Liberal Protesters Boost Trump's Economy As Sign-Making Supplies Sales Soar 30%

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In an ironic twist, the Trump-hating protesters of America (71% of which believe an economy-wide downturn is imminent) have boosted American growth since the inauguration - sales of poster boards, markers and other sign-making supplies jumped more than 30%.

Bloomberg reports that, according to data from the NPD Group which tracks sales of consumer goods, in the week of the inauguration alone, Americans spent an estimated $6 million on supplies - not insignificant considering that many of the individual items cost $1 or less.

Sales of foam boards rose 42 percent. Poster board sales grew 33 percent, and in the week before the inauguration, stores sold roughly one-third of the 6.8 million poster boards sold in January. Paint markers and fabric paint for t-shirts also sold more briskly than normal, said Leen Nsouli, director of industry analysis for office suppliers at NPD.

The sale jump was an unexpected boon to office supply retailers, which had seen sales drop for 22 weeks with the exception of the week before Christmas, and the two weeks before the march.

"You were seeing people use more traditional methods to express their thoughts, which was something that we hadn’t seen as much,” said Nsouli. In the past, “everything was always on the computer, on the phone. This was a really cool way to see it on paper, in pencil.”

With more demonstrations planned for the future, retailers might want to stock up, Nsouli said—and protesters should plan ahead.

First world problems - poster board shortages...

Better than running out of toilet paper, soap, and bread?

Whatever it takes to "Make America Great Again" - we wonder if all those sign-making supplies were 'made in America' too?

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Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) Mar 18, 2017 10:43 AM

Spray Paint is selling like crazy here in Portland...

It is so sad...was going to dinner last night...our city looks like L.A. Gang Land in some areas...I swear...I see someone spray painting this car is going to lose dead thug.

Who paints this shit all over?

Punishment needs to be HARD...and Quick...

Have a great day.

Belrev's picture

Liberals are reacting to Trump's bullshitting daily. They can't take it anymore.

Arnold's picture

You are symptomatic of stroking out.
Serenity now...serenity now......

Looney's picture


I wonder if Soros writes off all of those “protest” office supplies. He paid for them...  ;-)


NotApplicable's picture

I bet chartered buses are also doilng well.

curbjob's picture

You'd lose ...

not unusual when buying the news.

Douche McGoosh's picture
Douche McGoosh (not verified) curbjob Mar 18, 2017 11:19 AM

So I just learned an interesting factoid teh other day... according to Zerohedge readers, the oldest "Millennials" are now around 40. And teh youngest "Millennials" are around 12. Wow, that's quite the stretch of the term "generation" isn't it? When you have two people, 25 or 30 years apart who are part of the same generation?? It also makes you wonder how old the average Zerohedge reader is when you can call a grown 40 year old man a young whippersnapper? 80? 90? 100 years old?

Of course this is all about labeling people and throwing them into one group for attack. But in this case the boundaries are pretty laughable...

xythras's picture

Libtards embracing CAPITALISM. That will soon turn them into republicunts. 

Hey, as long as no tranny-loving-feminazi steps foot in the White House in the next decades, I say All is Well.

Hillary Supporters are Cashing in On the Trump Protests


Uncle Sugar's picture

Welcome to the Hedge douche.  I hope your first week was enjoyable.  If you stick around you will become enlightened for sure.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Uncle Sugar Mar 18, 2017 5:30 PM

I went to a crafts store to buy presents for my grandchild.

There were no kids coloring books, they were all ADULT coloring books!




Nobody For President's picture

It is not cool (or intelligent) to post the exact same post on more than one topic, especially when it is not relevant to the topic in the first place.

Welcome to ZH.

shovelhead's picture

Costs are rising because the fumigation and cleaning bills are enormous to get those buses back in service.

Shadow1275's picture

Leave it to the loony leftists to be their own worst enemies

Lonesome Crow's picture

"How much pain never occurred evils cost us."

GUS100CORRINA's picture

If the people invovled in this activity tried some of this nonsense in Singapore or Saudi Arabi, they would be looking at some serious caning punishment to say the least.


Mini-Me's picture

The people I know that work for a living don't have time to protest and make a nuisance of themselves.  What does that tell you about leftists?

Rich Stoehner's picture

That they got about as far as finger paint and crayons.

Giant Meteor's picture

They work for the government ?

New_Meat's picture

That's a trick answer, isn't it.

Smedley's picture

They can buy all the poster board they want, I am going to arm myself to the teeth because I KNOW  where this ends up!


 How do you like those Apples?

Giant Meteor's picture

Shhhhhh, don't tip them off or they'll switch to making papier mâché armor ...

Keep that shit on the down lo !

scv's picture

brotherhood needs real pension reform.


stop pension cuts



~without these guys doubtful the word retire would still be in circulation



shovelhead's picture

You need a sign.

"Stop Reality Now"

logicalman's picture

In the 80's I was a sign painter in Sheffield.

When 'good old' Maggie killed coal and steel there was so much work painting For Lease and For Sale signs it was hard to keep up, initially.

Once the place was saturated with them and nobody was buying or leasing anything due to high unemployment the business dried up.


shovelhead's picture

The bright side was that you got off the dole because Maggie stopped subsidising businesses that couldn't make anything near a profit in the real world.

Paying one person to dig a hole and another to fill it back in is not an efficient use of taxpayer money.

Eventually those guys will find a productive use for their efforts and will cease to be a burden on society if the politically "easy" solution is not availible.

logicalman's picture

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Unemployment rates in some northern towns and cities reached 40% - North east shipyard cities were devastated.

That's when the governent started paying people to dig holes and fill them in, to keep people off the unemployment register so as to be able to claim doing something.

Ever watched 'The Full Monty'?

Imagine that, without the comedy and with ten times the desperation.

Giant Meteor's picture

Obviously you're going up against at least one Iron Maiden fan ..

Her and Raygun, perfect together ..

Fuck it, I'm breaking this tie ..

Upvote ..

wide angle tree's picture

All they need to do is tattoo loser on their forehead.

If the protesters had functional brains they would realize they are protesting against their own future, their own freedom and prosperity. The protesters want to guarantee their right to be a slave.

Giant Meteor's picture

So much money in construction paper and crayons , who knew !?

Silver Savior's picture

Well a lot of people are pissed off at this administration. I just never saw the need to make a sign about it. The cold hard truth about this administration is already becoming self evident and it ain't pretty.

wisehiney's picture

They need to cut through all the bullshit.

Make just one all purpose sign that gets to the root of it all.

"Don't cut off my free shit!"


Nobody For President's picture

Remember the "Don't steal from Medicare to support socialized medicine" poster?

Or the "Keep government out of my Medicare"?

Damn, this new batch of protestors have no creativity.

Stan522's picture

And probably every one of these Lib anarchists are card carrying communist's who HATE capitalism and peck away on it on social media on the iPhone's...

LOL..... love Lib hypocrisy.....

Giant Meteor's picture

Look they are no less clueless than the tea party socials on fixed social security benefits who rail against the entitlement takers, bums and leeches. I have a dear friend who frequently rails against the takers, who is himself on disability benefit. I mean I love the guy, as he is a dear old chum, and has legitmate health issues, but he cannot see the contradictions in any of this ..

See, everybody else EARNED their "entitlements", complainin about the other guys "entitlements." As always, it comes down to whose ox is being gored. Is there widespread abuse of said "entitlements", welfare, and disability. But of course! But WHO has facilitated this theft, this devil may care attitude, and also, do not the bankers cut in, even on THIS action?

Of course they do ...

Generational theft has become as American as God, country and apple pie ...

Capitalism? Capitalists? You mean like the free markets and the federal reserve capitalist? Where exactly is the "capitalism in that!? Still some others may say, well, this is of course the natural endpoint of "capitalism" ..

And btw, before you lecture me on that other construct called, "socialism" I thought i'd point out, I'm still workin most every day, with my back, hands, and the few brain cells left to me, providing a needed product and service, in exchange for "money" so that we can still eat, pay the roof, lights and shit .. although I am adding nothing to my "public trust account" called social security. So no bleeding heart "liberal" meme here, although I see more than a few angles in this giant clusterfuck of a  shitshow ...

Vardaman's picture

Also makes work for the sanitation dept. and park service staff that have to pick up all this stuff that the protesters tend to leave lying on the ground when they are done with it.

logicalman's picture

The guys down at Occupy Toronto were removed by the police without having the chance to clean the place up.

Can't really blame them for the mess.

They did plant a vegetable garden in the park with the plan to give the produce away to needy folks when harvested. City guys dug it up a couple of weeks before it could be harvested. This was a deliberate, message-sending act by government.

You believe too much of what you read in the 'news'


az_patriot's picture

What these snowflakes need is more crayons.  Anyway, this is all part of the media/leftist/Democrat agenda to destroy anything and anyone that they think gets in the way of their communist agenda.  Jesus Christ himself could be sitting in the White House and these retards would be complaining just as loudly.  What we should do is ship all these buzzards, and their media lackeys, off to a desert island somewhere, where they can live in their own pure universe. And leave the adults alone.

Panic Mode's picture

And they recycle it to make cardboard home for themselves.

roadhazard's picture

At least they are supporting the economy buying shit. Repubicans have to work every day and the weekends too and hoilidays...

krispkritter's picture

Plenty of a boost for trash collection and refuse companies as well.  Have yet to see a 'protest' site that didn't look like Fresh Kills on a bad day.  Jail'em, fine'em, and bail'em unless they go back and clean up their fucking mess.  Their court fees can pay for the public works overtime to clean their shit up.

jonjon831983's picture

Also, don't forget Trump said the most secure way to hold information is to write it down. lol.


People have also joked employment should increase with more professional protestors.