"We'll Blow Your Mind": Turkey Threatens Europe With "15,000 Refugees Per Month"

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Earlier this week, at the peak of the latest diplomatic scandal between Turkey and the Netherlands, Ankara's deputy prime minister Numan Kurtulmus announced not only a round of sanctions aimed at the Dutch but exclaimed that since "Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended" to which we commented that "one year after it collected $3 billion for the migrant deal, Turkey has just voided the agreement, and the next step would be that Turkey is about to flood Europe with refugees currently held inside Turkish borders. And since by some estimates Turkey currently harbors over 2 million potential migrants, Europe's refugee situation is about to get far worse, and as a corollary, support for anti-immigrant political organizations across the continent is about to take another step function higher."

Today, Turkey put a tangible quantity to the warning, and as Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News reports, Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu threatened to "blow the mind" of Europe by sending 15,000 refugees a month to EU territory, in an intensifying dispute with the bloc.The threat is also a confirmation that for Turkey, refugees are merely a form of "weaponized" leverage in the escalating war of words between the country and Europe.

As a reminder, one year ago, on March 18, 2016, Ankara and Brussels signed a landmark deal that has substantially lessened the flow of migrants from Turkey to Europe. But the accord is now hanging in the balance due to the diplomatic crisis over the blocking of Turkish ministers from holding rallies in Europe.

"If you want, we could open the way for 15,000 refugees that we don't send each month and blow the mind" of Europe, Soylu said in a speech late Thursday, quoted by the Anadolu news agency. Soylu, a hardliner considered close to Erdogan, accused The Hague and Berlin of involvement in June 2013 anti-Erdogan protests, October 2014 pro-Kurdish riots and the July 15, 2016 failed coup attempt.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has already indicated that Turkey could rip up the deal and said Turkey was no longer readmitting migrants who crossed into Greece. The crisis was sparked when the Netherlands and Germany refused to allow Turkish ministers to campaign in a April 16 referendum on expanding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's powers, prompting the Turkish strongman to compare them with Nazi Germany.

"They are trying to complete the work that they did not finish. Who is doing this work? It's the Netherlands and Germany," Soylu said. He accused Europe of failing to help Turkey enter the bloc and of not helping with its fight against terror.

"Europe, do you have that kind of courage...? Let us remind you that you cannot play games in this region and ignore Turkey," he added.

Meanwhile, the European Union refuses to acknowledge the leverage Turkey has, and said it expects Turkey to continue implementing the deal, which drastically cut the numbers making the dangerous passage across the Aegean Sea.  A key pillar of the deal were pledges by Turkey to boost border security and break people-smuggling networks, moves that analysts say slowed the migrant flow to a trickle.

Erdogan in November last year already threatened Europe with opening the frontiers of Turkey, which borders EU members Greece and Bulgaria.

Recall that the mass influx of migrants to Europe in 2015 was seen as boosting the support of the far-right on the continent. As a result of the over 1 million refugees who flooded Germany that year, Angela Merkel's approval rating tumbled at the end of 2015 to the lowest in years, as migrants flooded Germany...

... and boosted support for the anti-immigrant AfD, resulting in a series of high profile local election losses for Merkel's CDU party, as well as a surge in terrorist attacks on German soil perpetrated by radicalized Muslim refugees.

Should Turkey execute on its threat, it is likely that the anti-immigrant, populist wave that has swept Europe in 2015 and 2016, and which has subsided modestly in the subsequent period, will find a second, and very dangerous to the European establishment, wind.

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Stan522's picture

They are coming in anyway with morons like Merkal welcomig them....

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Stan522 Mar 17, 2017 8:42 AM


Thanks Obama

refugees are direct result of Libya and Syria color revolutions by Barack, Hillary and Dead Man walkin George Soros.

Stan522's picture

.....and all planned to have this result....!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Stan522 Mar 17, 2017 8:44 AM


Whopper Goldberg's picture

Arrest?????????? Shoot that S.O.B ASAP

J S Bach's picture

The Turks don't even realize how they insult themselves with threats like these.

So... your 15,000 per month are a form of pollution to our lands, eh?  The alt. right/separatists have been stating these thruths for decades.  Thanks for the subtle confirmation.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Bring it on! Economists have proven that refugees boost the economy. For every 10,000 refugees, a country’s GDP increases by 0.01%, so this would equate to a 0.015% economic boost every month! Not bad!

A Latinocentric History Of America

MrBoompi's picture

Too bad the crime rate increases faster than the GDP.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

With frenemies like Turkey, who needs.... oh never mind.

It's going to be a moozy holocaust in Europe, either sooner or later.  And, there will be plenty of blame to go around.

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) lexxus Mar 17, 2017 11:17 AM

Europe and USA, as wagged by IsraHell, stirred the hornet's nest when they bombed these people's countries.

NumberNone's picture

It's the Krugman 'broken window' economics.  

stljoe's picture

This comment is utterly retarded if for no other reason than math. 10,000 refugees boosts the economy by .015%? It is fascinating that countries like Luxembourg with a population of 500,000 gets the same .01% boost from refugees as Germnay with 80 million. How does this work exactly or are you just spouting fucking retarded nonsense with no basis in fact? That seems to be the safe way to bet. I am not sure if you are incomprehensibly stupid or assume those reading are or maybe more likely a bit of both.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

You obviously don't even understand economics! Refugees work and create jobs and increase the diversity of the business environemnt, helping companies solve new problems and be more competitive in the global marketplace. Without immigrants, Europe woudn't even be able to survive!

stljoe's picture

Again wearing your stupid right on your sleeve I see. Immigrants depending of course on their ability to produce economically can in fact boost an economy. That is simple math. If they work 40 hours a week at McDonalds they are boosting GDP. That doesn't make your .01% comment any less fucking stupid again because math.

Z-PiLL's picture

A "little" problem here is that these kinds of migrants aren't allowed to work at all.
And how would you see it, a Syrian in say a German MacDonalds. They at least need the burger flipping instructions translated.

Your post is invalid sir.

KyttenX's picture

How many migrants are actually producing economically?

Or, to put it another way, are the unwashed masses from N. Africa and the middle east bilingual? Do they teach everyone German, French, Greek, Italian etc. in the homeland? Do they have skills that are needed in the EU? Or will they just sit around, complain about living in Europe and go on crime binges?

From an NPR article:

"And a grand total of 54 refugees have managed to find employment with the country's biggest 30 companies, according to a survey in June by the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Fifty of them are employed by Deutsche Post."

So-- 54 employed out of hundreds of thousands. Good job!

HughBriss's picture

Oh, goody!  The king is back!  :D




HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Without immigrants, Europe woudn't even be able to survive!

tje hehe...

you talk like that Barbara divörsity Lerner Spectre

IRC162's picture

"Economists have proven that refugees boost the economy."

Put up or shut up bitch

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) J S Bach Mar 17, 2017 8:57 AM

Travel Ban Judge was classmate of Obama at Harvard Law.

Obama makes trip to HI a week before, for 3 hrs only

Judge rules that migrants have US rights, second hand.

His 43-page decision Wednesday was released less than two hours after the hearing ended.

Obama delivered these 43 pages to him.

Nobody can write 43 pages of critical legal docs in 2 hrs.


JRobby's picture

"Nobody can write 43 pages of critical legal docs in 2 hrs."


Obama's trial will be "must see TV!!!" (Laugh Track Deafening !!!!)

Jessica6's picture

Wonder if that judge just got a share of Obama's $60 Million 'publishing advance'?

fleur de lis's picture

Hard to believe that Turkish leadership could be so very stupid as to directly threaten their feeders and caregivers.

Doom Porn Star's picture

"Thanks for the subtle confirmation. "


The Turks actually consider thee peoples in question, most far more akin in beliefs and habits to Turks than Europeans;  even less desirable than the Europeans do.



MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Plus if whites don't like it, then this is Karma for the crusades. You should have thought twice before you killed millions of innocent Muslims!

A Latinocentric History Of America

nmewn's picture

So Erdogan is weaponizing his peeeplz.

Isn't that interesting  ;-)

Umh's picture

Him and many other leaders secular and religious have used their serfs/masses/peasants as weapons because it has little down side for them. The peasants may die though.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Mar 17, 2017 8:58 AM

we didn't asshole!!

MrBoompi's picture

Too bad we, including whites, had no say in what happened on or after 9/11.

NumNutt's picture

True, should have killed billions, who knew they would reproduce like insects...

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Plus if whites don't like it, then this is Karma for the crusades. You should have thought twice before you killed millions of innocent Muslims!

one of the problems with colectivism is that it includes COLECTIVE GUILT

fleur de lis's picture

MDB, your stupidity is boundless.

The Moslems attacked European coastal cities and even those accessible further inland via waterways for 300 years.

They attacked, burned, looted, killed, and took slaves for processing and sale in the Moslem slave markets of Spain and Morocco.

They even killed livestock that they could not steal.

After 300 years the Europeans responded in counter attacks known as the Crusades.

You are so stupid. 


East Indian's picture

The Mughal (Mongol) emperors of India used some very creative tortures for treason. 

Paul Kersey's picture

Perhaps it's time for EU countries to send 15,000 immigrants per month packing, while spending more on border control in order to keep an additional 15,000 from coming in.

wildbad's picture

in normal times this would help the economy by bolstering the numbers of sailors and troops but alas, we have the globalist (merkel, fatty holland, junker et al) standdown in the Med.

good to have friends like Erdogan don't ya think Mutti?

You fool

fleur de lis's picture

George Soros? 

You mean he finally pushed things too far and got the wrong one ticked off?

What did he do?

Do tell!

Donald J. Trump's picture

The visual in my mind when I think of refugee influx is when the zombies attack in World War Z.

unsafe-space-time's picture

The best way to deal with rapeugees is to feed muslims to pigs.

joep3joep3's picture

This is the best possible thing that could happen to Europe. Turkey is showing its true colors. Maybe Europe will finally wake up.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Why does this remind me of a particular scene from Blazing Saddles?

wildbad's picture

ya mean when "someone's got to go back to town and get a shitload a dimes?"

Buster Cherry's picture

Ya mean where the drunken scout says"The sheriffs getting nearer"?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It appears the entire movie applies to this situation.

Personally the scene where everyone is sitting around the campfire farting up a storm seems appropriate whenever the G5-8-13-57-199 gathers together for a powwow.