CNN: President Trump "Has Spent His Whole Life Bullshitting"

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With the "Russians are to blame" narrative fading - due to lack of any evidence - it appears CNN has turned back to ad hominem attack 'reporting' on the Trump administration.

"CNN Tonight" network host Fareed Zakaria proclaimed magnanimously that President Donald Trump has succeeded only by "bullshitting."

“I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false. He has spent his whole life bullshitting. He has succeeded by bullshitting. He has gotten the presidency by bullshitting. It’s very hard to tell somebody at that point that bullshit doesn’t work because look at results. Right?


But that’s what he does. He sees something he doesn’t particularly care if it’s true or not. Just puts it out there and then he puts something else out. Notice again at the press conference, when pushed on it, does take responsibility. ‘I wasn’t saying that just quoting somebody else.’


When you have the White House press secretary quote somebody to prove a point, you’re endorsing that view.”

It appears Zakaria has not been paying attention to the constant stream of lies, hypocrisy, and narrative-confirming half-truths that his network and most of America's politicians have been spewing for what seems like years now? It's different this time though.

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DingleBarryObummer's picture

Here's an example of that bullshit:

DJT says "I'm not into Goldman Sachs, I don't care about Goldman Sachs"

If you like your government Sachs, you can keep your government Sachs.

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4 Downs...

And ZH comment section is the most intelligent and informed on the internet.

Gary Cohn recently said that the FED is doing a good job and we shoud respect it's power.

Let that sink in.

The banks rule everything, the politicians are just kabuki theater.  Might as well watch mid-day soap operas on the talmud-vision.

Raffie's picture

What a comedian.

crossroaddemon's picture

Forget the source. What part of this is actually untrue?

wcole225's picture

Bullshit isn't gonna get you decades of millions totaling billions. Morons like you can't stand the truth. Trump is vindicated time after time because he tells it like it is and not the way you deluded PC pussies want it to be. Trump produces. Trump succeeds. Keep thinking he's bullshitting as his bullshit brings your fake utopia to it's knees. What's it feel like to be bullshitted to death?

Dode415's picture

He's always going to be able to say he's winning because at some stage in his life he's said he believes in completely opposite sides of just about every argument out there

wcole225's picture

Yeah, according to the lying press and the likes of you. Regardless he's worth billions, has a drop dead gorgeous younger wife and now he's Lord over your ass. How about you? Haha

land_of_the_few's picture

You may not like property development but it's a whole lot more real than Wimmins' Studies.

Cash Is King's picture

Is this the same Fareed that was caught twice plagiarizing? Hello pot GFY!

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CNN: President Trump "Has Spent His Whole Life Bullshitting"..........So......hhmm......He works for the media......WOW....Holly FUCKING shit BALLS.....
BritBob's picture

Will Trump cut Bull and get off the fence to recognize full UK sovereignty of the Falklands?

Obama never moved off the fence from 'recognizing the de facto UK administration of the Falklands' to realizing that Argentina's Falklands' claim is spurious and that they have been duped into believing propaganda. Time to recognize that only the Falkland Islanders can determine how and by whom they are governed and dismiss that mythical Malvinas fairy tale.

Falklands – 1833 Usurpation & UN Resolutions:


Stan522's picture

Wrong site....

We don't really care.

land_of_the_few's picture

Don't bother Bob, Cthulhu is coming for their mortal souls. He won't even bother doing the rams or the penguins first. Don't be going down the shore on a dark misty night.

BarkingCat's picture

oh look Bob once again ran out of little boys to molest so he is posting his bullshit during his down time.


Stan522's picture

Isn't bullshitting exactly what politician's have perfected into an art form.....?

tenpanhandle's picture

I wonder how cutting the endowment for arts is gonna affect that.

Omega_Man's picture

rich coming from the master of bullshit CNN.... they are just jealous as they were outbullshitted 

Singelguy's picture

Zakaria should know. He is an expert bull shitter.

souljaboy's picture

Ain't no meltdown like a slow meltdown, and CNN is right in the middle of one.

Jason T's picture

CNN is bullshitting everyday .. but we already know that. 

This fellow is a write off.  

Nick Jihad's picture

I guess that, in order to face the reality that the whole "Trump is in cahoots with Putin" thing was pure BS, he's anxious to point out that CNN are not the only bullshitters in DC.

trader1's picture

Fareed is not wrong though.

Trump is a bullshitter.


aardvarkk's picture

You say that like it's a bad thing.  If you want to destroy a group of soldiers, send in an elite soldier.  When you want to destroy a group of half-assed bullshitters, who do you send?

trader1's picture

you believe trump is going to destroy the bull$hit $wamp?



monopoly's picture

Kind of hard to be a billionaire on just "bullshit". Got a feeling there is a lot of substance behind the man. Now Fareed....THAT is Bullshit. Guy needs a life. CNN such a waste. I remember 15 years ago I enjoyed watching CNN, because they just "reported" the news, now they make phony news. Never watch it anymore.

Pigeon's picture

I think you meant "25 years ago" - Gulf War era. Then they were pretty much news. Once they saw   a route away from a second Bush term and helping back Clinton, well, the rest is history.

brushhog's picture

Basically, you tune into CNN to watch them hurl their feces at Trump's picture 24/7, nonstop. They don't do anything else, ever.

land_of_the_few's picture

Chimps do that, but at least they show signs of individual personality and independent analytical thought.

Omega_Man's picture

I prefer Trump's bullshit over CNN's pigshit

wisehiney's picture

We finally found someone that could beat them at their own game.

Go Trump!

BlueStreet's picture

CNN: Do as I say and not as I do. 

chunga's picture

I'm hoping he isn't bullshitting about the evidence of Barkey spying on him. According to fake news Reuters the info the DOJ delivered to the frauds in congress was leaked, and anonymous sources say there is nothing there.

Justice Dept. delivers documents on wiretap claim to Congress

A government source, who requested anonymity when discussing sensitive information, said an initial examination of the material turned over by the Justice Department indicates that it contains no evidence to confirm Trump's claims that the Obama administration had wiretapped him or the Trump Tower in New York

All the experts on fake news are saying the exact same thing so that makes me think there is something there. Have a nice day, you fudge-tards.

Giant Meteor's picture

I reported here recently regarding Fareed, and also his extremely friendly interviews with the Soros ..

Fareed is the kettle calling the pot black, speaking as a man who makes his living, bullshitting.

I mean, who is bullshitting whom?

holdbuysell's picture

Because, well you know, when in a hole, just keep digging.

BadDog's picture

What is a Fareed Zakaria?

VWAndy's picture

 That comming out of CNN is just over the top fuckin funny. You gotta be a kool aid drinker to not see just how funny it is.

Davidduke2000's picture

That's why Trump is a billionaire and all CNN people are losers, especially the paki.

Oboneterm's picture

Hey Fareed ya know what.....WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR MSM OR CNN.

We know who we voted for. We know he dosn't fit your BS mold. And....WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR MSM OR CNN. 

HEY MR. PRESIDENT GET THAT DAMN CNN OUT OF MY AIRPORT. I sick and tired of having to sit in the waiting area of my air carrier and having to watch VERY....VERY FAKE NEWS CRAMED DOWN MY THROAT.


Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Fareed is a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member.

For those who are aware, this alone should be enough to be very suspicious of him.

I'd bet my lunch money this zio-tool is on the CIA dole.

Giant Meteor's picture

Hmmmm, not quite sure why this was downvoted ..

A reasonable comment .. not at all over the top, and in fact highly plausible ..

jmack's picture

every time he says "trump" or "he", just replace that with CNN, and it will be correct.

JackMeOff's picture

Says the guy who interviewed a scholar who believes that these terrorists will get 72 raisins when they blow themselves up (per the Quran)