Mexicans Flood Into Canada As 2017 Border Detentions Surpass All Of 2016

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A couple of days ago we noted that Mexican immigrants were suddenly flooding into Canada to avoid deportation from the U.S.  The increase in northern border crossings came, at least in part, courtesy of Canada's decision to lift visa requirements for Mexican 'tourists' as of December 1st.  Per the new rules, rather than a visa, under Trudeau's administration, Mexicans are now only required to have a so-called Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) which can be purchased online for CAD $7.

Unfortunately, while Canada's relaxed travel requirements were applauded as an enlightened, progressive alternative to Trump's xenophobic, racist approach to immigration, under the surface, Canada's policies still function much like Trump's proposals.  As Mexican immigrants are suddenly finding out, while Canada is happy to host 'tourists' from our Southern neighbor, getting a work visa can be nearly impossible and Mexicans with a criminal record are not welcome.

All of which has resulted in a record number of Mexicans being detained by Canadian border officials in the opening months of 2017.  Per Reuters:

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said it detained 444 Mexican nationals between Jan. 1 and March 8, compared with 410 for all of 2016, 351 for 2015, and 399 for 2014.


The CBSA can detain foreign nationals if it is believed they pose a danger to the public, if their identity is unclear or if they are deemed unlikely to appear for removal or for a proceeding.


The number of Mexicans turned back at the airport has risen, too - to 313 in January, more than any January since 2012 and more than the annual totals for 2012, 2013 and 2014.



Meanwhile, Canadian border officials are already starting to question Trudeau's relaxed immigration policies as over 70,000 ETAs have already been issued in a matter of months.

Canada issued 72,450 travel authorizations to Mexican citizens between Dec. 1, 2016, and March 10, 2017 - a significant increase compared with a similar period when visas were required.


Canada's Immigration and Refugee Minister Ahmed Hussen has said his department is monitoring the situation.


"It would be premature to draw conclusions or to speculate on future policy at this point," Hussen's spokeswoman, Camielle Edwards, wrote in an email Friday evening.

Don't you just love it when a beautifully planned out 'progressive' policy gets crushed by reality?

* * *

For those who missed it, here is our previous note:

Canada has been applauded in recent months for its decision to lift visa requirements for Mexican 'tourists' as of December 1st.  Rather than a visa, under Trudeau's administration, Mexicans are now only required to have a so-called Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) which can be purchased online for CAD $7.

As one media outlet praised, the move "provides a stark contrast to proposed policies from the US president-elect Donald Trump, who has said he will immediately deport between two and three million illegal immigrants and will build a wall along the US-Mexican border."

Not surprisingly, news of the rule changes in Canada quickly made the rounds in the migrant community with one recently-deported Mexican nationalist declaring that "For those without documents, I think (the United States) is over. Now it's Canada's turn."

Sure enough, in just the three months since Canada's visa rules were relaxed, the number of Mexicans interested in "vacationing" in Canada has soared over 300%. Sure, who wouldn't want to abandon the sweltering 70 degree heat in Mexico for a relaxing vacation in the frozen tundra of our northern neighbor in the dead of just makes sense. Per Reuters:

Canadian government data shows a tripling of Mexicans seeking to travel to Canada in the three months since the visa requirement was shelved.


It is not a firm indicator as many people could be genuine tourists. But tie it to a surge in calls and emails to immigration lawyers from recently arrived Mexicans looking for work permits, as well as the accounts of deportees like Rita and Mexicans already in Canada, and it suggests a new migration pattern may be emerging.


Seven immigration lawyers, consultants and activists told Reuters that requests for legal advice from Mexicans who had entered Canada since Dec. 1 had roughly tripled compared with the same period in 2015-2016.


Between December and late February, Canada has granted more than 61,500 eTAs (Electronic Travel Authorization forms) to Mexicans, about triple the number of quarterly tourist applications received in the year before the visa requirement was scrapped, official Canadian data shows. The true scale of Mexican immigration will only become fully apparent in June, when early arrivals on these eTAs are due to leave.


Flight bookings from Mexico to Canada also swelled 90 percent in January and February versus the same period in 2016, according to travel analysis company ForwardKeys, which reviews all major travel agency bookings. It is unclear what percentage of those bookings were made by people looking to work illegally in Canada.



Of course, the problem with relaxed immigration policies is not attracting additional 'tourists' to your country but getting them to go home once their invitation expires.  As one migrant who recently immigrated to Toronto told Reuters, once his time as a 'tourist' expires he'll have no choice but to "stay and work illegally."

In 2015, Victor Avila, a 37-year-old architect from Oaxaca, returned home voluntarily from the United States after five years working illegally in Freehold, New Jersey. Shocked by the low wages in Mexico and traumatized by the local murder of his brother, he applied for an eTA.


Avila arrived in Toronto a few weeks ago and found work in a restaurant. He was in the process of applying for a work visa, but said he would stay on illegally for a year if it wasn't granted.


"I think for many of us in Canada, there's no other option but to stay and work illegally," he said.

Unfortunately, while Canada's relaxed travel requirements were applauded as an enlightened, progressive alternative to Trump's xenophobic, racist approach to immigration, under the surface, Canada's policies function much like Trump's proposals.  As immigration lawyers point out, while 'vacationing' in Canada is easy, getting a work visa can be nearly impossible and Mexicans with a criminal record are not welcome.

Many Mexicans believe the eTA is all they need to set up in Canada, but in almost all cases they are wrong, immigration lawyers said. The eTA does not even guarantee entry.


Even if they get past the airport, many low-skilled Mexicans hoping to work illegally are likely to be disappointed, lawyers said, noting that it's difficult for those entering on tourist visas to get work permits without an employer's sponsorship.


Some Mexican visitors told Reuters that Canadian immigration officials went through their phones and asked tough questions designed to trip up those seeking to stay and work illegally. While some got through, others were sent home.


Canada says those convicted of crimes, as well as gang members, are inadmissible, making it hard for criminally convicted Mexicans deported from the United States to enter.

Just ask Alejandro Becerra's how accommodating Canada's open-minded, progressive immigration policies are..

Alejandro Becerra's experience is a cautionary tale for Mexicans dreaming of a new life in Canada.


The 30-year-old former bankteller from Mexico City got a job offer to work in construction in Toronto and flew to the city on Feb. 7 on an eTA.


Becerra told a border official at the airport that he was coming as a tourist and showed him his return flight. The official didn't believe him and examined his phone, where he found messages discussing Becerra's job in Toronto.


Becerra spent the night in a detention center, and the next morning he was taken in handcuffs to a plane that would return him to Mexico.

Perhaps Mexicans are learning that our 'progressive' northern neighbor isn't so progressive after all...oh well, there's always California.

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skbull44's picture

Q: What happens when you pack more and more rats in a finite space?
A: They begin eating each other.

BarkingCat's picture

No, it explains why your mama and her 11 sisters were munching each others' carpets while living in the 1 room shack.

William Foster's picture

This is called the "Behavioral sink".

It explains alot of what is going on in western countries.

logicalman's picture

As a legal immigrant in Canada from UK, it does kind of piss me off when people just show up and are let in.

It's not a racist or personal thing.

I had to go through all kinds of crap before I was allowed in, background checks, medical exams, consulate interviews.

Seems somehow off to let just anyone in, or if you are going to do that for some, why not everyone.

Everything about refugees and immigrants is caused by poloticians and used by them for their own ends.

Countries are bullshit concepts anyway, but, IMHO, if there are rules, they should be applied symmetrically, not selectively.


jmack's picture

     If countries are bullshit concepts, why did they form?  Why isnt the world a bunch of city states.  Why did the EU form, why did the NATO alliance form?  Has humanity really changed to a degree, at a fundamental basis, to make the concepts catalyzing the creation of these entities obsolete?  


   People just make certain assumptions based on their life experience, with no knowledge of history or the greater time frame knowledge  beyond their life experience.  This is especially true as education gets more and more myopic and teaches false history in favor of controlling information to attain a present day political result, as opposed to building a society which anti-fragile and long lasting values based on humanity's actual history, guide bedrock teachings.  


    While my reply is to your post, the comments and assumptions are not directed at you, but just speaking generally about various western societies losing their grip on fundamental societal institutions and cultural values.


    The globalists have a point.  If the choice is between a global government, and world war III which will make the atrocities and death tolls of the first two world wars look like regional limited engagements, then global government looks appealing, even with the level of crap you have to take from an organization like the EU, regulating how deep a breath you can take.  


   BUT, if this grand move to reorganize humanity into one happy borderless world, can be taken over just by some wahabist morons who's only real skill sets are reproducing faster than rabbits, and a penchant for blood letting to get their way,  then globalism must be rejected forthwith, and a return to a more defensible structure against global power grabs from any entity.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

The grand move is to wipe out the White race.  It's exceedingly straightforward.

The Gun Is Good's picture

"Countries are bullshit concepts anyway."

I would amend that statement to: "Countries run by bankers, globalist infiltrators, or military-industrialists, or with governments that serve the interests of foreign powers rather than their own lawful citizens are bullshit concepts." (But that's just me....)

What alternative(s) to nations would you propose?

Back to the article: Canada doesn't seem to fuck around; they won't even let US citizens in for visits if those citizens have drunk driving offenses on their records. (I live in Maine and asked some friends if they'd want to join us for a trip north sometime... and they can't due to DUI records.)

I just hope the Mexicans aiming for Canada don't presume to hunker down here in Maine when turned away, or else we'll have some problems (except for communist Portland, which will no doubt welcome them with open arms, get them on the welfare dole, etc.). I can see it now though: lots of new faces during blueberry season this summer.


homebody's picture

Send them all to Toronto to their own enclave or Ottawa and receive all the free shit not available to Canadians. 

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 18, 2017 4:43 PM

Sickening. I looked into migrating to Canada, legally, about ten years ago. They make it very expensive for an American to legally move to Canada.

If this is Canada wants more titsuckers from Mexico, so be it. Who am I to say they are wrong? I was shunned by this country, and others, years ago.

billwilson2's picture

There are a lot of americans we have no interest in letting in. Too many bad habits.

shamus001's picture

Correct you are!  Habitual demands for freedom doesn't fit in with the likes of your govt. -slave mindset.... before you know it, everyone would be infected with concepts of freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to a trial!

IT WOULD BE HELL IN CANADA!- and then you would have to start from SQUARE 1 removing all of those "freedom-like thoughts" ALL OVER AGAIN!

...And you just finally got where they're in line, what? Like 20 years ago? We don't want to lose any 1984 progress!

garypaul's picture

Listen jackass, we Canadians have MORE freedoms and rights than you pricks. I don't worry about being pulled over by a cop and getting my belongings confiscated. I don't worry about getting shot everytime I go shopping. I have every right to fair trial, where I don't have to worry about getting life for stealing a pizza. I could go on for hours but what's the point. Why don't you take your head out of your ass and take a breath.

FredFlintstone's picture

Canada... a land where stealing a pizza is called freedom? :)

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) billwilson2 Mar 18, 2017 7:06 PM

What bad habits? That I am self-employed and pay all the taxes I owe? That I abide by the law? That I am a Christian? If that is "bad" count me out. Good luck with the new gimmigrants from Mexico and the Middle East. Let me know how that works out for ya.

logicalman's picture

Whoop dee doo.

You believe in one of the many options for invisible sky guys!

Does that make you right? What about someone who believes the same about a different sky guy?

If you  claim it does, that would require proof of existence.

A pretty tall order


jmack's picture

Trump should fund flights for illegal immigrants to a list of countries who support open borders.   Ship 10 million illegals a year to theses countries and see if borders dont come back into vogue.

ilovetexas's picture

This must be very satisfactory for the Canadians! Don't stop. Keep taking them!

Pgg1507's picture

Maybe we should build a wall and have the americans pay for it, LOL

What is it... pay it downward?

wow thats crazy's picture

I think its call the trickle up economics

logicalman's picture

It's called 'trick' economics.

I never could figure out where the 'le' bit came from.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

When AMERICANS are flooding by the millions across your border, then you would be correct.   Since it's the poor swarthy downtrodden from Mexico that are invading, you'll have to take it up with their home country.  Pay it up yer ass.

billwilson2's picture

I am far more worried about americans illegally crossing the border when the US starts to disintegrate after POOPOTUS (Person occupying the office of president of the US) really causes mayhem.

Robert Trip's picture

You anti-Canada assholes miss the point.

You can visit Canada but you CANNOT stay.

The Mexicans who have abused the system to seek asylum will get their asses kicked back to Mexico.

Labeling this as a "progressive" failure is 100% bullshit, like many of the articles and posters here lately.

The Canadian immigration policy works while ours sucks balls.

saveUSsavers's picture

they bash Calif too, like we live in a shithole over here, ZH filled with pathetic posters

Deplorable's picture

Once the Mexicans get into Canada, it will be hard to find them to get them out.

They will just blend in with the native Canucks.....


Robert Trip's picture

But the Mexicans don't get IN asshole.

It's not like here where they get IN and stay.

Up in Canada they get their asses kicked out.

billwilson2's picture

yeah because mexicans just love -40 weather

Robert Trip's picture

444 Mexicans in 3 months crossing the Canadian border is a "flood?"

We get that here every hour.

Who writes this shit?

wow thats crazy's picture

Its is a flood and the flood stops now

Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer's picture

Who writes this shit?


Good question.  Perhaps a name change to Dooden is in order?

silverer's picture

Relatively, it is. They would normally get just a handful, and maybe one or two Hollywood actors.

Peterman333's picture

Hey hosers, enjoy eh'.

SilverRoofer's picture

Just bus or fly them in get them the fuck out of the USA let Canada deal with it they are a bunch of liberals can wait to see the next GREAT ONE

Mexican on ice

directaction's picture

Stopping Mexicans is racist.

Canada is racist. 


bardot63's picture

Q. Why do Canadians do it doggy style?

A.  So everybody gets to see the hockey on the TV. 

directaction's picture

... and that's in a room full of guys. 

A recent study showed that half of Canadian males are poofters. 

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Is Mexico a race?  Is Mexican a race?  If so, what race is it?

scoutshonor's picture

The quote "I will have no choice but to stay and work illegally..."

If taken at face value is the very definition of a mental disorder.

If I were an immigration official in Canada I might explore what other irresistible compulsions this person had--or might have.

MuffDiver69's picture

Ahahahahah ahahahahahaha....

Arkadaba's picture

It is hard to get a work visa in Canada and we have no culture of hiring illegals. It does happen in certain communities but not to the extent it happens in the US. Once a number of Mexicans are deported, I'm sure the numbers of illegal entries will decrease. 

Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer's picture

Hilarious given the fact that PM Trudeau's real dad is Fidel Castro.

lakecity55's picture

Hahhaa, now young Troo Dough can feed and house his Mexicans!

Doing the jobs Canadians won't do!


aloha_snakbar's picture

We will see how much the Canadians like their invading brown hordes when the wetbacks start impregnating their moose population...

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Pepe will work for 8 bucks an hr and fuck your wife for free.

aloha_snakbar's picture

I am not married; I got a look at your Mom and was scared straight...