U.S. Army Launches "Jungle Warfare Training" Camp

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The United States Army gave up its jungle training school in Panama in 1999 when the U.S. returned land there to the Panamanian government.  A couple years later jungle training was all but phased out in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks as the Army focused money and manpower on preparing soldiers to fight in the mountainous desert terrains of Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Now, surviving and fighting in tropical rainforests has once again recaptured the Army’s interest and sparked the launch of its first jungle training school in decades located some 30 miles inland from Hawaii's Waikiki Beach.  Per the AP:

Brig. Gen. Stephen Michael, deputy commander of the 25th Infantry Division, said the Army set up the school as its footprint was shrinking in Iraq and Afghanistan after more than a decade of war in those countries.


“The jungle school gives us that focus, it reinforces that we’re in the Pacific,” Michael said. “If you’re in the 25th, you understand you got to fight in the tough environment of the Pacific.”



Of course, as we pointed out earlier, Trump released his first budget blueprint this morning that included massive cuts to several departments, albeit with one notable exception...

Trump Budget


And, as Staff Sgt. Ascencion Lopez points out, Hawaii's new jungle school is going to need every bit of their allocation of that incremental funding as the U.S. Army "has to relearn everything" about jungle warfare from the development of new uniforms all the way down to how to carry modern equipment and protect against deadly infections.

First it needed instructors. The Army sent soldiers to military jungle schools in Brazil, Brunei and other tropical spots to reacquire long-lost skills. Instructors-in-training poured over old Army jungle manuals.


“We had to relearn everything,” said Staff Sgt. Ascencion Lopez, who was one of the first instructors at the school, which is part of the 25th Infantry Division’s Lightning Academy.


The soldiers quickly discovered their existing uniforms stood out among the trees and the fabric took too long to dry. The Army is currently developing a new uniform and boots specifically for the jungle. Instructors in Hawaii are testing out some early models.


The soldiers have also had to adjust how they carry their ammunition, canteens and other gear. In the desert, soldiers frequently strap gear on their chests so it’s accessible while riding vehicles. But instructors recommend soldiers carry gear on their sides in the jungle so it won’t get caught on roots and vines while they’re maneuvering on the forest ground.


“The minute your feet go, you’re done. You’re not going to be able to function in the jungle,” Lopez said.

Soldiers must also develop the mental stamina to persevere in a place where they’re constantly wet, thick vegetation can hide the enemy and deadly animals may be lurking. (Though soldiers are spared threatening animals in Hawaii as the state has no snakes and the only native land mammal is a small, rare bat.)

“Soldiers that aren’t as mentally tough — they’re either going to find their toughness or they won’t. But the jungle doesn’t care either way,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Johnson, another instructor.



And while Brian Price, a professor in diplomacy and military studies at Hawaii Pacific University, said the Army is simply training in the jungle so it will be ready just in case some future crisis demands it...one has to wonder why preparations for combat in these regions of the world suddenly became a priority for the U.S. Army again.


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Note to Pentagon: There are no jungles in Iran, China or Russia..

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I suspect they're fully aware. From the map above the most likely theatre requiring such skillset and being on the top of 'hostile regimes' at the same time appears to be Venezuela...

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Maybe Ecuador in revenge for Assange.

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may be they know they need that skill if they have to hunt little green men.

philipat's picture

They could take Venezueala just by handing out free toilet paper?

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Logan 5 (not verified) philipat Mar 17, 2017 5:26 AM

Wait, doesn't that invisible PREDATOR live in the jungles down there?

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

Yeah that's why they're out of TP. Scaring the shit out of people.

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Dammit! Your comment made me blow coffee out my nose! Thanks!

BorisTheBlade's picture

That's some unorthodox strategy. Paradrop Vicky Nuland with a cargo, she has experience of handing out things.

NoWayJose's picture

I refuse to believe Russia would do anything militarily except possibly occupy Eastern Ukraine. Cheaper to give it to them.

China is probably smart enough to not invade Vietnam, but might press westward to open its ground routes to the Middle East and Europe. Is the US smart enough to not fight for some coral islands? War with China would be hard to see on the ground. Biggest need is for a beefed up navy to cut their ocean traffic.

Iran is the biggest worry - we weakened their traditional rival of Iraq - so that is out of balance. They might try taking Iraq - or parts of it. Easy to see Iran get nukes - and use them? Real chance we get drawn in with scuffle between Turkey/Kurds/Syria or Iran/Israel or Iran/Saudis. Paint the tanks in desert camo!

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Exxon recently announced the discovery of substantial oil and gas deposits in Guyana.


The CIA have a long history of meddling in Guyana's politics and that is compounded by the fact that the oil and gas discovery is in the 75% of Guyanese territory that Venezuela claims as its own. So it is likely that US troops are being trained to be Exxon's enforcers in Guyana and regime-changers in Venezuela.

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they've got a 'problem' in the philippines & malaysia & micronesia too.

it's around the equator like a belt. hot & humid.

philipat's picture

Yeah, all those really aggressive regimens threatening the US?

beemasters's picture

They will be seen aggressive once the MSM are done with their magic reporting, alright.

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It's tough but not as tough as this article presents - mostly propaganda. I've been mountain biking in Malaysian primary jungle for 20 years, and the biggest risk by far is getting lost! Yes, mountain biking - you need a good saw-knife to make your way through :-)
When someone does get lost, the only way to find him, is to call aborigenese people for help. We've had cases of army rangers calling off a search after a week, and "orang asli" finding the injured lost guy, passed out, in 12 hours, running barefeet in the jungle with no intruments, tools - or army fatigues!

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Never saw anyone ride a bike in the jungle. Do you mean you were riding on a trail in the jungle?

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That reminds me that germany sent a scuadron of alpinist to Estonia a months ago. Hint no montains in Estonia.

The central planners's picture

That reminds me that germany sent a scuadron of alpinist to Estonia a months ago. Hint no montains in Estonia.

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with this kind of budget the can make jungles anywhere they want

Fireman's picture

Apparently Pentacon Kill Industries Inc believe they might get Vietnam right this time.

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What do you mean? They got it right last time, just ask 'em!

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i'll show you my jungle penetrator.

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Perhaps they can call some Vietnam vets for advice. Such as: you can't defeat an enemy determined to survive and beat you even if you kills most of them. Or, there is no use in trying to control the countryside if what you won during the day you lose during the night.

The irony of it all is that Vietnam and the US might become allies because Vietnam is no fan of China. No sir, most countries in that area of the world are not fans of China at all.

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Vietnam is no fan of the US.  Yeah but we still got Round-Up and Monsanto could sell it to the government for 5X the normal price and produce so damn much their dividends would explode.  So would cancer but who gives a shit.

Joe A's picture

Remember Agent Orange? And what that did to the countryside and people living there.

Vietnam no fan of US but they really don't like China. They almost went to war themselves during the 60s or 70s.

lakecity55's picture

Round-Up, you mean Agent Orange Lite?


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You need to read some more history. The NVA was a cunt hair away from surrendering until the likes of John F'ing Kerry (Did you know he was in Vietnam?) and ilk like him got involved. The NVA were stunned at first but american traitors gave them reason to keep in the fight.

SoDamnMad's picture

I supported a bunch of Marines from 29 Palms who were initially in Somalia. Got pictures of green Abrams tanks which is a rarity. Marines left and took their tanks but the Army was so smart and didn't need tanks there. When Blackhawk Down occurred, tanks could have rescued those Rangers.


The Army has dumped a lot of the armor soldiers over the past few years, many who fought north to Baghdad in 2003.  Now they send tanks to Europe (Baltics).  In the 2016 Strong Europe Tank Challenge held in Europe, the US didn't even place. The event was won by Germany with Denmark second and Poland third.  DENMARK BEAT US????  

Just who is managing military skills?

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A tranny general promoted by our first gay pResident.


Sandmann's picture

I thought the Leo II the Germans and Danes use had the same Rheinmetall 120mm gun as the Abrams ?  Suggests very poor operators indeed



A German tank crew from Mountain Panzer Battalion 7, Panzer Brigade 12 took top honors, followed by a Danish crew from their country's 1st Tank Battalion in second. Third place went to a Polish crew from the 34th Armored Cavalry brigade. It's unknown where the American crews placed, only that they weren't in the top three.  

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O'Bama era military.
Sorry Heros, that's your tag.

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Aww we just let them win so'd they feel good and motivated about theyselfs.

It's like checkers, you know.

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----_- (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 3:57 AM

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Upvoted for your cycnicism.. Matches my own.

Until we all collectively notice that we are all in the shit together, and that bhuddist Idea that we are all conected and that by killing the enemy de jour we just bring ourselves closer to death, we are all going nowhere good, it's just the rate of travel that is not equally distributed, which makes it harder to notice..

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We always had a jungle camp. It's called "Fort Jackson," haha.


Urban Redneck's picture

There's also Camp Rudder, which most certainly does have poisonous snakes, even if fewer with neurotoxic venom than one normally comes across in the jungles of SE Asia.

Megaton Jim's picture

How about Ft. Polk, Lousiana?!?

jughead's picture

Da PI makes em both look like desert paradises. ;-)

Megaton Jim's picture

I went thru that in the early 1980's, it was tough!

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Oh boy, name the tranny!  Imagine being able to mud wrestle 3 army boys in your squad simultaneously.

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Time to invade South America again!


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Jungles are good, they haven't had too much luck with deserts !

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Let's recapture Hawaii from the libtards!!!

jughead's picture

As a 'nam-era jarhead and JEST grad, I'd be happy to contract with uncle sugar to relearn these boys the joys of jungle warfare.  CHA-CHING!

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Here in the swamp we call that 'going for a walk'.

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Dang I must be getting old. Invaded Panama, then a bit later I was stationed there for 3 years. My boy was born there. Yep, the jungle is bad ass and you can catch things there the doctors don't even know what it is, a lot of skin rashes etc. Jungle School was at Fort Sherman, I spend a couple of months there. There is some hairy jungle in Panama, particularly as you get near the Colombian border. I learned to sleep squatting with a poncho over my head on patrols, believe me, you don't want anything but your boot soles touching the jungle ground. And, by the way, never grab a tree, even if you are falling, that black palm will ruin your week. Saw a LTC grab a tree coming down from a hilltop, he got a face full of it. One tip - I used to eat one MRE match head a day - never used bug juice, never got bit. You sweat out the sulfur and the bugs don't like it.