"Can We Get A Handshake?" The Press Asks As Trump Meets Merkel (Spoiler Alert: No)

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Few recall what transpired one month ago when Japan's PM Abe met with Donald Trump, but everyone remembers the infamous handshake:


Today, as previewed, Trump is meeting with his European nemesis, the green-wearing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and will hold a press conference at 1:20pm, although what most really wanted to know is whether Trump would unleash the infamous "handshake" yet again.

This is what happened next according to CNBC's Steve Kopac:

"Can we get a handshake?" the press asks

Merkel looks at Trump

"Do You Want A Handshake?"

Trump grins

At that moment the press is ushered out without any handshake.


And that is all you need to know about the current state of US-German relations; you can ever drink right through the press conference.

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Belrev's picture

Anne Coulter DEMOLISHES Merkel of Germany, Putin better ally against radical Islam


Looney's picture


I’ve never seen Merkel wearing a skirt, lederhosen, or a kilt, let alone a dress.

Her legs and balls must be hairier than a Woolly Mammoth.  ;-)


greenskeeper carl's picture

Good for trump. To hell with all of them. They represent everything America just voted against.

Looney's picture


Trump’s and Merkel’s views on Immigration are diametrically opposite, but they can be easily merged – Germany, instead of taking-in millions of Muslim refugees, should take our illegal immigrants, all of’em!  ;-)


Handful of Dust's picture

The Fake News media is lucky they are not herded into a deep ditch and...


...well, use your imagination what to do with traitors.

jcaz's picture

The dude has been worth my vote if only for a few small moments like this-  outstanding......

Jim Sampson's picture

Such a cringeworthy moment for "her"...  I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

Ghost of Porky's picture

That is one cold fish. Probably the first tingle she's had in years.

Logan 5's picture

Pull my thumb Frau Merkle (for the thunderbolt fart & horse whinny effect)

Latina Lover's picture

Yeah, Merkel is just another communist closet Lesbian.  Besides, would you REALLY want to see whats underneath?  Somestimes, what is seen cannot be unseen.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Like a true coward, Trump enjoys exerting power over people in subordinate position, but bends over like a little bitch where it really counts...

Tallbert's picture

The stupid German cunt is member of Obimbo's traitor team. The gets exactly what she deserves. It must be a kind of torture for the Donald sitting right next to this ugly POS.

Nexus789's picture

Dumped in animal excrement. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

we could take their german engineers in exchange, sounds good to me.  Glad i don't have a merc, that could get expensive soon.

joep3joep3's picture

This is so true, they are on opposite side of viewpoint. But Germany is still our allie and I didn't see anything here. If fact he reached out and touched her. Which speeks for itself.

knukles's picture

Sacrilege!  Blaspheme!
You mere mortals are not permitted to gaze upon her upper white as snow smooth as glass baby skin thighs that no God has yet touched

Raffie's picture

Her razor stubble legs would make a cactus blush.

If she had a dress or skirt on you would hear this 'W00SHING' sound from the stubble rubbing against each other. Like corduroy pants.

Bollixed's picture

"I’ve never seen Merkel wearing a skirt, lederhosen, or a kilt, let alone a dress."

Well, then this butt's for you...


knukles's picture

Dude, lighten up!  When she was small behiond the Iron Curtain the Commie Rat Bastards blocked all the MTV and the plump Stasi gals were all doomed to dance funny.
It's the White Misogynist West's Fault

Dildocks's picture

Always thought she might be zaftig under all that, but she's actually more beer barrel.

Hulk's picture

I hear she has nice creamy breasts though...

Latina Lover's picture

Yeah, Merkel is just another communist closet Lesbian.  Besides, would you REALLY want to see whats underneath?  Somestimes, what is seen cannot be unseen.

knukles's picture


           "What's in Your Sausage?"

Lea's picture

For the Lord's sake, remember this website is read worldwide, have a heart about the US brains and general knowedge's international image, and stop using the word "communist" as if you knew what it means.

I have news for you: You don't.

TAALR Swift's picture

Here is a peek at Merkel's legs and other body parts, while on vacation in Greece years ago.


Looks like she knows how to gyrate fiercely.  Please don't throw up.

HRClinton's picture

Of course I know that she can dance and gyrate like that.

I would not have been a very good SOS, if I didn't know important things about people like Angela Merkel.

She may not shave her armpits, but she does use deodorant.  Holistic crystals.  But I've said too much.

holgerdanske's picture

And I was just eating a nice rice salad.

Suddenly I have no appetite.



De-dollarize's picture

Putin is a better ally to muslims than anne coulter 

anne coulter is a necon with dissociative identity disorder
sometimes she is right, sometimes you wish america to just die....becouse of her 

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Did Trump sign a peace treaty with Germany?

Germany is a vassal of the occupation forces (USA + UK):

please provide the exact date when the peace treaty was signed
and the days after when the allied troops left in peace
and allowed the German Volk to write their own constitution,
the borders were rewritten
and the German Gold and patents were returned back...


Smedley's picture

There is no more vassal stuff, it is ALL Central Banker Land now!


cossack55's picture

How about a kick in the ass?

swamp's picture

Where is Trump's hazmat suit?

wisehiney's picture

Trump no touch no slobby chicks.

DavidC's picture

Anyone know why I get frequent "The media could not be played." messages in both Mozilla and Opera? it's damned annoying.


East Indian's picture

WHo said so? The deep state plays the media any which way every day!

Diplodicus Rex's picture

Try uninstalling and re-installing flash player.

2ndamendment's picture

The Head Globalist meets the Head Populist and the press is dumb enough to think they'll want to shake hands? LOL. 


Say it with me: Two men enter, one man leaves. 

hound dog vigilante's picture


Trump/USA have ALL of the leverage in this relationship.  DE brings NOTHING to the table.


Germany is now trapped by their beloved EU...  they literally 'own' all the EU's problems, but they are getting NONE of the supposed benefits... international/diplomatic influence?  Zilch.  economic leverage?  Nope.  Germany, Greece... this is what loss of sovereignty looks like - trapped b/t political correctness & the banks.

mkkby's picture

FAIL.  You fuck tards are always WRONG.

Trump didn't snub Merkel by not shaking hands.  He snubbed the media which asked for a photo.  Later on they shook hands and everything was polite.

ZH has an IQ of about 3 these days.

East Indian's picture

Showing the corporate handmaidens their proper place... 

Why should any leader oblige these pests with an artificial smile?

Jim Shoesesta's picture

Is this Maddows mother? 

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Hey America, please do us Europeans another favor. The last one, we promise.

You might want to keep her. Don't care where. Gitmo is alright.

2ndamendment's picture

You'd have to take Lena Dunham and Rosie O'Donnell to make that a fair trade. (And they cannot ever come back.) :-)

chunga's picture

Sorry, we're flush with shit head politicians.

Chaffetz: ‘Curious’ That State Dept Still Won’t Release Clinton Emails


On Feb. 16, the Utah Republican sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking the Justice Department to prosecute Bryan Pagliano, a former State Department IT technician who set up Clinton's private email server in her home.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Trump and the Clintons have been friends for decades (or at least were, look it up, I'm not lying).  This does not surprise me at all.