Rand Paul Responds To "Unhinged" McCain

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On the heels of yesterday's McCain meltdown exclaiming that Rand Paul "is now working for Vladimir Putin," the Kentucky Senator released a short statement...

"Currently, the United States has troops in dozens of countries and is actively fighting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen (with the occasional drone strike in Pakistan). In addition, the United States is pledged to defend 28 countries in NATO. It is unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of the United States given the burden of our $20 trillion debt."

And then appeared on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to explain...

he did not pull any punches (via RealClearPolitics)...

GEIST: So, Senator, a little context around that. The vote was around putting Montenegro into NATO. What's your reaction to Senator McCain's characterization of your objection?


PAUL: You know, I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits. I think maybe he's past his prime; I think maybe he's gotten a little bit unhinged.


I do think that when we talk about NATO, there can be a rational discussion about the pros and cons of expanding it. We currently have troops, combat troops, in about six nations. We have troops actively just stationed in probably a couple dozen others. We have a $20 trillion debt. And one of my favorite articles of the last couple years is one that talked about the angry McCains, and if they -- if we put active troops and got involved in combat where McCain wants us to be, they put a little angry McCain on the globe, on the map. And it's virtually everywhere. So his foreign policy is something that would greatly endanger the United States, greatly overextend us. And there has to be the thought whether or not it's in our national interest to pledge to get involved with a war if Montenegro has an altercation with anyone.


There's also another argument, is that when you ask the people of Montenegro, only about 40 percent or slightly less are actually in favor of this. They are close to Russia, they're close to being sort of, like Ukraine, in the transition from Europe to Asia. Perhaps it would be good to be like Switzerland and be more neutral and trade with both.


So, there's a lot of considerations but to call someone somehow an enemy of the state or a traitor might be considered by most reasonable people to be a little over the top.


GEIST: But Senator, you just called John McCain unhinged. You said he was past his prime. Why do you think so many other senators have voted in favor of this measure if it's so crazy?


PAUL: I think that there is a bipartisan consensus that's incorrect that we should have the whole world be in NATO. For example, if we had Ukraine and Georgia in NATO -- and this is something McCain and the other neocons have advocated for -- we would be at war now because Russia has invaded both of them.


And so I think having former satellites or former parts of the Soviet Union is NATO is very provocative. And you have to decide in advance whether you're ready go to war. If you guys are ready to send a million troops into Ukraine and fight World War III, you're going to do it without my support because I think that's a really foolish notion.


GEIST: Do you think, Senator, places like Albania and Croatia then should have been allowed into NATO in 2009?


PAUL: I think it's a real debate how big NATO should be and whether or not it's more provocative than good. And there's also the debate that the president brought up throughout the campaign, and that is we seem to be paying for all of it. Whenever there's a war fought, our soldiers fight it and our dollars pay for it. And so the 45 soldiers that Montenegro has I think are hardly an asset to our national security. And, really, our decisions need to be about our national security. And so I just don't think it enhances our national security to have Montenegro part of NATO.

Paul makes a good point, and as Mike Krieger noted yesterday, the McCain outburst should alarm all Americans. McCain is accusing a fellow Senator of disloyalty and allegiance to a foreign power simply because he disagrees with him. It’s remarkably similar to what we saw Adam Schiff do a few months ago in an embarrassing interview with Tucker Carlson. It seems yelling “Russia” is simply the new strategy for clueless politicians when they can’t win an argument.

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IndyPat's picture

Senator Paul was too kind.

"Fuck that old guy" would have been just as appropriate.

Salsa Verde's picture

Hahahaha, McCain just needs to shut up and declare war on his dementia.

SilvaDolla's picture

Why isn't Rand (or Ron) Paul our POTUS? These guys always emerge as the loudest voices of reason/logic apart from the other minions in DC.

Is our society SO far gone that we can't get elected the only guys that seem to have pragmatic views about our role in the world and the make beLIEve of modern economics?

Don't get me wrong...I'm still cheering for Trump to throw a big monkey-wrench in the cogs of the psychotic D.C. Machine, but why break out the loose cannons when we could've had a straight-shooter?

We have lost our damn minds.

SilvaDolla's picture

Oh no! Someone DOWNVOTED me! Now, I'll have to change my entire world view and opinions based thereon in order to regain acceptance by..PPFFFFT!

I'll downvote myself...I don't give a fuck.

theeseer's picture

Rand Paul is a smart guy who could never get elected becuase as a libertarian he forgets what Trump remembers in that the American people are not Medical doctors or PHd's. There needs to be some government help, not socialism but not Ayn Rand Capitalism either.

SilvaDolla's picture

Touché about Rand. :-/

But we shouldn't have to lower our standards just because half the country can't understand 3-syllable words. That's bullshit.

Is our capitalism REALLY so different from Ayn's? Just sayin'.

hound dog vigilante's picture

 Our (USA) founding principles are much closer to Ayn Rand than they are to the current Dem or even GOP platforms...

This country desperately needs to find it's small-L libertarian soul & reclaim the mantle of individual>gov, free-enterprise, decentralization & volutarism.

SilvaDolla's picture

Oh...my...gawd! We are actually grading the fate of the human race on a bell-curve...for dummies....

This movie sucks. :-/

Salsa Verde's picture

Rand can't win the mob and keep the media at bay like Trump can; plain and simple.  Trump is a means to an end to A LOT of people that voted for him for singular issues (abortion, gun rights, tax law, supreme court...), making the endless media nitpicking of his faults and gaffes a pointless waste of time.  The loose cannon does not instill as much fear as the prospects of Hillary in the presidency to the American voters.

Kefeer's picture

We have lost our blessings and have become a nation of immorality and are paying the consequences.  The battle has been and always will be till the end a spiritual battle with the results shown in the carnal realm.

LeftandRightareWrong's picture

A lot of "tough guys" still suffering with Trump envy. How did Trump win POTUS?  Why not me?

gm_general's picture

McCain was always daft, he shouldn't hold any office higher than town dog catcher. He partners with terrorists and actual Nazis, and plots against the president of the US - he should be in one of those MK ULTRA rooms being shot full of drugs or something so he can't hurt anyone. And while you're at it, also confine the other toxic twin Lindsey Graham Cracker. BTW, Rand did make one faux paus, Russia did not invade Ukraine, unless you believe the imaginary evidence like the supposed pictures of tanks. I suspect they could no longer fake satellite photos convincincly to drum up support like they did with Kuwait in Gulf War I, someone would have analyzed them and declared them fakes.

Kefeer's picture

Term limits & McCain...Bwahahahahahah

JPMorgan's picture

A little unhinged... Rand is being far too kind.





alfbell's picture

We need a balance between the parties. Pelosi with Alzheimer's and McCain with Alzheimer's. It's only fair.

McCain should never have been a Congressman. He should've been put out to pasture a LONG time ago. He is a psychotic sociopath who's only solution to everything in life is WAR WAR WAR. 

I'm sorry people of AZ. You are idiots to have continued to reelect that lunatic to our government. Snap out of it you idiots! Fire the that old lunatic!

He's not a hero. He got caught and then he squealed. He's a coward that wants to assert his manhood by sending your children overseas to be killed.


dlweld's picture

So, the senator from AZ. I didn't realize until now that AZ is short for Alzheimer's.



John McElroy's picture

Instead of getting McCain out, they got Sheriff Joe out.

LOL123's picture

Rand Paul " if we had Ukraine and Georgia in NATO, we would be at war" is 100% spot on. That is exactly why McCain the mouth piece for the Rothschild incs of the world want it....the Rothschild empire has been coveting Russian oil assets since the Jews were expelled a long time ago and the march back there has been a brass/ golen ring for them ever since. McCain who's institute benefits from both Soros ( the laundering part of Rothschild money)and Evelyn Rothschld money speaks volumes of his loyality.

Tax file in 2014- Rothschild showing $300,000 Eranda Rothschild foundation to McCains.

And people are worrying about losing their pensions.

dlweld's picture

In the Scottish bible I have, I see that McCain had a brother - McAble - and it didn't go well, but I guess that's not really relevant here.

SRV's picture

Speaking of unhinged... how is this not front page news everywhere (not a single Corp News hit w/Google Search)?

David Cay Johnston on O'Donnell Tuesday night after the Madow meltdown (she's there too)... at 24 secs while not on camera he says she (FLOTUS) did "sleazy porn" that may be part of the Trump income, then you can hear Madow throw a quick "hey, hey, hey" to shut it down... and I can't find a word from a single corp media source... full radio silence! Could you imagine the outrage if a Trump supporter said that about Michelle!


Please help spread this... he's not getting away with it!

Are We Cross's picture

Nice to see that Rand inherited some of his fathers sense, however when Charles Koch sneezes, Rand falls out his asshole.

personal109's picture

If there is ever a war with Russia because of this arse-wipe McCain, I hope Pheonix, AZ goes first, blasted to oblivion for sending this brain-dead cancerous neocon to the senate. 

power_shift's picture

Senator McCain doesn't make a good case for term limits, he makes a good case for lobotomies.

squid's picture

Or mercy killing.



gumby1129's picture

The US Senate, the most deliberative body of gentlemen in the world! Sheesh!! These folks better realize it's not going to be good for anyone if the public at large just gets fed up with the whole thing. Dump all incumbants if they disregard the will of the electorate. Hint boys and girls: that's who you are supposed to be working for......


Kefeer's picture

We need a covert assassination team (CST) for the communist party Marxist leaders and members (AKA: Traitors to Humanity) within the United States and abroad.  We are going to be royally screwed if these Marxist are not put to sleep. 

Furthermore. we need to bring back biblical moral ethics into every class-room and do not give the separation of church & state BS; Muslims will be practicing and are in schools in our nation and no one cries foul.

tomfool's picture

Love the stratigic pause in the response to MSNBC by Rand just enough pause to make them think he was gonna repent.  It seems that McCarthyism 2.0 is not working so well lately.

BingoBoggins's picture

Why doesn't Rand call McCain what he really is? A top echelon soldier in the coup to overthrow the Presidency and eventually preside over the USA.

Call him names, insult his age, but what about the average schmuck who watches the nightly news and sucks this all down with a straw? What's up with Paul's ad hominem answer? 

... I just answered it. The same way Trump addresses the population. Simple, emphatic statements that avoid complicated topics and are worded to motivate the least knowledgeable listener. Otherwise, the plebes in front of thr idiot box will never believe you. They have been conditioned in their arrogance every time they turn the box on. Who jump on the us vs them agenda when it sounds crusading and opposes broadly painted targets - as so skillfully the movement against Trump has done. it is run like a military operation. Even while reading these words they deny them.

We've never had a Bolshevik Revolution. No Hitler rose to power (despite how freely this tool of vocabulary is bandied about). There is no precedent for it, and most are confident in the myths and legends of the place to believe it could never happen here, in the good ol' USA.

Which leads me to conclude; there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Abaco's picture

Rands response was too complicated.  Howe about "Because fuck McCain that's why!"

Robert Trip's picture

If McCain had defeated Obama and won the Presidency like the vast majority of republicans wished for, we'd all be dead now.

Doesn't say much about Republicans and never did, they're mantra about anybody but Obama.

Robert Trip's picture

Why doesn't our President muzzle this crazy shithouse rat?

TRM's picture

Memo to Rand, While I find your humor funny and accurate on Senator McInsane you may want to refresh YOUR memory. It was Georgia NOT Russia that attacked South Ossettia and killed 1,500 people including Russian peace keeper troops legally stationed there and Russia did NOT invade Ukraine. Russia already had 16,000 troops stationed in Crimea legally. It was the USA that destroyed the Ukraine by overthrowing the democratically elected government. 

In a tug-of-war between 2 elephants the rope loses. Don't be the rope.

Houses Depreciate's picture
Rand Paul Responds To "Unhinged" Ru Paul
beyondreality's picture

I'm guessing the Clinton/Soros/Obama crew has McCain on their payroll. At his best McCain is a hard core RINO so I don't expect much support for the party he claims to be a part.

I agree with almost all of Rand Pauls ideas that the mainstream mindless will never consider.

Kelley's picture

Whose side was McCain on when he killed over 100 of our troops on the USS Forrestal?

His daddy, the admiral, pulled Johnny's fat from the fire by having him transferred to another ship the next day.

south40_dreams's picture

McCain is a Russian spy.  Its obvious from the dumb way he looks

uncle_disgusting's picture

McCain: just embarassing.

Blazing in BC's picture

Tell McCain that a new truck load of potatoes is in his driveway

missionshk's picture

he is demon possessed..  if you have eyes you can see it.

SHADEWELL's picture

Johnny d mcstain. Your empty skull is calling it wants it's unshriveled brain back

SHADEWELL's picture

Johnny d mcstain. D is for depends

You fucking cluess geriatric FUCK your cognitive impairment has now reached the stage of get the fuck out

Your hands are brown your shorts are brown your livah ihas brown spots an you got a bag for a belly with tits that have hair on them

Johnny please Johnny please find a good working wood chippah to jump into cummon Johnny just do it

truthalwayswinsout's picture

He got into the Naval Academy because his father and his grandfather were both 4 Star Admirals. They both were brilliant. HE IS A FIRST CLASS MORON WHO GRADUATED NEAR THE BOTTOM OF HIS CLASS. He graduated because of his relatives and not because he deserved it.

He was given special treatment by the Vietnamese when he was a prisoner.

When he ran for President he could have done 3 things to win by a landslide and did none of them. All three were positive but he was incapable of understanding them.

It would have been a toss up between Moron and the Half-Breed Muslim Nigger who would have been worse.

Tiwin's picture

Thats easy . McCain was worse.

We would all be glowing by now.

Kefeer's picture
John McCain’s Legacy of Bloodlust & Warmongering


McCain likes war because of all the little children that are displaced from safety and then he and his buddies can.....you get the picture.  I hope the Lord makes a total disgrace out of these pedophiles.


Mc Caine is an obvious Nut Case  - He's a dangerous piece of excrement.

You Yanks are good with guns  - can't someone volunteer to take him out ?

Kefeer's picture

The Republicans and Democrats are of the same cloth and their entire existence is to divide us by all means possible while they join together by night and laugh at all of us all the way to the bank.

Dildocks's picture

Looks like Congress's largest identity group of legislators is the Old & Senile Caucus. Standing room only. Hey remember when we had to take grandpa's car keys away because he killed that poor kid on the bike? Shouldn't positions of govermental power be treated the same way before someone gets hurt by a latter-day Dr. Strangelove?