You're Now Twice As Likely To Achieve The 'American Dream' In Canada

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

On the positive front, America is really good at dropping bombs on foreigners.

MarketWatch reports:

The American dream — the idea that anyone can own their own home and do better than the previous generation with the right amount of hard work — has been fading for years, with rising house prices and stagnant wages. Now, people who want to achieve it may be better off seeking it in Canada, the U.K. or Denmark according to a new study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

At least the Fed is admitting its total failure.

The study, authored by Raj Chetty, professor of economics at Stanford University, defined the concept as the ability for children born in the bottom fifth of income distribution to reach the top fifth. In the U.S. the likelihood of that is 7.5%, whereas in Canada children born in that group are twice as likely to rise to the top — at 13.5%. In the U.K. the likelihood of achieving that move from the bottom fifth to the top fifth is 9% and in Denmark it is 11.7%.


Indeed, the rich do appear to be leaving the middle class behind. Most U.S. middle-income households (81%) had flat or falling income between 2004 and 2014, according to a U.S. Congressional Budget Office data analyzed by the McKinsey Global Institute, a global management company.


“Most people growing up in advanced economies since World War II have been able to assume they will be better off than their parents,” the report said. “Yet this overwhelmingly positive income trend has ended.”

This is primarily a function of our economy being dominated by rent-seeking parasites, who add no value to society but still somehow earn the most money. Until we shift to an economy that rewards creativity, production and innovation, the U.S. will never truly recover. Unfortunately, the Trump administration is not headed in that direction, as I outlined in my post earlier today: Donald Trump Works For Wall Street, Not Russia.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News just published an article celebrating the reduced standards of living many Americans are facing as a result of decades of flat-to-declining wages, combined with soaring home prices in a piece titled, Now You Can Live in a Remodeled Shipping Container:

Startup Boxouse sells “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes” made from shipping containers (the “deluxe” edition costs $49,000 and includes shipping). Chief Executive Officer Luke Iseman, a Wharton graduate who previously ran Y Combinator’s hardware program, concedes that “container houses aren’t perfect” but says they can help ease housing shortages. He shares one with co-founder Heather Stewart that’s set up in an Oakland warehouse. They’re partly financing the business by renting out two others on Airbnb.

Thanks for playin’ America.

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chunga's picture

"Murika leads the world in FRAUD.

Looney's picture


Startup Boxouse sells “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes

A “smart home” is a smartphone you can live in.  ;-)


froze25's picture

Take a good look at Canada's immigration policy.

Logan 5's picture

So does that mean I get 2 bottles of Grape Drink instead of 1, or am I just twice as likely to get the one bottle of Grape?

The Juggernaut's picture



Ron Paul 2020...

Handful of Dust's picture

But Soweeto bin Bama promises America is #1!

"If you want to keep your American Dream, you can keep your American Dream. I promise!"

~ Barrack Hussein bin Bama

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Are shipping container yards the new trailer park?

I'll get to work on the sitcom.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

The article title is BULLSHIT I can tell you that all top range performers in their field in Canada are looking to leave and move to US or Western Europe, only mediocre and low range performers love Canada because they can make it using the politically correct ladders to survive and climbe.

The Ram's picture

Well, maybe he should have been beaten for being so stupid!   Being naive can be very deadly in this world.  Americans have been very naive as a race.  Unfortunately, they believed all the liberal garbage that was given to them by the 'non-educational system.'  

The Ram's picture

Well, maybe he should have been beaten for being so stupid!   Being naive can be very deadly in this world.  Americans have been very naive as a race.  Unfortunately, they believed all the liberal garbage that was given to them by the 'non-educational system.'  

NidStyles's picture

No such thing as the "American Race".


The US is fine, and anyone that thinks they will get a better situation in Canada isn't paying attention to what is going on there. Unless you're a Muslim, which means you're on the dole anyways, you are not getting ahead in anything up there. The economy is utter garbage.



Logan 5's picture

"Isn't Canada in America?"


America isn't even in America anymore

ebear's picture

In 1965 our family drove to Disneyland in a car with Alberta plates.  Guy in a gas station in Nevada asked us where the state of Alberta was.  LOL!

political_proxy's picture

Legal, they are prewired by the Gov 24/7 spy, er, observation unit. Smart boxes, smart phones more alike than most care to know.

Jäger's picture

Wait until the Mexicans start piling into Canada- no more high wages for you,  eh?

HRClinton's picture

That wasn't NICE. When in Canada, it's paramount to be NICE.

Unless you're a Protected Species. Then anything goes.

CPL's picture

Pay the tithe by oaths decree and the pain train stops.  All your daughters is now the price, we have boys that are in the mood for marriage.  Keep your wealth, we'll keep all the cups.


CPL's picture

Don't worry your doughy pudgy body about that. 

We already do for farming season.  When the the cold comes in they head back to Mexico after making 30-60k over five months during the season and I understand that they live very well for seven months.  Why this arrangement you might ask? 

White kids are too lazy and stupid to learn how to manage livestock, put seed in a field and harvest it.  It's a amazing they all talk big before they start working, but get them in a field throwing hay for 12 hours covered in cow shit in 100 degrees weather and they all quit crying home to their mama's.

It's not for a lack of trying to hire kids in Canada either btw.  You can put up signs all over the place, get the government involved, ask by word of mouth but here's the thing about it.  White people honestly don't know what dirt is anymore...and that's a crying shame.  See the first thing that any people need to have to maintain independence and freedom is the ability to feed themselves.  98% of white people just don't have that ability anymore. They are far more interested in pretending food magically appears in stores and thoughtlessly throw half of it away without even thinking about all the effort that goes into making that food happen.  Crying shame that is.

So in Canada we contact people that are both interested in making a nice pile of cash, work hard, know the agricultural business and fly them in with room and board.  Turns out Mexico and Jamacia have Mexi-CANS and Jama-CANS.  We've been flying them in house for decades because our older people that actually know how to work can't anymore and most of the younger people are completely worthless at any type of physical labour or agricultural planning.  If people want to eat, it's what needs to happen.

Verniercaliper's picture

So you would rather your kid work as a farm hand than in a major city? Lots of shitty jobs do socially important can't blame a smart kid for not wanting them...

ebear's picture

In the before time, in the long long ago, Canadian students used to take summer jobs on farms to pay for their university tuition.  My brother and a friend picked tobacco on a Mennonite farm in southern Ontario.  Hard work.  My brother couldn't keep up so they put him on the sorting tables with the women,  Went down to visit when I was on leave.  Old women with head scarfs, wrinkled old dudes in bib coveralls, rusty old tractors.  Looked like the Soviet Union.

Speaking of which, school kids in the USSR used to go out every year at harvest time to bring in the crops.  They mostly just got in the way, but at least they understood where their food came from.

Back in the day a lot of French Canadians were doing farm work in Ontario and BC.  Don't know if that's still true.

CPL's picture

Name something in the "socially important" list of things that aren't self created problems.

Frozen's picture

Where in Canada?  I'm interested.

CPL's picture

We grow food from sea to shining sea.  Lots of options in dozens of disciplines.

Bananamerican's picture

"the first thing that any people need to have to maintain independence and freedom is the ability to feed themselves."


which is why mexico and jamaica are so goddamn free

ebear's picture

Most of the migrant farm workers in the Vancouver area are Mayans from Guatemala.  I've met lots of them over the years.  Good Christians that work hard and don't cause problems.  I'd take them over muslims any day of the week.

Raffie's picture

America Dream in KanaDuh? hehe


nuubee's picture

There's always the government cheese option, which doesn't just help you reproduce at whim, it subsidizes your single-parent terrors.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Just F**ing shoot me.  I am not living in the real world anymore.  Nothing about Canada, but a smart box as a house?  I painted these rocks in gold metallic paint, they weigh 20 ounces and i will sell them for "100 meelion dollars"  i signed my name on them!  and they are chipped for CIA convenience and YOUR security.

aloha_snakbar's picture

The zoning Nazis in places where they want to drop their boxes will NEVER let that happen...

CPL's picture

Considering up north you can get 20-50 acres uncleared for 35k next to hunting grounds somewhere.  50k is a lot of money for a shipping container.

Oldrepublic's picture

$1800/5000 for one, could be as low as $800

taketheredpill's picture



Bought 160 acres for $24k (CAD) 6 years ago. 

mary mary's picture

Canada is not on the FED dollar, the 600-pound Thief in the middle of the room that MSM never talks about.

Jäger's picture

The Fed Kosher Cabal runs the world

political_proxy's picture

They do have a Rothschild central bank. That much is obvious, otherwise the US would have declared they have WMDs, invaded, deposed (ie: killed) their leader and run off leaving the remains to implode.

mary mary's picture

I know.  Just pounding it in every chance I get.   :-)

Rich Stoehner's picture

Are they not subservient to the BOE?

mary mary's picture

Yes, and BOE is Rothschild.  Ever since Waterloo.

TRM's picture

No no no. They sell oil for ONLY US dollars. They are safe as long as they do that.

Northern Flicker's picture

The Bank of Canada is technically owned by Canadians, but has been "loaned-out" to the Rothschild Banking System since 1974.  Before 1974, Canada was basically a "debt-free" country.

HRClinton's picture

Guess who was the Canadian PM in 1974?

Could it have been Trudeau Sr?

TRM's picture

Any profit from the Bank of Canada (their central bank) goes back to the finance minister's portfolio (i.e. general revenues) for the government to squander some other way.

taketheredpill's picture



We will build a Great Wall on the 49th Parallel...

Mimir's picture

Who is supposed to pay that now ?? 

mary mary's picture

In the South, we just rent a U-Haul trailer and take it out into the woods, and then it sinks into a swamp or something, and the alligators push it around and make a nest out of it, and noone can ever find it, but you're welcome to try.

(Just kidding. :*)

DosZap's picture

Wonder if ALL the wetbacks headed that way have called ahead.Canada hasn't a clue whats headed their wait.Bye Bye Socialistic Services.