Portland Anarchists Begin Fixing Roads & Potholes (Because the Government Won't)

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Authored by Derrick Broze via TheAntiMedia.org,

“Who will build the roads?” The question is a common response to the proposition that human beings can coexist peacefully in the absence of a government or even the concept of a State altogether. Anarchists often claim that in the absence of an institutionalized State, people will voluntarily organize and discover solutions to the problems they face, including the construction and maintenance of roads. One such group of anarchists decided to put their beliefs into action by repairing potholes in Portland, Oregon.

A Facebook page called Portland Anarchist Road Care claims PARC is an anarchist organization dedicated to putting “the state of the roads of PDX into the hands of the people.” The group’s page says they “believe in building community solutions to the issues we face, outside of the state.” They say they are working to change the stereotype of anarchists as road blockers and window smashers. PARC also accuses the city of Portland of failing to repair roads in a timely manner and failing to provide adequate preventative care for winter storms.

“Portland Anarchist Road Care aims to mobilize crews throughout our city, in our neighborhoods, to patch our streets, build community, and continue to find solutions to community problems outside of the state,” their Facebook page reads.

Dylan Rivera, a spokesman for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, told Anti-Media he can empathize with those who are frustrated.We have a backlog of more than 1000 pothole requests,” Rivera said over the phone. “That work has been frustrated by a wet spring, with very few dry days for potholes.”

Rivera says the city has held a “Patch-a-thon” where they quadruple their staff working on potholes. He stated that during a recent “Patch-a-thon,” the city had 29 crews fix more than 900 potholes. In contrast, The Portland Mercury reports that PARC has patched five potholes in Portland. While those differences may seem stark, it is worth mentioning that the anarchists fixed the potholes via voluntary direct action while the city of Portland is using money stolen from the local community via taxation.

Rivera warned that Portlanders who choose to privately maintain the city streets without the approval of the government are doing so at their own risk. “Portlanders maintaining city streets is not safe and it’s not allowed,” Rivera stated. “It’’s not safe for the people doing the fixes because they are working in traffic and they are not trained to have the right procedures, barricades, and that sort of thing, to have a safe work zone.” Rivera also warned that individuals who choose to fix the roads could face potential civil liability if someone’s car is damaged. The irony is that, currently, if an individual’s vehicle is damaged due to government inaction on potholes, the government is rarely held accountable.

Whether Portland Anarchist Road Care will continue to fix potholes and eventually outcompete the City of Portland remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the community is a shining example of what a determined group of individuals can do when working together on a common goal.

Portland Anarchist Road Care’s profile picture on Facebook.

Even more so, they are a powerful example of how the people can accomplish both mundane tasks like building and maintaining roads, and more complex issues like how to organize our lives in the absence of the State. The beauty is that we each have the power to be an example of what a world without theft, institutionalized violence, and force can look like. We can choose to live lives that do not rely on the force of government and instead use our individual power to work towards collective liberation.

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Lorca's Novena's picture

Domestic tewwoists!!! How dare they take jobs away from fat, bloated, over-compensated government payroll leaches!!!

localsavage's picture

That road repair money got diverted to defend all of the illegals and sanctuary BS.

Doña K's picture

The "community will fix the roads you do not need .gov" is pure Ayn Rand

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Doña K Mar 16, 2017 8:09 PM

Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer:

Save_America1st's picture

Anarchy is the way...people just don't understand what anarchism really means.  We don't need 90% of the scumbags of government, folks.  We just straight up fucking don't.  Plain and simple. 

Again, for the hundredth time, I post the excellent simple video known as:  The Tiny Dot, by Larkin Rose


Fuck the gang and their tiny "legion" of enforcers.  It's a mafia, folks.  We do not need any of these fucking people running/ruining our lives. 


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Save_America1st Mar 16, 2017 8:14 PM

Or just follow the Constitution. Same result.

lexxus's picture

The Government won't fix anything because they're too busy sending BILLION$ to Apartheid Israel to enslave another people.


stizazz's picture

That freakin country is a disgrace to humanity.

The Juggernaut's picture

There is a major difference between Anarchy and chaos.  Anarchy is not Hierarchy.  Hierarchy enduces a chain of obediance.  Anarchy is Liberty and a form of Libertarianism.



TheMeatTrapper's picture

If more of the anachist community followed their example, their movement would be viewed in a completely different manner. 

Too bad the Christian churches, the gun owners and any number of other organizations don't understand this. In my time overseas, I saw many "subversive" organizations provide free medical care and free schools to people not served by government. It was a hell of a boost to the subversive organizations and generated a loyalty that the government could never achieve. 


rccalhoun's picture

that cold mix bagged asphalt wont do shit.  as anything...you need to prep the area and use the correct materials with proper


fixing asphalt is a science and an art.

tenpanhandle's picture

They missed a spot.    


Did you take a look at the rest of that road.  Last time it was paved, Stanley Steamers were all the rage.

Overfed's picture

Anarchy and chaos are not necessarily the same thing.

hibou-Owl's picture

At least they are doing something!
Same with our government paid "Attendee" who does nothing. The council had him followed because he was skiving off, still couldn't get him sacked.

The whole lot needs to be tendered out, and the lazy pricks find a job where they have to work.

RedBaron616's picture

Unlike anarchists, WE have jobs to do every day. We don't have time to run around for photo ops of fixing potholes poorly.

Sanity Bear's picture

I'm the only real libertarian here.

How do I know this?

Not one person has made a "muh roads!" comment yet...

auricle's picture

Anarchists are more American than Portlanders. 

idahobandito's picture

Constitution...is a dirty word to politicians. Rivera is a ass. does he really think a poorly patched road will do more harm to a vehicle than one of their unpatched hole, so fucking big it has its own zip code.

logicalman's picture

The Constitiution of No Authority - Lysander Spooner


Written 150 years ago.

Worth the read.

Save_America1st's picture

thanks man...noted, downloaded and I will read it. 


The Myth of Authority:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k4pXwmis7A

The Story of Your Enslavement:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A


Slingsby's picture

I'm going to TU this. I only watched "The Myth of Authurity" and think its a bit naive but will confess there's some good substance there.

Thanks for sharing.

Save_America1st's picture

Not sure what you mean by "TU this"?  sorry...lol...just not sure what that meant?

But I'm glad you watched it and gave it some consideration.  Also glad you didn't take it for ultimate truth straight away and that you question it in your own way...shows critical thinking skills, which is severly lacking in so many people these days. 

It's obviously not intended to be and also can't be the ultimate truth to the subject...but it's well worded and in it's own right in order to be a short clip to get people to consider and hopefully think more deeply about the concept.

Add to it for yourself...that's part of what it's all about.  You don't need authority to tell you about this or to tell you about how to think, right?  The vast majority of people all over the world in all walks of life, no matter where they're from would easily identify with this concept in most ways as totally simple common sense. 

We all have it.  There's a lot of longitude and latitude for free, sovereign human beings to exist within this concept without needing the type of authority the video talks about and that we have been indoctrinated into over decades, centuries, and even millenia. 

Watch it more than once and really contemplate what they're saying.  It's worth it even just so that it helps you or others (send it to others) to start to think about the concept of authority as described in the vid and as we know authority is dictated to us all over the planet. 

Government and authority is a seriously complex and well planned out sociological experiment that started long ago and is constantly being used and refined against us to turn us all into those "sheeple" we see all around us.  Takes a lot of time to domesticate the human animal....many, many, many, many generations. 

We need to be the ones who won't comply to the herd mentality no matter what.  And then wake others up the best we can. 

Did you also watch my post about "The Tiny Dot"?


another classic (imho)

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) xythras Mar 16, 2017 8:11 PM

xythras: The Daily Self Up-Voting Spam dot Com site.

You won't catch me going to malware infested spamvertised sites.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

FOAD spammer. You take away from ZH and give back nothing.


So .gov takes your tax $$ and you then do their job for free? 

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) SHEEPFUKKER Mar 16, 2017 7:51 PM

Don't you just love .gov?

beemasters's picture

Quit blaming the government. They are busy with Washington power play and constructing public perception that they care about the people.

Yog Soggoth's picture

I have actually done this before 2008, but did not video. It costs more than a proffessional crew could do unfortunately. Good way to express the bad conditions of our roaddwork structure. If I catch you , with sheep, I am going to kick your ass.

SunRise's picture

It's not safe, "because they haven't been trained"?  No!  It's not safe, because there are potholes the government can't fix.

New_Meat's picture

the union thugs will NOT be happy with this!

Stuck on Zero's picture

If they pay union dues all will be forgiven.

quesnay's picture

Anarchist. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Arrow4Truth's picture

You are correct. The meanings of words change according to the narrative. A great example is a law dictionary. The legal meaning of certain words completely changes the context of otherwise clear statements. In other words, they create their own esoteric language in order to control the outcome. The term anarchism is a compound word composed from the word anarchy and the suffix -ism, themselves derived respectively from Greek, i.e. anarchy (from anarchos, meaning "one without rulers"; from the privative prefix an-, i.e. "without") and archos, i.e. "leader", "ruler".  Anarchy is simply self government. Govern yourself accordingly.

RedBaron616's picture

Never worked yet, but like socialism that doesn't stop people from continuing to try failed ideas.

tenpanhandle's picture

Like a whole lotta things, including socialism, human nature precludes it (anarchy) from working.

stacking12321's picture


i live anarchy every day, and it works great for me, i wouldn't trade it for anything..

don't post superstitious nonsense.

Arnold's picture

Sorry, meant Antichrist,


TalkToLind's picture

Where did those criminals source that asphalt from? Did they ensure that no tree frogs or endangered birds were killed during the manufacturing process?

logicalman's picture

You would appear to elevate missing the point to an art form!

Arrow4Truth's picture

Evidently Quikreet did everything they were supposed to regarding the habitats of endangered species... or paid-off those .gov employees that were hired to ensure that they did. All is well.

SgtShaftoe's picture

That's simply awesome!!! That's one of the best social terrain action they could take. Excellent work.

Frito's picture

I somehow doubt that these are the same sort of anarchists as we see in the "black bloc" type protests. Vast difference in the behavior of anarcho-capitalists as compared to anarcho-communists.


Funny/sad that they must conceal their identity so they are not prosecuted/persecuted for making their world a slightly better place to live in.

Boomberg's picture

I don't get it. These are city streets which should be maintained by the city(local) government. Why is the liberal city govt not maintaining roads, and why are these anarchists not following normal protocol by electing liberal city officials who will maintain the streets and if necessary raise taxes to do so? Same goes for county and state maintained roads in liberal Oregon. The feds only maintain interstates by contracting with local crews, except for perhaps indirect grants to local governments. I'm not a road expert, but if liberal governments don't maintain the basic commons which they supposedly support then they are hypocrites.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

If you don't get it then read this slowly.
They. Are. Making. A. Point.

Anarchy is the lack of government. When people advocate anarchy, the sheeple rhetorically respond, "But, but, without government then who will fix the roads?"

That's why these guys are fixing the roads.

Boomberg's picture

So anarchists, who by definition reject government, are fixing the roads to make a point so that the sheeple want government. Makes perfect sense.

dchang0's picture

"So anarchists, who by definition reject government, are fixing the roads to make a point so that the sheeple realize government is incompetent. Makes perfect sense."



Arrow4Truth's picture

Here are your meds Boom. Now go back to sleep.

cheech_wizard's picture

At this point, oh clueless one, I must fall back upon Shakespeare and demand that pound of flesh...

Standard Disclaimer: just consider it a tax, and I'm sure Obamacare will have you back up on your feet in no time at all.