Caught On Video: Hillary Clinton Warns She's "Ready To Come Out Of The Woods"

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After months of crying in bed and moping around the woods of Chappaqua sulking over her shocking loss last November, Hillary Clinton told "The Society of Irish Women" at a St. Patrick’s Day speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Friday night that she's finally ready to "come out of the woods."  And while that comment could be interpreted in a whole bunch of different ways, we're going to take the high road and assume that it's simply a hint that she's ready to return to public life in some capacity.

"Our country seems so divided right now. I do not believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides.  And we can't just ignore or turn a cold shoulder toward someone because they disagree with us politically."


"We've gotta keep trying to listen to each other, to reason together and try to work to help people have better lives."


“I’m like a lot of my friends right now. I have a hard time watching the news, I’ll confess.  I am ready to come out of
the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around
kitchen tables, at dinners like this.”

Unfortunately, while Hillary is all too willing to encourage the rest of us to "listen to each other", she's apparently not yet ready to listen to the advice of the 60+ million people around the country who decided they would prefer she not be an active participant in public life any longer.


Of course, these latest comments will inevitably spark rumors, once again, of Hillary possibly throwing her hat in the ring for the New York City Mayoral race.  As we pointed out a couple of months ago, while polls show that Mayor De Blasio will win in a blowout against most candidates, he would almost certainly lose in a landslide to Hillary...

The latest example comes from a Quinnipiac University Poll which analyzed a hypothetical head-to-head match-up between Clinton and New York's current mayor, Bill de Blasio.  Unfortunately for de Blasio, the poll found that, while he would beat almost everyone else whose name has been mentioned as potential contender, he would almost certainly be crushed by Hillary. 

In a very hypothetical race for New York City Mayor, Hillary Clinton, running as an independent, tops incumbent Bill de Blasio, running as a Democrat, 49 - 30 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.


"New Yorkers aren't in love with Mayor Bill de Blasio, but they seem to like him better than other possible choices - except Hillary Clinton, who probably is an impossible choice," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.


"None of the possible contenders has made any real noise or spent any money, so this race still could get interesting."


In the Clinton - de Blasio matchup, Clinton leads 61 - 29 percent among Democrats and 45 - 31 percent among independent voters. Republicans back de Blasio 28 - 18 percent. She leads among men and women and black, white and Hispanic voters. She also leads in every borough except Staten Island, which goes to de Blasio 28 - 22 percent.

And here is a full break down of the results:

Hillary Poll


...that is, unless that nagging case of "pneumonia"
that brings with it random, yet inevitable, bouts of full-body paralysis, rears its ugly head again.

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localsavage's picture

Maybe the new AG can send her somewhere for a while.

BullyBearish's picture

She should stay where all the wild bear leavings are...

J S Bach's picture

So, she's ready to come out of the woods.  Okay... all you hunters out there... it's BITCH season.

(Hey, if they can joke about picking off POTUS Trump, why not the witch?)

Nekoti's picture

Someone needs to take out her cub.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Nekoti Mar 18, 2017 7:23 PM

Please have her come running out into heavy interstate traffic.

Go to jail already, corrupt witch.

sonoramic commando's picture

She is ready to come out of the woods, if by "woods" you mean "closet" and as long as Huma is holding her hand on the way out.

JungleCat's picture

If only Hildabeast WAS willing to come out of the closet,

Then everyone would better understand Bill's pussy-grabbing.

Theta_Burn's picture

Shes saving that revelation for a book deal when the money really gets tight.

A revitalized, rehairdood hillary with something, anything to say, like Eddie Murphy's Distinguished Gentleman character talking to the poultry farmers..

Say, when will the clinton foundations donation status be posted? if that ever hit the mainstream, it would sure shut this bitch the fuck up..

Dyler_Turden's picture

Does Cankles shit in the woods?

yogibear's picture

Where is her orange jumpsuit?

She's ready for prison.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Oh please just let her be arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced before the dirty old hag croaks. 

barndoor's picture

Hill - i can honestly cay that you and Bill have done enough already.  Please stay in the wods.

If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place (i.e Biden or Bernie would be pres).

// //
hope_talk's picture
hope_talk (not verified) MagicHandPuppet Mar 19, 2017 5:49 AM

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The Gun Is Good's picture

Neither she nor her STD-bag of a "husband" are likely to die of old age. If no prosecution is to occur, then private citizens will ultimately step up. (A number of guilty parties, both active and retired, across the political spectrum and deep state machine are slated for "early dismissal," as it were.)

treefeller's picture

Is she Catholic? Or is even the Pope Catholic?

Smedley's picture

If a Cankle fell in the woods, would anyone hear it?

She's back up in dem woods with Huma doin' some 'Spirirt Cooking!



nmewn's picture

So the pantsuit wearing wood sprite is coming out on another "listening tour".

Too bad Donna Brazile won't be "in a position" to give her the questions she will asked anymore, so she can give one her patented off-the-cuff, well scripted answers, cuz, she's the embodiment of SmartPower...or sumpin ;-)

fleur de lis's picture

Hellish must be stark raving mad if she thinks that she can control New York City.

NYC is a world unto itself.

If she smacks New Yorkers around they will eat her alive.

CheapBastard's picture

The surrounding area of Scranton is coal mining country. I am surprised some didn't throw a piece of coal at her and Soweeto bin Bama making them jobless and more destitute.

TheABaum's picture

Very little coal is mined in the Scranton area anymore. There's a few big businesses brought in with crony capitalism, but it's a dying town. 

One of these days, this bankrupt mess (they put a mall downtown that went broke, it was supposed to save the city) that has been run by the Irish since the 1800's (home town of "Senator" Bob Casey) are going to be suprised because all the illegals that are coming there - replacing the pubs with taco joints-are going to vote somebody named "Gonzalez" as  mayor. 



MissCellany's picture

Yep. That would be poetic justice to watch.

Carpetbagging cunt. Her and Bubba both.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

As a reminder, below is list of US Codes that Hillary Violated!!!! I want to suggest that Hillary go back into the woods permanently. 


18 U.S. Code § 1905 - Disclosure of confidential information generally 

18 U.S. Code § 1924 - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material

18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

26 U.S. Code § 7201 - Attempt to evade or defeat tax

26 U.S. Code § 7212 - Attempts to interfere with administration of internal revenue laws

18 U.S. Code § 1343 - Fraud by wire, radio, or television

18 U.S. Code § 1349 – Attempt and Conspiracy

18 U.S. Code § 1505 - Obstruction of  Proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

18 U.S. Code § 1621 - Perjury generally (including documents signed under penalty of perjury)

nmewn's picture

You forgot allowing unauthorized persons (her lawyers) to read classified and top secret emails without security clearance before she destroyed them.

Jus sayin...18: 798 ;-)

A_V's picture

Her cleaning lady was allowed access to printed items on the printer!

SoDamnMad's picture

Are you talkinga bout Webb Hubbell's kid?

TriggerFinger's picture

who gives a shit what that cunt says?

larz's picture

Do the progressives really think we want their policies?   Am I that far off?  I really do not get it

New_Meat's picture

a) they don't give a shit, they know what's good for you better than you do.

b) yes

c) so what, better start payin' attention

Koba the Dread's picture

Those who understand how dangerous she is give a shit about what she says. . .and does.

TeamDepends's picture

Well since Barry is on the lamb from drug charges down in Tahiti (sans Michael we might add, they aren't even trying to fake the sham marriage anymore), someone has to give progressives hope for the future.

New_Meat's picture

and here, with o in Tahiti, I thought he was putting on the dog.

OpTwoMistic's picture

Must have gotten treatment for kuru.

tmosley's picture

Hillary Clinton wants to kill every last one of those women she is talking to, and replace them with more easily manipulated third world scum.

Trump named March "Irish History Month".

They ought to throw the bitch into the bog.

CheapBastard's picture

One of the truest comments on the board today.

Hillary and Obama hate the white middle class as proven by their comments and actions the last 8 years.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Well if she said she was 'coming out of the bush' would anyone believe her?

waspwench's picture

"Ready to come out of the woods" or just ready to come out. :)

Raffie's picture

I will never trust Killery.


chubbar's picture

I'm still waiting to hear why Sessions will not prosecute the Clinton foundation. Barring any reasonable explanation, they are all in on this shit show together. I'm running out of excuses why these new officials can't publically state what is going on with this investigation or why it has been shelved. It isn't going away, I hope they don't think it will just fade away, this is way too serious.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

" Barring any reasonable explanation, they are all in on this shit show together."


No response IS the response.

Local. State. Federal. No one intends to do anything about the corruption.

tion's picture

Bodies would start dropping, it's still to early. Funny business going on internally in the Secret Service too. Honestly I am still hopeful for swamp draining but my expectations are low.  But just imagine what the country would look like in 8 years if Hilary had won...

SilverRoofer's picture

She should come out of the woods to get her orange prison Jump suit

Fucking criminal piece of shit

Hands up Hillary keep your fucking hands up

Caledonian's picture

no. bitch climb back under that rock

samjam7's picture

True evil never rests...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) samjam7 Mar 18, 2017 7:03 PM

They can't, its part of the bargain they made.

No.Fifth.Turning's picture

The Hillary Witch Project.

No.Fifth.Turning's picture

Gosh, has it been four years already?

Giant Meteor's picture

Well look on the bright side. Her NY mayoral run should be good for at least an HBO documentary in the fine tradition of Anthony Weiner, her nemisis .. a twofer really  ..