These US States Entered A Recession In 2016

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At the beginning of 2016, a minor war broke out between two intellectual camps: one said that as a result of the collapse in energy prices, the US economy would slide in a recession as the bulk of the states responsible for job gains under Obama were the same ones that would get crushed with oil plunging. The opposing camp - which boasted Janet Yellen at one point - vociferously claimed that sliding oil prices are great for consumers and with thanks to the extra purchasing power, the US would not only avoid a recession but prosper. One year later we look back to see which, if any, of the two camps was correct.

As it turns out, the truth was in the middle, because while the US in total may have avoided an economic contraction (at least according to the NBER), numerous states did in fact enter a recession.

Based on new research by Kansas Fed Economist Jason Brown, several states suffered severe downturns as of the third quarter of 2016 that hampered growth nationwide. According to the report, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming experienced recessions last year, while others saw milder contractions, including Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Louisiana and West Virginia.

As noted first by Bloomberg, Brown said a ripple effect from the decline in commodity prices hit the oil- and coal-dependent states particularly hard, leading to economic contractions as local governments such as Oklahoma cut back on spending. 

The findings also underscore the growing sense of economic inequality in the nation, as data compiled by Bloomberg show states like Washington and Massachusetts grew well above the national average last year. They saw employment climb as joblessness expanded in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota and Alaska.


These "mini recessions" may have had far greater political implications than previous expected: of all the states mentioned that experienced some degree of economic downturn, only New Mexico and Maine supported his rival, Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps it was sheer luck, or an active analysis of which US states are in the more dire of economic straits, but Donald
Trump targeted his campaign to voters "left behind by the economic
recovery", pledging after his win to help Americans he called “the
forgotten men and women of our country," and which were found mostly in the contracting states. He won.

To be sure, as Bloomberg notes, identifying recessions at the state level isn't an exact science, as there’s no single authority that does so. Further complicating matters is the fact that data on GDP is published with a longer lag than at the national level.  So, to come up with his findings, Brown took monthly, state-level data on economic activity from the Philly Fed and ran two different statistical models, for two periods ending in September 2016. There's not enough information to say definitively whether states are out of recession just yet, he said.

Other researchers have found similar results. In January, S&P Global Ratings said that six of eight major oil-producing states fell into recession in 2015 and 2016, including New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming. The report also shows Alaska, Louisiana and North Dakota entered recession and that North Dakota went from the fastest growing state in 2014 to the worst performer in 2015.

Finally, since the states that S&P and Brown said were in recession represent 4.4% of U.S. GDP, their downturns “certainly” affected national growth.

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Tennesse is on fire right now, haven't seen new construction like this since, well since 2008...

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Trump just left Nasville, bound for new Orleans...

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That endless recession that America enters every year is like HOTEL CALIFORNIA.

You get in but you can NEVER leave.

The CURSE won't let you.

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lexxus (not verified) stizazz Mar 17, 2017 8:10 PM

Good analogy.

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You're talking to yourself again...

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Nashville and Middle TN booming for sure

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Same thing in Auckland and all the "high-end" resort areas of NZ.

Nothing like a sugar high to do a body good!

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CT is shitting the bed, regardless of these numbers. Especially non-fairfield cty

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Look at the stagnation in the upper midwest. Thats where the election turned.

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I've thought the same myself. It is so obvious (the joke followup to your comment not withstanding). Trying to get the whole board labeled as racist so that they can lower the boom on ZH and other sites. I've seen it other places as well. Probably the same leftard paid trolls.

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Perhaps it is more accurate  to say we are all Palestinians now.In the eyes of the banksters

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 7:34 PM

We ain't seen nothing yet.  When Reagan took over Carter's et al disaster, it took two years before there was any tangible improvement in our economy.  Things will get much better, but it will take time.  And, do not forget that our Glorious Leader is fighting a many-headed (((Hydra))) that hates and despises him with all of their soul (if they had a soul)--a figure of speech.

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Seriously? The US has been in a depression for the past decade or more. Get a clue, ZH!

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They close their eyes every time they drive by all those dead shopping centers and strip malls!

See, it's recovery now!


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They do like that 3 day 36hr week

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I do too.  When you hit 5x12 or more, productivity goes in the shitter, at least for me.  "Why rush, you're stuck here anyway."

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34 years of terrible management 

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There has  been no economic recovery at all in the last 35+ years.  It's been all downhill.


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One 2016 dollar has the buying power of $0.18 in 1973 dollars. They can say the economy has been going up, but up in numbers, the value has shrank every year. This is what they don't want people to realize.

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Yes, I explain....things don't cost more, your money is worth less. OR what can you buy for just a penny? For just a nickel? Just a dime? Those coins are now mere fractions, worthless on their own. Most folks can understand this...

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The Endless Recession began in 1913.

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This post was brought to you, courtesy of the BLS & the Atlanta FED.


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ND?  Oil

LA?   Oil

OK?  Oil

WY?  Minerals


Notice the lack of non-extraction states.  Non story.