Syrian Army Claims It Shot Down Israeli Jet After Raid Near Palmyra

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The Syrian Army said Israeli warplanes targeted Syrian army positions and hit a “military target” near Palmyra in a Friday morning raid, in what it described as an act of aggression that aided Islamic State. In retaliation the jets were targeted by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles with one of the Israeli fight planes shot down.

According to a statement by the Syrian Army, a total of four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace on Friday morning, Reuters reports. Syria's air defenses shot down one of the Israeli jets over "occupied ground" and damaged another.

The Israeli Army confirmed it had conducted airstrikes on several targets in Syria, Israel National News reported. However, as usual the IDF insists that none of the jets was harmed. "At no point was the safety of Israeli civilians or the IAF [Israeli Air Force] aircraft compromised," an Israeli military spokesman said.

Following the breach of the country's airspace, the Syrian Army warned Israel of "direct" retaliation "with all means at its disposal," Haaretz reports. Earlier, a spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that Israeli military jets were targeted by anti-aircraft missiles after they struck several targets in Syria. “I can say that the sirens were the result of the incident," an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson told Sputnik, referring to the launch of missiles at Israeli planes that carried out attacks on targets in Syria.

As Reuters further adds, after Israeli Air Force planes struck several targets in Syria on Thursday night, Damascus retaliated by activating its air defense systems and firing a number of missiles at Israeli jets, according to Haaretz. None of the missiles struck the jets, but one was intercepted by a missile defense system north of Jerusalem, Haaretz reports, adding there were no Israeli casualties in the incident.

"Overnight IAF (Israeli Air Force) aircraft targeted several targets in Syria. Several anti-aircraft missiles were launched from Syria following the mission and IDF (Israel Defence Force) Aerial Defence Systems intercepted one of the missiles," the military said in its statement, as cited by Reuters.

A rocket siren was heard at around 3:00am Friday morning in the Jordan Valley area, after which witnesses heard an explosion. The IDF later confirmed that the sirens were a result of Israeli airstrikes on several targets in Syria, Israel National News reports.

Friday's incident is the third time that Israel has bombed targets on Syrian territory. Recent, in mid-January, Israeli forces hit the Mezzeh Military Airport west of Damascus, with the facility rocked by several explosions according to RT. On December 7, the state agency SANA reported that multiple surface-to-surface missiles had been fired by the IDF from the Golan Heights. Syrian authorities have repeatedly accused Israel of endorsing terrorism by carrying out the attacks. Regarding the strikes, Israeli authorities previously said they were targeting positions of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group inside Syria. Israel views the organization as enemy militants.

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The Merovingian's picture

Expect a 'proportional' response ASAP.

In other words some village in Palestine has had it.

strannick's picture

This air strike no doubt the result of the talks from the new/old ''Saudi, US, Isreal ISIS'' anti-Assad coalition. Must stop the Shiite pipeline at all costs...

Russian s-400s on the scene. Russia looks outgunned, but its the one Christian nation of the lot. Pray for Putin. Wall Street War mongering Trump gets more disappointing by the week.

What did that US serviceman say? ''I didnt join the navy to fight for ISIS in a Syrian civil war''?

American lives are cheap to Saudis and Isrealis. Politicians prostituting these young lives for their evil schemes.

froze25's picture

The Israelis will always deny , and who knows they may be right. If the Syrians want to throw egg on their face they need to show a video of the wreckage after they deny.

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 Read the following strangely prophetic segment from an article published in 1982 by the World Zionist Organisation’s publication Kivunim and penned by Oded Yinon, an Israeli journalist with links to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Yinon’s strategy was based on this premise. In order to survive Israel must become an imperial regional power and must also ensure the break-up of all Arab countries so that the region may be carved up into small ineffectual states unequipped to stand up to Israeli military might.

Laddie's picture

"They discussed the Jewish role in the Syrian Civil War. In particular, they talked about the Jewish media’s in spinning a narrative that vilifies the Syrian and Russian leadership over the “humanitarian tragedy” in Aleppo.

Of course, the United States is backing identical operations by the Iraqi government in Mosul, which is producing a similar humanitarian crisis in that city, but the media treats those operations as a “liberation.” And of course there is NO mention of the fact that the United States, Israel, and the Zio-puppet Gulf states and Turkey have been supporting ISIS in Syria since the start."

Israel is now openly admitting to providing medical treatment for ISIS, and Turkey has been caught arming them and helping them smuggle oil. Probably, the majority of the oil they smuggle for ISIS in fact goes to Israel.

Turkish President signals at possible will to improve ties with Israel on the backdrop of increasing tensions with neighboring Syria and Russia. … Erdogan told journalists during a flight back from Turkmenistan that “normalization with Israel” was possible if the sides can reach a compensation deal for the raid’s victims and if Israel lifts a blockade against Palestinians. His words were reported by Yeni Safak newspaper on Monday. Erdogan said: “There is so much the region could gain from such a normalization process.”

Why would Israel be devoting massive amounts of resources to assisting ISIS terrorists?

London Daily Mail

Under cover of darkness, an Israeli armoured car advances down the potholed road that leads to Syria. As it crests a small hill, the driver picks up the radio handset and tells his commanding officer that the border is in sight.

He kills the engine. Ten heavily-armed commandos jump out and take cover, watching for signs of ambush. Then five of them move up to the 12ft chainlink fence that marks the limit of Israeli-held territory.

On the other side, on the very edge of Syria, lies an unconscious man wrapped like a doll in a blood-drenched duvet. The commandos unlock the fence, open a section of it and drag him onto Israeli soil.

The casualty – who doesn’t look older than 20 – is losing blood fast. He has been shot in the intestines and the liver, and has a deep laceration in his left ankle.

After putting him on an emergency drip, the commandos stretcher him back to the armoured car and head back to Israel.

But this wounded man is not an Israeli soldier, or even an Israeli citizen. He is an Islamic militant. And his rescue forms part of an extraordinary humanitarian mission that is fraught with danger and has provoked deep controversy on all sides.

Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.

Israel insists that these treacherous nightly rescues are purely humanitarian, and that it can only hope to ‘win hearts and minds’ in Syria. But analysts suggest the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly ‘deal with the devil’ – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.

There is no doubt about the danger involved. Many of the casualties rescued by Israel belong to Salafist groups who harbour a deep-seated hatred of the Jewish State. It has also been reported that some may be members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian group affiliated to Al Qaeda that has kidnapped scores of UN peacekeeping troops in this area, and has massacred Christians deeper in Syria.

It is unclear how the two enemies arrange the rescue. All that has been disclosed is that word reaches Israeli forces that casualties have been dumped at the border, intelligence establishes that it is not a trap, and the commandos are sent in.

In the three years that Israel has been running these operations, it has saved the lives of more than 2,000 Syrians – at least 80 per cent of whom are male and of fighting age – at a cost of 50 million shekels (£8.7 million).
U.S. government’s military aid in May 1958 for the Chamoun regime in Lebanon, which was unpopular with Lebanese Arabs but enjoyed the support of the Israelis. Turkish intelligence has always been very close with the Mossad and Shin Bet.

Cost of Israel to American taxpayers$3 Trillion, as of 2003.

Why do Muslims Hate the West?

BullyBearish's picture

yes, when you're a serial mass murderer and master thief you must either buy off all the police or kill them...

earleflorida's picture

When the peace (post wwi/1919) conference was held in versailles (paris, france), clemenceau (PM/France 1919) member of big '4' trying to hash-out the 'league of nations' had casually asked PM Lloyd George what he wanted carved out of Middle-East-- Ll. G. said, Mosul in Iraq, and Palestine!?! (Ll. G.) PM Britain [David]Lloyd George got all that and moar! France was able to annex parts of Germany, leaving basically a agri-economy,... whereas Germany at the tyme 1900-10 was on the verge of becoming the biggest powerhouse in Europe, replacing both France and England combined GDPs!

Note: during WWI, the British 'Secret Intel Agency' Admiralty had known every secret-code the German's had in their arsenal! Every u-boat and their movement on the open seas?  

         *amazing quick read/ applicable to this very day!*

Ref. British Admiralty WWI site:

Note:  names and positions of certain individuals...    Oil, Oil, and moar Oil!!! 

Note2:   Adm. Lord Balfour  and the 'Balfour Declation of 1917'

Note3:   Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 was a secret kept to keep a short war going for 4 long years, and the 'Spanish Influenza' (Bio-Germ Warfare?) broke-out after the war killing hundreds of thousands! The death-toll in America was horrific!

Note4:  Note Lord Adm. Balfour --- 

Finally, tying it all together:  Mosul was Turkeys (this is why the kurds in Northern Syria and borders with Armenia [Armenian Genocide 1915-17 was never resolved---guess why & Kurds in Northern Iraq]) and not Iraq's, but the Baghdad Railroad was the 'Golden Rail' to Port[!] and if Turkey tried any shit, they to would end up like Germany!!! The Levant (Ottoman Empire) was originally Iraq, [Syria, and the Lebanon]? The Persian Empire was all British! France was heavily involved in Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria,  Tunisa, and Libya).    

Justin Case's picture

"need to show a video of the wreckage after they deny."

Isrehell doesn't give a rats ass about what any organization protesting what is illegal action or murder. Just look at how they responded to Palestine. They bombed, schools, daycare centers, hospitals, homes, they even cut off the water suppy. The Palestinians are in the largest open air prison, and international law for bids the killing of prisoners of woar, but no one can tell that nest of scorpions to obey international law. Bibi will bring out his little Willie E Coyote cardboard drawings as though he is lecturing morons at the United Nations Security Council's objection to the Palestinian genocide.Since 1964 the land grab and extermination of the population continues.

The tail wages the dog here.

HowdyDoody's picture

Israel has just passed a law in the dead of night (29 lawmakers for, 20 against) that bans all Arab / Arab-Israeli political parties unless they accept that Israel is both Jewish state and a democracy (which it may be for Jews).

Israel is now officially a nuke-armed theocracy.

DomoJojo's picture

"Who knows?" "They might be...".
I know you don't know, but do know you extend the benefit of a doubt to the side which has deceived the world and hopes to enslave it.

musimann's picture

For me Syrian claims are more reliable than Israelis. The wreckage if it exists is in Jordan. Jordan will hide it. What I find interesting and unaddressed is that they did not use the S-300 system? Don't know why. According to reports on Fars they fired SA5 missiles. Older versions left over from the '73 war. BTW the Syrians shot down a lot of Israelis jets in '73. They are extremely dangerous SAMs. When I worked on ECM they built a special jammer just for the threat. The Israelis claim the explosion was from their Arrow missile intercept. Highly unlikely as that system can't even shoot down Hamas missiles reliably. They fired on them coming out of Bekkaa and missed but they caught them trying to flee with some SA5's. Also unaddressed is what targets they were after. No Hezbollah around Palmyra. Only Syrian army targets. Air support for ISIS?

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Trump is a total zionist pussy, trust me dont count on him.

Smedley's picture

It looks like this is what we're going to get out of the new administration, all other talk was just hot air to get elected.

Here we go again...

Justin Case's picture

He's surrounded by the deep state and has no wiggle room. Even the courts can rule against his initiatives. He has no power to do as he wishes. Corruption in DC is deeply engrained and supported by the media and large corporations. The uber elite run the show, not Trump or any other elected puppet.

BullyBearish's picture

they've set it up for the egomaniac that the ONLY way he wins ANYTHING is if he GOES TO WAR...

musimann's picture

He is turning out to be just as dumb as he looks. Can't help but wonder if this attack was tied to the introduction of US troops or invasion of Syrian. Dumbfuck wants to start WWIII.

Mementoil's picture

You speak as though the Syrians give a damn about the fate of Palestinians, or vice versa.
Just so you know, the Syrians have kept Paletinians in refugee camps for decades and decades, refusing to grant them citizenship or equal rights, hoping that one day they can unload them on Israel.

Arnold's picture

Jordan is no gal pal to the Palestinians.

Palestinians are not allowed to become citizens of Arab countries, in accordance with Arab League Decree 1547 for 1959, "in order to preserve the Palestinian entity and Palestinian identity." Even in Jordan they can no longer become citizens. (There have been some exceptions: Palestinian Christians in Lebanon in the 1950s, Palestinians born from Egyptian mothers in 2011.)

Palestinians face severe travel restrictions throughout the Arab world. They do not receive passports and their travel documents are only accepted by a few countries.

Buck Johnson's picture

Jordan doesn't allow because they noticed that the population of their people where being eclipsed by the palestinians (the kings wife is palestinian).



Al Armed's picture

Well, then we must bomb Syria forthwith for not giving a damn about the Palestinian refugees from... wait, why are they refugees again?

The central planners's picture

The only thing that matter is that if you refuse to accept them you are very very evil but the rest is irrelevant. Please add your self to the msm rethoric.

john.smith's picture

What a stupid thing to say. Syria has been the one nation that has given Palestinians equal rights exactly like its citizens. In fact, every arab regardless of their citizenship had equal rights in Syria. You are right though that Syria was hoping the Palestinians could return to their stolen homeland though, which is naturally what the Palestinians themselves want.

HowdyDoody's picture

There are Palestinian, along with Iraqi, Iranian and Lebanese, militias fighting ISIS in Syria.

oncemore's picture

Plestiiniaans have Palestrina. They do not need Syrian citizenship, they have to take 

bback their land.

scv's picture

syria attacking eyesis
idf attacking syria

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Can we do away with the wormy thing in the gut bacteria ad on this site? I'd rather see something like big boobed women.

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Adblock.  It's free, and it works.

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Yes ad blocker plus. But if you don't get that, the ads go by your internet searches. So if you want to see ads with big boobed women, then you need to view more porn.

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But I still get the Russian & Asian hotties in any case.  Wonder what it is about my profile that causes that.

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Financial website frequented by expats.  That is all the profile needed to get the "buy foreign hotties" ads.

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Israelis need to stay out of this. Let Assad clean house.

beemasters's picture

You mean let American kids take Assad out for Israel? Apparently Israel can't wait that long and is losing patience. They were expecting Obama to do it. Now, Trump is too busy with internal DC politics.

Al Armed's picture

Israel was AIDING ISIS. Israel is the reason for ISIS, for crying out loud. WE need to stay out of the whole fucking area, withdraw aid from Israel, align with Russia, stop arming the Israeli murderers, shut down AIPAC, and expel all dual citizens.

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) Al Armed Mar 17, 2017 6:07 AM

Yeah, but then who would we have to stick around and produce all the culturally uplifting things like rap albums & the Oscars?

beemasters's picture

Let's not forget, who would supply all the pizzas DC politicians can eat?
“A retired intelligence agency official corroborated the revelations of a national security expert that male and female heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and underage children provided sexual services to numerous congressmen, senators, national media hosts, top military officers and other federal officials who were compromised and made susceptible to blackmail at three Washington, DC hotels since 2000.
....the Watergate, Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton Hotels in Washington, DC were used to compromise legislators and news-people with prostitution services, the financing of which is directly linked to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Marc Rich and Abramoff.”

Idaho potato head's picture

It's as good an excuse as any to kick off the desired (by the anglozionists) WW3.

SadhakaPadma's picture

Israel would be forced to stop their nuclear stockpiles. Its most dangerous state in Middle East. Their policies are based on fundamentalism, racism and nationalism.

Megaton Jim's picture

But.....but....but....they were victims 70 years ago. Haven't you seen any of those Sheenywood movies?!?

Jessica6's picture

The richest of the rich escaped unscathed (and didn't Goldman Sachs launder Nazi money too?), and if Israel were about providing sanctuary for those escaping the holocaust, the official language would've been Yiddish rather than Hebrew. I've long suspected the modern history of Europe has been mostly about the uber-weathly (whether Jewish, French, Italian, German, British etc.) doing whatever they could do kill off the lower and middle classes (given the slaughter-fest that was WWI), steal whatever wealth they'd accumulated and bomb them out of cities so they could scoop up cheap real estate.

Regardless, the whole concept of collective guilt has got to go.

IndyPat's picture

You anti Semite goys are so insensitive and uneducated about the eternal suffering of the Jewish peoples.

musimann's picture

60 million people died in WWII but we are supposed to feel sorry for 383,000 fucking Jews - excuse me I mean 6 million. They wouldn't lie would they?

Megaton Jim's picture

Israel is a swamp that needs to be drained, salted and paved over!

ShakenNotStirred's picture

All the monkeys together in the ME tried and their asses were handed back to them, but go ahead, and try yourself.

Oh I forgot, you can only throw a keyboard through the window.

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Go suck on a cesium lollipop.

Pop3y3too's picture

Thank goodness CONgress dropped the push to have females register for the draft.


We're gonna need all the eggs we can get our hands on to repopulate the earth after the MIC gets through with us.

ShakenNotStirred's picture

With their asses cracked open once again by Israeli planes, it looks rather "bad for Syria".

Miss Informed's picture

What? Why would they do that? Was their proxy little bitch slave US Navy too busy doing other evil things for them that day? Oh that's right, the US Navy went home. Coming right back cause US president Netenyahu had another nasty hissy fit. He's gonna really throw a rod if he lost a plane because his little bitch wasn't on the job. Hell to pay for that, goyim.

Kaeako's picture

Very unlikely they managed to shoot down a plane. Syria operates the S-200, 50 year old tech, and the Russians don't seem intent on trying to protect Syrian and Hezbollah assets from the Israelis with the S-300. Syria's MOD has a history of questionable claims.