EURUSD Tumbles As Le Pen Support Jumps

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Given the collapse of European VIX to record lows, one could be forgiven for thinking that there's nothing to worry about. However, a one point jump in first-round support for French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has sparked a notable drop in EURUSD this morning.

European FX investors look anything but comfortable...


Overall however, according to the polls, Le Pen is unlikely to win...

But then again - Brexit and Trump proved that means nothing.

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I guess French people are not listening to their fake news media after all and making up their own mind.

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I even liked her Dad, but he guess he used the J word and she booted him out of the party.


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Once again I call bullshit :
- Macron is center-left, which has never done more than 15% in the past, and he has 25 % ? No way
- besides, the gap between polls for Macron is 10%,
- the left is at 48%, inconsistent with latest elections, where it was around 35/40% no more,
- total other candidates combined is 4%, there are around 4 more or less, once again tough to believe, Dupont Aignan did more than 5% by himself last election,
This is manipulation of the highest order.
Pollsters are like journastards, to be hung !

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Derezzed Mar 17, 2017 11:15 AM

I told ya back in Feb, she wins 100% certain.


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Adding the words, "far right" to Marine Le Pen's title adds nothing substantive to the story.

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If you enjoy having a family, a wife that speaks to you with respect and you return that, having kids, reading in general, children that don't look up to "gansta's", you are considered "far right".

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If you have christian thoughts in todays Europe - you are far right.

I wonder as well why zerohedge indirectly supports mainstream metaphores with these stupid and false adjectives.

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Neither are in the far left. So were are freedom and truth?

Government is the nemesis of mankind.

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Since we know how "accurate" polls are, LePen must be at 38% to 42%

Goodbye EU (waving motion of hands)

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But think you are wrong ?


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No, just don't have a clue who's going to win. Obviously hoping LePen.

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French Election. Starts Sunday April 23, Ends, Sunday May 7.

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Think Trump

Think about total manipulation for 40 years

Think about what you really think about it. In your soul. 

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Firstly lets hope they will not rigg it.

In Netherlands Wilders gained 5 seats and Rutte lost 10, but we read everywhere that "Wilders lost" - no he did not. And we all know that if a trend starts it will not end that simply - it will gain momentum, but it might take years.

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LOVE adding to my LT EUR/USD short....


...this is damn near like going to the shooting gallery..........


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Immorality and antireligious nihilism are the root of our problems. Without morality and spiritual meaning, life loses its romance. It turns from high adventure and heroism into drudgery and addictions.

Get organized, educate, recruit. The filth hates you. If we are going to die, let us die like men.

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I hope Ms. Le Pen drops a giant deuce in the Globalist Wheaties.

p.s. Fuck Big Bird

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She is not far right, she is a statist but a FRENCH first statist.



highwaytoserfdom's picture

no Dutch voting fraud  British and US intelgence services told us.


NPR PBS     first now BBC

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What's far right ? They don't subscribe to committing suicide as a country. What nonsense.

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There is no left or right. Only liberty or tyranny.

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Children must never (be allowed to) decide to make up their own mind.

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they keep saying the euro will rise but i say the euro is a zero. imo it will never be a good buy in usd terms. [/gartman]

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I thought the Deep EU, and the friendly folks in Brussels had that election fixed already.

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Go Le Pen! Her father Jean-Marie was even better because he was willing to discuss the problem of the ethno-oligarch collective and their false(fake news) narratives.

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Well folks, whether the Euro survives as wounded, or limps along till its mortally wounded matters not much when your gettting it right

following the Buys and Sells for the Gold Miner ETF's.   The illustrations are more important than anything I can say....all the posts in

March give a good look at that.  For me its a lot eaisier to figure and follow and buy and sell than say the Euro.  Kinda makes feel like

the guys at Goldman Sachs, winning every trade.


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More polling results concocted by the Elite controllers in an attempt to sway the vote.

Not buying it this time either....

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"Her father Jean-Marie was even better"


He was a giant turd who never - not a single day - wanted to get elected to clean the French mess. He didn't care about France, he just liked to live the high life (€€€€), show his mug on TV and stir up controversy. A giant turd indeed...


His daughter and her niece MEAN business!

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Supposedly Geert was a slam dunk.

They will rig everything so that the EU does not fragment.  England scared them.

EURO will soar when all the populist people lose. BOJ will tighten and there is the weak dollar Trump wants even while Yellow tightens.

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Drops from 1.082 to 1.079  wow really that's news.  The French will vote for their pensions and the same old 


The Italians will be the first big jolt to this giant pozi market

LawsofPhysics's picture



I wouldn't be so bold as to even try and predict what the psychopaths that run this casino will do.  Either way, global Weimar is inevitable now.

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Drops from 1.082 to 1.079  wow really that's news.  The French will vote for their pensions and the same old 


The Italians will be the first big jolt to this giant pozi market

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   You don't want to be short $usd on a day like today. The eur/usd pinged that trend line off the election highs from November and got rejected hard with the Le Pen news.

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Wanna bet? Im limit short USD today... 

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Massive bullish signal, of course

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Frogs will go for Macroid. Remember 1940.


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The truth is far right

The absolute truth is extreme right

As in the Brexit and Presidential polls the bias is so extreme that do not not meet anywhere the above criteria so are mainstream only.

Prior to Brexit, hundreds of major companies around the world used the services of Indian and Philippine BPO's to conduct there own private surveys.

They were almost all done by mass emailing or or mass calling, often sampling 50,000 or more, by way of sending out the expected numbers to generate the right number of responses.

These BPO's have databases and access to databases of tens if not hundreds of millions email addresses cellphone telephone numbers and all linked by such things as Ip addresses and other data.

If response falls short on first send the send is simply increased

For both Brexit and US election  the usual wording is very simple, no fucking about with lots of questions like who do you support, no seasonal adjustments, no data tampering, just a plain old Who will you vote or are for or against.

In both cases the private polls forecast 100% correct in the result, in the case of Brexit at least 8 weeks before the referendum and in th case of President in August last year.

in both cases, if private polls were accurate it proved massive vote tempering, just not enough.

In the case of Le Pen, private polls show her in the lead and she has been in the lead for at least  the last three weeks.

Macron has not increased over the same time and Fillon is gone.

How do i know, I own half of a small BPO in Quezon City and although we do not do these polls we know the companies who do and more important I know data analysts who work there.


I trust them 10,000 % more than the fucking lying corrupt polls that they try to foist on the public to addle their brains.

I'm placing bets on Le Pen already






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King petrodollar!!!

for now anyway.

"Full faith and credit"

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More Faux news on ZH

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"tumbles" ? ... back where it was one day ago, seriously ?

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I would love to see tighter pants on Merkel.

gunzeon's picture

shudder at the thought of the camel toe ...