Trump Warns Germany "Owes Vast Sums To US... Must Be Paid For Defense"

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Amid #NoHandshakeGate and the "we have something in common" moment, yesterday's meeting between President Trump and German Chancellor Merkel was at best cordial, judging by the G-20 discussions, and this latest tweet from Trump...

Of course this is not the first time he has pointed this out... NATO, he said, “has problems.”

“[NATO] is obsolete, first because it was designed many, many years ago,” Bild quoted Trump as saying about the trans-Atlantic military alliance. “Secondly, countries aren’t paying what they should” and NATO “didn’t deal with terrorism.”


While those comments expanded on doubts Trump raised about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during his campaign, he reserved some of his most dismissive remarks for the EU and Merkel, whose open-border refugee policy he called a “catastrophic mistake.”

FACT CHECK: Trump is 100% Correct - Germany has been under-funding its defense budget for years... NATO's 28-member countries committed in 2014 to spending 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense within a decade. But only the U.S. and four other members of the post-World War II military coalition are meeting the standard, Pence said.

Failure to meet the commitment, he said, "erodes the very foundation of our alliance."

"Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more," Pence said.

More awkward looks to come...

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TheLastTrump's picture

That's great, finally someone in the DOJ besides Sessions that can be trusted not to stab the president in his back.


Fuck your nepotism. Go collect your jism sample from the mulatto guy who cuts your check.

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TheLastTrump is MillionDollarBonus' new account.  Don't mind him. 

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What did you expect? Trump has only been in office 3 months. Did you expect the powerful deep state, military industrial complex, and their wealthy allies to be swept away in 3 months? Seriously? Don't you see the conflicts between Trump and the TPTB? They are two opponents circling looking to strike death blows.

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one could only hope that Trump might be inclined to save the poor man from getting fucked over by the corporate elite the last 40 years...

nah, fuck it.  let's just burn the entire system down.




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...or someonone you can trust...TRUST nigger!!!!

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Of course Greece spends over 2% ... after being butt-raped in WWII and having to deal with Turkey's bullshit ever since.

az_patriot's picture

We have NO reason whatsoever to bear the cost of defending a country (Germany) which, at the hands of the globalist Merkel, is in the process of destroying itself.  While Germany is allowing virtually limitless "immigrants" from third world shitholes to infest their country, destroy their culture, destabilize their infrastructure, and threaten its citizens, we're supposed to provide them with military defense -- and using money we've already borrowed to begin with?  Hell -- we should pull out immediately.

Dilluminati's picture

I don't care what they do in Germany as long as they meet their agreed upon requirements to maintain Nato.

I look at the circumstances and think: well if they see it as a priority to fund immigration and not their self defense that is their choice as a democracy.

I see nato as a breached contract.



az_patriot's picture

Yeah, the NATO mess as well. 

TheLastTrump's picture

So does your President!!!! >>> "I see nato as a breached contract."

TheLastTrump's picture

no shit


bring them all home, give Germany a few nukes to keep Russia at bay

Dilluminati's picture

Truth is that Germany doesn't even bother buying guns any longer.

Germany ‘Can’t Explain’ Use of Broomsticks Instead of Guns in NATO Exercise

Let me be clear I support the USA, support America, want America first policies, would like better relations with Germany.

But can we please stop pretending that Germany is pulling their fair weight in economics and in militray alliances?

We have cut active brigades and our readiness to historic lows, we have pink slipped soldiers in the US and if there is a need to confront putin or any other emergency Germany instead of meet it's agreed upon obligations to the United States instead has other priorities.

It isn't what was agreed upon, looks like a lie told to Obama that Trump is calling out.

Obama told the US public lies about the Nato alliance, liberals swore to it, and germany shows up at Nato exercises with broomsticks to sweep away the truth!

Meanwhile we are told there isn't any money in our retirement accounts.

I blame Merkel and Obama


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The United States has what, 35 to 40 thousand troops in Germany? Nuclear weapons too, last I heard. Why? To defend Germany? From what? Perverse to call an occupation protection, particularly in this day and age.

TheLastTrump's picture

Let's get those 40k troops AND those fucking nukes & stick them right on the border with Mexico.




Young German girls raped in the streets and they do NOTHING. Despiccable.

captain-nemo's picture

Germany can't afford to pay what they owe NATO and the US, because all their tax-money goes to support and keep happy the millions and millions of muslem immigrants.  

juicy_bananas's picture

Ass, gas, or grass.  No one rides for free.

TheLastTrump's picture

See there's your huge military spending savings RIGHT THERE.


Good for the USA, bad for the chiseling EU. Tell me again why the US is contributing so much AND THE MOST to a European defense organization?


We reduce our spending by almost half as they double theirs, or more.


Yes I know WWII blah blah blah. That was 70 years ago, you EU ewe were supposed to grow the fuck up.

TheLastTrump's picture

Iceland was like, fuck this shit. :)

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"YES" Angela...

You need to be more grateful at our giving you a "Gruesome Harvest" ( post 1945.. And an occupation by the U.S. government on your "soil" that will be celebrating it's 72nd Anniversary this year!

Complete with nuclear warheads on our many bases inside your Country to start a potential fun-filled frolic game of "chicken" with your Land and it's peoples pointed "Eastward"... Or to be set off by our military personnel when you choose NOT TO COOPERATE WITH OUR "EDICTS"!!


Son of Captain Nemo's picture





Cassandra.Hermes's picture

The U.S. trade deficit with Germany is $65 billion. German direct investment in the United States was worth $255 billion, while U.S. direct investment in Germany was worth $108 billion, and with GM sale will go under $100B
So which country is benefiting more?
Trump believe that is watched by microwave but when he was with Chancellor Merkel he totally forgotten that he is in front of 20 cameras.

DingleBarryObummer's picture

Yes, and we are giving them deadbeat USD that we print out of thin air.  Trump doesn't get it.  We give them paper, they give us stuff.  We are already screwing over the whole world. 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

We have the same problem, Government lawfully took the responsibility of defending us from us.


Therefore, government can charge us whatever they want.  The others are cowering in corners paying as fast as they can.


Germany - their woman are being openly raped in the streets, yet they aren't paying the U.S. government enough protection money. 

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Rape rates
Germany: 9.4 Ranked 24th.
USA: 27.3 Ranked 9th. 3 times more than Germany
Where the women are being openly raped?

May be we should pay German government to educate our men!!!!!

hotrod's picture

I think the USA has a vested interest in keeping NATO intact.  Trump would back off some of these payments if many of them started to leave.

Dode415's picture

You would think that Trump asking countries to pay their fair share would be to allow him to reduce the US defence spend but he wants to massively increase the already massive US spend at a time where he wants to rail back US involvement in wars overseas (although his actions so far would seem to be the exact opposite) - a bit of a confusing message

ToSoft4Truth's picture

There was no message.


Rewrite the sentences.


Change this:

""Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more," Pence said."


To this:


""Let me be clear on this point: The president of China expects the United States to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more, they must pay their debt or secede everything west of the Mississipp." De-Wang said.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Put the troops on Our Southern Border.

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

Why would anyone pay their 2% share now?

The ridiculous agreement gives them all until 2024 to payup.

Only an idiot would pay anywhere near 2% now.

Dilluminati's picture

Rip up that contract, worse than a bad trade deal

Dilluminati's picture

The russian kremlin trolls and the jooo baiters hate the idea of germany actually contributing what they are required to do.


hate on that America First sentiment

BUt looking at that GDP chart I'd kick a big part of that list out of Nato or simply state we don't feel obligated under Artcile 5 to repsond if you do not meet GDP requirements

less than 1.5% I'd say: no.. no.. we don't honor article 5 and send our sons to die for liberal mooching socilaists, give venezuela a call for help or the former Castro regime.. socialist mooch's cannot abide



Anteater's picture

The Luciferians at the Pentagon built now 1000 overseas bases, staffed by 100,000s of foreign nationals on the US  $ payroll, foreign nationals earning their green cards so they can move to US and use minority-hiring preference to loop into government jobs for life, the Luciferians who plan a new strategic bomber fleet, a new aircraft carrier fleet and new ICBM fleet?  They will never dissolve NATO. Their YUUGE global Luciferian network enables all the despots around the globe to loot their peoples, like Nigeria. When Obama created AfriCom, with 100 bases in Africa, they nationalized all lands and resources, so the people could be disenfranchised on a new Trail of Tears, to make way for the Luciferian ore-stripping machinery creating hell here on Earth. The same Luciferians feeding heroin and oxycodin into the American resource lands they've stripped and abandoned. The same Luciferians feeding toxic bT corn into the underbelly of the EU through their recent junta victory in Ukraine. You can't negotiate with them, and they absolutely will not stop until the world is one gynormous concentration camp, just like Jina. The Congress is about to hand those Luciferians a -$30 trillion deficit cap, and then they will tithe-hold all real property in the USA. And once health and human services are stripped away, Luciferians can easily accommodate 195,000,000 jobless Americans. They don't give a frack about you! They don't give a frack about you! They don't give a frack about you! 

Dilluminati's picture

I'm all about a new foreign policy where US troops do what they are good at, breaking stuff and then LEAVING.

I'm fed up with all you kumbaya socialists mooching off of the US military

We're not your nanny

I say untie the hand tied behind the US military, bring back readiness levels, and let em break stuff

rebuild nada


Anteater's picture

If you compare that bar graph to the same member states'  PLATO-required minimum for health and human services spending, and then throw in the $'sTax Burn per Mil.Gov FTE ex- KTR, I'm sure that would be enough to make any self-entitled American projectile-vomit, to see where their SS and MC Trust (sic) Fund retirement is disappearing to, like a lone snowflake on a hot NYC sidewalk on 4oJ. And the funny thing is, the Mil.Gov.Fed.Ktr FTEs will dance around your inert bodies on the sidewalk in their hurry to eat moar bacon that your hard-fought work has paid for. You all will be as nothing, like the already 95,000,000 jobless and homeless who disappeared before you, in this, the Greatest Holocaust.

On to Sevastopol for the New Bolshevik Party! Moar charter schools! Moar charter prisons! Moar charter crematoriums!

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Geee you mean we have to pay for our defense instead of using that money to allow Muslim Dune Koon and Sand Niggers into our country to completely destroy our culture???

How dare you...

This is a dangerous time in Germany. If another Hitler shows up on the scene, he will gain control and Germany is much more powerful than it was from 1920-1940.

bogbeagle's picture

Imagine ... Germans decide to be rid of the Mohammedans.


The UK and US mobilise and send armies to destroy Germany and rescue those Mohammedans.


The fucking irony of being conscripted to preserve the lives of the invaders.

yngso's picture

He did already, but not in Germany. How could you not notice?

LA_Goldbug's picture

At last someone play like they should. Want to benefit from "The Game of Empire" then PAY !!!! I do not like the game but at least Trump is straightening out some things that needed straightening.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

PRESIDENT PENCE wants to personally thank the Chancellor on behalf of the German people dutifully paying their taxes so that the United States government HAS A MILITARY given that it no longer makes the things people want like cars, appliances, energy efficient technologies and industrial equipment instead of "bombs" and the delivery systems that support them and a RESERVE CURRENCY that is beginning to destory their own economy for being forced to pay for their high energy costs WITH IT!

PRESIDENT PENCE also wants to thank the Chancellor on behalf of the German people for their unwavering commitment and sacrifice with the potential of being turned into "black ash" in the event the Anglo-Zionist establishment DEEMS IT NECESSARY!

Posa's picture

OK Drump, Make my Day.  Kick Germany out of NATO; pull US forces from Europe altogether. Yeah. Didn't think so.

Umh's picture

The US, UK and France would have a Brahma cow if Germany said we do not want your protection.

MuffDiver69's picture

Nope. Reality would hit Germany real hard. We don't need Europe at all and know snowflake is fighting anyways. Trump is being realistic. Europe is dead as a culture and never was a real defense partner...Bye Bye eurofags

Rock On Roger's picture

Why should Germany pay to be occupied? Maybe US should get the fuck out and leave the Germans look after themselves.

MuffDiver69's picture

Yeah...they sure are gonna pay for their new Muslim masses...I wouldn't be surprised if we make a deal with Poland....Germany is dead.

Robert of Ottawa's picture

Merkel is paying the muslims to occupy Germany. I don't understand your point.

Dominus Ludificatio's picture

Asking (forcing) for more money, is not to relive  the US amount,but to expand NATO.No one is going to put in more to buy US arms..

sudzee's picture

Germany wanted to repatriate their gold back from NY knowing confiscation was a real possibility. 

MuffDiver69's picture

Too bad for Europe. We are not bailing you out for your Third World War in 100years...This seems to be totally lost on these clowns.Europe is the warmongering peoples...The idiots from our past two administrations were child play compared to these violent Europeans and their blood stained hands...Piss off