Trump Responds To Obama Wiretap Question: "At Least Merkel And I Have Something In Common"

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Following today's latest developments over Trump's allegations that the UK's GCHQ may or may not have helped Obama to wiretap the Trump Tower, an allegation which the infuriated British Spy Agency called "utterly ridiculous" and prompted it to demand an apology from the White House, a German reporter asked Trump for his current opinion on whether Obama had indeed wiretapped Trump. The president's response: he gestured to Angela Merkel and said "on wiretapping by this past administration, at least we have something in common."

Merkel's reaction was similarly amusing: almost as if she had heard for the first time that in 2010, and for years onward, Barack Obama had been wiretapping her and countless other heads of state.


For those unsure what the exchange was about, we suggest you read the Telegraph's "Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone 3 years ago'...  President Barack Obama was told about monitoring of German Chancellor in 2010 and allowed it to continue, says German newspaper."

And incidentally, in yet another change in the official narrative, after both Sky News and the Telegraph reported earlier today that the White House had apologized to Britain over the accusation that its spy agency had helped Obama spy on Trump, the NYT reported that the White House has said there was no apology from either Spicer or McMaster, and that instead the Administration defended Spicer's mention of the wiretapping story.

Finally, as Axios adds, after Trump and Merkel left the stage reporters again asked Sean Spicer whether he apologized for repeating an anonymously sourced Fox News claim that British intelligence helped in wiretapping Trump Tower. His response: "I don't think we regret anything."

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Absolute classic.
The man has balls - and he's authentic.

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THAT was a Kodak Moment!  ;-)


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Did he ever shake her hand?

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When they first met and after press conference...I saw no tension at all.She is a cold,childless German bitch...

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Trump trolling the lib-tards and snowflakes is the gift that keeps on giving!

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T should pass the question to wikileaks...

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The shit Liberals sit around a fret about, like the are the best behaved people on earth.

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Always probing for weakness "do you regret..." They will never stop till you start charging some high profile Dems / RINO's with the horrible crimes they have committed, the Pedophile crimes must come out.

Merkel really does look like Hitler and Hitler's mother especially

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Merkel is a coyote bagger. Frightening.

How would you like to have her and Hillary charging you in a full on rage?

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Don't see how to maintain full on status with them charging...

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xythras (not verified) TwelveOhOne Mar 17, 2017 4:12 PM

WTF, is TRUMP afraid of the Deep State? All talk and NO ACTION

Trump Calls out Obama by Name for Military Readiness Crisis




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Let's get this down for the record - the Brits are full of shite in the following:

" The spokesman added that it would be impossible for GCHQ to spy on Mr Trump as both countries are members of the Five Eyes alliance - a joint intelligence co-operation agreement which also includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

"I would add, just as a matter of fact, with the Five Eyes pact, we cannot use each other's capabilities to circumvent laws," he said. "It's a situation that simply wouldn't arise." "


Canadian State Spies on Its Own Citizens and Lies About It

Canada’s intelligence service asked foreign agencies to spy on Canadians

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All lying Western Politicians will soon pay the piper for their common role in the greatest INJUSTICE of the 20th century.

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lexxus (not verified) stizazz Mar 17, 2017 8:02 PM

These psychopaths are all war criminals. Trump will be one too, soon.

OverTheHedge's picture

I was expecting the usual "we neither confirm nor deny any security matters: we do not discuss operational procedures", or whatever standard wording they normally give out, because THEY NEVER, EVER, discuss this sort of thing. The fact that they have, is more interestng in itself than what they said (which was so obviously bollocks).

Final takeaway: it doesn't matter what they say, only rabid Obama fans will deny the spying; everyone else KNOWS that they were spying on Trump, because that is what they do. Facts are no longer relevant.

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You have to call a spade a spade.


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Chris Dakota (not verified) xythras Mar 18, 2017 1:22 AM

I told you he was real.

Uranus conjunct MC, radical maverick.

He is the man for the time, this time.

He was transformed on the campaign trail, he met people all over the country that he never knew before.

It was magic, we are his base.

He fell in love with us, we lifted him up to being the most powerful person in the world.

We forgave him, we trusted him, we turned a blind eye to the past and stories of the past

We the little people did it.

Don't forget us Donald, I almost got crashed over the San Francisco Bay bridge for you.

And I am not the only one.

Because we saw in him the strength to save us from a dying nation.


And the Jew downvotes you. He does not want a strong America, he wants a destroyed America.


keep the bastards honest's picture

yes, the people on his MC. amazing Chris

keep the bastards honest's picture

yes, the people on his MC. amazing Chris

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"At Least Merkel And I Have Something In Common"

Small hands?

Paul Kersey's picture

"At Least Merkel And I Have Something In Common"


Saggy tits?

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is that all you got Scheise Kopf...

PT's picture

The fact that someone built that "sculpture" before Trump was in office long enough to actually do anything says almost as much as all the nonsensical protests and carry-on again - before Trump has a chance to self-destruct on his own.

Couldn't wait to see Trump fuck up?  Then probably scared that he won't give them the opportunity.

OverTheHedge's picture

You appear to have touched a nerve with that one- well played!

It would seem a certain portion of the hedge has a bit a sense of humour failure.


dogmete's picture

Have something against shit liberals?  Because Trump is one of them. Turning out to be just as bad as Hillary and even worse than Obama.

Whalley World's picture

Worse than Obama, what Universe are you from???

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Proof that some dogs just can't learn.

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I think he spelled it wrong. Perhaps it's "dogmeat", or "dogshit"?

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hope_talk (not verified) devnickle Mar 18, 2017 7:03 AM

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At least the lib-tards know what has hit them. The re-tards still seem to be blinded and unfortunately will pay the price first.

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Only you Trump retards (and there are less of you with each passing day) are high 5ing each other over idiotic Trump antics! He's a bafoon and making an ass of himself and America. You all thought the world didn't respect Obama? Fuck the world is bent over laughing at Trump. I actually feel sorry for him ( not really) what an embarrassment! And those few fringe nutjobs on this board will dwIndle to nothing. It aient even 100 days into his presidency yet and America has already tired of him.

JRobby's picture

You are just not used to it yet. You should think about getting used to it. He will be around for a while.

Oh? Right? You are a paid TROLL.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Either a paid troll or a butt-hurt lib-tard snowflake trying to turn back the hands of time.  But, these EIGHT (8) glorious years have only just begun!

Teja's picture

Who said, after winning a battle, "Another victory like this, and I am lost!"?

Anyway, look at Trump's age. Maybe Ivanka's turn in 2020.

thebigunit's picture

Trumpus Maximus looks great!

Anyway, look at Trump's age. 

Nothing like a little Ivanka nookie once or twice a day to help a man look youthful and vigorous.

Would-be President Hillary, by comparison, looks like a medical emergency without her wig and after a pint or two of homeless shelter whiskey.

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My bet is paid Trolls.

Working out of their rapist uncle's basement with access to all of uncle's computers that he uses for child porn.

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Basement troll protip: ALWAYS sit on a clean towel in Uncle Stan's chair. 


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Paid troll my ass....see that's how stupid you are, believe all of your silly conspiracy theories, that'll make you smart (not). You will be deeply disappointed my friend, the more Trump gets caught over his stupid lies that he can't prove the more no one will listen to him. There's only one thing worse for a politician than being hated, it's being ridiculed and eventually ignored. Unlike you, I come on this board and confront you head on. You guys just sit here and jerk each other off swooning over Trump. What a loser'

NidStyles's picture

Confront us head on? You've been a member 6 years and you're only just now making your presence known...


You go on with your bad self though, how couragous you must feel to talk shit to us finally after all these years of hiding...


He's not a politician dipshit. He's the President of the United States. That makes him the commander of the Executive Branch. He doesn't have to play your faggot political games.

Dalcan5's picture

Another moron who believes in Trump conspiracy theories. Right I joined 6 years ago to be a mole for the day Trump might become president. Do you even realize how stupid you sound? I joined because I enjoyed reading the intelligent comments by most people back then, before you fringe moron lunatics inundated this board with your ignorance and stupidity

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Sounds like Hitlary and Obomber are your heroes. Nice choices. 

thebigunit's picture

My mother says I sound just fine.

Do you even realize how stupid you sound?

What does your mother say about you?  Did she ever tell you about the time she dropped you on your head?

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He has been in a coma for the last six years. He is still not quite awake.

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Dalcunt, i can really smell the emotion and taste the tears mixed in your prose of confused rubbish.  Please keep it coming.  As painful as it all is for you to cry and publicly piss yourself, it brings glorious cheer to a great many of us!

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Hahaha, like I said, you're all jerking each other offdelighting in Trump stupidity. You don't have the intelligence to debate anyone but yourselves!

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Have yet to hear a liberal actually debate with facts of any kind it always breaks down to you are being sexist homophobic rayciss.........enough already.  Go be stronger together in all your brotherly love breaking Windows burning neighborhoods and sucker punching others somewhere else.  I hear Canada is accepting your love

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Fuck off you sexist, homophobic racist lol!