Trump Releases His First Budget Blueprint: Here Are The Winners And Losers

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Update: echoing comments made by Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the top House Democrat said that the Trump budget proposal is "dead on arrival."

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Today at 7am, Trump released his "skinny budget", his administration's first federal budget blueprint revealing the President's plan to dramatically reduce the size of the government. As previewed last night, the document calls for deep cuts at departments and agencies that would eliminate entire programs and slash the size of the federal workforce. It also proposes a $54 billion increase in defense spending, which the White House says will be offset by the other cuts.

“This is the ‘America First’ budget,” said White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a former South Carolina congressman who made a name for himself as a spending hawk before Trump plucked him for his Cabinet, adding that “if he said it in the campaign, it’s in the budget.”

In a proposal with many losers, the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department stand out as targets for the biggest spending reductions. Funding would disappear altogether for 19 independent bodies that count on federal money for public broadcasting, the arts and regional issues from Alaska to Appalachia. Trump's budget outline is a bare-bones plan covering just "discretionary" spending for the 2018 fiscal year starting on Oct. 1. It is the first volley in what is expected to be an intense battle over spending in coming months in Congress, which holds the federal purse strings and seldom approves presidents' budget plans.

Trump wants to spend $54 billion more on defense, put a down payment on his border wall, and breathe life into a few other campaign promises. His initial budget outline does not incorporate his promise to pour $1 trillion into roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure projects.  The budget directs several agencies to shift resources toward fighting terrorism and cybercrime, enforcing sanctions, cracking down on illegal immigration and preventing government waste.

The White House has said the infrastructure plan is still to come.

That said, Congress controlled by Trump's fellow Republicans, is likely to reject some or many of his proposed cuts with some republicans calling the budget "dead on arrival." Some of the proposed changes, which Democrats will broadly oppose, have been targeted for decades by conservative Republicans. Moderate Republicans have already expressed unease with potential cuts to popular domestic programs such as home-heating subsidies, clean-water projects and job training.

Trump is willing to discuss priorities, said Mulvaney. "The president wants to spend more money on defense, more money securing the border, more money enforcing the laws, and more money on school choice, without adding to the deficit," Mulvaney told a small group of reporters during a preview on Wednesday. "If they have a different way to accomplish that, we are more than interested in talking to them," Mulvaney said.

The defense increases are matched by cuts to other programs so as to not increase the $488 billion federal deficit. Mulvaney acknowledged the proposal would likely result in significant cuts to the federal workforce. "You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it," Mulvaney said.

A visual summary of the proposed budget changes is shown below, courtesy of Reuters:

The biggest losers:

Trump asked Congress to slash the EPA by $2.6 billion or more than 31 percent, and the State Department by more than 28 percent or $10.9 billion. Mulvaney said the "core functions" of those agencies would be preserved. Hit hard would be foreign aid, grants to multilateral development agencies like the World Bank and climate change programs at the United Nations.

Trump wants to get rid of more than 50 EPA programs, end funding for former Democratic President Barack Obama's signature Clean Power Plan aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and cut renewable energy research programs at the Energy Department. Regional programs to clean up the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay would be sent to the chopping block.

Community development grants at the Housing Department - around since 1974 - were cut in Trump's budget, along with more than 20 Education Department programs, including some funding program for before- and after- school programs. Anti-poverty grants and a program that helps poor people pay their energy bills would be slashed, as well as a Labor Department program that helps low-income seniors find work.

Long reviled by conservatives, the Internal Revenue Service would get a $239 million cut, despite Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s request for more funding. The Education Department would receive $1.4 billion to invest in public charter schools and private schools, even as its overall budget is cut by 14 percent. But other numbers appear to contradict some of Trump’s top priorities. One of his campaign pledges was to work to cure diseases, but the National Institutes of Health will reportedly see $5.8 billion slashed from its budget.

Trump calls for a 13 percent cut to the Transportation Department, which would ostensibly play a big role in Trump’s promised infrastructure overhaul. That includes $500 million from the TIGER grant program, which provides funding for road and bridge projects.

Trump's rural base did not escape cuts. The White House proposed a 21 percent reduction to the Agriculture Department, cutting loans and grants for wastewater, reducing staff in county offices and ending a popular program that helps U.S. farmers donate crops for overseas food aid.

And the winners

White House officials looked at Trump's campaign speeches and "America First" pledges as they crunched the numbers, Mulvaney said. "We turned those policies into numbers," he said, explaining how the document mirrored pledges to spend more on the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal, veterans' health care, the FBI, and Justice Department efforts to fight drug dealers and violent crime.

The Department of Homeland Security would get a 6.8 percent increase, with more money for extra staff needed to catch, detain and deport illegal immigrants. Trump wants Congress to shell out $1.5 billion for the border wall with Mexico in the current fiscal year - enough for pilot projects to determine the best way to build it - and a further $2.6 billion in fiscal 2018, Mulvaney said.

The estimate of the full cost of the wall will be included in the full budget, expected in mid-May, which will project spending and revenues over 10 years. Trump has vowed Mexico will pay for the border wall, which the Mexican government has flatly said it will not do. The White House has said recently that funding would be kick-started in the United States.

The voluminous budget document will include economic forecasts and Trump's views on "mandatory entitlements" - big-ticket programs like Social Security and Medicare, which Trump vowed to protect on the campaign trail.

“There is no question this is a hard-power budget,” said Mulvaney. “It is not a soft-power budget.”

The budget requests $1.5 billion to detain and remove undocumented immigrants, and $314 million to hire 500 new Border Patrol officers and 1,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

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Weirdly's picture

 The unaccounted for pallets of cash help as well.

HughBriss's picture

You mean like the 3 trillion dollars of DoD funding Donald 'The Traitor' Rumsfeld reported 'missing' the day before 9/11, never to be mentioned again?  ;)




bullock's picture

I dont get why he want a bigger army while in the other hand it doesn't want to keep the US as the regulator of all those minor conflicts worldwide.

he should shrink the budget by the same amount not increasing it.


DuneCreature's picture

I knew I didn't really want to read this article. ... Can I have a 'do over' and skim right past it?

Live Hard, Sometimes It's Just Better Not To Know What Your Government Plans To Do With Your Tax Dollars, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

DelusionsCrowded's picture

I though the DHLS already employs 200000 people ?And itsn't it just organ of state repression invented after the 9/11 FF , by that incompetant crook GW

And the bloated miliary gets more more cash , quite incredible since the only threats America faces are the one's in the Fake News . Not sure about letting corporations run amok in the environement .Hopefully its just leftist fat that being cut .

Basically Trump is bribing the Pretorian Guard so (hopefully) they don't swoop into Washington are sack the place (21st century style ) .


Trump is starting to look like another bloke who's playing the con . Remember GW and his candle lighting christian moment ? Trump gives us Jackson's memorial a quick visit .Securing the sheeples hearts and minds and I trying to creat a little insurance for himself : making it just a little more destabilizing for the Shadow Gov to Kill him .

We must stay vigilant in the desperate times .

roadhazard's picture

In case you haven't noticed, no Presidents budget proposal has ever been accepted by Congress. It is one of the most stupid exercises in US Government.

nevertheless's picture

Just to put it into perspective:

Canada's Military budget is some $17.6 Billion (Canada's National Debt: $1,200,000,000,000.00)

America's Military budget is around $711.0 Billion, and Trump thinks we need more (America's debt: $19,918,000,000,000.00

So far America has spend OVER $4.2 Trillion on Israel's Middle East wars (does not even come close in the cost to our morals or our lives, which are incalculable).

And when you factor in the cost of the DEA, CIA, FBI, and other aspects of so called "Homeland Security", and bank bailouts, you basically see why America is going down the shitter (Oh and of course $38,000,000,000.00 for Israel, for what who knows).


But cutting the EPA is a great start, that way when the numbers of America's dying of starvation and exposure rise, there won't be a government agency to complain how we dispose of the bodies.

PitBullsRule's picture

Wrong, the defense budget is around 600B, not 771B.  The EPA killed a lot of industries, their time is done.  Sure they gave us higher gas mileage, but do we want to kill the last great American car company, GM, just to get another 5 mpg?  Get rid of the EPA, we can't afford it anymore.  They were needed in the 60's, maybe the 70's, but they aren't needed any more.  

jomama's picture

Winners: Trump and his business empire

Trump has spent 15 percent of his presidency at Trump-owned or -branded properties

Trump continues to take salary despite promise, says he’ll donate money later


Here's how much money Americans could save — or lose — under Trump's tax plan


Remember Trumptards, if you don't agree with it - it's FAKE NEWS! Also, don't forget: THIS IS ALL OBAMA'S FAULT!

nevertheless's picture

Great conversation about Trump and American governemnt in general:

It's a LONG video, but the meat of the discussion starts at around 1:15:00 into the discussion...

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Who gives a shit? Is he doing his job as President or not?

Weirdly's picture

Pay for it.  Stop putting it on the backs of unborn kids.  You want to fund Manatee research in the Chesapeak Bay?  Pay for it.  Call for raising taxes and pay for it.  Droning wedding parties in Yemen?  Pay for it.  Developing spying software for Samsung TV's?  Pay for it. 

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) jomama Mar 16, 2017 8:45 AM

What are you so butthurt about, snowflake?

DieSocialJusticeWankers's picture

20 Trillion in debt niegro!!!!

TheLastTrump's picture

Pissing off shit for brains like this one....PRICELESS.

Little Boomer's picture

So much winning, so little time....

Cockoo's picture

If congress does not approve Trumps budget, shut down the government until the politicians learn that Pres. Trump is not screwing around.  Since this is his first time around, he will give in. Next time, screw them shut down the government for good, <default.>  The Reps are accustomed to the pork in the budget.

Phillyguy's picture

Trumps plan to make America great again- Attack labor, school teachers, public education, health care, the environment, more financial de-regulation setting up the next 2008 financial collapse (will be far worse), more money for an already bloated military budget, police, prisons, etc. Expect more unemployment, poverty, austerity, pollution and war. We deserve who we vote for. Trump is symptomatic of a society/economy in terminal decline.

Weirdly's picture

Liar.  Reducing a budget is not an attack.  The society is in terminal decline BECAUSE the humans who make up society have lived far outside their means for far too long.  Somehow their lack of morals has them voting to get services now and send the bill to unborn kids.  It is a sick society with no morals.  He should have cut 20% from the military budget as well. 

Herodotus's picture

As federal revenues dry up during the coming recession/depression, Trump wll be cutting the military by a substantial amount.  You can be sure of that.

TheLastTrump's picture



Bring the troops home, cut many bases, circle the wagons.


Put troops on the southern US border.


Get all our troops off the DMZ in Korea. Give the South nukes and let them defend their own shit this time.

rejected's picture

The military needs to be brought home,,, reduced in size by at least 1/2,,, budget reduced by 2/3,,, all unconstitutional off book wars stopped. Get out of NATO/EU, Japan, Korea. They can defend themselves.

Homeland Security Disbanded. The individual agencies (FBI, BATFE, etc) budgets cut by 1/2 or more.

The EPA needs purgerd, return to their original goal, budget cut by 1/2.

Education Deptartment canned.

HUD budget reduced by 1/2. Stop all funding of anyone in the country illegally.

Reduce Intel Agencies budget by 1/2. Eliminate paying private corporations to spy on citizens.

Only US based companies allowed to bid on government (Federal, State, Local) contracts. NO NOBIDS.

Pay 250 - 500 billion per year on government debt until debt below 20% GDP.

Space exploration should be a primary goal again,,,

I'm sure others can help here. 

PitBullsRule's picture

The public education system is failing, you can't fix it by dumping more money into it.  Health care is another failure, the health care system itself is the number 3 killer.  It doesn't need more money, it needs replacing.  The military is what protects us from all the people in the world that despise us.  If you cut the military, then you cut your own throat, that may not be a feel-good situation, but thats reality.  The EPA was OK, but do we really need to pay legions of beaurocrats to force us to do stupid things like put those big rubber snorkels on gas fillup hoses?  How much more do you want to pay for cars so they can get the gas mieage up?  Its already costing us a fortune, and people are still driving to work in big trucks, its not working.  

rejected's picture

The US has been in terminal decline since WWII. They're just sure that they have the populace programmed enough and a large enough police state to be more obvious about it over the last ten years. Should pick up even more over the next four years.

Abaco's picture

Idiot!  Where is the attack on labor?  Getting rid of Dept. of Ed just leaves more local control.  Public education is a massive failure anyway.  Where is the attack on healthcare which the feds have no authority to be nosing around in anyway? What attack on the environment?  You mean cutting the budget of the agency that poisoned the Animas river in Colorado?

At least you aren't completely stupid.  Have to agree that spending more on the military, police, and prisons is obscene and unjustifiable.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

So glad that he ended funding for NPR. I use to enjoy listening to it until it just became a TRUMP bashing station. And what about MSNBC? What right does a so called news station have to release someones tax papers? They're not news they're propanda drug pushers and instigators and dividers.

They all suck!

peterk's picture

My theory is  the CIA had a dummy TRUMP on the side lines.. they took the real trump out an simply

replaced him with this warmongering neocon CIA-TRUMP stooge. !

Now i know where all those  billions went  from the CIAs budget.. Human Anroid technology!

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 16, 2017 8:44 AM

Time for a sustained smear campaign against the disloyal Republicans to get them out of office.  It's hard to beat an incumbent but as leader of the party you can defund their races in the next election and get rid of them.

It doesn't seem like Trump is willing to fight them yet.  If he doesn't get rid of the compromised Republicans he'll never get anything done.  You either have a party or you don't.

rejected's picture

Oh, there having a party alright!... A 2 trillion $ 'budget' with probably another trillion 'off book' of our money. Plenty of hookers and blow for Con-gress and their pals in the defense and health industrial complex.

Oh Crap's picture

"You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it," Mulvaney said.


No shit sherlock. That's a reall grasp for the obvious you got there. Pretty sure when the future president was talking about draining the swamp it was to kill off all those bottom feeders.

GRDguy's picture

But now he's up to his ass in alligators. The original intent WAS to drain the swamp.

PitBullsRule's picture

I actually like this budget.  I can't think of anything bad to say about it, or Trump.  Thats unusual for me.

Smedley's picture

How about pay based on RESULTS, and the cuts would be much deeper!!


rejected's picture

Let's see, last year:

The US spent 600 billion on 'defense'. Of course the 'Multiple War's' are off books and they're anybodies guesstimate.

China spent 215 billion

And the 'great aggressor', Russia, spent a whopping 67 billion. 

Even Saudi Arabia spent more at 87 billion running around bombing nomads in Yemen along with the US. 

The US Gestapo, laughingly called Homeland Security, you know,,,, the parasitic pervs that get off feeling you up and spying on your every move,,, get 41 billion.

Can someone please explain why we need another 54 billion added to those pentagram parasites?

PitBullsRule's picture

The defense budget employs hundreds of thousands of engineers and scientists that build devices that could be used to protect the US.  There are lots of countries that would like to see us dead.  Just because you don't know that, doesn't mean the rest of us should die, waiting for you to get educated.  The US also defends other countries that are unable to defend themselves.  If Russia decides to pillage and rape a small country, should we just watch them rape and shrug our shoulders and say, "Too bad, its too expensive!  Can't help you!  Sorry about your raping!"?

Just because you are naive, doesn't mean the rest of us want to get slaughtered waiting for you to grow the fuck up.

Abaco's picture

Fucktard!  Why are you obsessed with Russia as a bogeyman? How many countries want to see us dead that we have not already bombed or invaded?  Maybe if we weren't doing that they wouldn't want us dead.  Sure, the goat humpers in the mideast hate us but they couldn't do jack to us if we controlled our borders and kept them the out. It isn't our job to defend other countries.  You are a good little suckling for the MIC.

Rebellion97's picture

Middle East lol
Pretty much everyone hates you redneck cousin lovers, and watching your country kill it's itself within is the best show on earth.

rejected's picture

Pit,,, you are a moron. The MIC is an out of control mess. The War Department is now running 5 or more unlawful wars in an effort to enrichen their buddies in the MIC and to have a nice plush useless yob upon retirement. We have political Generals today that are nothing but parasites.

It is a sad day we have to kill people to keep Americans employed. Years ago Americans had jobs making Televisions, Irons, and other consumable items.

The reason most countries on the planet want us dead is because we are constantly interfering with their internal affairs or bombing the shit out of them.Half of our military are more than enough to keep the country secure. Did for 130 years.

I think we are seeing plenty of raping in Europe from those 'immigrants' without any Russian involvement as it was the US bombing their homes and infrastructure to bits causing this refugee problem. So what are we doing about that? Oh yea,,, Sorry about your raping. As for the Russians, they're doing their best to salvage Syria from our peaceful regime change bombings and funding radical terrorists.

Naive? I spent my time in Vietnam watching the US kill and maim for the non event Gulf of Tonkin. I carried back dead and dying Americans on my chopper. I have seen slaughter and it was all caused by the Military Congressional Industrial Complex that you are defending. 55,000 dead in Korea, 54,000 in Vietnam, Thousands more in the Sandbox wars, 16 years in Afghanistan alone where the Taliban armed with simple AK 47s are slowly routing the US Army.

As I posted below Russia has a budget of 67 billion for military and the US has 600 billion and morons like you say Russia is an aggressor. The US has troops, tanks, missiles, and you name it only inches from their border and "They're the aggressors". The US funded a coup in Ukraine, put Nazi's in charge,,, that country is now in complete disarray.

And anyhow,,, who would want a country that has not won one war in the last 72 years protecting them?  Just one look at how well we protected the ME should scare the hell out of them.

Me naive? No,,, if anything you are the billboard example of naive.



Defiated's picture

the USA 'defends other countries that are unable to defend themselves'....for a 'Fee'

maybe....Paranoia 'Rules'...."the rest of us want to get slaughtered"...really?

Are the 'Barbarians at the Gate'?.....Guys like 'you' are the problem!!!

The 'good ole PARANOID USA'.....Moar money for imaginary enemies!!!


TheLastTrump's picture

"Just because you don't know that, doesn't mean the rest of us should die, waiting for you to get educated."


You're a nice guy, me I just say "fuck these tools".


Lots of faux libertarian Joo & Christian haters. They believe & speak most points a shit for brains Democrat leftist would say so exactly what are they? Yeah...destroyers.


There's no question these wars need to stop. There's also no question that the USA needs to fucking TERRIFY the rest of the world. You idiots think China is so niiiice, Russia is so niiiice, Iran is so peaceful ROFLMAO.

any_mouse's picture

The small country damn well better be sitting on oil/gas resources or lay on a pipeline route to get USA "protection".

Defend the small countries from who? From the IMF? From the central banks? Global corps? Monsanto?

The US military has "protected" Latin America from interfering with Chevron and United Fruit, et al. profits.

The truth is that everything is done to benefit a few extremely wealthy families. Multi-Trillionaires and up. The ones that Forbes won't publish their names and wealth.

Sure, Russia is the world's enemy.

Abaco's picture

They don't.  DoD and DHS should be dramatically cut.  We should close oerseas bases and protect our borders. Dump TSA, DEA. Dump CIA.  Slash NSA. Then abolish Dept of Ed, EPA, SEC, and all the other parasites that have no consitutional authority to operate.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

A sensible plan if I ever saw one!

az_patriot's picture

It's about damn time for some serious budget cutting.  Trump's a dealer, though -- his budget shoots for the moon and then he'll back down on a few things.  Either way, the traitorous Republicans-in-Democrat-drag will be exposed when they try to save funding for liberal mouthpieces like NPR and, hopefully, eliminated from office in the midterms.

hooligan2009's picture

ponders what part of "there is no money left" or " future taxes have already been spent for the next thirty years" is so hard to understand.

the US (and the rest of the succesively libtarded OECD) is bankrupt and cannot afford any discretionary spending, until it pays down Obamas eight years of vote buying trillion dollar deficits and rolls back another 4 trillion in debt,

confiscate unused overseas cash balances, cancel the Fed's government bond holdings, cut medicare/medicaid by 25% and do the same for state and government pensions.

that will be a start - next comes tax cuts and self-funding infrastructure (like brand new airports with a 1,000 dollar a flight tax and immigrants PAYING FOR THEIR OWN PROCESSING COSTS (tourists already do this after a fashion by paying for visitor/tourist visas)

silverer's picture

You drain the swamp by draining the swamp's money. Excellent.

thurstjo63's picture

Generally your article is quite good except that when you're mention Trump's pledge to cure disease I find it amusing that you equate that with the National Institute of Health. I guess you must have missed how these government agencies such as the NIH, CDC, FDA and even the EPA collude with incumbents such as pharmaceutical compnaies, and agro-chemical companies to suppress and eliminate competition from companies producing supplements, or research doctors (many of whom have made breakthroughs in various diseases were met "unexpected" deaths) or when the dangers related to the links between pesticides and herbicides and various diseases have been exposed. The solution is definitely not to give these institutes more money. The solution is to eliminate the FDA and force all companies with products or services to have liability insurance for their offerings within the context of opening this area to real competition across all forms of medicine. You will suddenly see many diseases with cures and health care costs drop even faster than they did in the mobile or computing sectors.

Anarchyteez's picture

Damn Congress-critters!

POTUS should force a vote on term limits asap. Identify your primary enemies.

GRDguy's picture

Why bother? Intelligent folks just need to vote against every incumbent, every election.

Soon we will have a majority of NON-sociopaths in Congress and state governments,

simply because NON-sociopaths out-number sociopaths.

Oh wait, there are not enough intelligent folks.   Sigh.

TheLastTrump's picture

Lawyers. Psychopaths gravitate to power jobs. Lawyers & congress critters....