any governmet should spend as much time "doing things better" on a line item basis for each government department and NOT spend time gorging themselves on privielege. it would even be better to have politicians ONLY act as prize givers to private groups that come up with cheaper, higher quality or smarter ways to operate EVERY aspect of the civil service and politics.

it is the height of rudeness and stupidity to label common sense of living within peoples means as "populism" and is a typical headfake for brainwashed analysts that believe in libtard social democracy as some kind of religion - these analysts are pyschotic.

government needs to be reduced to around 25% (from 50-75%) of a country's GDP - a fact that can be achieved simply by NOT PAYING for welfare, education and health fraud perpetrated by CRIMINALS operating within every country and who might be immigrants or indigenous.


a new system is needed that is based on common sense and small government.

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Agreed agreed agreed! I can't +1 your comment enough because that is the cold hard truth that nobody wants to talk about. Since when did national pride in your OWN FUCKING country suddenly become "racist?" Oh, that's right, when the globalist bankster filth like Soros and Co started to take over and dispense propaganda at every turn. I firmly believe that the populist parties are simply too powerless and benign to change anything or the inevitable -- the disintegration of the EU. I hate to admit this, but we fought on the wrong side in WWII.

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these thoughts are a bit random and not fully developed (toothache- bleh)

facism and bigotry from naziism or rising sunism aren't the answer - that goes for dogma from anyone, inclduing moslems and other near eastern tribe based mentally deranged religious groups.

the answer is for there to be the mob rule to isolate and eject criminals in our society and their ejection from it - to live in badlands.

my view is that welfare benefits should be approved by neighbors before they are paid to beneficiaries - if beneficiaries are sick, the local doctor - if for SNAP - the same - benefit fraud that is reduced gives the neighborhood group half the savings.

snap might reduce to zero since neighborhoods can feed their own and "earn" half the otherwise snap payment

a stupidly simple answer to low education standards and high prison populations is to compel education as a part of a prison sentence - this will lead to smarter criminals, more like banksters, though some will remain violent.you don't graduate, you don't get out - prison guards can earn more money and highly educated prisoners can get early remission for qualifications.

i have some sympathy with the view that a majority of a QUORUM needs to be in place to change policy. a QUORUM would be 75% of an electorate - a simple majority of that quorum would still only be 38% of the entire electorate - but that is hugely in excess of the paltry 10-15% of supporters forming a government in some countries and inflciting their views on the remaining 85-90% - electoral college and parliamentary systems of government are still better than proportional representation nationwide. the difference here is that if a state/electorate doesn't have a 75% turnout - it is disqualified from representation in government and its representation goes elsewhere - either to a new "none of the above" party or distributed across those that could be bothered to turn up.