ToP OF THe MaRKeTS To You!

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I've always wondered.

There were a lot of things people never told me about St. Patrick's Day.

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One of my fond memories of living in Chicago, March 17, ALWAYS a party....

Mmmmm, girls in green undies... Wang is up... WAY up...

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Aye, that feek stirs me soul.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Are they real shamrocks or of the silicon variety?  


Damn it, I can't get that Bugger off song out of my head. Thanks a lot, William

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Good pacing from our resident great artist. Eyewash, scumlords. Eyewash, Scumords.

Pay your taxes folks. He is a saint because he is dead. Specifically: St. Pat and the snakes. Banzai will be around forever.

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What a treat. Absolutely great, especially the wife beating ad. I think I'll bend her over my knee in a little while.

Got The Wrong No's picture

So you are going to teach her a Twee Bit Of A Lesson are Ya?

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Outstanding Billy B !

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If you're going to eat boiled meat once a year today is the day.

I'll trade you my cabbage for hot mustard and a few slices of rye. Eeeeek!

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Love my homemade corned beef!  Of course the mustard and beer don't hurt anything.  

stant's picture

Thanks for the eye candy . Pepe green and praise kek

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I was an older piglet before I realized that "Paddy Wagon" was an ethnic slur.

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I miss Timmah!  He was always a good butt of jokes.  Awesome likeness here

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That's one really scarey and sinister looking Draghi picture.

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Bloody nightmare, she is!

t0mmyBerg's picture

No matter what good or bad may now come, thank fucking god that thing isnt potus

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Caught her essence perfectly W7!

Hitlery for POTUS (Piece Of Total Unadulterated Shit).

Pinch's picture

Oh give it up, you moron. You're letting the biggest, juiciest target (orange toddler potus) get off scot free while you continue to attack a retired man. Idiot.

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Of course, only you would think he was the juiciest, since you've got his splooge all over your face.

Undoubtedly Obama can only wistfully hope you'd drop by and service him like you do The Donald.