Trump Responds To Obama Wiretap Question: "At Least Merkel And I Have Something In Common"

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Following today's latest developments over Trump's allegations that the UK's GCHQ may or may not have helped Obama to wiretap the Trump Tower, an allegation which the infuriated British Spy Agency called "utterly ridiculous" and prompted it to demand an apology from the White House, a German reporter asked Trump for his current opinion on whether Obama had indeed wiretapped Trump. The president's response: he gestured to Angela Merkel and said "on wiretapping by this past administration, at least we have something in common."

Merkel's reaction was similarly amusing: almost as if she had heard for the first time that in 2010, and for years onward, Barack Obama had been wiretapping her and countless other heads of state.


For those unsure what the exchange was about, we suggest you read the Telegraph's "Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone 3 years ago'...  President Barack Obama was told about monitoring of German Chancellor in 2010 and allowed it to continue, says German newspaper."

And incidentally, in yet another change in the official narrative, after both Sky News and the Telegraph reported earlier today that the White House had apologized to Britain over the accusation that its spy agency had helped Obama spy on Trump, the NYT reported that the White House has said there was no apology from either Spicer or McMaster, and that instead the Administration defended Spicer's mention of the wiretapping story.

Finally, as Axios adds, after Trump and Merkel left the stage reporters again asked Sean Spicer whether he apologized for repeating an anonymously sourced Fox News claim that British intelligence helped in wiretapping Trump Tower. His response: "I don't think we regret anything."

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And T clarified the 24/7 CNN meme about the British Intel, that HE accused them of colluding with Obama. The WH said nothing of the sort, Spicer simply referenced the FOX reporting, along with several others, in reply to a CNN question on the sources of the "wiretap" comment by Trump.

Of course Pooper at CNN morphed it into an accusation and they did the entire last nights shows on it... fing garbage!

Must be a way for the POTUS to do some real damage to these clowns... couldn't happen too soon for me, they're out of control!

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Executive order pizza.

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Loving It! Nice one Trump

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Tell Merkel all her gold belong to us.

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hahaha Trump is the most epic troll ever

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"Trump On Obama Wiretap Question: Gestures To Merkel And Says "At Least We Have Something In Common""



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I was unfortunate yesterday to be in an airport where they play CNN constantly. It was disgusting. The telemorons were all gloaty about how it is now proven that Obama did not wire-tap Trump because the heads of various Intelligence criminals stated that they have no evidence that it happened.

Duh, Hey! Did anyone ask them if they actually looked for evidence? My guess is no. The FBI will spend 3 months finding a strobe tweeter, but will not investigate wiretapping of the US President. JMHO, it is time to dismantle the entire spying apparatus so that we can all be safer.

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Trump needs to ban CNN from airports and make them play the Weather Channel instead.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Secret Weapon Mar 17, 2017 2:31 PM

It would be funny to watch the Weather Channel after it was converted to the new anti-American propaganda channel.

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Political yellow journalism or "climate change" yellow journalism. They're both one and the same.

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"Trump needs to ban CNN from airports and make them play the Weather Channel instead."

Your are certainly onto something here. This idea needs to be pushed.

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I Love Trump. 


I turned for 5 minutes to CNN.... According to them Hillary lost because the Russians in Collusion with Trump fixed the election....NO PROOF! because none exists. And the president calling out that lying sack of shit Obama for spying on a presidential candidate is 100% absurd and a lie.

This is what CNN is spewing out as fact! FACT! They keep saying it over and over like tis going to change something.


Holy fuck thier has to be a comission somewhere that can reighn in bold faced lies, slander like CNN is doing. I was just blown away by the absurdity of their claims. 

crossroaddemon's picture

You guys realize that these soundbites are all we get, right? Not action. He already as much as said he has no evidence and he got the shit from Breitbart and the NYT. So the whole thing is a nothingburger. But you guys jump up with your dicks in the air every time he says something provocative. 

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Why doesn't he troll the FED anymore?  Candidate Trump did.  He has no balls.  JF Kennedy had some fuckin balls.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

JFK also had brains... for a little while at least, until they became a trunk ornament of a big fancy limousine convertable.

Jein's picture

So you're saying you agree that Trump has no brains, and his balls aren't nearly as big as JFK a Democrat? Judas

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Take a look you seriously dumb fuck!

Playtime's Over's picture

We realize you are a shill.  POS shill.  Silly shill. 

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He's giving the IC and its sycophants in Congress every opportunity to admit that the NSA/CIA collects data on everyone and dozens of .gov agencies have access to it 24/7, while he throws out red meat for the rabid MSM who think they're gonna get him this time.. instead they are forced to tell the truth. Brilliant. 

He really should just come out and say it though. Force Congressional hearings that the neo-Cons/Libs do not want to have about the true nature of the Deep State and black budget. 

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And then JFK 2.0 happens. you can't seriously believe he has any latitude.

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The guy is funny, you have to give him that, knows how to use that tactic. Didn't even look at the bag lady when he made the crack.

Jein's picture

Because he's ashamed and embarrassed.

Playtime's Over's picture

Your response is breathtakingly vapid. Whatever the Jew turncoat is paying you is too much.

Jein's picture

Lord Soros assured me it was a good deal

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He's tpp stupid to be ashamed or embarrassed.

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The joke points out something that is sadly true, and the whole world knows it. The Merkel surveillance was widely reported and Obama received a strong rebuke from Germany over the abuse. It's not a very big stretch to imagine Trump being a similar victim.  Obama's credibility and trust has already been  destroyed by his proven past actions.

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The fact Donald used an Android phone meant very many people could hack into his phone. Just need the phone number. 

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Yes the world would be a better place if everyone would just walk into the apple store and bend over.......... my point is FOAD

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But that's beside the point. Trump said he "found out" that Obama tapped his phone.  But he has no proof whatsoeer and never will have. He's a freaking fool.

dogmete's picture

Trump the idiot also said Obama was born in Kenya and he was going to prove it. Only idiots believed that. Were you one of them? Obama was born in Hawaii and there were hundreds of people who were always able to attest to that fact -- aside from all the documented proof.  And in any case what Trump was too stupid to know back then was that even if Obama 'had' been born in Kenya he was still an American citizen because his mother was American. So that whole fake story was just idiotic sick droppings from a sick retarded mind = Trump's. 

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It's so easy to refute everything you have said. But alas, I'm not your Savior so do your own research you lazy little shit.

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Right.  I'm sure that A) Obama personally ok'd every foreign wiretap before it went through, and B) Trump personally revoked every wiretap of foreign leaders.  Otherwise this would be hypocrisy.  The dude argues like a radio host.

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There's this little thing called responsibility, we hire the President as top dog.  Buck stops, that sort of thing.  And fuk yes Obama would know about it. It was a rival for God's sake.  You argue like a retarded radio host.

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There's this little thing called responsibility, we hire the President as top dog.  Buck stops, that sort of thing.  And fuk yes Obama would know about it. It was a rival for God's sake.  You argue like a retarded radio host.

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„Merkel's reaction was similarly amusing:... “
Merkel and Obama are communists who support each other.
She would never blame him. Fuck them!

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1. Do you even know what communism is you dumb bitch?

2. Obama wasn't friends with Putin or Russian, the historical pinnacle of communism.

3. Your boy Trump loves Putin but Putin just wants to fuck Melania and she wants it.

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YOU are a dumb fuckin kid.   Putin is not the pinnacle of communism.  Merkle was an East German commie when it was Stalin style.  Obama is very much a communist at heart. Just like you. No one here, 'except marxist shillers" would argue otherwise. Hey dipshit, did you know comarde Obamastain's best friend and father figure Frank Marshall Davis was a bona fide card carrying commie?  He was an avid pedarest too.  I am sure he passed along some wise counsel in all of his little heart to heart talks with little bath house Barry.

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"First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century" -Putin. And you defend this true commie? I'm not a commie you're a commie. Thank you Lord Soros for funding my trolling

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Why not cite the full quote? Because it is not convenient and destroys your paid to shill story?

Putin said it was a catastrophe because millions of people were stranded, overnight, in "foreign" countries. Go read history bitch. No, not what NYT or CNN told you.

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They have nothing in common. Merkel had evidence and Trump don't.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) roadhazard Mar 17, 2017 2:30 PM

Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

roadhazard's picture

Show me the evidence, clowns. Your redirections are boring.

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Wait a couple weeks. You folks who attack Trump are really a unique breed of faggotry. The man hasn't even been in office two months for god's sake. 

Does your pussy hurt a little? Afraid the welfare check might stop? Might have to work? Block grant may not pay for the local theatre you've been ripping off? What.....tell use the deal snowflake.

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Yeah and he'd only been in office three weeks yet was able to oversee the murder of 50 completely innocent civilians. You must be really proud of yourself for supporting this disgusting p.o.s.

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WTF are you talking about.  Take you pussy hat off before you post.

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Intent is everything when evidence isn't introduced.



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A little grammar improvement is greatly appreciated.

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Just like the Russian hacking thing RIGHT.    Fuckin site is full of little high school lefty trolls tonight.

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LOL just the facts Jack.  I hope the Germans get a good view of this instead of EU mockingbird..


Russians hacking CNN gone..    gosh vote with you pocketbook and put Time Warner out of business.   NPR PBS gone switch TWX cancel  HBO AOL and the rest of it..