Turkish Foreign Minister: "Religious Wars Will Start Soon In Europe"

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Turkey's arch-nemesis - well, one of many -  Dutch politician Geert Wilders may have just suffered a major disappointment in his recent political career after yesterday's Netherlands general election, but that did not mean that the diplomatic scandal between Turkey and the Netherlands has been put on hiatus; on the contrary: Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that Europe is headed for “wars of religion” and claiming Dutch politicians are taking the continent “to a cliff.”

Speaking at a rally in Antalya on Thursday, Cavusoglu assessed the outcome of the Dutch elections which saw a failure for the anti-Muslim, anti-EU Geert Wilders garnering a majority of the votes, after a campaign rallying for the closure of mosques and banning of the Koran.

However, instead of celebrating the defeat of the anti-Islam politician, and his defeated by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, Cavusoglu warned that Wilders’ beliefs are shared by others across the Netherlands.

"Many parties have received a similar share of votes. Seventeen percent, 20 percent, there are lots of parties like this, but they are all the same," the Foreign Minister said adding “there is no difference between the mindsets of Geert Wilders and social democrats in the Netherlands. They all have the same mindset...that mindset is taking Europe to the cliff. Soon wars of religion may and will start in Europe,” Cavusoglu said, quoted by Reuters.

The comments come amid a bitter feud between the Netherlands and Turkey. Ankara suspended high-level relations with the European country on Monday, after it banned ministers from addressing Turks at a rally in Rotterdam, where they were expected to advocate for a constitutional referendum in Turkey. Following the ban, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Netherlands of acting like "fascists" and “Nazi remnants.”

Erdogan also accused the Netherlands of state terrorism and having a “rotten” character earlier this week, claiming the Dutch were responsible for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre during the Bosnian War. “We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there. Nobody should try to give us lessons on morality, especially not those who have blood on their hands,” he said.

"Hey Rutte, you may have won the election as first party, but you have lost a friend like Turkey," Erdogan told flag-waving crowds at a pro-referendum rally in the northwestern province of Sakarya.

He also slammed the European Union for a ruling allowing companies to ban staff from wearing Islamic headscarves under certain conditions. "Shame on the EU," Erdogan said. "Down with your European principles, values and justice ... They started a clash between the cross and the crescent, there is no other explanation."

Erdogan is lobbying for 5.5 million expatriate Turks to vote ‘yes’ in an upcoming referendum which would give him sweeping new powers to issue decrees, declare emergency rule, appoint ministers and state officials, and dissolve parliament.

Critics say the move would be a step backwards for democracy, removing the system of checks and balances. Although a majority Muslim country, Turkey is officially secular and headscarves were banned for decades in the civil service and universities. Erdogan and the Islamist-rooted AK Party he founded fought to overturn those bans, which they see as discriminatory, and to bring religion into public life.

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----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 4:04 AM

fictive wars are not really wars


what the shit skin representative dont gets is islam is now european.

we will conquer saudi arabia and kill the jewish saudis semites

Bumpo's picture

Socialist Pussies, good luck. You've lost your mojo a long time ago.

Belrev's picture

Exactly. Muslims are doing whatever they want in Europe. Act like they own the place.


SoDamnMad's picture

Turks are very violent people. They send bodyguards with their diplotmats who will kill you in a heartbeat if you make the diplomat uncomfortable.

Same with businessmen and anyone connected with the government, official or unofficial.  Look at the oil business they did with ISIS and the fact they will use any excuse to go after any Kurd.  Doesn't matter whether the Kurds are actively fighting ISIS for the US, the Turks treat them like seasoned fighters so kill them in the middle of a fight.

dogismycopilot's picture

Why wait: Syrians Shoot Down Israeli Fighter


The Israelis brought this on themselves. 

EuroPox's picture

Can we just stop all the talking and get on with the war before more invaders arrive?

Fireman's picture

When slobbering psychopath ISIS facilitator and Ottoman idiot Er dog an finally meets his inevitable destiny all hell will break lose in Turkeystan. Kurdistan will rise from the ashes of Er dog an's psychosis. The only thing between Er dog an and hell is the patience of Mr Putin and that will have its price as long as the Ankara thug survives.

Singelguy's picture

Turkey is on a path to civil war in the next few years if this nut job manages to stay in power. Pot callng kettle black.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Just one thought ...

Asia in general and Turkey in particular were once the seat (birth place) of Christianity with Ephesus in Turkey. In the book of revelation, there is a section of text which includes seven letters to the seven churches. The title of the article is PROBABLY correct, unfortunately. The reason there will be conflict is because Allah of Islam is NOT the same as Yahweh of Christianity. The spiritual battle has been taking place for 6000 years going back to Genesis 3:15.

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel." [Gen 3:15 ESV]

I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, which said: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Revelation 1:9-11

HopefulCynical's picture

Actually YHWH and Allah are in fact the same Devil Death God.

And neither is the true Source.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

HopefulCynical ...

Sorry to correct you, but are VERY wrong. What led you to this conclusion? Pastor or your own research?

You may find the following video very helpful in understanding the difference.


Have a blessed day.

Sudden Debt's picture

Those Muslims seem to forget that it's 10 whites against 1 muslim.

Those Muslims seem to forget that Europe has a history of dealing with their kind.

Just saying...

I'm pro cleanup on isle European

BigDuke6's picture


Its 4 old coffin dodgers and 6 snowflakes against a young male rapist goat fucker

I'd call it just in your favour for the next couple of years

HopefulCynical's picture

Don't count the coffin dodgers out. And the snowflakes can distract the rapists with their buttholes.

SonsOfLibertyReborn's picture

You better hurry up, with current reproductive rates in 50 years they will be the majority, since Europeans don't breed. Fuck feminism and fuck whoever invented feminism.

numapepi's picture

Modern Europeans don't have the stomach for it. They will happily and over their daughters, and even behead their own sons... rather than fight. Well... those children they haven't already aborted.

Takemine2go's picture

The question is who benefits the most from dead white people and muslims? Who benefits when money is needed for wars?  Who benefits when the middle east is in turmoil? 

Takemine2go's picture

Look, I'm not saying it's always them.......but it's always them

Jubal Early's picture

The Israeli flag, aside from being based on the Rothschild star but in blue instead of commie red, has a white stripe on the top and the bottom of the flag.  These stripes symbolize the Euphrates and Nile rivers, or the boarders of greater Israel.   As Nato says to Russia "why did you put your country so close to our army bases" so the rabbi's are getting ready to tell the lebanese, jordinians, Syrians, Egyptians:  "why did you put your country in the middle of our god given homeland".

theeseer's picture

Dear idiots Israel is the only bastion against a united Muslim front against the USA.  They have maneuvered into a position of openly helping a coalition of Egypt, Jordan and even Turkey and Russia and China due to the fact that their technology is the best in the world and in high demand. Without Israel the USA and the West would have zero intel in the Arab world. Shut the F up and go for a visit and remember without Israel you can forget aver visiting Christian holy places they would be burned to the ground. The antisemitism here is just paid Muslim Jihadist trolls.

Rich Monk's picture

No. It is a clear understanding of Zionism, and it's goals.

General Titus's picture

Israel banned Trump from visiting during the primaries because, now get this, HE WANTED TO BAN MUSLIMS FROM THE US!


Furore in Israel as Trump to be hosted by Netanyahu after remarks on Muslims

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli politicians of all persuasions called on Wednesday for a planned visit by U.S. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to be blocked over his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, which has raised an international outcry.


11b40's picture

Without Israel, we wouldn't need ME intelligence. There would be hardly any strife. Christians & Muslims got along just fine. Jews, too.

numapepi's picture

Like Spain in the 1300s.

Unless you were Christian, then your daughter was taken and sold to sex slavery, your sons might be forced to be a Janissary and you would be beaten for complaining, and killed for not paying the Jizya.

Yea... it's all Isreal's fault.

Jubal Early's picture


"Like Spain in the 1300s.... Yea... it's all Isreal's fault."

You really should stop thinking that kike-history is world history.  Even back in the 1300's the Jews of Spain were working with their Muslim puppets to destroy the christians they so despise.  For this reason they opened the gates of Granada and other cities and allowed their Muslim colleagues into the city to murder the christians they so hated.

Isabella finally removed the Jewish vermin in 1492, when they prompty penetrated Holland and England and started the entire steal-from-the-goy/lie-to-the-goy/murder-their-children cycle over one more time.

MPJones's picture

I agree with Cavusoglu's assessment, and the war to (again) banish Islam from Europe can't start soon enough, in fact it should be preempted by Western countries expelling Turkey's well-established and deeply embedded sleeper-army before it can be activated. Islam is an offensive and nasty political ideology intent on world domination by force (if necessary - jihad as such does not in itself imply the use of force, it is just one among many tools of conquest). Christians in particular are inclined to think of Islam as a religion, something quite benevolent, like Christianity in many ways. That, however, is not the case. Islam is not a religion as we normally understand the concept, and it is a grave mistake to treat it as one.

Read Andrew McCarthy's The Grand Jihad and Tom Holland's In the Shadow of the Sword for a better understanding. If really interested, study the Koran and the Hadiths and read some fatwas from different sources - all very illuminating and politically instructive.

theeseer's picture

The history is clear yet many Western "Liberals" are ignorant of the Muslim invasions of Europe starting at the time of the Crusades. I'm not defending the corrupt Crusaders or their greedy bosses in Europe I'm only pointing out that its an incompatible religion with Western culture and Erdogan is a great example, he is after all a "Muslim Brotherhood" alumni. Progressive Muslim nations like Indonesia now have jihadists spreading their filth. There is zero religious tolerance in most Muslim countries and any Nation that gets enough Muslim citizens will find that Sharia Law is at the top of their agenda. Lebanon is a great example after a long civil war the Christians were forced into a settlement with Hezbollah backed by Iran. Result an integrated country? No way a split and forever divided country.  Erdogan is one step away from the North Korean nut job a and can't even integrate or settle with the Muslim Kurds. On top of all this is the Shia , Sunni split over some BS 2000 years ago. When the Shaw of Iran tried to introduce some secular freedoms the lunatic Muslim fringe was easily able to overthrow him because most poor Muslims are believers in Jihad.

In the USA the ignorance of the Muslim threat to our Laws and Culture is sad. The USA Mosques recently rejected an Obama program where they would have gotten huge money for fighting Jihadists because they were 1. Afraid of their own terrorists 2. A large number quietly sympathizes with them. Wake Up America!!

BobEore's picture

I like your style. You get through a litany of sort of incontrovertible factoids, warming up the audience for the main event...

where you slip in

When the Shaw of Iran tried to introduce some secular freedoms the lunatic Muslim fringe was easily able to overthrow him because most poor Muslims are believers in Jihad...

as an aperitif to your astonishing claim that the Sunnis & Shias split apart 2000 yrs. ago - although Islam itself is only bout 1400 years in existence! Now that's chutzpah Moishe baby!

So... now for the inevitable afterparty - where we bust your talmudist tales with the truth bout stuff - like Iran - where the Khomeni coup against err... you meant "da Shah" right?... was conceived, nutured, and executed by the coalition of British/French/US intelligence communities working

as per usual, on behalf of the USUAL suspects - one of the greatest dissemblers of which - Bernard Lewis - produced the plan whereby he arranged for a modern day reprise of Britain's policy towards the Ottoman Empire in the colonial days..

"split the region into numerous tribal and ethnic entities; Kurdistan, Baloutchistan, a Maronite state, an Alawite one etc. Ultimately a smaller Turkey would emerge, allied with Israel in a kind of "Middle East Treaty Organization" imposing their rule over numerous inoffensive tribal entities.
A variant could even imply a link between some of these entities under the form of a vague "Islamic Pact".

Bingo. Fast forward to the present moment - where 9/10ths of said agenda is complete - with
the Turks in the bag since last July, the Saudis and Eygpt on board, and rebels like Gdaff
neutralized - an inoffensive kind of middle east perfecty suited to the designs of the
sionist grand game for an energy monopoly over Europe and the zato-ization of it's security

Khomeni was never more than another Mussie-Bro stooge of the western imperialist
powers, tasked with the mission which - except in Syria - has prevailed now everywhere
in the me - eliminate all secular oil rich states - and turn them into Islamo-hell holes
easily exploited by the money power.

Wake up Merika indeed! With 5th columnists such as yourself working hard to complete
Goldmans fait d'accompli against the Republic, it's the 9th hour before the whole script just
laid out here gets repeated in the form of a Balkanization of the USA which benefits
only it's enemies - and a tiny pirate state in the s e MED!
SonsOfLibertyReborn's picture

Get ready for what's coming. Join your local daily stormer book club and build the networks that will protect you and yours when shtf. There is strength in numbers.

BarkingCat's picture

Don't blame Islam for the problem in Lebanon. Various religions lived there is peace for a very long time.

Blame the fucking Brits for applying their great skill at splintering people from within.

A wisper in one ear and a different wisper in another, a false flag and then another set of wispers.


numapepi's picture

Name the Muslim country that gives equal rights to women or other religions?

General Titus's picture
a short course, part 14 The Muslim Brotherhood’s
Strategic Plan

• Expanding the Muslim presence by birth rate, immigration, and refusal to assimilate;

• Occupying and expanding domination of physical spaces;

• Ensuring the “Muslim Community” knows and follows MB doctrine;

• Controlling the language we use in describing the enemy;

• Ensuring we do not study their doctrine (shariah);

• Co-opting key leadership;

• Forcing compliance with shariah at local levels;

• Fighting all counterterrorism efforts;

• Subverting religious organizations;

• Employing lawfare – the offensive use of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits;

• Claiming victimization / demanding accommodations;

• Condemning “slander” against Islam;

• Subverting the U.S. education system, in particular, infiltrating and dominating U.S. Middle East studies programs;

• Demanding the right to practice shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves;

• Demanding recognition of shariah in non-Muslim spheres;

• Confronting and denouncing Western society, laws, and traditions; and

• Demanding that shariah replace Western law. Note that many of the foregoing techniques entail, in one way or another, influencing and neutralizing the American government at all levels.



MPJones's picture

Thanks for the link. I was searching for it but couldn't find it when I posted. McCarthy discusses it in some depth in his book (mentioned in my post).

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

The Turkey guy and anyone with half a brain knows that muslims have been waging war in Europe for many years already.

Muslim terrorism, mega crime, mass illegal immigration, mass legal colonization, mega-high birth rates, mega welfare dependency, etc.

And guess what....the muslims are winning bigly.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) TheVoicesInYourHead Mar 17, 2017 5:33 AM

When I was in London in the mid 70s (40 yrs ago) I was shocked.

Women in full black burka with eye slit that had a net over it, some had googles on, wearing Charles Jordan shoes.

I was shocked thinking the English had sold their country to rich Arabs. In this trip it was only London, now it's everywhere.

consequences of fallen empire.

General Titus's picture

Number 16 is perhaps their most important aspect to destroy the West.

16.  Institute alliances with Western "progressive" organizations that share similar goals;

Muslim Brotherhood Project Exposing 'The Project' - Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto


Fuzzy Muff's picture

This words this shitstain expressed will certainly not fall on deaf ears. Turkey has a wish to expand via dictatorial means, slithering in influence in other sovereign countries. Everybody takes notice and it will have consequences, i.e. repatriation of criminal Turks, illegalising governmental Turkish institutes abroad, travelbans, economic blockades to name a few.

Arnold's picture

The mah'di to rule the Caliphate.

Joe A's picture

He says "there is no difference between the mindsets of Geert Wilders and social democrats in the Netherlands"

Really? The social democrats in NL aka the labor party are the biggest Turk and muslim huggers in the country.

"Hey Rutte, you may have won the election as first party, but you have lost a friend like Turkey," Erdogan told.

With friends like that, who needs enimies?

He also slammed the European Union for a ruling allowing companies to ban staff from wearing Islamic headscarves under certain conditions.

Actually, that applies to all symbols of religion, not just Islamic ones.

The Turkish leaders are complete moronic psychopaths. They are right though: "holy" wars will start in Europe because they will start them. Just a matter of time.

Peter K's picture

No matter how those Western politicians bend over backwards, it's just never enough...

Rich Monk's picture

This is exactly what the Zionist Jews want. Depopulate the Middle East for the Greater Israel project. Set Christian vs. Muslim. Destablize America, but use our money and Military to do their fighting. On schedual.

Next in America, massive food shortage, economic collapse (planned), external war, internal war. Kill off as many non-Jews as possible!

SonsOfLibertyReborn's picture

Join your local dailystormer.Com book club and get networked. Check out Identityevropa.com too, quite a bit different and for younger folks, but we need to do the hard ground work of building local organizations. Both sites have local groups. Or start your own. Educate, recruit, organize, agitate...Win.

SonsOfLibertyReborn's picture

Join your local dailystormer.Com book club and get networked. Check out Identityevropa.com too, quite a bit different and for younger folks, but we need to do the hard ground work of building local organizations. Both sites have local groups. Or start your own. Educate, recruit, organize, agitate...Win.