House Democrat Warns Nuclear War With Russia "Real Possibility"

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Having failed to find any evidence that Russia interefered with the election, it seems Democrats are resorting to the 1980s playbook as Rep. Seth Moulton - a member of the House Armeed Service Committee - tells CNN that a nuclear war with Russia is a real possibility the U.S. should prepare for.

As The Hill reports, Moulton said Friday on CNN's "New Day".

For a long time, Russia and the United States had this sort of mutual agreement, mutually assured destruction,


“If they shot their weapons at us, we’d shoot our weapons at them, and therefore a nuclear war was unlikely to happen. But what Russia now says is that they will quote, 'escalate to deescalate'."

If that didn't have you searching for fallout shelters already, Moulton goes to explain that US military forces are unprepared... though offers no facts to back that up.

"They are willing to use nuclear weapons to deescalate a conventional attack. I think that the problem here is that we don’t really have a plan to deal with that."


Moulton said he can imagine scenarios where the Trump administration must respond to Russian use of nuclear weapons.

"If Russia starts using nukes against our allies in Europe, we may well use nukes in retaliation,” said Moulton, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.


“What if they target American troops — like the American troops who are training right now in Poland — with a nuclear attack?” he asked.


"What are we going to do and how quickly can that get out of control? That is why this is such a serious threat and why the Trump administration has got to take this more seriously.

Which seems odd because the only possible reaction to such an event would be nuclear retaliation and the 'mutually assured destruction' which he seems to believe is no longer vald. Either way, we are fairly certain that not since The Bay of Pigs has the word 'nuclear' been so relevant.

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VWAndy's picture

  Think he is planning to proffit much?

Latina Lover's picture

This Sack of Shit Democratic warmonger still hasn't figure out that when the war goes nuclear, the doors to the fallout shelters will be slammed in his face.  He thinks he is in the 'club', just because he chants to satan and allows his children to be molested. 

Hey stupid democrat, do you really think that the luciferians that rule this world give a shit about you??

nmewn's picture

Well now, this Rep. Seth Moulton fellow certainly seems to be a bit of a loose cannon ;-)

SWRichmond's picture

McCain says "I'll drink to that"

ebworthen's picture

DUH to John McCain and these war hawks.

What about North Korea and China?  Iran?  Russia last on the list in reality.

Time to think about Western Civilization and not casting back to make our Ally of WWII our enemy.

kavlar's picture
kavlar (not verified) Manthong Mar 18, 2017 8:37 PM

When World War 3 starts with Russia, better know who's really pushing for it.

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) kavlar Mar 18, 2017 8:38 PM

Russia will hit back hard. Buy a bunker.

Pinto Currency's picture

Russia refuses to join the globalist world gov club.
That makes Russia a threat that has to be attacked by the globalist world gov club.

Get rid of these nutters or we are all dead.

Manthong's picture I have told the missus and family way back before they started labeling me a crazed old F’r…

I was in the basement of the school when “duck and cover” was the vogue.

When the nukes come I will be on the roof with a bottle of the best Scotch and my welding helmet  to watch as the Russian, er Iranian, er, Chinese, er North Korean missiles blow up Rahm’s playground.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Manthong Mar 18, 2017 8:54 PM

JFK and Trump both wealthy, both had a thing for the ladies, both fought the deep state.

JFK vs. the Deep State

Although Kennedy was elected in 1960 as a Cold Warrior, he moved away from a hardline stance almost immediately after being elected. In 1961, he refused to provide U.S. military support to the CIA’s bungling Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, something that many in the CIA never forgave him for.

In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy negotiated peace with Russian leader Nikita Kruschev. This was against much of the advice coming from the Deep State, who estimated that, although the United States would lose 80% of its population in a thermonuclear war, the Russians would lose 100% of theirs. So, we would “win.” Kennedy rightfully recognized this as sheer insanity.

At the same time that JFK was talking to Kruschev, CIA agent Bill Harvey was ordering raids on Cuba, in direct violation of Presidential directive, with the goal of provoking a missile launch by the Russians so as to start a war. When the crisis ended, Robert Kennedy had Harvey transferred out of the Western hemisphere so that he couldn’t cause any more such trouble. Harvey never forgave the Kennedy brothers, and retained a bitter hatred of them for the rest of his life.

In 1963, just months before his death, President Kennedy gave an historic speech at American University, outlining a vision for peaceful coexistence between the United States and Russia.

Manthong's picture

..and what was G H W Bush doing in Dallas then?

..and what was Alan Dulles doing after JFK fired his rotten ass?

..inquiring minds want to know.


francis scott falseflag's picture


Nobody wants a nuclear war.

But America is going to get one if they don't calm down and STFU

Manthong's picture

When I die…

As the brilliant light casts upon me and I see my life and all those around me..

I expect to see McStain and Linseed Grahamnesty clad in bright red with horned ears and holding tridents.


francis scott falseflag's picture


serving canapes and flutes of champagne to their adversaries of yore

ME                   You clown.  You dropped a cornichon on my Prada loafer.

MCCAIN            Sorry, Sir, It won't happen again.

ME                    Get out of here.  Go down to the Ninth Circle and give Hitler an enema.  

                         And take your fat friend with you.

MCCAIN             Yes, Sir.  (exit MCCAIN and LINDSEY) 

PhilofOz's picture

I recommend Caol Ila, The Distillers Edition, distilled in 2003, bottled in 2015. 

Manthong's picture

Can I get it in a 5 liter box?

logicalman's picture

During the Cuban Missile Crisis I lived about half a mile from the end of the longest military runway in Europe.

I was too young to fully understand what was actually going on, but I remember that a lot of adults were kinda scared.

As I got older I thought it was kind of OK. At least if things went pear shaped I'd be instantly vapourised.

By the way, the thing that damages eyes is UV, which is stopped by glass. Richard Feynman witnessed the Trinity explosion behind a truck windshield and wasn't blinded. In an interview years later he said he was likely the only person to have actually witnessed it, as everyone else was wearing welding goggles.

Four chan's picture

its not possable. i wish the jews and democrat communists would stop trying to start ww3.

TeamDepends's picture

Progressivism (modern communism) is an identity, an armor of being. Challenge a progressive on their beliefs, and they interpret it as an attack on their physical body.

Manthong's picture

Re. “Honorable” McStain…

..if we just inflated that puffy face of his with helium, he could be a barrage balloon.

Sorry, you evil, war mongering shrimp.. you get no respect here.

Except for maybe the moron voters who are also brain and sun-damaged in your home state.

Why don’t you go back to Ukraine with your bf girlfriend Vickie and hand out some cookies?

francis scott falseflag's picture


Why buy when you can get a 3 month option for a fraction of the price?

JamesBond's picture

Let's see the contribution list to his campaign from the MIC's



hope_talk's picture
hope_talk (not verified) JamesBond Mar 19, 2017 5:48 AM

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logicalman's picture

Will you still be a dickhead spammer after WW3?

trulz4lulz's picture

Maybe im just reading a bit too far between the lines here,but givin a psychopathic persons habit of projecting; way would russia nuke troops in poland? That makes no sense! Didnt ww2 start with a bit of a tuss up in poland or something?

Rut row Shaggy!

Manthong's picture

..way more likely some Obama deep state MIC Shill will push the button.

He probably thinks he can survive…

But the mutant zombies will abide.

BarkingCat's picture

Yes, the official starting point for WW2 was Poland. For WW1 it was Serbia. 

So now if we split the difference do we get Hungary for WW3???

Manthong's picture


My appetite tends to lean towards Brussels sprouts or maybe a Belgium waffle.

Manthong's picture

Do not try to put your darn crane on me..

I have pretty good leverage...


if y'all don't get this humor, go back to school..

oops, I fergetted it it.

.gov mis-edgumicates the little snowflakes nowadays.


logicalman's picture

The starting point for both was in bankers' offices.

WW3 will likely be similar, but likely just a different office.

Nexus789's picture

They, politicians, are retarded or insane, or a combination of both.

yogibear's picture

We should drop McCain off in Pyongyang, North Korea.

The can use him for target practice.

land_of_the_few's picture

Presumably he thinks everyone is desperate to nuke Warsaw.

(like he actually gives a f**k about foreigners anyway)

The Soviets *rebuilt that* after his pals used ground teams to demolish the main cultural buildings, using local guides under duress to figure out which ones were the most valuable?

I say "pals" because he seems like a guy who would be desperate to support brownshirts *wherever he can find them*. If he disagrees then he can feel free to specifically name such groups and denounce his own party's intense support for them.

bluez's picture

What Rep. Seth Moulton is talking about is very well known to everyone who deals with the actual military situation that would ensue if the Western Empire were to attack Russia with land forces. Russia is the largest country in the world by surface area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth. And yet it only has 147,000,000 citizens. For comparison, the U.S. has 324,690,000 citizens. So in a conventional war with the U.S. and the rest of "Europe", Russia has a huge problem. That's why the Western Empire (W.E.) is (stupidly) building up conventional forces in, for example, Poland. Since WW2 the Russians have been absolutely determined to never fight another battle on Russian land.

Although the U.S. probably has more delivery capability for an all-out nuclear exchange, the Russians have many, many more battlefield usable micro-nukes. So if the huge W.E. armies now assembled on the Russian border try to carry out a sneak attack on Moscow, the Russians will simply fry them with 20,000 micro-nukes. So "our" troops have to somehow be "ready" for that.

If the U.S. responds with an all-out attack, it will have more delivery systems. However, Russia is huge, and has, in many respects, relatively primitive infrastructure that is socially integrated and relatively resilient. Whereas the U.S. has one very complex, institutionally integrated economic and communications "machine" with many single points of failure (a "house of cards" that could collapse even without any war).

Now that "we" have such a large number of armed forces on the Russian borders, Rep. Moulton is asking what we can do to protect them from the tens of thousands of micro-nukes. The answer, obviously, is nothing.

Nexus789's picture

The small numbers of dickless wonders on the border is irrelevant.  They would need a couple of million of more.  Don't see the snowflakes rushing forward to volunteer.  They would need conscription and then the Russians would make them if they attacked. 

malcolmevans's picture

WTH are you talking about?  Huge W.E. armies? Your entire delusional argument doesn't even rise to the level of being wrong. Tens of thousands of micro-nukes? Are you drunk?  The only conclusion to be drawn from your post is that you are a "foreign" troll and incompetent at Black Propaganda 101, especially since you repeatedly invoke the Spectre of phantom armies (consisting of a single Brigade) and "micro-nukes" as numerous as hand grenades. Oh, you did mercilfully forget to add our vast fleets of Black Helicopters and silent, floating Triangular objects that black out the stars. 

bluez's picture

I am merely talking about contingency planning and available resources with regard to future possibilities. You know this, troll.

MFL5591's picture

War is always the answer as long as the Bush, McCain and Obama kids dont have to fight it.  Nuclear war isnt worth discussion becaue no one will live to see its end.

logicalman's picture

'Freedom' is kind of academic when most of the planet is a pile of glowing ash, IMHO.

Never did understand 'better dead than red'. If you are still drawing breath you have at least a small chance of improvement.

small axe's picture

vaporize the politicians before they kill us all

GUS100CORRINA's picture

After reading this title House Democrat Warns Nuclear War With Russia "Real Possibility", just one thought came to mind. 

A new name for the DEMOCRATIC party should be the WARMONGER party.

Does someone want to tell me what is wrong with these PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people?

canisdirus's picture

They're not progressive, let alone liberal. Regressive totalitarians, at best. Similar to republicans, but with fewer moral limitations.

logicalman's picture

Real PROBABILITY was what sprang to my mind, given the psychos that are running the place.

Old men with little to lose make different decisions than younger types who hope they have a lot more years ahead of them.

Txpl9421's picture

Oooooooh, I am afraid. Please protect me from the evil Russians.

QuantumEasing's picture


Refocus people. Baaaack home. Stop letting the D-Bags distract you with fake boogeymen.

In the meantime, demand a public test of a random warhead. It's irresponsible to allow something that's THAT vital to national security to go untested this entire time.

Txpl9421's picture

Oooooooh, I am afraid. Please protect me from the evil Russians.

Hulk's picture

Fucking Morons...